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Number One Lazy Merchant of the Beast WorldChapter 62


Rong Mingshi looked at these messages and his thick paws were in the air. He didn’t know how to react. Why did his buyers care more about his career than he did? The so-called golden python actually lifted the table… so angry?

After seeing the large number of buyers lamenting that the store owner didn’t seize the opportunity, Rong Mingshi opened the owner’s announcement area, deleted the original announcement and re-entered a new one. yEQbpI

“Dear buyers, the store owner has received 18 new apprentices today. Thus, the store owner is ready to pick 18 lucky buyers to receive a free low-grade energy stone order. I wish you good luck!”

He finished the announcement and opened the lucky draw program of the store. Once the announcement appeared in the online store, all the buyers forgot about encouraging the store owner to open a physical store. They also didn’t care to understand how the store owner had accepted 18 apprentices. They all excitedly ran to the lucky draw area.

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The current traffic of the little leopard’s store wasn’t generally large. The draw was almost instantaneous and the final result appeared almost instantly.

-Hey! It was right to follow the master store owner! My golden python finally got it. Most importantly, I can finally communicate with the store owner! pKDQTP

-Gold python, you have expanded.

-I feel envious and hate… store owner, I think that 18 is still too few.

-I just care about these 18 store owners. Are they the 18 authoritative masters?

-Nonsense, why are you still asking this? NIm65D

-The store owner’s carving skills means he can accept these masters as apprentices!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The little leopard soon received the images from the 18 lucky buyers. He saved the images since he would complete the 10 high-grade orders first. At this point, the suspension car arrived at the black dragon’s estate and Calant docked the suspension car on the manor’s lawn.

The more than a dozen masters glanced at each other. Their leopard master said goodbye, turned off the video call and covertly plotted something else. The little leopard jumped from the suspension car and ran to the one carrying his mother.

Aojia was following when he received an encrypted message from Abel. “Sir, the acquisition of the Oran Carving Business was restricted by the empire’s economics division. It has been acquired by the Monman Resources Company. The agreement signed by all carvers with Duke Oran hasn’t been declared invalid but has been transferred to the Monman Resources Company of the empire. The Supreme Court has decided that they will continue to fulfil the original agreement.” eImZ V

Aojia’s eyes narrowed before he turned off the news and walked a few steps. He crouched down next to the little leopard in front of Ms Bowei’s body and suggested, “Shall we bury your mother on the manor’s suspended mountain to accompany us?”

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Aojia held the little leopard in front of Ms Bowei’s tomb for a while before returning to the manor’s living room. He listened to the backup robot housekeeper and was informed at there were 18 people outside! According to the requirements for visitors, the robot housekeeper emphasized that they could only come with gifts after disguising their appearance in an absolutely unobtrusive manner! KgA52V

…Otherwise, they were afraid the black-hearted marshal wouldn’t allow them to enter.

Aojia looked down at the little leopard. “Do you want to see them?”

Since he received the masters as apprentices and they were now his own people, Rong Mingshi felt good about them and naturally nodded. “Yes.”

Aojia’s lips curved and he told the housekeeper to invite people in while also arranging dinner. The masters entered the marshal’s manor and were immediately shocked by the various black dragons arranged throughout the manor. ie Y6E

They were just little black dragons carved out of ordinary stones. These stones had no vitality but it could be seen from the configuration and carving that it was full of deep love. Not to mention the huge carving in front of the manor.

It was no wonder why the little leopard master blew up when he heard them say the black dragon couldn’t do anything. This was a minefield that they definitely couldn’t step on.

The group of masters entered the living room with the robot housekeeper, formally recognized their master and went to the dining room for dinner. It was still very harmonious.

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Midway through, Aojia received a message from the military department. He slightly frowned and the atmosphere around his body instantly changed. The little leopard next to him felt it, swallowed the meat in his mouth and asked, “What’s wrong?” RhGpl6

“There is an emergency military affair. I need to go to the military.”

Rong Mingshi nodded and said, “Then hurry and go.”

Aojia patted his head. “I’ll be back soon.”

“Yes.” ykdK2T

Aojia turned to the masters and the 18 masters immediately cried out, “We will finish dinner and go!”

“We absolutely won’t delay the little leopard master’s sleep time.”

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“Marshal can go with confidence.”

Aojia’s understanding of these masters meant he knew the words weren’t credible. However, the military matter was too urgent and he had to go immediately. It wasn’t good to throw them out now. He could only go and return quickly. pSRndo

Once the big black dragon left, the 18 masters immediately relaxed and placed their gifts on the table. They had brought many good things for their little leopard master. It was great that the big black dragon was gone! It was a waste to give this thing to the black dragon to drink!

“Little leopard master, these are the energy wines we have hidden for decades!”

“It is very effective for the improvement and recovery of perception!”

“If you like it, we will keep sending it to you.” YZdftm

The masters’ movements were very fast. They raised their hands, opened the bottle cap and placed half a cup in front of the little leopard. The rich aroma of alcohol instantly filled the dining room.

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Then Rong Mingshi’s eyes became covered with a layer of mist as they stared in a blurry manner at the transparent green liquid in front of him. This looked good. The already confused little leopard hugged the cup with his thick paws, lowered his tongue and then drank it in one breath. Then the even foggier blue eyes stared at the masters as he spoke in an unclear manner. “Aoji.”

“What did the little leopard master say?”

The little leopard licked the fur around his mouth. Then his thick paws held the bottle and he started to directly drink from the bottle. rHSTNm




The masters, who were used to the energy wine, felt that the leopard master had a large tolerance for alcohol. Perhaps they hadn’t brought enough wine? 7viOAq

The little leopard finished the entire bottle, jumped from his seat, went to his spherical seat, climbed in and put on the leopard paw tools. Then the little leopard looked around the entire interior of the manor and the locations visible to the naked eye. The little leopard stably moved his carving knife as he carved a variety of little black dragons…

He even carved the stair handrails into hollow, cute little black dragons. Once it was impossible to find anything else to carve, Rong Mingshi knocked on his spherical seat and then opened his quantum computer. The beast images of the 18 lucky buyers that he just accepted from the online store played.

The little leopard cried out with excitement. He drove his seat towards the place where he stored low-grade energy stones. The 18 types of beasts, from birds to animals, quickly formed under Rong Mingshi’s knife.

His perception was more powerful thanks to the energy wine and the energy from the parts removed were quickly pulled out and re-integrated into the remaining energy stone without any waste. The skeletal muscles of these beast shapes slowly formed thanks to this force, as if vitality had been injected into the stone. 5Tm W4

The more immersed he was in the carving, the clearer the leopard’s eyes became. They were brighter and lovelier as his consciousness separated from the unpredictable chaotic drunk state, letting him carve more naturally and casually.

These 18 works weren’t just the simple animal-like posture of beastmen but also the natural and active expression of the beast spirit. Once the 18 works were completed, the little leopard’s seat floated in front of a large white energy stone.

A strong emotion prompted the little leopard to make an outline on the stone.

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This was a half-lying down snow leopard. The front paws were slightly raised, the head slightly lowered and the blue leopard eyes looking softly at the position under the abdomen. The fur of the big snow leopard was very fluffy, the black ring markings were beautiful and the thick leopard tail was in front. gxl2XR

Once the entire snow leopard carving was completed, Rong Mingshi got out of the ball seat, moved under the snow leopard’s paws and hugged the big snow leopard’s tail. His body snuggled into the arms of the big snow leopard as he yawned and fell asleep.

The masters witnessed the entire process and shocked couldn’t describe their mood. They were stunned stupid. This hour of crazy carving by the leopard master was comparable to the painstaking efforts of most of their lives. Originally, the energy stone carving should be like this. It felt like their lives had been turned entirely upside down…

Just then, Aojia came back. His spirit rose when he saw the various dragon carvings scattered through the living room. He quickly moved to the dining and saw the empty bottle of energy wine.

His expression immediately darkened. After passing through the dining room, he saw the group of goose-like masters. Aojia ordered the manor’s auxiliary robots to throw this group of unreliable masters back into their suspension car! KHwfl0

Then Aojia saw the little leopard sleeping with the carving of the big snow leopard. He took a slight breath and crouched down, gently touching the head of the little leopard.

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