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New Times, New HellCh6 - Elevator Rescue


Anti-baldness Alliance:

Zhang Qingqing:【Link: Local headline: Several cars in the Ancient Well district suddenly lost control, nearly crashing into passersby, but fortunately a large disaster was avoided】 Vtc9K8

Zhang Qingqing:【You guys look at this news, it happened right next to the place where I’m interning. I happened upon it when I was almost at the company this morning and was so scared】

Zhu Yan:【Frightened.jpg, you weren’t hurt right?】

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Zhang Qingqing:【No, I was just really scared】

Classmate A:【Multiple cars lost control at the same time? How can something be so strange?】 mFzALX

Hou Guangzong:【No way, I’m at Qingqing’s company right now, but luckily I missed it】

Zhang Qingqing:【Ah? How come you’re at our company?】

Hou Guangzong:【Haha, it’s nothing much. I’m at Qingqing’s company today with my project manager to discuss a collaboration. Didn’t think we’d run into this situation】

Hou Guangzong:【@Zhang Qingqing, when I finish it should be around noon, we can grab lunch together】 npb16x

Classmate A:【Wow, Guangzong is so impressive, already going out for collaboration talks while still an intern? 】

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Hou Guangzong:【It’s nothing, my company is just kind to me. This time the other party is an executive at Qingqing’s company, so I’ll be able to learn a lot】

Hou Guangzong:【Selfie.jpg, this is my equipment for today, first time seeing a client, can’t lose face for the company】

Classmate A:【Envious……】 ImkVxn

As he was chatting, Hou Guangzong started to cue Yu Zhengdu again:

Hou Guangzong:【@Yu Zhengdu, oh right, Zhengdu, you really aren’t coming to Nova? I looked up the company you’re currently working at online, it’s a bit small, what a waste for you to go there】

Hou Guangzong:【Look, I can even personally meet an executive at Ox Factory even though I’m only an intern at Nova. I think it would be better for you to stop wasting your time at such a small company】

…… 7wB9LE

Yu Zhengdu just arrived at the company and hadn’t started working yet. He was eating breakfast while scrolling through WeChat, simply ignoring Hou Guangzong’s comments and instead opening the news article Zhang Qingqing linked:

Local headline: During this morning’s rush hour, several small cars driving down the Ancient Well district’s main road suddenly lost control, automatically speeding up and straying from the normal path, almost causing a traffic accident. Fortunately, everything returned to normal after the mild disturbance. All drivers involved reported they were unclear of what happened; according to inspection results, the cars’ functions were all normal. The cause of the incident is still under investigation. [Video]

He was only halfway through the news when he saw Lu Lingxi stand up and call for two of their coworkers. “Qu Lv, Chen Yangli, you two head out with Boss for an outside the office trip.”

Yu Zhengdu looked up curiously and asked, “Our company has need for outside the office trips?” q60Msf

Lu Lingxi glanced at him, saying, “There was a ghost at the Ancient Well reincarnation point who refused to reincarnate, and even urged a few other ghosts to escape too. They commandeered several humans who were in the middle of driving and almost caused an enormous catastrophe. We need to take care of the situation.”

Yu Zhengdu: “……”

He looked at Lu Lingxi, then at the news on his phone, and almost spat out the breakfast in his mouth.

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Lf rkjiibkfv atf ijra bo tlr ygfjv jcv jrxfv, “Pr la atf rjwf fnfca jr atf bcf atja wjvf atf ibmji tfjvilcf?” FjDkoB

Ca atlr alwf Vtjcu Hef tjqqfcfv ab kjix bea, tf wjvf j cblrf bo jugffwfca jcv rjlv, “Ktlr alwf atf foofmar jgf j ilaaif rfnfgf, rb P klii ub qfgrbcjiis.”

The coworker named Chen Yangli complained, “But right now we still don’t know where those ghosts escaped to. It’ll be a bit difficult to find them.”

Qu Lv was also extremely unhappy. “Guess we’ll have to work overtime the next few days. Ah, I’m so angry!”

Yu Zhengdu was just about to say something when he saw an abundance of WeChat notifications light up his phone. PaKyAc

Zhang Qingqing:【My goodness, what day is it today, our company’s elevator suddenly broke. It’s stuck between the 17th and 18th floors】

Zhu Yan:【No way?】

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Zhang Qingqing:【It’s so tragic, it seems like dozens of people are inside. The repair team hasn’t found the cause even after all this time】

Classmate A:【That’s terrifying, if I were stuck inside I would probably be scared half to death】 BTvsn1

Zhang Qingqing:【They already called the fire department, and will probably have to force the door open】

Classmate B:【Frightening, but isn’t that very dangerous?】

Zhang Qingqing:【My god my god my god】

Zhang Qingqing:【Oh my god】 npP7kT

Classmate A:【? What happened】

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Zhang Qingqing:【Guangzong is one of the people stuck in the elevator……】

Zhu Yan:【“Pu”——】

Zhang Qingqing:【The people from his company happened to be on that elevator trip, now they’re all stuck in there together. Awkward】 ronjdE


Yu Zhengdu saw the news in the group and linked the location of Ox Factory to the site of the news incident. A thought flashed through his head, and he told Shang Que, “Boss, I may have guessed where those runaway ghosts are now.”

He stated his own theory. Shang Que thought about it before saying, “Chen Yangli and Qu Lv go investigate the Ancient Well reincarnation point first.”

Then he looked to Yu Zhengdu. “You and I will go to the Double Horn building.” tp20Om

Yu Zhengdu rubbed his hands in anticipation. “How will we get there? Flying in the sky or burrowing underground? Or can we get there after just closing and opening our eyes?”

Shang Que stood up, gracefully adjusting the hem of his shirt. “We’ll call a taxi.”

Yu Zhengdu: “……”

The image of a dirt poor boss remains. It’s fine that the form of transportation is not otherworldly at all, but the Boss of Hell doesn’t even own a car…… dSPdfG

Double Horn Technology was one of Fu City’s old game companies, respectfully known as Ox Factory by those in the field. It owned a large, single-standing building in the Ancient Well district of Fu City. When Yu Zhengdu and Shang Que arrived at the Double Horn building, two firetrucks were already parked outside the entrance. Several individuals dressed as firefighters were transporting tools, and many passersby had stopped walking to watch.

Shang Que paused in front of the building and lifted his face to look at the glass walls. His good-looking eyes seemed like endless pits. He said, “Un, there are some ghosts in this building.”

He then glanced at the firefighters walking on the side. “These people alone won’t be able to open the elevator.”

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Because of the elevator incident, the Double Horn building had temporarily stopped receiving guests with no pre-scheduled appointments, and had also began strict regulation of people who entered and exited the building. 9 hnzs

Yu Zhengdu thus turned to look at Shang Que again. “Quick, Boss, use your illusion to sneak in.”

Shang Que looked askance at him. “We are ghosts from a formal company; we must follow human laws when in the human realm. Tell your friend to come out and get us.”

Yu Zhengdu: “……Tsk.”

When Zhang Qingqing saw him she was slightly confused. “Why have you come to our company too?” 2Pg7In

Yu Zhengdu placed a hand over his chest and stated, “I heard Guangzong was stuck in the elevator and was extremely worried, so I’ve rushed over to check on the situation.”

Zhang Qingqing was immediately shocked. “I never imagined, you and Guangzong have such a good relationship!”

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Yu Zhengdu responded with a sincere expression, “We’re all classmates.”

Zhang Qingqing was moved by this pure classmate camaraderie. “As expected, true friendship can only be seen during difficult times, I’m sure Guangzong would be so touched……” N1wpMi

Halfway through talking, she suddenly noticed Shang Que who was standing to the side. Her eyes immediately lit up, and she asked, “Is this your friend?”

Yu Zhengdu blinked, saying, “This is my boss. He heard my classmate got stuck in an elevator and was so worried that he sent me over to check.”

Zhang Qingqing suddenly felt that true compassion still existed in the world, lamenting: “Your boss is a really good person.”

Yu Zhengdu nodded, but only smiled without saying anything. VjCWYg

Zhang Qingqing said, “Then come with me. Right now the 17th and 18th floors are filled with firefighters, the scene is a little messy so you should just stand to the side and watch. Don’t cause trouble.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

She brought Yu Zhengdu and Shang Que into the company building. Because the elevator exits to the 17th and 18th floors were completely blocked off for the rescue operation, they were only able to ride a different elevator to the 16th floor, and then had to walk up two flights of stairs to reach the 18th floor.

Only to see that the 18th floor elevator exit was, as expected, surrounded by Double Horn Technology’s workers and firefighters. Someone who was probably the captain of the firefighting squadron and the person in charge of maintenance at the Double Horn Building were discussing a plan of action for the rescue. The two’s faces and ears were red from arguing; it seemed they were about to start fighting.

The remaining individuals were leaning against the elevator door, simultaneously knocking on the door and trying to speak with the people stuck inside. QHpbdT

There were still others, likely company workers, walking to and fro, anxiety painted obviously on their faces.

“My god, that’s our big boss.” Zhang Qingqing pointed into the crowd at the middle-aged man wearing a restyled Chinese tunic suit and spoke quietly to Yu Zhengdu, “I’ve been an intern for so long and only seen him on the company’s website. I didn’t imagine that even he would be disturbed this time.”

As she was speaking she started to explain for herself, “But I guess it makes sense, they’ve been stuck for over an hour and among those inside are several of our collaborators. I heard that even now they haven’t found out the cause, maintenance is saying that they do a regular check every month and also found no signs of an accident. It’s really quite strange……”

Yu Zhengdu looked at Shang Que, the expression in his eyes inquired what should we do? gJQU1H

Shang Que once again failed to read the message in his eyes, and asked, “What?”

Yu Zhengdu: “……What should we do?”

Zhang Qingqing turned to look at him after hearing his question, saying placatingly, “Don’t worry, they’re only temporarily stuck. Guangzong will definitely be fine!”

Yu Zhengdu calmly nodded. “Yes, I’m sure Guangzong will be able to tough it out.” qTohdd

At this time, he felt his hand being grabbed.

He looked down and saw Shang Que holding onto his hand, their palms glued together. Shang Que softly said, “Do you want to try?”

“What?” Yu Zhengdu asked him in confusion. At the same moment, a strange flow of warmth travelled between their connected hands into his own palm.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Yu Zhengdu thought to himself, Boss is still quite supernatural after all. aZzX73

Their palms only touched for a short time, Shang Que let go of him very quickly and stated, “Go press for the elevator. The door will open.”

Yu Zhengdu looked at him with slight disbelief. “Really?”

Shang Que only gazed back at him with a slight smile.

Zhang Qingqing’s ears immediately stood up. After hearing their conversation, she made to tug at Yu Zhengdu. “Wait, I already said to just stand to the side and watch. Don’t randomly intervene……” Y0lyKZ

But she ultimately didn’t make it in time; Yu Zhengdu had already taken a step forward. Shang Que turned to look at her before laughing softly and following.

Zhang Qingqing was so angry she stomped her feet. “How can you two be like this, even though you’re anxious you still have to listen to the professionals, otherwise aren’t you just being reckless?”

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At the same time, the firefighters and workers discovered Yu Zhengdu. A firefighter grabbed him: “Student, it’s dangerous here, please go somewhere else and don’t come too close.”

Yu Zhengdu said, “It doesn’t look like there’s anything wrong with the elevator, just let me press it once.” HdhYqv

The firefighter became slightly angry. “We are in the middle of the rescue process, please do not cause trouble.”

Their argument drew the attention of others. The middle-aged man in the Chinese tunic suit, who was the company’s boss according to Zhang Qingqing, furrowed his brows. “What’s wrong?”

The firefighter turned to respond to him, “What’s up with your company? We already said that this area has to be blocked off, how come there are still so many random people butting in here……”

He didn’t get to finish speaking as another worker suddenly shouted, “What are you trying to do!?” VDpTsh

The firefighter turned his head, only to see that while he had been distracted, Yu Zhengdu had taken a lunge forward to arrive next to the elevator.

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The furious firefighter rushed over to push him, but suddenly felt his shoulders mysteriously freeze. He could not move an inch, so turned his head back to look, and saw a young man who was somehow both handsome and beautiful gazing at him with a smile that was not really a smile.

He suddenly felt a sense of uncertainty, and just this moment of hesitation was enough for Yu Zhengdu to quickly press the up button for the elevator.

Everyone at the scene simultaneously inhaled loudly. Chinese tunic suit bellowed, “Who is this person, why haven’t you taken him away yet!” qK8cm6

Before the last echoes of his exclamation could reach each person’s ears, everyone saw the elevator, which after much troubleshooting had still maintained its mysterious problem, and for so long had not responded, suddenly start running again with a “ding”.

Translator's Note

The sound of when one first bursts out in laughter.

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