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Number One Lazy Merchant of the Beast WorldCh88 - Extra – Daily Raising of Children on Earth (6)


The smirking Aojia transformed back into a human and got dressed. He took the little ice dragon from Rong Mingshi’s hand and patted the small head to comfort him. Then he placed the ice dragon on his shoulder.

The little ice dragon cried out and used the ears to climb to the top of Aojia’s head, lying there and pulling at his hair. Aojia held the little ice dragon and reached for Rong Mingshi in the pool. 1cMgTi

Rong Mingshi gazed at the little ice dragon pulling at Aojia’s hair. He seemed to be playing happily so Rong Mingshi headed to the other side of the pool and picked up the little fire leopard who was amazed by the big dragon claw.

The family of four returned to the house. Rong Mingshi was surrounded by Aojia’s coat and took the little fire leopard to change clothes. Meanwhile, Aojia wore the clothes that had been steamed by himself and went to the kitchen with the little ice dragon to prepare breakfast.

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Aojia first opened the refrigerator and pulled a few boxes of ice out of the freezer, pouring them all over the table. The ice wasn’t big enough but the number was sufficient. The little ice dragon instantly forgave his dragon father who destroyed his hard-working ice. He threw away the hair in his claws and flew down, landing in the ice heap with a loud thump.

By the time Rong Mingshi finished changing clothes and brought the little fire leopard over, he saw the little dragon stepping on an ice block with his claws and skating on the table while excitedly fanning his wings. Rong Mingshi, who was originally worried about whether the big dragon would get along with the small dragon, was suddenly relieved. L7CnPH

The little fire leopard in his hand moved along his arm and fell onto the table, running to the pile of ice. The little fire leopard learnt from his dragon brother’s appearance and one paw stepped on an ice cube. Before he could slide along, the ice cube quickly melted into water.

The little fire leopard gazed at his wet paws and then the little dragon continuing to circle around the table. After watching for a while, he continued to pull at the pile of ice cubs. He finally managed to step on them but only managed to turn half a circle around the table when the ice melted into water and he became annoyed.

The little fire leopard steamed his paws and ran along behind the little ice dragon while screaming. The little ice dragon glided smoothly in a circle on the table, his small wings unfolding from time to time in a gorgeous manner. The small leopard following behind him raised his head, showing off a fierce momentum.

Rong Mingshi, “…” xXTRAr

He suddenly felt weathered and worn, like a lot of time had passed.

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On Aojia’s side, he finished preparing some meat and milk and placed two small dishes on the table. The little fire leopard smelt it and immediately ran over.

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At this time, the big black dragon father steadily caught the small plate that fell from the table. His speed was super fast and he was stable. He not only caught the small dish but the meat and milk weren’t spilled at all. The little ice dragon was suddenly happy and sat there with his dragon wings raised as he shook his tail. U2GQpd

Rong Mingshi saw the ice dragon’s charming look and laughed, gently tapping on the little black dragon’s head. Aojia placed the small dish in front of the little black dragon so that the head of the little dragon and little leopard touched. In this beautiful atmosphere, Rong Mingshi reached out for his big black dragon’s neck and pulled the dragon down for a kiss. “Dragon father worked hard.”

Aojia replied, “Leopard father also worked hard.”

He held Rong Mingshi’s waist and exchanged a long kiss. The adults were too immersed in the warm kiss and didn’t notice the subtle sounds from the table. Once they separated, they inexplicably felt two strange gazes and turned their heads to the table at the same time.

For a time, four pairs of eyes silently gazed at each other. After a while, the two identically soft human children sitting on the table opened their hands to be held. Before reaching out to hold them, Rong Mingshi asked, “Aojia, do you have a baby stroller?” bZcSfi

The answer was no. Time was tight after the marshal arrived on the planet. His main focus was on the energy wine and preparing a good hatching and living environment for the two little ones. It was normal that some aspects weren’t thoughtful enough.

Aojia was troubled by the fact that there was nothing to hold the children. He took the two small ones from the table and strode to the bedroom. Rong Mingshi followed and saw that the two children were placed on the quilt while Aojia wrapped them in it. He turned and told Rong Mingshi, “This planet’s delivery system is too slow. I’ll go out and buy them while you look after the children at home.”

As an indigenous person of Earth, Rong Mingshi’s mouth twitched. “Are you sure?”

“This planet is slightly different from our world and I might need to check some things, but it won’t be long. Rest assured.” ZW0ME

As Aojia spoke, he opened his computer and quickly filtered out all types of information. Rong Mingshi reached for his hand and spoke earnestly, “I know this place better than you. You should wait at home.”

Aojia made a decision. “Let’s go together.”

He glanced at the two small ones who were bulging restlessly in the quilt and said, “The two of you, transform back and we will take you out to play.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Rong Mingshi who saw the two human children become a little dragon and little leopard, “…” CmIFwN

It could be like this.

Aojia patted him on the back. “You are unique.”

Rong Mingshi who took a lot of hard work and effort to become a person, “…”

It was a good thing that his two sons weren’t like him in this aspect. zDdg8q

They ate a quick breakfast, Aojia emptied his space of his war preparations and the two of them headed to the yard of the villa to prepare to fly.

To be honest, Rong Mingshi still had some fear when sitting on the back of the big black dragon. This wasn’t the same as the suspension car and there was nothing to block the area. He always felt he would fall down and firmly grabbed the dragon’s dark gold armour.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The two little ones were completely different. They excitedly ran around on the back of the big black dragon.

At the beginning, Rong Mingshi naturally didn’t allow it. What if they fell? However, the little ice dragon had wings. Once the big black dragon flew with them, the ice dragon tried him to fan his wings and glided along the airflow coming from the big black dragon’s wings. Under these circumstances, the little fire leopard was naturally super envious. rfQCej

The dragon father turned his head and saw his family’s beastman nervously grabbing the armour and his envious leopard son. Aojia opened his mouth and said, “Baby, you don’t have to be so nervous. You can play casually with our sons on the armour.”

Rong Mingshi refused. “We will fall.”

The black dragon laughed and shook the man on his back. “I won’t let you fall.”

Rong Mingshi looked down at his poor oldest son and solemnly told the dragon father fanning his wings. “Then you must take good care of your son.” NzxPFt

Rong Mingshi carefully moved his son out of his arms and onto the armour. He just wanted to tell the little leopard not to move too close to the edge but didn’t expect the little leopard to slip out and run around on the dragon’s armour.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The leopard father was very nervous. It was once when he saw the two little ones running around the back several times that he admitted it seemed very fun. He soon also let go and stepped onto the back of the black dragon, spreading open his arms.

Aojia glanced at him and a smile flashed in the golden vertical eyes. The family was so entertained that the dragon father circled several times in the air, not in a rush to buy anything.

It wasn’t until the three of them had played enough that Aojia found a quiet and unmonitored place. He put his family down and became a human. Then he raised his hand to the space button and pulled out the backpack that once contained two eggs to carry the two little ones in it. It was the first time the two little ones had gone out and they were curious about everything. They poked their heads out of the backpack to look around. MZE0yH

Since they were outside, Rong Mingshi naturally wanted to make his sons happy. Rong Mingshi thought about it before grabbing Aojia’s arm and fishing the two little ones out, letting them reveal most of their body shape. The front paws/claws grabbed the edge of the backpack and he told them, “If you don’t want to be stuffed into the bag then stay here and don’t move around.”

The two small pair of eyes nodded and they sat in the backpack. Apart from the movement of their eyes, the rest of their bodies were completely fixed.

Thus, the tall and cold Aojia in a military uniform carried a backpack with two lifelike dolls and entered the mall. Combined with the young man with a fresh, sunny and handsome face, the attention on them was super high. In fact, even without the two super realistic dolls, the appearance and temperament of the two men were enough to make people look.

The two people entered the mall, one person pushing the supermarket cart as they headed straight to the infant area. The people who witnessed the situation instantly realized that not only were the two people good-looking, they also had children. No wonder why they carried these two dolls on their backs. dUfvX6

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