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New Times, New HellCh62 - Performance Guest Kinnara


Yu Zhengdu and Shang Que followed Auntie Liu towards the place Bhanaka Jue Yin was giving his lectures.

Along the way, Shang Que gave Yu Zhengdu a simple introduction to kinnaras. Kinnaras were one of the Eight Legions of Buddhism. They represented the legion of music, so were also called music gods. In actuality, they were the gods in charge of music; more specifically, they were all talented musicians and dancers. Every time any of the legions held an assembly, the kinnaras were in charge of being accompanists. h4STiQ

Shang Que’s tone was filled with mockery as he spoke, “They’re just party performers. How inconceivable that they could form a sect.”

Yu Zhengdu: “……” Poor kinnaras. At first, they were tiny gods that dabbled in music. Now, they had directly changed into performance guests.

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He still maintained his composure and responded, “That’s quite normal. These days, party performers are all celebrities. Many of their fans act like members of cults anyways.”

Shang Que thought about it. “Un, you’re right.” gQlpKN

Soon after, they reached the park’s public activity center. What they saw shocked them immensely: the entire public activity center had been cleared out. On the floor, flocks of people gathered. By estimate, there were several hundred. The majority of these people were older men and women. They all sat cross-legged, heads raised and facing forward.

Though there were a lot of people present, the scene was extraordinarily quiet. Not a single person was speaking.

On the center’s elevated platform, there were two monks. One was approximately forty years old. He sat on a cushion, a string of mantra beads in his hand, and was in the middle of lecturing to the people below. Obviously, this was the famed Bhanaka Jue Yin.

A young novice monk stood beside him. He held a chest in his hands; this was his accompanying disciple.


When Yu Zhengdu and them arrived, Bhanaka Jue Yin had already reached the end of lecture. He was in the middle of slowly saying, “Today’s lecture ends here. After this, my disciple and I will head to the next location and continue helping others.”

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Someone instantly shouted out from below, “Great Master Jue Yin, don’t be in such a rush to leave. We still want to listen to your lectures.”

Everyone else immediately nodded. “Exactly, exactly. Great Master, please stay in Diyang.”

“We will continue following the ways of Great Master and the Kinnara King!” UPgN0K

Bhanaka Jue Yin’s expression was completely calm. With an attitude befitting a great master, he spoke, “You’ve all been incredibly kind, but as the Kinnara King’s head disciple, I’m responsible for helping all living beings and those suffering hear the music of the Land of Bliss. How could I disregard all of them in favor of my own comfort?”

After Bhanaka Jue Yin’s eloquent speech, the worshippers present all immediately appeared impressed. They didn’t dare to try and keep the other anymore, only saying, “Great Master has worked hard.”

“Spreading Buddhism and Sanskrit to save all living beings from suffering is the order the Kinnara King gave. I daren’t take credit for it.” Bhanaka Jue Yin sighed gently. With a kind expression, he said, “Only, the living are innumerous, the suffering is endless; who knows how long it will take to reach the end of this path. Who knows how many difficulties will need to be overcome. My sole wish is that all humans may feel the Great Kinnara King’s kindness. This way, my efforts will not have been in vain.”

Following Bhanaka Jue Yin’s words, everyone bowed in synchronization, saying, “Disciple will definitely follow the teachings of the Kinnara King.” IeyH5f

Bhanaka Jue Yin nodded. “That’s good. As long as everyone sincerely worships the Kinnara King and dedicates themselves to Buddhism, you will surely be able to ascend to the Western Land of Bliss in the future.”

After Bhanaka Jue Yin said this, an old lady suddenly stood up from below. There was a small cloth bag in her hands. She said, “Bhanaka, you’ve worked hard spreading Buddhist teachings. This is a bit of thanks. I hope Bhanaka won’t dislike it.”

After the old lady spoke, a few others also pulled out their previously prepared gifts and added, “Great Master has worked hard. Just a little bit of thanks that we hope you can accept.”

Bhanaka Jue Yin appeared indifferent, as if he was unmoved. “My actions are all due to the Kinnara King’s orders. Everything I do is to help the world, not for earthly pleasures.” J MfPa

Yu Zhengdu maintained a cold expression as he watched. He complained to Shang Que, “This Great Master is so cunning.”

As expected, right after he spoke, the worshippers immediately started pleading, “Great Master, these are for the Kinnara King. We request that you please accept them.”

“Exactly exactly. We only wish to help Great Master spread the Kinnara King’s Sanskrit faster to be able to help all living beings.”

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“We only hope that Great Master will be able to continue keeping your disciples in mind in the future, so we can once again experience the wonders of Sanskrit.” UeNTco

Bhanaka Jue Yin heaved a long sigh. With a seemingly helpless expression, he stated, “Since these are all offerings for the Kinnara King, then I am unable to refuse them on his behalf. As such, I will accept them in his stead. Later on, I will definitely express your sincerity to the Kinnara King and help everyone reach Bliss sooner.”

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Dtjcjxj Aef Tlc aegcfv ab ufraegf ab atf cbnlmf wbcx. “Alf Lel, sbe mbwf tfiq atf Blccjgj Blcu jmmfqa fnfgsbcf’r atjcxr.”

Alf Lel cbvvfv. Lf kjixfv vbkc atf rajlgr jcv bqfcfv atf mtfra lc tlr jgwr ktlif rjslcu, “Snfgsbcf, qifjrf ilcf eq kfii. Jbwf bcf ja j alwf.” IjGtKJ

Yu Zhengdu was expressionless. “……After so much pretense, turns out he already had the chest ready.”

He heard someone else shout out sorrowfully, “My son locked away all my savings and money. I can’t get them out.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“I didn’t know that Bhanaka Jue Yin would be leaving today, so couldn’t prepare anything in advance. What should I do?”

Only to see Jue Yin very familiarly pull out a QR code placard from inside the chest and say, “Everyone, there’s no need to be agitated. If you have your phone, you can also simply transfer money by phone.” FJC7Ho

Yu Zhengdu didn’t even have the energy to complain anymore. “……This Great Master is too out of line!” He would refuse to stop until he had already stolen all the savings from these old people!

The crazed worshippers fought to get in line. Auntie Liu finally found Uncle Liu in the crowd too. With a powerful shout, she charged forward. As soon as she grabbed onto the old man, she started hitting him. “Lao Liu, if you dare to donate all our money today, I won’t let you off easy!”

The people around them were shocked by this sudden change. They immediately stopped what they were doing to hide off to the side and watch the drama unfold.

Lao Liu instantly felt incredibly embarrassed. While avoiding Auntie Liu’s attacks, he yelled, “What does a woman like you know? This is called creating merits, understand? The Great Kinnara King will protect us.” BfD2un

“Protect you your ass. Can the Kinnara King buy rice and vegetables for you? Or can he pay your utility bills for you?” Auntie Liu was furious. She became more and more resolute. “I’ve worshipped at Qinglian Temple for so many years and never spent that much money. This Kinnara King thing barely opened its mouth but is already asking for all your wealth. Have you heard of a god that acts like this?”

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After Auntie Liu said this, not even Lao Liu, but everyone else around them’s expressions became displeased. Someone who knew her spoke up. “Auntie Liu, what you said was wrong. The Kinnara King didn’t ask for money; we’re the ones who want to donate.”

“Exactly. The Kinnara King has blessed us with Sanskrit, bringing us closer to the Land of Bliss. This is only a way for us to express our gratitude.”

Auntie Liu had a touchy temper. Upon witnessing this, she remained impenitent and placed her hands on her hips to refute, “I think it’s clearly you guys who have been brainwashed. After you donate all your money, how are you going to survive?” nZwY4

Auntie Liu’s words caused great outrage among everyone. The surrounding crowd became indignant and immediately started yelling back at her. Some more agitated ones actually got physical and pushed her. “Do you dare to repeat what you just said!”

Auntie Liu was on her own. After getting pushed, she almost fell down once more. Fortunately, Yu Zhengdu had already predicted that this was going to happen, so opportunistically stepped forward and helped her steady herself. He stood in front to protect her, then started trying to placate the crowd. “Everyone please calm down a bit, please calm down——”

How could the crazy worshippers listen to him? They immediately started yelling, “She dares to disrespect the Kinnara King! Truly too evil!”

“Exactly. Hurry and apologize, then beg the Kinnara King for forgiveness.” e0k9UJ

“When the Kinnara King lowers his punishment, you’ll know to feel regret!”

Yu Zhengdu hurriedly waved his hands and said, “Didn’t you just say that the Kinnara King preaches about being compassionate? It would be too petty for him to punish someone over such a small issue!”

Everyone: “……”

The crowd of people originally in the throes of scolding suddenly had nothing to say in response. But some people nevertheless weren’t impressed. They stuck their necks out and continued to berate, “Even if the Kinnara King doesn’t care, we still refuse to let her off easy!” wC82tn

Someone was just about to express their agreement, only to see Yu Zhengdu furrow his brows and say, “Then wouldn’t you be going against the Kinnara King’s teachings in doing so? If the Kinnara King found out, he would probably be angry too.”

Everyone: “……”

With this, everyone else also shut up. A feeling of anger was stuck in their chests. They wanted to continue arguing, but couldn’t find the right point of entry. The atmosphere temporarily became slightly awkward. Someone instinctively looked toward Bhanaka Jue Yin.

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At this time, Bhanaka Jue Yin finally stepped forward. He drawled out, “All beings suffer. The difficulties of the current world are necessary to progress to the Land of Bliss. These few almsgivers, why be harrowed by the now and spend all your time deliberating over the trivialities of the earthly realm?” 1RXOWv

As soon as the bhanaka started speaking, his worshippers immediately quieted. Additionally, someone even spoke up to help the bhanaka lecture. “Bhanaka Jue Yin is the disciple of Bodhisattva Samgharama, the Kinnara King. He was once personally enlightened by the Kinnara King. After, he created the Kinnara Sect. Currently, Bhanaka travels around the country, spreading Buddhism and helping all living beings. He blesses everyone with the Sanskrit of the Land of Bliss.”

Bhanaka Jue Yin nodded. He stared at Yu Zhengdu and his posse kindly. “As long as you repent and set down your greed and wrongful desires, the Kinnara King will wash away your sins and aid you in your journey to Bliss.”

Here, Yu Zhengdu had a faint suspicion in his heart. It seemed like this Kinnara Sect garnered fans by telling people they could help them reach the Land of Bliss. This wasn’t very different from the methods used by any other religion. What was truly strange was how crazed these worshippers appeared. They seemed to absolutely believe in this Kinnara Sect, to the point that they were willing to give up all of their wealth.

Yu Zhengdu’s brain started whizzing. But Shang Que had already started scoffing. “These days, even kinnaras can help people reach Bliss?” 1NM9vu

Yu Zhengdu immediately reached an epiphany. Starting with Uncle Liu, these worshippers all kept bringing up Blissful Sanskrit. And kinnaras were the Western music gods. It was likely that this was related to the reason Bhanaka Jue Yin could attract so many people’s faith.

As expected, as soon as Shang Que spoke, someone couldn’t help responding: “The Great Kinnara King’s power knows no bounds. Of course he can!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Exactly, exactly. Bhanaka has been personally enlightened by the Kinnara King. He originally already left to the Land of Bliss, but to help all living beings cross, he specially returned from the Land of Bliss, bringing with him Buddhist teachings and Sanskrit. He has allowed us to learn of the wonders of the Land of Bliss.”

“Bhanaka gave up on the opportunity to become a god. What does it matter if we offer him some of our trivial wealth?” A Xlus

“Bhanaka has allowed us to hear the sound of the Land of Bliss!”

As soon as Sanskrit got brought up, someone’s expression immediately became engrossed. “Sanskrit is too wonderful. Just from hearing that sound, I can already imagine how beautiful the Land of Bliss must be.”

Yu Zhengdu became alert. He thought to himself, as expected.

Auntie Liu’s expression became perplexed as well. “What is Sanskrit actually? Lao Liu always talks about it too.” dXxDTz

She was Qinglian Temple’s faithful worshipper and had worshipped at Qinglian Temple for over a decade. She didn’t believe in other religions at all and had never attended a single one of Bhanaka Jue Yin’s lectures. This was the reason she was so confused.

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“Ey——” Only to hear Bhanaka Jue Yin suddenly heave out a long sigh. His expression was completely sorrowful. He said, “People of this realm are all stubbornly ignorant. Without seeing the manifestation of a true Buddha, they always believe that they are in the right. They speak insolently and sin…… Nevermind. Today, I will try my best to cast another spell and invite down the Holy Kinnara Light. I will allow those suffering to experience the music of the Land of Bliss……”

Their surroundings immediately become overjoyed. “Great Master, are you being serious?”

“That’s amazing! We’ll be able to hear the sound of Bliss once more!” U3bzV4

“Bhanaka, you’ve worked hard!”

Bhanaka Jue Yin waved his hands. He appeared to be making a great sacrifice. “As long as I am able to enlighten these ignorant mortals, what does the suffering I have to endure matter.”

He sounded like he was lamenting. This immediately made everyone feel respectful, and also made them glare vehemently at Yu Zhengdu and the others.

“Great Master is righteous. Instead of arguing with you guys, he is going to help bless you. Hopefully, you know to repay such grace.” rwDZOT

“To be able to hear Sanskrit is your immense fortune. From now on, you must properly worship the Kinnara King.”

Bhanaka Jue Yin waved his hands, gesturing for everyone to quiet down. Finally, he looked at Yu Zhengdu and them, revealing a mysterious smile. “Almsgivers, now, I would like to ask you to please prepare to experience the sounds of the Land of Bliss with me.”

Under Yu Zhengdu, Shang Que, and Auntie Liu’s gazes, Bhanaka Jue Yin returned to the raised platform and sat on the cushion. He took off the beads around his wrist, rested them on both palms, lifted them above his head, and started chanting.

At the same time, the novice monk Jie Hui sat properly off to the side and started burning incense. Fragrant white smoke slowly drifted out, creating a mysterious atmosphere. 7JW61y

Amids the curtain of smoke, Bhanaka Jue Yin finished chanting. He called out, “Cordially inviting the Great Kinnara King to bestow the Holy Light upon us and bless the people. Bring the sound of Bliss to this sea of suffering.”

The worshippers around them had all seen this ceremony before. Upon seeing it again, they became extremely excited. Unconsciously, they started scooting closer to the front.

Yu Zhengdu also couldn’t help following everyone’s gazes. He locked onto the prayer beads raised high in the air.

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The beads looked quite old. They were a shiny black and faintly reflected light from amongst the smoke. ICaiSU

Right after, they saw two thumb-sized balls of light fly out from the prayer beads and slowly halt in the air.

Yu Zhengdu instinctively moved closer. Finally, through the thin veil of smoke, he saw that there were actually two little people in the balls of light. One was male and the other female. The male had a horse head and human body; in his hands, he held a drum. The female had a dignified appearance. She was holding a harp.

He then looked around. It seemed that nobody else could see these two tiny individuals. Obviously, they weren’t mortals.

Shang Que calmly whispered into his ear, “Un, they truly are the performance guests of the Western Assembly, kinnaras.” LPX8N0

Yu Zhengdu: “……” He originally thought that these two little people were pretty godly because of the halos of light that had appeared with them. But after Shang Que’s commentary, their godly light buff immediately disappeared.

He looked over again and felt that these two tiny gods didn’t appear godly in any way whatsoever anymore.

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Bhanaka Jue Yin was also looking at these two kinnaras. His expression appeared faintly pleased. He was now waiting for them to start playing to shock these ignorant mortals.

But, for some reason, the two kinnaras suddenly halted in midair, seemingly like they had been frozen in place. For a long time, they didn’t move. Bk7KJZ

The worshippers who had been prepared to listen didn’t hear any Sanskrit after a prolonged period. They couldn’t help looking over in bewilderment.

Bhanaka Jue Yin was perplexed as well. He had no other choice but to signal again, “I request the Great Kinnara King to bestow Sanskrit upon us.”

The kinnaras in the air remained motionless.

Their surroundings were silent. The legendary Sanskrit still hadn’t sounded out. PE7T31

The worshippers started making a slight fuss. Now, Bhanaka Jue Yin couldn’t stay still anymore. Despite the possibility of being found out by his worshippers, he scooted closer to look at the kinnaras. He saw that they both appeared shocked for an unknown reason, almost as if they had been struck by a bolt of lightning. Upon closer inspection, he finally realized that they were staring straight ahead at a certain spot. Their bodies also seemed to be imperceptibly shaking.

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Bhanaka Jue Yin was quite confused. He followed their gazes to look. And then, he met Shang Que’s eyes.

Shang Que had both arms crossed in front of his chest. He was in the middle of expressionlessly staring down the two kinnaras. After noticing that Bhanaka Jue Yin was looking over, he finally scoffed and glanced at the kinnaras. “Great Kinnara King?”

Bhanaka Jue Yin immediately felt shock appear in his heart. He thought, could it be that this person could see the kinnaras? MzWfbG

He was still guessing whether or not the other was speaking to the kinnaras, but the two kinnaras had already spiraled into panic. They knelt midair and pleaded, “No no, we aren’t kinnara kings, only tiny kinnaras.”

The male kinnara said, “I’m the Drummer Kinnara.”

Female: “I’m the Harpist Kinnara.”

Both of them: “We’re only the accompanists and singers at assemblies. The Kinnara King was made up by this monk to trick people. He’s not related to us at all!” UmaNlz

Bhanaka Jue Yin: ??????

Yu Zhengdu: “……”

Couldn’t these two performance guests have a little bit of godly aura?

The author has something to say: eg57jB

Bhanaka Jue Yin: Great Kinnara King, please bless us with Sanskrit!

Kinnaras: We don’t dare to, we don’t dare to!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Translator's Note

Sanskrit is an ancient Indo-European language that was used in some principal Buddhist texts. The literal translation for this term is “sound of Sanskrit”, which I’m leaving as Sanskrit for easier reading purposes. Essentially, the music of the Land of Bliss is sung in Sanskrit.

Translator's Note

In (Chinese) Buddhist teachings, the Land of Bliss is in the west.

Translator's Note

Bodhisattvas are deities in Buddhism. This bodhisattva was completely made up, though, so you won’t find any information about him if you look him up LOL

Translator's Note

Gaming buff; basically, something that makes something better/stronger than it was before.

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