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New Times, New HellCh1 - Life Management Consulting Co. Ltd.


Translated by: Zryuu
Edited by: Playerprophet


In March, Yu Zhengdu reported to a small startup in the Science Park of Fu City’s Development Zone.

“Welcome to Luofeng Life Management Consulting Co. Ltd.” A tall and beautiful HR manager, Lu Lingxi, grinned as she clapped. She looked like she just managed to breathe a huge sigh of relief. “We’ve been trying to recruit a developer for a long time, and now we’ve finally got one.”

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Yu Zhengdu paused, then asked, “Was it difficult for you to recruit someone for this position?”

Wasn’t it just an ordinary software engineer position? Although the company doesn’t look all that reliable, it shouldn’t be so bad to the extent that they couldn’t even recruit a developer ba? tAqNgn

“The main reason is that our boss is a little demanding.” Lu Lingxi’s mouth twitched, “We did interview a few who were suitable, but they were all a bit bald.”

Yu Zhengdu, “……”

That is a little demanding. It’s not easy to find a skillful engineer who isn’t bald these days.

But he never would have expected that the reason he was chosen was because of his thick locks of hair. R2FjdX

He subconsciously touched his lush and fluffy head, and doubted the company’s professional standards.

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Yu Zhengdu was in his fourth year of college. He had already gotten an employment notice from a famous technological factory — Nova S&T, and was prepared to start his internship after the Spring Festival, then formally switch to a full-time post after his graduation. But something unexpected cropped up after the Spring Festival, so his offer fell through.

He wasn’t really anxious about that, though. In fact, besides Nova S&T, several other reputable companies had extended olive branches at him as well. He didn’t take those, and instead searched a recruitment website and ended up applying for a position at a small and inconspicuous company.

Said small company, Luofeng Life Management Consulting, wrote a high-end and impressive introduction on the recruitment website, and claimed to handle affairs related to life planning and management. Yu Zhengdu wasn’t sure what ‘life planning’ was supposed to plan, but according to the office size that he had observed, there couldn’t be more than 20 employees, and the office environment seemed relatively simple too. Its financial acumen was not as solid as they had proclaimed in their company’s introduction. K7Viqy

Yu Zhengdu had a stable psyche and didn’t forget to ask, “By the way, what about my labour contract?”

Lu Lingxi paused. “You’re not going to wait until you get accustomed to the environment before signing it?”

Yu Zhengdu looked at her silently, and slowly said, “if I don’t sign the contract, will the company give me social security?”

Lu Lingxi smacked her head. “I almost forgot that you need social security!” FhqL0U

Yu Zhengdu, “……”

Was this the conventional modus operandi of the legendary pheasant company?

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Not only that, he was also the only employee in the company’s technology department.

Yu Zhengdu was shocked, “What? I’m the only one in the technology department?”

Lu Lingxi shrugged and said, slightly embarrassed, “Can’t help it, we can only afford to hire one living person right now.”

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Yu Zhengdu was still immersed in the shock of actually being the only developer in the company, and didn’t notice the statement of ‘living person’ for a while. jbtuS5

Just then, the door to a lone office nearby opened. A man walked out and asked, “Lingxi, has the new technology department employee arrived?”

Lu Lingxi said, “He’s here, I was about to take him to see you.”

After she spoke, she turned around and introduced him to Yu Zhengdu, “Xiao Yu, this is our boss, Shang Que.”

Yu Zhengdu looked up, and he got a huge shock. HrzTav

He was a very good-looking young man; his facial features were so beautiful that they practically transcended the boundaries of gender. Even in the age where technology was so advanced and you could see all sorts of beautiful people on the internet, his appearance was still enough to make the eyes of anyone who saw him light up.

Yu Zhengdu said subconsciously, “Hello boss.”

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Un, hello.” While Shang Que nodded, he scrutinised Yu Zhengdu’s hairline and said, with much satisfaction, “Not bad, he has a lot of hair.”

Yu Zhengdu returned the compliment, “Boss has quite a lot of hair too.” dbL6EN

Shang Que, “……”

Lu Lingxi, “……”

Shang Que was in a daze for a moment before he remembered something and beckoned Yu Zhengdu. “Come to my office for a chat ba.”

Lu Lingxi nudged Yu Zhengdu. “Go on, our technical team is a little simple and crude, the boss wants to personally check for himself.” qhp2cT

Yu Zhengdu glanced askance at Lu Lingxi and thought, your technical team shouldn’t even try to rig a scam with the words ‘simple and crude’, the team doesn’t even exist at all, okay?!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Lu Lingxi seemed like she couldn’t see his contemptuous gaze at all, then just turned around and walked away.

Yu Zhengdu followed Shang Que into the office. The boss’ office wasn’t big, and it was decorated simply. There was just a huge bookcase against the wall on the left side — but there weren’t a lot of books on it, and was instead filled up with bottles of various sizes.

Yu Zhengdu glanced at it once — there were wine bottles, condiment bottles, milk bottles……and there were even empty bottles of oral medication that have been drunk. You could say that it didn’t seem impressive at all, and was incompatible with the kind of air that a beautiful, young boss should have. He didn’t know why Shang Que would collect all those bottles. spoX6n

Un……” Shang Que looked at Yu Zhengdu, thought about it for a bit, then shifted his computer screen towards him, “Why don’t you repair a computer for me first?”

Yu Zhengdu, “……”

He said without any expression on his face, “Boss, developers don’t actually know how to repair computers.”

Shang Que revealed a doubtful look. “They don’t?” dn9TDX

Yu Zhengdu didn’t hesitate. “No.”

“What a pity.” Shang Que’s tone was filled with regret. His beautiful eyes blinked, then he complained, “I don’t know why my computer lags all the time. I think the guy who sold me the computer tricked me.”

Yu Zhengdu’s gaze followed Shang Que’s gesture and fell upon his computer screen, then he paused, “……”

All he could see was how Shang Que’s computer had several online games turned on at the same time, and it had lagged the interface to death. Ek5fYj

Yu Zhengdu stood still for a minute, then wordlessly restarted the computer.

Shang Que, “……”

Shang Que pretended as if nothing had happened. He leaned gracefully against the back of his chair and folded his hands in front of him. “Then, let’s talk about your next job ba.”

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Yu Zhengdu pulled out a chair and sat down. “Please.” zT2Fog

Shang Que looked at him. “So it’s like this. In the past two years, our company’s business volume has increased dramatically, and our colleagues often make mistakes. I hope you can develop a more advanced office system to improve employee efficiency and minimize their errors.”

Yu Zhengdu looked at his boss’ handsome face and asked slowly, “Will I be developing it by myself?”

Un.” Shang Que nodded. He didn’t seem to bother with putting on a ‘boss’ act and said frankly: “We only have enough RMB in our account to hire one person.”

The idea of resigning suddenly emerged in Yu Zhengdu’s mind. He pressed down on his chest and asked, “Then what about the development budget?” XRYPb8

Shang Que asked doubtfully, “What budget? Isn’t a computer enough for the development?”

Yu Zhengdu, “……”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He’s finished, the layman is trying to direct the professional.

Yu Zhengdu: idea of resigning strengthens gradually. 7kOPCm

He held his forehead and said in earnest, “I’m sorry Boss, I can’t accept your request.”

“Is it very difficult?” Shang Que fixed his eyes on Yu Zhengdu. He had a very deep gaze, and no reflection could be seen in his black pupils, but they made it difficult for people to walk away from him.

Yu Zhengdu was prepared to just up and leave, but because he was getting stared at like that, his heart softened a little. He sighed and began explaining the process of technological development to his boss.

After listening to him carefully, Shang Que’s expression turned grave. “I didn’t expect that it would cost so much to develop a system.” zWdnuB

Yu Zhengdu nodded, but he did feel fortunate. At least, Shang Que wasn’t the kind of boss that would just talk to himself and completely ignore objective facts.

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Shang Que’s index finger tapped lightly on his desk, revealing some annoyance on his face, “Then that’ll be troublesome. Our company’s account doesn’t have much RMB, it’s only enough to pay rent and utility bills. It wasn’t easy for us to save up enough money to hire you.”

Yu Zhengdu, “……”

The boss spoke so frankly that he couldn’t help but worry about not being able to get his salary. mNI9pr

Yu Zhengdu left Shang Que’s office and returned to his workstation, then began to seriously consider the wording of his resignation letter.

Although he had deliberately looked for a small and inconspicuous company to work at, this company’s financial situation was too unreliable. He was very worried that he would be forced to embark on the road of ‘demanding his salary’ at such a young age.

Yu Zhengdu was hesitating when he heard the telephone of the consultation department ring nearby.

The phone’s ringing was both crisp and clear, yet no one picked up. pGQjUi

Yu Zhengdu looked up and realised that all his colleagues had somehow disappeared without his notice.

Yu Zhengdu, “……???”

He looked at the time and saw that it was already time for the noon break, so he had no other choice but to walk over and pick up the phone. “Hello?”

An old man’s voice travelled from the other end of the line. “Hello, is this Luofeng Life Management?” QH16EW

“Yes, what can I do for you?”

The other party’s voice sounded a bit anxious. “Hello comrade, I received your company’s text message in the morning to inform me of my reincarnation tomorrow. But the text said that I’ll become a pig in my next life. Did you guys make a mistake somewhere? Why would I reincarnate into a pig?”

Yu Zhengdu, “?????”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com


Translator's Note

an unregistered business operated illegally

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