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Number One Lazy Merchant of the Beast WorldCh74 - Leopard Paws are a Bit Soft


This was the third day of Aojia’s departure. The little leopard calmly got up from the golden bed and thought that tonight, he might not have to guard the dragon’s nest alone! Sleeping in this dragon’s nest was much more comfortable than the bedroom on the second floor. Once Aojia came back, Rong Mingshi must pull him down to sleep.

The golden hoard didn’t previously have the dragon’s nest because this dragon’s nest was made from melting the pure gold coins the little leopard bought. Inexplicably, Rong Mingshi felt that his big black dragon hadn’t transformed into a dragon shape before sleeping here. As for this golden bed, Rong Mingshi believed that since it was so comfortable to sleep in, the colour and patterns were secondary! DijIUY

After two days and watching the little leopard master carve numerous energy stones, the masters all had different degrees of profound understanding. Their carved works had a qualitative leap on the basis of their respective styles.

On this day, the masters continued to be energetic and eagerly waited for the little leopard’s crazy carving after becoming drunk. However, the little leopard master climbed onto the desk and picked up a low-grade energy stone, not planning to drink at all.

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They saw the little leopard hold the stone for a while before turning his head to call the housekeeper. The 3D high definition display was behind him and he extracted all the recently recorded videos in his quantum computer.

The little leopard watching the one hour recording, “…” a6VYM0

At noon the day before Aojia left, he turned on the 3D video recording function of the quantum computer and forgot to turn it off. Rong Mingshi’s rubbed his two thick paws together and then raised one of them. The moment the video appeared, the little leopard quickly shut it off. The masters who witnessed the huge golden store house and the dragon’s nest made out of star coins, “…”

This black dragon hid things quite deeply… The little leopard buying pure gold slippers after becoming drunk was truly for the black dragon!

The little leopard turned his head and clear blue eyes gazed at his apprentices. The masters looked at the little leopard and didn’t pretend that nothing had happened. Instead, there was an expression of wanting to visit the place. A whole cave full of pure gold decorations was very flashy.

The little leopard licked the fur around his mouth and calmly stated, “Evict the masters from the school.” fHdJOp

The masters instantly bowed their heads and carved their stones like nothing had happened.

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The relieved little leopard used his paws and carefully studied the time-stamped files. He tried to recall which time period was his drunk state and finally found the 3D video of him crazily carving the military order yesterday. He previously promised to be a guest lecturer of the Masters League and intended to use this video as material.

However, it involved the beast shape of the soldiers so Rong Mingshi sent a message to the deputy commander. 

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The fox immediately responded, “Master store owner, you don’t have to worry and can use it boldly. The level of the carvers improving is good for all beastmen of the empire, not just the beastmen soldiers. The beast shapes of the soldiers aren’t unique and there is nothing to hide.” HNpmhg

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Lberfxffqfg Djyj rfa j rfmgfa xfs bc atf aeabglji nlvfb. Ycis atf qfgrbc ktb tjv atf xfs tjv atf gluta ab kjamt jcv cb bcf mbeiv mbqs jcv gfgfmbgv atf nlvfb. Ktfc Ebcu Zlcurtl rfca atf nlvfb olif ab Cyfi.

Half an hour later, Abel finished watching the full video and connected to the little leopard’s computer. “Master Time, this is amazing! I’ll immediately organize for the carvers doing well in the business to study and watch it.”

“…You should call me Rong Mingshi.” 6FMUuz

General Manager Abel smiled. He actually wanted to call this person ‘little leopard’ but couldn’t after seeing the strength of the little leopard.

“Mr Rong, I have a proposal. I want to make this file into 2D propaganda images. If this type of image is published, it can give other carvers some insights but it is impossible to observe the details. Not only can it attract potential carvers, it can also publicize the strength of the carving business and also reflect Master Time’s identity as the ambassador of the Masters League.”

Rong Mingshi nodded. “Okay, you handle it.”

Half an hour later, a 2D compressed video of Master Time’s carving process appeared on the biggest news page of the Star Network. This almost instantaneously attracted the attention of all the online beastmen in the empire. EHlrpJ

It wasn’t that the carving process hadn’t been seen before but Master Time was the only one in the empire who was very fast and had excellent skills. Anyone who had studied energy stones found some potential developments from this 2D video.

Within an hour of the video’s release, the so-called Imperial Carving Association held an emergency meeting to discuss the emerging carving techniques. Regretfully, they couldn’t find anything from this 2D video. They felt that the emergence of Master Time would ave a huge impact on the carving market and even the entire energy stone market but they still couldn’t find the root cause.

At the same time, the buyers exchange area of Rong Mingshi’s online store started to go crazy.

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-Wail! The store master’s carving process is as beautiful as a picture! rbJqun

-I can’t see any part of the store owner but I’m sure that the store owner is definitely a young beastman based on the stroke and rhythm of the carving knife. He isn’t an old gentleman.

-Why do I think the store owner is going to abandon us? None of these carvings have appeared in the exchange area. Tears.

-The master store owner hasn’t opened any orders for several days…

-The news said that the playback speed of the video hasn’t been adjusted at all. Therefore, the store owner clearly completed more than a dozen works per hour. Why (small voice) hasn’t he opened a custom order yet? zI8CiG

-Store owner, we miss you! Look at us.

The ones going crazy weren’t only the beastmen waiting to be fed in the exchange area. It was also the emperor watching from the imperial palace.

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He had to admit that when he watched the video, he had no thoughts in his head and was completely attracted by this simple 2D video. He was immersed in the carvings of Master Time, which was simply the sublimation of the art of energy stone carving.

After the 30 minute video was over, the emperor whose senses returned had a gloomy expression as he kicked the low stool at his feet. He was well aware that the video’s appearance meant the Monman Company wouldn’t be able to rise to the top even if they had his support behind it. 7tjcdq

This matter directly caused him to lose today’s good mood. He could take resolve the matter of the marshal and the large army in his hand today. However, even if the emperor gained control of the army, it would be difficult for him to sleep if the economic lifeline of the empire wasn’t in his hands.

The emperor took a deep breath and made up his mind. On one hand, he would continue to search for the true identity of Master Time. On the other hand, he went to the asteroid belt to continue the unfinished experiment. Fortunately, he had backed up all the experimental data.

On Abel’s side, he released the video and called the little leopard. He had been in a hurry and forgot about the energy stone the little leopard had recently bought. Thus, he said, “Mr Rong, the resource star has recently mined some black based energy stones with good quality. Do you want me to send them to you?”

The little leopard’s eyes instantly brightened when he heard this. “Yes!” ZyMKnx

The masters in the background gazed at the little black dragons lined up on the little leopard master’s desk. “…”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

‘Little leopard master, how attached are you to the little black dragons?’

Abel nodded. “Yes, after the sorting and cutting, I’ll send them over immediately.”

Rong Mingshi hesitated before asking, “Can I get the original stone? Sometimes the stones are cut too squarely and this can affect the performance.” drG12I

Abel replied, “Naturally, I can send it today.”

The little leopard moved his thick tail before suddenly remembering that he didn’t seem to have much money…

“Abel, can the cost be deducted from the profit of the carving line?”

Abel’s mouth twitched when he suddenly heard these words. He always thought that the little leopard followed the regular routine and paid using star coins to hide it… Based on the little leopard’s reaction, he actually didn’t know about it? 51ingQ

Abel sighed lightly and wanted to reach across the screen to rub the little leopard’s head. Presumably, the boss had been too busy and forgot to talk to the little leopard.

Therefore, Abel presented a document to the little leopard. This was a document stating the ownership of the ATU-3 resource star and the Interstellar Resources Company. In addition to Aojia’s name, it was followed by the name ‘Rong Mingshi’ as the property owner and an assets evaluation report.

The little leopard, “…”

He hard Abel ask, “Have you never noticed that your account was connected to the boss’ account?” h7guHr

The little leopard’s thick paws moved and he opened his account. The accounts of the imperial beastmen were bound by genes. Rong Mingshi always looked at his own amount and never paid attention to the symbols behind the amount.

He raised his paws to touch the symbol and saw the huge amount of star money inside. The amount he got from the military’s order was only a fraction of the amount…

Abel put away the document and stated, “I’ll arrange for people to send the energy stones. Goodbye, Mr Rong.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The little leopard’s paws moved weakly. Why show him this? What if he really spent it all when he was drunk later? As the buyers in the exchange area had once said, perhaps he would buy a holiday planet for his beastman… Kf0Y D

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