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Number One Lazy Merchant of the Beast WorldCh90 - Extra – Daily Raising of Children on Earth (8)


The small virus swallowed the junk data and threw the data chain, drilling out of the hardware of the supercomputer. He moved along the wireless signal of the optical cable while following the signal transmitted by the marshal’s quantum computer. He found the whereabouts of the two people and the villa they were temporarily staying in.

At the same time, the supercomputer had its junk data swallowed and was fast enough to be the first-class superbrain on Earth. It moved through countless streets in M country, shortening the operation time of a large number of scientific research operations in China by 70~80%. 6Juydd

Most importantly, this supercomputer succeeded in forming an extremely stable body of intelligence. The new little super brain performed the computing tasks while obsessively searching the Internet for the strange data body that smashed through its hardware.

The marshal was enjoying life with his beastman when he saw his quantum computer flashing twice. He raised a hand to open it. Once he saw the information provided by the little virus, he raised his eyebrows slightly and looked at the two noisy little ones.

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Rong Mingshi saw this situation and sat up. “What’s the matter?”

Aojia turned to him. “Ruhr and the housekeeper have received our signal and sent over the little virus.” hgYL0x

“Little virus?”

“The new intelligence that Ruhr and the housekeeper designed. It can devour any data and it brought information about the space-time wormhole.”

“Can we go back?”

“According to the data that Ruhr calculated, we can go back very soon.” sopLdk

He adjusted the timer as he spoke. Rong Mingshi saw the countdown and felt a bit complicated.

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Aojia reached out and pulled him over. “What are you thinking?”

Rong Mingshi looked up at him. “You know that I used to be a native of this planet.”

Aojia rubbed his head. “You don’t want to go?” 7AFrDw

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Rong Mingshi glanced over at the two little ones crazily playing. The little fire leopard breathed out red-orange flames mixed with blue smoke and burned most of the lawn. He breathed this out and then coughed, raising a small paw to rub his nose before screaming proudly at his little brother flying in the sky. The ice dragon in mid-air covered the burning lawn with a thick layer of uneven white frost that formed the shape of a proud little leopard.

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Ebcu Zlcurtl, “…”

Gfolclafis ifjnf! Lf mbeivc’a tlvf atfrf akb ilaaif bcfr tfgf obg wemt ibcufg. OuNK2w

For the rest of the time, Rong Mingshi first took his big black dragon and the two little ones of his family to his grandfather’s grave, worshipping his long-lost grandfather. Then with the big black dragon, they went to a variety of wildlife parks as well as some nature reserves.

In a sense, Rong Mingshi always felt this was the ancestor of the beastmen world. The history of the beastmen were too long and the origin could no longer be tested but since they could come here through the wormhole accident and go back, this guess wasn’t impossible.

Finally, they went to see where the snow leopards lived. Aojia gazed at the snow leopard lightly jumping on the plateau rocks and then turned to glance at Rong Mingshi riding on him before smirking.

Rong Mingshi gazed at the flying black dragon smirking and reached out to pull at the scales to make the dragon feel itchy. What was this person laughing at? He just didn’t want to show Aojia. In fact, his beast shaped snow leopard… was really a predatory animal! ARKBma

After returning home, Rong Mingshi packed his things and bought some items online. Taking things through the wormhole might be random but he always hoped that he could bring one or two things from this world.

In particular, some items and information about carving…

Aojia was responsible for taking the two little ones around to see what they wanted to bring back. Aojia went out and didn’t only bring back the two children. The black dragon returned to the villa with a superbrain and the small virus in his wrist quantum computer in addition to the little fire leopard on his head and the little ice dragon on his shoulder. Apart from them, he had young black and white animals in his arms.

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The small superbrain was virtual data and naturally wasn’t visible to Rong Mingshi. However, the two black and white animals were extremely conspicuous. He jumped up and rushed in front of Aojia, gazing at the two black and white rolling beasts in Aojia’s arms for a long time before opening his mouth. “Where did they come from? Aojia, I didn’t take you to see them before. They are national treasures. We should send them back quickly.” 2cPZyV

He had just finished speaking when the little ice dragon flew over and firmly covered one of them with his wings. The little leopard also leapt from the top of Aojia’s head and covered the other one with his thick paws.

Rong Mingshi gazed at his two sons’ unusually pitiful eyes and then the two rolling beasts in Aojia’s arms. His breath was stuck in his throat and he really wanted to poke the heads of his two sons. They were still young yet they were already looking for beastmen!

It was fine if they wanted to look. Once they went back, they could find any beastmen. He didn’t object to them growing up together. But… finding two national treasures… They couldn’t even become human when they grew up. There would be no results.

Rong Mingshi was just thinking about how to persuade the two little ones when the rolling beasts in Aoja’s arms suddenly changed. They became two human children that were almost as big as Rong Mingshi’s sons. Their black eyes flashed as they grasped the dragon wings and thick leopard paws. 6PdjqJ

Rong Mingshi, “…”

The amount of information was so great that he became silent. Did this mean the rolling beasts on his planet were actually beastmen? This… was it possible?

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Aojia placed the two little children in the trolley. They had just entered the trolley when they turned back into two soft rolling beasts, swaying and crawling inside. Seeing this situation, the little fire leopard and little ice dragon also fell in.

Aojia told Rong Mingshi, “They are like us, beastmen brought here when the wormhole appeared.” QDx5EH

Hearing this, Rong Mingshi was full of spirit as he reached for Aojia’s arm. “They are so small!”

It was hard to imagine what it would’ve been like for the two children to be brought over like this!

Aojia patted his shoulder. “They were adopted by a wild rolling beast who had just given birth. If it wasn’t for the little fire leopard and little ice dragon, the rolling beast wouldn’t have let me take them away.”

Rong Mingshi watched the four young ones playing in harmony and spoke slowly, “We will go back and find their parents.” zu3ghB

Aojia nodded. “Okay.”

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After four months, Rong Mingshi, Aojia, four children and two intelligences successfully crossed the wormhole and returned to Aojia’s original aircraft.

The group of soldiers looking for them were surprised by their sudden appearance.

Ruhr and Housekeeper Baba gazed a the superbrain around the data chain of their virus son and finally asked after a long time, “Virus son, what exactly did you do after going to the other side of the wormhole?” a7WXgA

The small virus had a very good answer. “Just like Father 1 did to Father 0, I deeply cleaned his data.”

Housekeeper Baba, “…….”

It seemed that the fetal education wasn’t done properly? Ruhr gazed at his ignorant virus son and the data chain tangled around his virus son… This was clearly a powerful virus data body! Since it was like this from the beginning, why did he suddenly become a cleaner?

Virus son, you are too good! 6BYyDO

Meanwhile, the temporary president received the news he had been waiting for and immediately sent a message to the president. “Mr President, if you don’t come back to be sworn in then I will quit!”

Thus, on the same day, Aojia returned to the capital with the First Gentleman and four children. He was sworn in under the attention of hundreds of millions and became the first president in the history of the beastmen republic.

At the same time, Rong Mingshi standing by his side became the first energy stone carver personally certified by the president.

It is finally over! This was the shortest novel I’ve ever translated and it felt like it flew by! I also deeply appreciated all the fanart. I hope you enjoyed the novel as much as I did and continue to follow my next work about a lion and a tree. As mentioned before, it is by the same author of NOLMBW and should be just as fluffy. 2BiP1t

Shh, there’s a Beast in the Imperial Palace

I won’t be starting it just yet, as I want to finish the other BL novel I am translating, Game Loading. GL is almost finished and I want to put a final spurt into completing it, which should be in two weeks. So if you haven’t started it yet and am interested in reading another almost completed BL novel, please check it out. There are over 250 chapters translated already.

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Now for the final wave of fanart. If there are any more after the novel is completed, I will update them on the fanart page linked on the table of contents and mention the update in the Shh chapters. QW9Gxd

Thanks to Locks for the rainbow turtle.



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