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Number One Lazy Merchant of the Beast WorldCh42 - Was He in a Bad Mood?


Rong Mingshi sighed as he received the deposit paid by the buyer in advance. He also received a message from the buyer.

“Hello, Store Owner. I want to order a custom carving for my husband. My partner’s beast shape is a tiger and I have provided you with 3D images. It is just, I’m sorry, my high-grade energy stone isn’t available yet. Can you wait a few days?” HLUBC

The little leopard pressed his paws against the text on the interface to reply, “Yes, it is fine as long as you provide the energy stone.”

The customer was God. For this small request, Rong Mingshi would naturally agree.

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“Thank you, Store Owner! The energy stone will be sent in three days at the most.”

The wife of the empire’s foreign minister happily closed her computer as she headed for Duchess Oran’s birthday dinner. She was very fortunate. Luckily, she was bored on the way to the banquet and checked the information of the peacock movie emperor. She didn’t expect the movie emperor to open a live broadcast in a store and to see such superb skills. This was much better than the masters of Duke Oran’s carving business. dDPpSR

After the dinner, the wife of the foreign minister intended to tell the duchess that she would withdraw the order for a high-grade energy stone carving from the Oran Carving Business. It might be necessary to pay some damages and also shame the duchess to some extent but so what? The life of her husband was more important.

The little leopard naturally didn’t know these things about the buyer of the custom auction. He was busy preparing to carve the seal. He watched the selected stone and pondered on the composition.

Based on the buyer’s images that he received, the fragility of the white seal was too striking. This made Rong Mingshi plan to incorporate the seal into the stone. It meant there would be two beast shapes in the same carving. One would be the adult body and the other would be the juvenile body. If the state wasn’t expressed well enough, it would give off the feeling of a father and son. This wasn’t what the little leopard wanted to express. He wanted the young seal and adult seal to have the same momentum, dispersing the fear and panic in the eyes of the young seal in the midst of mania.

The little leopard slowly developed a concept. 1k5KeI

The entire white stone would be a snow-white iceberg with melting water under the iceberg. A black and shiny seal emerged from the water, forelimbs climbing onto the ice, head raised and black eyes looking up at the white iceberg. Above the iceberg was a small seal rolling inside a snow pile. It was covered in fluffy white snow and rolled into a ball. It was upside down and head stretched forward, bright eyes gazing in the direction of the big seal.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Once the concept was formed, Rong Mingshi started to carve. The entire stone was divided into three parts. The big seal, the small seal and the iceberg. The smooth lines formed an excellent outline of the seal’s majestic body. There were the raised head and upper body, powerful tail fins and determined black eyes.

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Rong Mingshi was particularly attentive when carving the small seal.

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Rong Mingshi used more time to show the snow. In order to create the feeling of snow, he needed to use a fine pointed knife to dig at the white parts of the stone, forming very fine snowflakes.

For the melting snow water, Rong Mingshi chose to use the black part of the stone and outlined the water patterns on it. The white parts mixed with the black stone formed the white foam caused by the seal coming out of the water.

The shape was carved and it needed to be polished very carefully. In particular, the texture of the seal’s skin and the cold feeling of the snow water needed polishing to different degrees. Once the water was completed, Rong Mingshi carved his signature in an inconspicuous place under the iceberg.

Meanwhile, Aojia entered through the door after quickly processed his official duties and refusing Duke Oran’s invitation. The diligent little leopard was carefully carving on the table and even the thick tip of his tail was slightly hooked. It didn’t seem that anything happened… dPkHn

Then why did the little leopard inexplicably say those things?

The adult black dragon sighed with relief and walked forward. Rong Mingshi heard the movement and raised his head. His blue leopard eyes gazed deeply at Aojia and he couldn’t help moving his tail. One thick paw pointed to the seal that was just finished. “Aojia, does it look good?”

Aojia’s gaze turned from the little leopard to the carving next to his paws. The black dragon suddenly saw the elite scout under his hand and felt weird…

Aojia reached out and took the seal. The entire carving was the size of a fist. There were two seals, one big and one small, one located below the iceberg and the other on it. The carving was as exquisite as ever. The most unusual things were the eyes of the big and little seal. Due to the angle of the carving, the large and small seal projected the other in their eyes. This was like a mirror image. The big seal saw itself in the young body and the young seal saw itself in the adult body. 6j5Hql

Therefore, there was nothing terrible. Any cold snow would pass. The powerful seal shouldn’t hate the fragile and broken juvenile body while the small seal could have enough rest and become stronger.

Aojia had seen the scouts in the midst of mania and his heart was touched. The mania could infinitely expand the trauma of soldiers. Sometimes those who experienced the battlefield were helpless.

Aojia patted the head of the little leopard and placed the carving on the table. “Great.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

It was true that the Information Department had grabbed the leopard’s orders. Rong Mingshi’s tail moved happily in a circle. Then the little leopard reached out his paw and pointed at Aojia’s armband. “Give your high-grade energy stone to me. I want to continue improving it.” urIyxh

Aojia raised his hand and opened the armband, taking out the energy stone the little leopard had carved with his mouth and a dragon scale. The little leopard saw his original configuration and seriously studied it. It was a pity that this high-grade energy stone was originally carved by other carvers. His rough carving had also broken the energy stone in half. During this time, the energy stone experienced the situation where Aojia nearly erupted at the college. Thus, the current stone was far worse than the fire fox stone.

Rong Mingshi activated his leopard paw tools and made this stone more elaborate according to the previous concept. This was this first work after coming to this world and it had obvious shortcomings. For example, the shape of the black dragon wasn’t smooth enough and some details were biased by the initial carving.

This entire process was very laborious but his experience carving black dragons allowed him to finally complete the stone beyond imagination. Rong Mingshi gazed at the magnificent black dragon in flight and was quite satisfied. He pushed the black dragon energy stone in Aojia’s direction and Aojia returned it to the armband.

Rong Mingshi wanted to save money to carve one of the two again. He would definitely use a better material than the fire fox! sqwPit

Aojia patted the little leopard’s head. “Very good, the little leopard is making rapid progress.”

The little leopard grinned, showing his proud leopard teeth. Then he dodged the palm of the hand and jumped off the table. He pulled out the energy stone that matched himself from the clothes on the ground. He wanted to give it a try. Perhaps he could leave another mark on the energy stone…

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It was just that it was impossible to do it here. He would change in front of Aojia with no clothing on. Thus, while the black dragon was picking up the clothes, Rong Mingshi first grabbed the stone and ran back to the bedroom.

The angle problem meant Aojia didn’t see the little leopard biting the energy stone. Aojia watched the little leopard running away and his lips curved. He always felt that today’s little leopard was strange and cute. B T6fu

He placed the clothes back on the hanger and followed the little leopard to the bedroom. Aojia saw the little leopard jump onto the bed, pull up the quilt and drill inside, leaving only the back of his head exposed to the outside.

The black dragon walked forward, wanting to properly arrange the quilt for the little leopard. The little leopard often consumed his mental energy and his physical strength was also a problem. The little leopard carved such an energy stone and was probably sleepy.

At the same time, the little leopard hiding in the quilt slashed at the energy stone and was thrown back by the energy stone into the quilt. Aojia looked at the suddenly stirred up quilt and frowned slightly. This action felt like Rong Mingshi was kicking the quilt and venting his anger…

Was he in a bad mood? S2vMiD

Then the furry leopard face suddenly emerged from the quilt. His thick paws picked at the quilt as he gazed at Aojia with clear eyes. “Aojia…”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

This wasn’t a bad mood at all and the eyes didn’t look sleepy…

Aojia sat down on the bed and watched the little leopard inside the quilt. He thought the little leopard had stayed at home for too long and this affected the mood. After all, the little leopard lived in a small place for nearly two decades and probably wanted to go out.

The black dragon had this thought and said, “Little leopard, do you want to…” D1hqi8

His words suddenly stopped as the black dragon stared closely at the little leopard. Dragon scales instantly covered his body and his eyes transformed into golden vertical pupils. The entire room was filled with a burning smell.

Rong Mingshi held the energy stone he had cut two times, slightly cocked his head and gazed at Aojia with clear eyes. “What do you think?”

What could the marshal say?! The handsome young man slightly raised his chin with a proud and awkward expression. He grasped the edge of the quilt with two hands and Aojia couldn’t say anything in front of these eyes.

…All his sanity was being used to control his power! He probably wouldn’t be able to control himself if the little leopard hadn’t carved his energy stone again. WLwqKc

Rong Mingshi saw the black scales that extended to the neck and the continuously contracting golden pupils and slightly licked his lips. He had made two marks on the transparent energy stone and this should double its strength. He should have enough time…

Enough for him to get a kiss?

Thus, Rong Mingshi extended his arms and licked his lips as he said, “It’s hot.”

This action was like opening a seal. The stiffly sitting black dragon reached out to touch Rong Mingshi’s shoulder. He brought Rong Mingshi into his arms along with the quilt and his hot mouth covered the slyly smiling lips. vqoadR

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