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Number One Lazy Merchant of the Beast WorldCh49 - Tiger-Shaped Energy Stone


The knife moved across the stone and continued to expand the lines while Rong Mingshi slowly sensed a very strong force filling the entire orange-yellow stone. This feeling was different from when he carved the fire fox energy stone. The fire stone was even condensed with a fiery power while this orange-yellow stone pulsated like the earth. Rong Mingshi had the vague feeling that he touched something, as if he could drive this power to the position he wanted it to converge.

The high-grade solid colour energy stone couldn’t be displayed with colour so the little leopard focused on using lines and smooth curves. bCd9jP

This was a mountain tiger on a rock. The fierce mountain tiger’s limbs were strong and powerful, the muscles smooth and health. The thick claws were strong and as they stepped on the rock, it was as if they could rip up the rock. The stout tiger’s tail swayed from invisible wind and the tiny hairs swayed with it. The ferocious tiger’s mouth opened, exposing sharp tiger’s teeth. Meanwhile, the tiger’s roar shook the forest.

Rong Mingshi’s carving knife constantly refined these details while his perception entered the stone along his knife and the power of the earth rushed along with this knife. It seemed to become the bones and flesh of the mountain tiger carving, making the entire carving fuller and more powerful. In the end, the little leopard’s knife slashed against the sturdy rock and he carved his signature in a corner.

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Once he completed this mountain tiger, the little leopard took back his tools and slightly moved his tail. He felt that he vaguely touched on the role of perception in energy stone carving, although there was still some ambiguity.

The little leopard stared at the mountain tiger for a while, regained his spirit, stood up and shook his fur. Then he sat down and called the housekeeper to help him send this to the buyer. Housekeeper Baba soon appeared. He stood in front of the little leopard and helped pack the stone, while his voice quivered, “I will soon… good!” DqF3L4

The little leopard moved his ears and looked up doubtfully at the tall housekeeper. “What’s wrong with you?”

Housekeeper Baba immediately shook his head. “Nothing, just testing… data!”

Then the housekeeper went out to the courier. Rong Mingshi didn’t feel relieved. He jumped off the tail and followed. He crouched at the door and saw the housekeeper’s simulation body in the corridor, shaking from time to time as he continued to move forward.

“…” z5fxYJ

The little leopard considered if he should send a message to Aojia to have someone repair the housekeeper. He always felt that the housekeeper didn’t seem comfortable. Rong Mingshi had just opened his quantum computer when another simulation body with the same appearance as the housekeeper appeared in the corridor. The limply hanging arm of the housekeeper was pulled and he picked up the housekeeper…

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The little leopard gazed at this awkward situation.

…The housekeeper was helping himself? He had just thought this when the courier housekeeper elbowed the neck of the other simulation housekeeper. Then the first one fell down and raised his foot, kicking the second simulation body from the second floor to the first floor.

Meanwhile, Housekeeper Baba’s data was giving a very stern warning. SQD5Zs

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-Do this again and I will remove all simulations!

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Ktf ilaaif ifbqjgv rjk atlr rmfcf jcv tlr wbeat vgbqqfv bqfc. Ktf mbeglfg tberfxffqfg rwlifv ja atf ilaaif ifbqjgv jcv rqbxf lc j nblmf atja kjr cb ibcufg agfwyilcu, “Pa’r olcf. Aera vjaj afralcu!” tw1Wpb

Damn Ruhr, how did he believe this ghost? Ruhr said that they should explore the adaptability of the neurons of the simulation body to the two sensations of ‘itchiness’ and ‘coldness’. He also said that according to his data analysis, this could result in a better and more realistic manipulation of the simulation body. This made Housekeeper Baba’s current data a mess and his simulation body kept shaking!


The little leopard slowly closed his mouth as he glanced at the other simulation body lying downstairs. This simulation body raised a hand towards him and smiled more naturally than the simulation body upstairs…

It was the same body and a more natural smile but inexplicably, Rong Mingshi felt the stiff smile of the one upstairs was more intimate. Housekeeper Baba naturally saw the smile downstairs and his data twitched. He must smile better than this little intelligence in the future! 1Aae8n

At this time, the marshal had completed his official duties at the military and left in a suspension vehicle. Downstairs, Ruhr reluctantly bid farewell to the housekeeper.

-Baba, the marshal is coming back so I’m leaving. I’ll come back tomorrow for more data testing.

The processor of the simulation body that received Ruhr’s data exploded! This damn little intelligence. Even if the black dragon was coming back, how could it run away? In addition, if the little intelligence wanted to go then Housekeeper Baba couldn’t stop him for even ten-thousandth of a second.

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The angry housekeeper turned back to the little leopard. He half-crouched down and under the little leopard’s strange gaze, he tried to make a smile that was gentler than that damn little intelligence. 2Kbvlu


The little leopard gazed at the housekeeper’s twisted face that was a bit scary and patted his knee gently in comfort. The satisfied housekeeper raised a hand to rub the little leopard’s furry head and turned to send off the courier.

Since the marshal was coming back soon…

He had to hide the decoration that the little leopard made in the garden first. If the black dragon knew that the little leopard had made such a beautiful carving, there wouldn’t be enough ice water in the house. nr5aYK

In the spirit of saving, Housekeeper Baba didn’t feel guilty at all. He obtained the latest camouflage system from Ruhr. The garden ornament outside transformed into the unfinished appearance from when the marshal left early this morning.

Unknowingly, the little leopard slipped all the way to the living room on the first floor. He jumped onto the sofa and glanced at the scared black dragon stone on the living room’s chandelier. He rubbed his paws together and used his computer to search the energy stone stores.

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The high-grade energy stones were sold in several stores but they were only displayed on the Star Network as a 3D image. The amount of star coins they were sold for was too big and online transactions weren’t supported. Only online bookings for offline transactions were available.

High-grade energy stones were also different. The purer and more transparent the colour, the better the quality. Of course, the corresponding price was more expensive. In each store, the high-grade energy stones were divided according to colour and the little leopard could easily find the black energy stones. W5h6Sy

There were pure black stones but unfortunately, they weren’t comparable to the high-grade energy stone Aojia currently wore in his armband. In addition, these energy stones weren’t top-notch but the price was very expensive. The one that Rong Mingshi judged worthy of the big black dragon cost more than 20 million star coins and an online deposit of two million star coins must be pair. After the deposit, the full payment must be made within three days.

Rong Mingshi calculated it with his paws. It was at least four high-grade custom orders or 100 low-grade energy stone orders…

This was a sad fact. He wouldn’t be able to pay the cost quickly enough. The little leopard sighed and turned back to the high-grade energy stones that he wasn’t satisfied with. He bore the pain and closed it. In any case, these pieces weren’t as good as the one carried by Aojia. Maybe after a few days, he would have enough money and there would be better stones!

The little leopard comforted himself and took time to pick stones for the new orders. The baby elephant was a grey-brown stone while the dragonfly was a stone with red as the main colour. The little leopard felt very strange as he picked this. He always thought that beastmen were animals yet there were actually insects? tJeRXg

Of course, it wasn’t only the little leopard who felt these doubts. It was the same for the people in the little leopard’s buyers exchange area.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

-Who can tell me why someone’s beast shape is a dragonfly?

-It should be very beautiful after the store owner carves it. The beautiful wings that are so thin and transparent aren’t easy to carve.

-Is the dragonfly an insect? qo2QSG

-No matter what the store owner carves, I like it!  I have seen the owner’s works hundreds of times and that skill definitely isn’t ordinary!

-I just want to know the relationship between the store owner and movie emperor. It seems like the movie emperor doesn’t have a beastman yet? Is the store owner the emperor’s beastman? Why did Suo Lan carve a high-grade energy stone in the shape of a fire fox?

-Any unfounded speculation is slander!

Thus, any doubts about why the beastman was an insect were soon suppressed by the large number of movie emperor fans. ywuAhT

The place where the foreign minister’s wife was staying wasn’t far away from the manor where Rong Mingshi was located. The finished tiger-shaped energy stone soon arrived.

The foreign minister’s wife was very excited. She raised a hand and opened the smart lock of the express delivery. Once the orange tiger-shaped energy stone was revealed, the foreign minister’s wife couldn’t help smiling and she told the robot housekeeper to bring over the tester.

The test result was even more amazing than Peacock Suo Lan’s fire fox. It had a 96% activation rate!

The foreign minister’s wife looked at the result and tears fell. As the foreign minister of the empire, her husband often went abroad and no one knew more than her the pressure that was on her husband. She was worried every time that an accident would happen. Now there was this stone and it would be insurance in the future. bvBH6O

The foreign minister’s wife gently wiped her tears and stabilized her mood. She immediately paid the store owner and sent a sincere voice message, “Master, thank you!”

Then the foreign minister’s wife sent a message to her husband, asking him to go home quickly.

Meanwhile, the little leopard buying the energy stones suitable for the baby elephant and dragonfly received a payment alert. The little leopard was in good spirits as he opened the collection page and looked proudly at the 2.3 million star coins.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

He rolled around on the sofa. The feeling of making money was excellent! uMJobm

TL: If you are interested, please check out the teaser of the new project I will pick up after NOLMBW is finished. It is by the same author as NOLMBW and just as fluffy.

Shh, There’s a Beast in the Imperial Palace

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