This Omega is Immune to All Abilities

This Omega is Immune to All Abilities 这个Omega全异能免疫

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Author: Eat Green Plum Sauce (吃青梅酱呀
Total Chapters: 103 chapters
Genre: Action, Adventure, Interstellar, Omegaverse, Power couple, School
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Translators: Rainbow Turtle
Release Schedule: Sporadic


Yi Jiamu was a patient with the ‘Ability Deficiency Disorder’ and he inadvertently attracted Gu Yesheng’s attention.
The yandere beauty avoided by the entire school pinched his chin: Child, I will cover you in the future.
Yi Jiamu thought for a moment: In fact, it isn’t necessary.
At first, Gu Yesheng thought he was just shy. Later, he discovered that it really wasn’t necessary…

Yi Jiamu had a secret. He wasn’t lacking an ability, he was immune to all abilities.

Little theater:
Yi Jiamu charged in front of Gu Yesheng with his innocent face.
The flames struck him and were extinguished, thunder struck his body and became silent heat, the ice blade melted before touching him, the mental type wanted to control him using mental power but found he was indifferent…
Looking at the opponent’s expression that wanted to throw him out, he gently scratched his cheek and spoke sincerely: Sorry.
Gu Yesheng smiled like a flower while hiding behind him: Baby, wonderful!

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  1. Me browsing and looking for fluffy novels : Wow new novel

    Sounds interesting

    But where are the chapter 😑😑😑😑😑

    Ok *patiently waiting for updates *

  2. this new novel sounds like an abo version of mikan from gakuen alice. 🤔

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  4. Puedo decir sinceramente que te amo con locura tortuga arcoíris? Todas las historias que traduce son hermosas, las amo, me he leído todas. Muchas gracias por la dedicación, te estaré comentando.

  5. I bet were having crazy monster like protagonist here as well!? 🤔🤔 Can’t expect less to our translator for sharing the most exciting and interesting story. 😂

    thanks for the Hard Work and for sharing the new story looking forward for more 😘😘

  6. I don’t understand why I’m always attracted by your novel selection, Rainbow Turtle. But what the hell. I’ll just enjoy the ride like always.

  7. me: this looks like a great novel. might stack chapters first.

    also me: after repeatedly visiting the page oh 30+ chaps na. time to read ehehehe


    a pit I’m willing to dig for myself 👀

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