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Number One Lazy Merchant of the Beast WorldCh7 - Master Level Skills


“Jiao.” Rong Mingshi cocked his head and tentatively cried out again. Sure enough…

The little leopard covered his face. The sound was too soft. He was obviously a leopard, a big cat comparable to a lion and a tiger. Then a big hand was placed on his head, rubbing it. Aojia’s slightly low voice said, “You are just not used to making sounds in your beast shape. Don’t worry and take it slowly.” jCEaBc

Rong Mingshi released his paws and looked up at Aojia. He didn’t see any contempt in this man’s eyes and there was some encouragement. At the same time, the meaning of Aojia’s words made him happy. In other words, he still had a chance to speak? In addition, how many years ago did the duke examine him? Perhaps his symptoms had already been cured.

Rong Mingshi grinned at Aojia, his sharp leopard’s teeth showing and his blue eyes giving the feeling of laughter. Aojia chuckled, took the bag of nutrients and handed it over. “Eat well and raise a good body.”

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In any case, it was hard to let the black dragon know what he wanted right now.


Rong Mingshi stared at the nutrient pack that was almost identical to the one made by his robot housekeeper and his ears drooped as he stood on the chair, stretched out his claws to the plate and took a bite. It had the exact same taste as the ones configured by his housekeeper, giving Rong Mingshi the illusion that the doctor was the robot housekeeper. Did they share the no taste system?

At the same time, from another point of view, Rong Mingshi realized that his robot housekeeper was really good to him and tried to give him the best nutrients. He had to find a way to check where his robot housekeeper went and what dangers the capital contained! Until then, he had to raise his body just as Aojia said.

Aojia watched the little leopard swallowing the nutrients with much difficulty He sat opposite the little leopard and took out a green bird’s egg. It was the one that the little leopard had buried in the soil.

Aojia slowly peeled the eggshell, the sound leading the little leopard opposite him to raise his head. Rong Mingshi stared at the egg and unconsciously stretched out his tongue to lick his mouth, mouth full of muddy nutrients. Then he saw that Aojia seemed to want to eat the bird’s egg. Rong Mingshi was forced to lower his head and continue eating his nutrients. xXjBaK

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

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Well, the egg was still hot.

Rong Mingshi was very contented with this egg and even felt the nutrients were delicious. This made the person opposite him feel that the little leopard’s favourite food must be the egg of the red-bellied four-winged bird. For this reason, a certain someone reserved a large number of these bird eggs for the little leopard to eat. He almost thought that the only thing in the world that suited this little leopard was the big egg. 7ojDYA

After the meal, Rong Mingshi was sleepy and lay on the chair in a lethargic manner. He didn’t understand why he was so sleepy. Previously on the desolate star, he was hungry for a few days and was still fine.

Rong Mingshi was thinking this when he fell asleep. Then he was picked up by Aojia and placed on the bed. The little leopard stretched out his thick paws and lay on the bed, revealing the white fur of his stomach.

Aojia gently reached out to grab it twice. The little leopard loosened his paws and turned over, snoring in his sleep. Aojia stared at the sleeping leopard, pulled a cover over him and rubbed his fingers over the little animal’s ears. This was the opposite of Aojia’s animal shape and he couldn’t help wanting to touch it.

At this time, Aojia’s communicator flashed with a message from Guard Calant. Aojia opened it and squinted. Aojia glanced at the little leopard on the bed for a while befoer turning to leave the room. qGb1Kt

Calant was standing at the door of the room and immediately saluted. “Sir.”

Aojia nodded and stepped to the opposite room, which was his lounge where he worked. Aojia leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes slightly. Calant wondered with some concern, “Sir, do you want to go and rest first?”

Aojia shook his head. His body wasn’t in a seriously bad state. The energy stone in his armband was much more effective than the one he had ordered from the master and effective appeased his mania. The symptoms this time could be ignored compared with the past.

Calant had to say, “Things are like this. Something wrong happened with Duke Oran, who was hosting the royal banquet. His mansion in the imperial capital was maliciously attacked and the main building destroyed. No one was killed or injured but the royal banquet can only be held in a different place and the time is postponed.” ctqzXg

A light shone in Aojia’s eyes. “No matter where the banquet is changed to, you must push it away for me.”

“Yes, Sir,” Calant replied.

He naturally knew the duke’s intentions. He was trying to arrange his daughter to be engaged to his commanding officer at the royal banquet, so that their commanding officer wouldn’t be able to refuse in front of the royal family. In fact, the duke was completely mistaken. His commanding officer would completely refuse even in the presence of the royal family. Rather than going to the banquet, their commanding officer wanted to go to Star AUT-3 to choose a suitable energy stone for the little leopard.

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Aojia slightly knocked on the armrest and ordered, “In addition, check the life of the little leopard.” VxY6kl

Based on the behaviour of the little leopard, he wasn’t an ordinary beastman. The leopard couldn’t speak but he could understand the language. This proved that the little leopard was once taken care of by someone. Why was the little leopard suddenly abandoned after so many years?

“Yes, Sir.”

Calant was about to leave to fulfil the order but his commanding officer seemed to have something else. “Sir?”

Aojia took out the energy stone from his armband. He held it in the palm of his hand and the energy from the energy stone entwined with his palm, making him feel very mellow. After a while, Aojia ordered, “Bring over the energy stone tester.” 7cZ4Td

“Yes, Sir.”

Calant brought the instrument over and placed the instrument on Aojia’s desk. Aojia placed the black dragon energy stone into it. The data on the tester constantly moved. It skipped the standard red line before stopping at 78% of the data. This meant that the energy utilization rate of the energy stone was as high as 78%.

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This type of information directly caused Calant to be stunned. This was a high-grade solid colour energy stone and the utilization rate had always been the lowest. Reaching 20% was already the standard line yet their commanding officer’s stone far exceeded the standard.

Who was this godly carver? Calant was certain that this wasn’t the work of the master their commanding officer looked for. Otherwise, their commanding chief would always be fine. This utilization rate definitely wasn’t the skill of a master level carver. Y2AbOF

No matter which master gave this carving to his commanding officer, Calant wanted to thank them. The soldiers followed their commanding officer and would die with him. There were no problems in many battles yet they were helpless against this mania. Their commanding officer was affected for so long and was in danger several times. This made the soldiers suffer from pain. Now Calant’s commanding officer had this energy stone and there was no need to worry about the eruption of his mania in the future. He didn’t need to run out of the spaceship to endure it.

Aojia deleted the information of the tester, took out the energy stone and looked up at Calant. Calant immediately stood upright. “Sir, I didn’t see anything!”

Aojia opened the armband and returned the energy stone to it.

A lovely artist has drawn fanart of fluffy Rong Mingshi after his bath. You might’ve seen them around in other novels on CG. In any case, please thank xAi_ICE for their hard work. fg5dTA

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    I can’t remove the imagery of Aojia touching Rong Mingshi’s fluffy white tummy. These two are just too soft for each other. ♥︎♥︎♥︎

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