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Number One Lazy Merchant of the Beast WorldCh57 - Beware of Being Deceived


Early the next morning, Rong Mingshi went to the college with a high-grade energy stone. Today, the library was open and he intended to go to the college’s energy stone warehouse to wait.

Originally, he should’ve done the high-grade energy stone order he took firs. However, when he studied the beast images provided by the buyers, Aojia’s two sketches always popped up in his head. 2nXmkG

Rong Mingshi was unable to concentrate on the images of the buyers and opened Aojia’s sketches on his quantum computer. Rong Mingshi’s thick paws pulled at the sketches as he drove the seat to choose materials. He came back with a mixed stone, moved to the rear of some auxiliary robots and started carving.

At this time, the 18 masters failed to obtain their future master’s contact information from Principal Stewart. Some masters couldn’t wait to confirm the status of master and apprentice and used their status as professors to finally determine the position of Student Rong through the college’s auxiliary robots.

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The masters arrived and saw Student Rong mixing in with some robots to study a stone. Thus, the masters stopped moving and watched closely from a short distance away. In Rong Mingshi’s view, Aojia’s sketches were just a sketch. His ideas weren’t necessarily the same as the sketch and he needed to modify some details. A limited work wasn’t a good one!

The little leopard was full of these thoughts as he started his leopard paw tools and cut the knife against the energy stone.


This was a little black dragon making omelettes. It had round dragon claws, one holding a spatula and the other a pan. Inside the pan was the red-bellied four-winged bird’s egg. The egg yolk was tender and bright yellow and there was the milky white area. It was like a small sun, the edges slightly curled and a scorched yellow.

However, the little black dragon’s eyes weren’t on the omelet cooking in the pan. Instead, his head was turned slightly behind him. The dragon wings had a mighty little snow leopard riding on them.

The snow leopard’s round ears were standing up straight, its eyes fixed to the front and very stern. The thick tail was placed on the black dragon’s back, the front paws touching the dragon’s neck while the back paws steadily held the dragon’s waist firmly. The movement was very stable and the momentum powerful. It was like the little leopard was a knight riding a dragon.

Rong Mingshi carved this little leopard very smoothly. The entire carving was filled with excitement and there was no inexplicable sense of shame that he felt when he originally started carving. In addition, he corrected the black dragon’s sketch like this and secretly felt a bit sly and cunning. W6ZwIy

Therefore, the snow leopard on the back of the little black dragon also had such emotions incorporated. The tip of the tail was slightly hooked and his furry waist slightly twisted. It was as if he wanted to twist his tail and his body because he was riding the black dragon!

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For balance, he carved the dragon’s tail to the side of the dragon’s wings in the air. This action made the little leopard seem a bit helpless, like the black dragon was stretching out his tail in preparation to support the little leopard riding on his back.

Once the carving was completed, Rong Mingshi looked at Aojia’s sketches on his computer. Well…it was fine. The black dragon, little leopard and egg were all present. It wasn’t completely throwing away the sketch!

The masters saw that Student Rong had finished the carving and entered from outside. Rong Mingshi heard the movements and looked up. He saw the masters coming over and suddenly had an unbelievable thought in his head. There were 18 apprentices in his store. PGLckl

…These old masters, surely they hadn’t run to the Internet to be liars?

Rong Mingshi naturally greeted the more than a dozen masters. “Hello Masters.”

The masters remembered Stewart’s warning to keep normal and nodded naturally. “Student Rong is also here.”

Then they went looking for low-grade energy stones, as if there was nothing else. They saw the little leopard’s carving process twice and understood a lot. Thus, they couldn’t wait to try it. The masters each picked a stone and turned to Rong Mingshi. “Student Rong, today we are all ready to carve low-grade energy stones. Do you want to come and discuss it with us?” HYq9d5

Rong Mingshi hadn’t seen the masters’ carving process and felt that watching them carving might let him understand some things. So he nodded in agreement. Rong Mingshi headed to the study room with the masters. Along the way, Rong Mingshi always felt that the gaze of these masters seemed a bit more eager than yesterday.

It made him suddenly think of one thing. Yesterday, he was concerned about the traitor matter and forgot about the dragonfly carving he made. This dragonfly was carved under the eyes of all the masters! In other words, these masters might know that he was the store owner…

Principal Stewart had mentioned the names of these masters when he introduced them yesterday but there were over a dozen names and Rong Mingshi didn’t remember them very well. The names he saw last night in the buyers exchange area were very familiar!

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Ft… xronT

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Ktf ilaaif ifbqjgv ueiqfv jcv rjlv, “P revvfcis gfwfwyfgfv atja atf ilygjgs lr bqfc jcv P tjnf lcobgwjalbc P cffv ab revvfcis mtfmx. P mjc’a byrfgnf sbeg mjgnlcu qgbmfrr abvjs. Vbggs!”

The group of old guys immediately realized they were exposed and of course, they hadn’t planned to hide it for long. They weren’t Stewart and there was nothing to worry about. Therefore, the more than a dozen masters stared at the little leopard. “Master, please don’t go.”

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The little leopard listened to these words and was amazed. “I am a student who came to listen to your class…” cLr if

“Master, don’t be modest. We urgently need Master’s guidance. Master’s skills are already far above us.”

“…I have a poor foundation and my theory isn’t good. My perception isn’t well-controlled.”

“Master’s insight is high and you break through without words.” 

“…” O7ZJw8

“There is still some time before the library opens. Master, will you guide us?”

The masters all looked very eager…

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The little leopard didn’t know how to refuse and headed to the study room with the little black dragon making an omelette. The more than a dozen masters saw Student Rong’s classmate at close range. Apart from their thoughts about the carvings, the expression on his face was a bit hesitant.

Finally, a master asked, “Master, who is this black dragon?”  dX4zHh

The little leopard wasn’t comfortable hearing this title but he poked the little black dragon and replied, “This is my closest person. By the way, you don’t need to call me Master…”

The expressions of the masters became stranger. They learnt some information about the little leopard from Principal Stewart and knew that the leopard was an adult beastman staying with the marshal. Once they heard the master leopard confirm this himself, one of the masters coughed and said, “Master is young and should think about it more.”

“What are you talking about?” The little leopard looked up at him with an unknown expression.

“We shouldn’t say these things but it involves Master’s happy life in the future.” BXoJe4

The little leopard was slightly nervous as he gathered his paws together and gazed carefully at these masters. “What is the matter?”

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The 18 masters spoke together and in a very solemn manner. “It is because this black dragon might have a physical defect.”

Rong Mingshi immediately panicked. “Defect? What defect? Is his life in danger?”

“His life isn’t in danger.” Vkfp5L

“What type of physical defect is it?”

“No, it isn’t that.”

After hearing these words, the little leopard’s fur raised and his thick paws slammed against the table as he stared at them with blue leopard eyes. The shocked masters thought that the leopard suddenly knew the truth and continued.

“Six months ago, we accepted the high-grade energy stone carving of Marshal Black Dragon.” WuJg7l

“I have seen the black dragon’s beast form. I studied it carefully (only half a minute) and found that…”

“The black dragon has reached adulthood for a long time and the incidence of mania is only affected by the increase in strength. There is absolutely no estrus factor.”

“In other words, the black dragon didn’t enter the estrus period after adulthood. This is completely inconsistent with the characteristics of any dragon-shaped beastman.”

“You know, the former imperial marshal, his father, married someone at the age of 20 and had him the following year.” D3PZ0N

The group of masters implied that the big black dragon’s certain part wasn’t capable of rising…

The little leopard’s tail moved angrily when he heard this. Who knew more about Aojia’s situation than he did? If it wasn’t for his inability to maintain his human form for a long time, they would’ve rolled on the sheets hundreds of times already!

…Well, hundreds of times was a bit exaggerated but it would still be dozens of times!

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“Then for the sake of your future sexual well-being, shouldn’t Master change beastman?” Q2JpOT

“We can introduce Master to people who are very reliable in these aspects.”

“Be careful when choosing a beastman for a lifetime. You can’t ignore the most important happiness index just because of the power of the black dragon.”

“Dare to fight against that hegemonic force. Anyone will tell you that nothing is more important than sex.”

The group of masters wanted to pass on their life experiences in order to make the little leopard happy. 3 5GIu

“For the black dragon to hide such an important matter from you, I have some cynical thoughts.”

“Maybe he is only after your carving skills and wants to use you to stand up to Duke Oran.”

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“That’s right!”

The thick paws of the little leopard shook. wuLobK

What didn’t rise up? What was Aojia’s true heart?

After he came to the world, apart from his housekeeper father, the one who was best for him was the big black dragon. He took Rong Mingshi to see a doctor, found a school for him and accompanied him to go shopping!

Aojia silently looked out for Rong Mingshi’s career and never gave him any pressure. Even when his own energy stone was broken, he secretly re-assembled it and didn’t ask Rong Mingshi to carve high-grade stones for him! The thing that the black dragon wanted him to carve wasn’t his beast form but the scenes where the little black dragon and little leopard appeared together.

Rong Mingshi could only buy stones and carve stones for the big black dragon. It could be said that he was the one with the evil intentions… He wasn’t sure if he could become a person yet he still carved cufflinks and asked for a marriage, marking his ownership of the little black dragon. 5DR2rc

However,  the little leopard hadn’t talked to many people in his past life and this life and he didn’t know how to defend Aojia. It was difficult for him to speak to these over a dozen masters. Once he transformed into a human and kissed the black dragon, he really felt something against him… this was too private to say.

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Principal Stewart wasn’t tricking him. Sure enough, the principal was the most reliable one. The little leopard saw that the masters didn’t have a bad heart but he was still very angry. His fur naturally rose from anger…

Therefore, the little leopard used his shaking paws to open the store and for the first time, he used the store owner’s backstage area to make an announcement.

“Dear buyers, the owner hereby declares that I haven’t received any apprentices. All buyers, please beware of being deceived!” V58kNd

The moment the store owner’s announcement came out, the buyers exchange area was suddenly in a frenzy.

-What did I see? Am I dreaming? Then the masters are doing an online deception?

-Watch the masters being evicted by their master online!

-Hahahaha, I think the masters want to make a fait accompli and the store owner refused! Q87OfF

-Our store owner is so lazy. Accepting 18 apprentices will naturally make him tired to death and will waste time where he can make money. Naturally, he must sternly refuse!

-Hahaha, I would like to ask the masters, how are your faces?


“…” TkXPvh


The 18 masters saw the little leopard make an announcement and unconsciously touched their old faces. It was okay. Their faces were quite thick and there were many layers exposed. The most important thing at the moment was…

“Master, don’t go! We haven’t started carving yet!”

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