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Number One Lazy Merchant of the Beast WorldCh80 - Wedding


This day was destined to be extremely busy. All the officials of the beastmen empire hadn’t reacted to the sudden announcement of the marshal’s wedding yesterday when they received an invitation to the wedding today. Therefore, whether they were far away on the edge of the star field or close to the capital, they all hurriedly picked a gift and rushed to the capital’s largest suspended mountain.

Filled with deep sorrow, Gult selected his best bottle of energy wine and drove alone in a suspension car. iRmFdU

The still shocked emperor also received an invitation to the wedding. He looked at the name written on it and a glimmer of light flashed in his eyes. The invitation contained the name of another beastman next to the marshal’s name. It was ordinary and he had never heard of it before. However, based on the marshal’s various performances, this beastman had an extraordinary position in the marshal’s heart.

Since the marshal personally sent this weakness in front of the emperor’s eyes, wasn’t it a waste not to use it? His smart systems might no longer be safe to use but he still mobilized the mercenaries he secretly raised. As long as he concentrated most of his power to contain the marshal, it wouldn’t be difficult to kidnap an ordinary beastman.

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The emperor made up his mind and his mood improved a lot. He quickly set about arranging the mercenaries.

There were also 18 carving masters who received the wedding invitation. The masters had broken off external communication but it was Ruhr who was responsible for the transmission of the invitations. The guilty masters prepared heavy gifts and rushed to the suspended mountain. G dyFS


Meanwhile, Rong Mingshi was facing the mirror and putting on clothes. He hadn’t dressed so formally for a long time so he wasn’t good with the silk bowtie. It hung crookedly from his neck and looked a bit strange.

“Baby, do you want help?” The voice came from the door of the dressing room.

Facing the 3D mirror, the little leopard watched Aojia standing in the doorway. He had a tall figure and firm face as he wore a white silk shirt and elegant tailored black clothing. There was a soft smile in his eyes and he looked completely different from when he wore the previous military uniform. There was no military uniform and he looked relaxed and stronger.


Rong Mingshi was holding the silk tie at this time and choked, Adam’s apple moving in an uncontrollable movement…

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His black dragon was so handsome and he suddenly wanted to take a bite. What happened? Was it that after his beast form grew up, there was an impulse to prey on others?

Aojia came over and held the little leopard’s shoulder to turn him around. They were wearing the same series of clothing but it looked different on the little leopard. The smooth cute made the leopard look tall and straight, like a magnificent little white poplar.

Aojia reached out a hand to pull the silk bow tie, the big hand forming a clear knot. Once the bow tie was finished, Aojia helped arrange the shirt collar. Then Rong Mingshi grabbed the fingers with his mouth. PTqhkp



A smile appeared in Aojia’s eyes. “You didn’t eat enough?”

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Rong Mingshi immediately released his mouth and pretended like nothing happened. He turned to look at the bow tie that Aojia tied for him. The action was a pure condition reflex. Just like… when he was in the form of the little leopard and bit his tail. cnyliE

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Ebcu Zlcurtl’r ajea cfgnfr rilutais ibbrfcfv jcv tf aegcfv lcab Cbplj. Pc ojma, atfgf kjr cbatlcu. Lf pera ofia atja atlcur kfgf abb egufca.

Lf kbxf eq atlr wbgclcu, tjv ygfjxojra jcv atfc Cbplj abbx tlw atf Dfjrawfc Zjggljuf Efulragjalbc Jfcagf ab ufa j ilmfcrf. Ebcu Zlcurtl mjwf yjmx jcv tjv ab kfjg fifujca mibatlcu, ktlmt tf kbeiv kfjg ab tlr kfvvlcu. Ktlr kjr j rqffv yfsbcv alwf jcv rqjmf!

The wedding arrangement was tight but Housekeeper Baba wasn’t in a rush. He controlled a large number of auxiliary robots and each of them took care of a duty. In just two hours, he arranged for the most famous band in the capita to play as well as a luxurious wedding venue. As the officials arrived from all parts of the empire, he arranged them in an orderly manner. JuXexV

Once all the guests and media arrived, Aojia arrived at the scene in a suspension vehicle. The imperial marshal was wearing a wedding outfit as he held the hand of his beastman and walked on the red carpet. The first appearance of the marshal’s beastman attracted the eyes of all the guests. At the same time, the media pointed their 3D cameras at the two people walking and broadcasted the scene live to the Star Network.

All the onlookers were staring at the beastman who had never appeared before.

-Clear eyes, a tall posture and a sunny and cute appearance. I agree to this marriage! Looking forward to the marshal’s child!

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-The temperament is outstanding but it is definitely a new face. he has no sense of existence among the military personnel, businessmen or politicians. To tell the truth, there are too many differences with the marshal! LyoSHm

-It is a pity… I was looking forward to an extraordinary person.

-The marshal likes him. Who are you to talk about who is worthy of the marshal?

-Perhaps the beastman is hidden?

-As a senior gossip reporter, I can responsibly tell you that this beastman has absolutely no name in any field. He is completely ordinary. 2M0IgG

-You are just bitter. What does the marshal’s own feelings have to do with you?

In addition to the lively Star Network, the people watching the ceremony at the venue were equally confused.

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As the war god of the empire, the marshal held the military power of the empire and guarded the security of the empire’s frontier. How many unmarried beastmen wanted him to choose them? Now there was the giant energy  stone that Master Time carved for the marshal and the marshal didn’t have to worry about mania. Why did he choose an ordinary beastman?

Was it because the marshal’s fighting power was too strong that he was worried that his estrus madness would hurt people, even with the giant energy stone carving? Did he choose this unknown beastman to use the beastman’s genes to have children before dealing with the subsequent accident? b9XuqF

Once this speculation emerged, the guests looked at the beastman called Rong Mingshi and couldn’t help feeling sympathy for him.  Then they thought that this beastman was greedy for fame and power, risking his life. 

No matter what other people were thinking, Aojia held the hand of his beloved and walked firmly to the ancestral statue on the suspended mountain. The wedding ceremony in the beastmen empire was to make an oath in front of their ancestors. The ancestral statue on this suspended mountain was the longest-lasting and also the largest. It had the most profound significance.

The two people stood on the platform in front of the ancestral statue and all the guests watching the ceremony had a moment of silence. There finally figured out where the sense of violation came from. There was no witness on the platform.

After a while, all the eyes of the people fell on the empire. The marshal of the empire was getting married and the witness must be the emperor. The emperor’s eyes twitched and he was just preparing to get up when the golden Gult strode forward. JeuviH

He was stunned for a moment when he saw the human form of Master Time whose soul he deeply loved. He only reacted when Aojia’s gaze came over as a reminder. Gult cleared his voice and declared, “Distinguished guests, I am Gult and today I stand here as a witness…”

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Hearing Gult’s words, all the guests and beastmen watching on the Star Network were surprised.

-Isn’t this Gult the person who claims to be the number one wine merchant of the empire?

-This golden person is simply blinding! kETV8e

-Finding a businessman to be the witness instead of the emperor? Is the marshal despising the imperial throne or does he think his beastman isn’t worthy?

The emperor sitting in the front row had narrowed eyes. He didn’t want to participate in the marshal’s wedding but since he was invited, the marshal finding a businessman to witness the wedding was simply showing contempt for the emperor.

Gult became more solemn. “I am honoured to witness this sacred and romantic wedding with everyone. Our great Marshal Aojia and great carver, Master Time, Rong Mingshi will swear to the great beastmen ancestors and become part of each other’s lives.”

Aojia stared deeply into his baby’s clear and beautiful eyes. He held the other person’s hand tightly as he solemnly swore an old saying that was difficult to understand to the ancestors. Rong Mingshi couldn’t understand it but he could feel Aojia’s seriousness through the big hand holding him. Thus, he also followed each of Aojia’s old saying seriously. lptU7s

Once the two people swore the oath, the golden python Gult covered his chest and turned his eyes away. “Okay, you can kiss each other.”

Rong Mingshi secretly licked the small fangs in his mouth and reached out to hug Aojia’s shoulders. Aojia bowed his head slightly and clutched Rong Mingshi’s waist as burning lips touched. The guests were silent as the two people on the platform were immersed in the kiss. What did they hear just now? Since when was Master Time called Rong Mingshi?

At this time, in the silent venue, the voices of the 18 masters and Principal Stewart was particularly obvious.

“Master and the marshal are a good match.” qGZSm6

“Cough, it is a big reversal.”

“Did you say that the black dragon will take the little leopard master on a honeymoon?”

“Should we recommend several beautiful holiday planets to the little leopard master?”

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“We brought a pure gold vase. The marshal and the little leopard master will like it.” IACnGg

They had no other purpose. The 18 masters were simply worried about going to all the stores.

The guests at the venue and the beastmen watching the live broadcast on the Star Network heard these words and were even more embarrassed.

-My god, the amount of information is too big. I need to be quiet!

-I want to say, the masters are the apprentices of the master store owner. The master store owner is Master Time and Master Time is the marshal’s married beastman, Rong Mingshi? dnFuXr

-Then who said that Master Time isn’t worthy of the marshal? Since when did Master Time have no name? He has no status in the military and among politicians? Hehe… I want to kill that person!

Meanwhile, all the beastmen in Rong Mingshi’s buyers exchange area were even more stunned.

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-Can I have selective amnesia? Our master store owner is truly a super male god. He is young, handsome and cute!

-But our master store owner is married! Wail… laKgOf

-I suddenly know why the golden python laughed crazily before. I also want to go crazy…

-I suddenly lost two super male gods but I have to say that the marshal and the store owner really match each other. I’m suddenly looking forward to their children.

Thanks to Diana M for the fanart.


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