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Number One Lazy Merchant of the Beast WorldCh48 - Movie Emperor’s Photos, Insect Grabbing an Order


Over the course of a day, all the details of the giant carving were completed. The little leopard sat in the spherical seat and gazed in satisfaction at the work that was completed. It took quite a long time and he was very tired, but this sense of accomplishment was the biggest and he was almost bursting from it.

Moreover, once Rong Mingshi understood the reason, he happily pulled out the previously carved little black dragon and placed it in the spherical seat. He lay in the seat and his two thick paws fell rhythmically on the eggshell of the little black dragon, driving the seat back and forth like a hammock. Then he soon fell asleep. tscCK0

The warm afternoon sunshine fell and reflected off the little leopard’s white and black fur. It was dyed with an orange colour and looked particularly warm.

The housekeeper on the terrace gazed at the newly carved ‘garden ornament’ next to the sleeping leopard. Compared with their previous days, this life was simply quiet. Of course, it would be better if there was no one in his simulation body and he didn’t have to be tangled up with that damn little intelligence!

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The data of the little intelligence had entered to clean up the extra junk information in the past two days. Then the little intelligence looked at his data chain and said he wanted to engage with it. What information exchange?

Bah. If he believed this then he was a ghost! He should have the right to exchange the military secrets of the military first! Te2aFY

The angry Housekeeper Baba evicted Ruhr’s data from the simulation machine without hesitation and then locked him in the smart system of the toilet. However, the firewall that Housekeeper Baba studied only locked up his damn intelligence for 0.001 seconds…

The little nonsensical intelligence entered his other simulation body and blatantly popped out! Housekeeper Baba watched the body wearing underwear fly up and kick the air. Mother’s eggs, this was clearly his body but why was the little intelligence more natural at using it?

By the time the little leopard turned over, holding the little black dragon in the eggshell as he opened his eyes, the two bodies on the terrace had already rushed into the storeroom where the simulation bodies were stored to engage in a deeper contest. For example, explore how this body could be more like a human, how to better integrate the data with the local neurons in the simulation body…

The little leopard yawned and draw his seat under the arms of the mech and under the big black dragon’s claws. He floated to the terrace and all the way into Aojia’s study room. After arriving at the study, he jumped from the spherical seat and placed the little black dragon breaking out of the eggshell onto the table. CX6GRA

Rong Mingshi crouched there, watching as the little black dragon seemed to anxiously emerge from the eggshell to find the little leopard. He stretched out his thick paws and gently poked it. The eggshell shook and the little black dragon seemed more anxious. Well… wait for him to buy high-grade energy stones for Aojia and he would let this little black dragon reunite with the snow leopard!

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Rong Mingshi rubbed his thick paws together twice before opening his online store. In order to improve efficiency, he was prepared to pick up a few more orders. At this point, the three elites in the Information Department regained their spirit. “The store owner is online!”

“Grab one in three, it is back to us isn’t it?”

“We didn’t get the owner’s last high-grade order. This time it is ours!” 3XnKSr

“The deputy commander said we can pay up to three million for a high-grade custom order!”

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Meanwhile, a certain peacock movie emperor carried out a day of designing the endorsement and shooting it. He used his team to complete a set of 3D promotional images for the store owner.

Coafg atf rfzeji yifrrlcu, Swqfgbg Veb Ojc kbgf rilw mjreji kfjg jcv ibbxfv wbgf uijwbgber atjc yfobgf. Ktfgf kfgf rfvemalnf fwbalbcr lc tlr fsfr jcv fnfgs wbnf tjv ecwjamtfv rasif. Ktf foofma bo atf 3G jvnfgalrlcu qtbabr kjr olgra mijrr

Fcobgaecjafis, tlr obz raglmais obgyjvf tlw ogbw bqfclcu tlr qfjmbmx ajli lc qeyilm. Yatfgklrf, rtbklcu tlr ofjatfgr atja tjv yfmbwf wbgf ubgufber klat atf rfzeji yifrrlcu jibcu klat atf rabgf bkcfg’r fzdelrlaf mjgnlcu kbeiv tjnf jc fnfc yfaafg foofma. bdHk2v

As for the dynamic advertisement, Peacock Suo Lan had too many ideas and hadn’t decided yet. In the end, he decided to send the hard photos first and then film several versions of the dynamic advertisement to let the store owner choose.

Therefore, once Rong Mingshi went online, he received the promotional photos from the peacock custom buyer along with the message, “Master Store Owner, hang these in your store first. Wait for the video ads to be complete and I will send them to you. My name is Suo Lan, remember it!”

The 3D images were opened by Rong Mingshi and he became sluggish for a moment. He had never seen such a beautiful and elegant person. Despite his splendour, the gender of the man couldn’t be doubted. The graceful gestures from the long fingers seemed to move like the peacock’s luxurious feathers, making the contrast with the peacock energy stone even more exquisite.

 Rong Mingshi suddenly shut down. Some time passed before Rong Mingshi raised his thick paws and rubbed his face. Then he reached out to hold the little black dragon in the eggshell. He didn’t look at the remaining photos sent by Suo Lan. He entered the backstage of his online store and submitted them according to the instructions. E9qcKf

The images set would appear directly in the buyers exchange area under each other and would be locked at the top. Anyone who entered the communication area would see it instantly.

Rong Mingshi did these things while chanting in his heart.

‘My Aoji is the most handsome and coolest! Aoji is the most powerful! The black dragon is the evilest! In addition, the little black dragon is the cutest!’

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…Furthermore, everyone loved beauty. He just saw the photo and thought that this man would become the peacock opening his tail screen! He just wanted to see the real peacock opening his tail to compare it to the peacock he carved. PuftLM

Well, yes, that’s right, that was it!

Once the advertisements were displayed in the online store, the buyers of the online store went crazy. The owner had been missing for so long (all buyers thought this)! Then the store owner did such a big thing without any noise.

-Hey! It is the endorsement of Movie Emperor Suo Lan! The store owner actually invited Suo Lan to endorse for him!

-I’m dead… Suo Lan, I love you! Open the screen and I will be crazy for you! dJpR6H

-In fact, we should’ve known the last time the movie emperor came out to clear things up for the store owner…

-Why do I think the store owner is very rich? This must be the reason why the store owner is too lazy to make money.

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-Hey, person upstairs, shut up and don’t say anything! Big store owner, how can a beastman say he is rich unless he has billions of star coins!

-Big store owner, think about the cost you paid for the endorsement! You must want to earn back this money. Therefore, you should open more orders! hfS4g

Once Rong Mingshi issued the photos, he opened the backstage shelves. So far, his shelf only had three items.

Unfortunately, his custom auction price was too high and his store opening time was too short. His credit ratio was high but the credit volume wasn’t enough. Therefore, he couldn’t open a second custom auction if the first one wasn’t completed.

Rong Mingshi had to stretch out his thick paws and directly open a low-grade energy stone custom order. The fee was still 200,000 star coins.

-I grabbed it. Store owner, please check. This is my baby elephant! K hHU2

-Wow… I was looking at the movie emperor and didn’t notice the owner had opened an order!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

-Big store owner, do you know how many beastmen are in the buyers exchange area. The real-time information states that there are more than four million! Therefore, big store owner, don’t you know how poor you are for opening so few orders?

-Store owner, if you are diligent and fast then how many star coins will you earn? I’m bitter!

Meanwhile, the three elites of the Information Department were depressed. “Our hand speed is so fast yet we didn’t manage to grab it…” BJa6CO

“There is no way, there were too many people. Should we find a way to limit the flow of buyers?”

“Well, this is the owner’s popularity that he earned. It is too much if we limit it!”

The three people lowered their heads…

At this time, the hesitating little leopard felt that opening one custom order wasn’t enough and opened another one. gvO9Am




The three elites clicked. Then one of the elites almost jumped up as he roared, “Thank god! I got it!” CdBZL6

The relieved three elites went to the buyers exchange area.

-I grabbed it! Store owner, I really love you! I am the red dragonfly!

-What’s going on? The store owner opened two custom orders in a row?

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

-Big store owner, two isn’t enough. How about another 20? 6bYTUu

-Sure enough, it is through luck… I’m crying…

Rong Mingshi was accustomed to his orders being grabbed in seconds and he saved the image provided by the buyers very calmly. Then he unwittingly opened the exchange area under this low-grade energy stone order and saw all types of messages jumping up. He was stunned for a moment before turning it off! It didn’t matter since the order was completed.

The little leopard exited the online store and turned to the orange high-grade energy stone he previously received. He intended to do well before Aojia came back. This energy stone wasn’t as transparent as the fire fox energy stone he previously carved but the colour was very good. It was clearly different from other energy stones.

Rong Mingshi observed the stone before gazing at the characteristics of the tiger beastman. Then a concept slowly formed in his mind. Considering the preciousness of the high-grade energy stone, Rong Mingshi sketched the outline with a fine carving knife and then gradually refined the lines along the outline. bj30Ma

Aojia in a uniform :blobnosebleed: Thanks xai_ice

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