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Number One Lazy Merchant of the Beast WorldCh26 - Little Leopard’s Head Hurts


The small courtyard was silent for a while apart from the little leopard’s sleeping noises. The lion Wuka finally found his voice and pointed to the structure of the bungalow. “Wash him inside?”

Aojia gazed at the little leopard so covered in dust that the fur colour couldn’t be seen. He gently blew out and the dust flew, the leopard’s fur along with it. At the same time, the little leopard stretched out his paws and grabbed his head. The hot leopard face touched Aojia’s hand and he called out, “Aoji!” 1WY9 d

Aojia shook the little leopard. So much dust fell that he could only wash this small beast. Aojia carried the little leopard into the house.

Behind him, Wuka touched his chin as he gazed at his apprentice’s back and the many small dragons in the yard. He smiled like a thief, feeling that his apprentice’s future wife had fallen. Then he sighed, grabbed the bottle of wine and drank the remaining wine.

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It was gratifying that his apprentice was emotional but the power of his apprentice had grown too fast. If he really entered estrus then it was unknown what type of dangers he would face. The little leopard inside might be in danger at the time.

Don’t look at the simple facade of Master Wuka’s bungalow. The facilities inside weren’t simple or lacking in smart equipment. Aojia opened the bathroom’s shower and carefully washed the little leopard.


The comfortable water temperature drenched his hot body, causing the little leopard to comfortably open his eyes. Starry leopard eyes stared at Aojia and wet paws reached out to Aojia’s chest. He couldn’t remember anything but he clearly remembered this warm embrace.

Aojia’s clothes were wet as he rubbed the little leopard’s ears and cleaned up the rock dust. The comfortable little leopard shook his tail and flung water everywhere. He was still wet as he tangled himself around Aojia’s arm.

Aojia helplessly smiled as he grabbed the little leopard’s thick tail and carefully washed it. Once all the dust was washed off, Aojia grabbed an unopened towel, wrapped the little leopard in it and started the drying effect of the smart towel, steaming the wet leopard.

The little leopard stared at Aojia with confused eyes. Aojia pulled him out of the towel and rubbed his fluffy head. “Go to sleep.” XZn6Wd

The little leopard closed his eyes. His head was groggy and it was unknown how long he slept. He had a dream where he was on the operating table like his last life. There was a splitting pain in his head, as if an axe was taken to it.

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Aojia finished changing his clothes and saw the little leopard huddled on the bed, thick paws clinging to his trembling head. Aojia almost flew over as he grabbed the little leopard’s thick paws and hugged the leopard tightly. “Rong Rong?”

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Rong Mingshi opened his eyes, focusing on Aojia with much difficulty. He didn’t quite understand the tension and worry on Aojia’s face. Aojia’s face was very bad and his eyes seemed like it could dissolve ice. He quickly wrapped up the little leopard and walked out of the room. He ignored Wuka’s strange gaze and jumped into the suspension car, quickly driving away.

Aojia drove the suspension car at a fighter plane’s speed as he swept through the complex suspended land area and swept towards the aircraft. The suspension car rushed into the aircraft, shocking the guards who had returned. Calant jumped forward as he saw his boss holding the little leopard. His face wasn’t good as he asked, “Sir, what happened? Was the little leopard injured?” gJiFGW

Aojia blankly held the little leopard and walked to the doctor’s examination room. The doctor received the message and raised his hand, taking the leopard from his boss. “Sir, what are the symptoms?”

Aojia explained in a low voice, “Headache and convulsions. He was drunk before.”

Drunk… The doctor frowned and quickly pulled at the curled up leopard paws to check him. This woke Rong Mingshi up and he gazed at the doctor with confusion before glancing towards Aojia. Aojia’s deep gaze caused Rong Mingshi’s heart to jump. He felt as if he had done something wrong.

Aojia saw that the little leopard had woken up and asked gently, “Are you uncomfortable anywhere?” PRHniq

Rong Mingshi shook his head. He didn’t remember what happened at all. Wasn’t he eating barbecue at the master’s house? How was he suddenly brought here?

Aojia nodded and touched the little leopard’s head. Then he spoke to the doctor, “The leopard ate the meat of the hidden deer and abyss porcupine, then smelt the 100 year energy wine.”

The first two were nothing. They were delicious ingredients and the little leopard eating them would have no problems.

However, the latter caused the doctor to jump up with some agitation. “Sir, I have emphasized it with you. The little leopard’s beast nucleus is very big. To some extent, he has enough power to supplement it. He can’t touch everything you eat, let alone energy wine that is 100 years old. It might not be a problem for you but the little leopard doesn’t know how to use his power yet. What can you do to make up for this?” N1Rh6m

100 year old energy wine could make people die from greed… Guard Calant standing at the door unconsciously licked his lips.

Aojia’s jaw tensed and he said, “It was an accident.”

He regarded the energy wine that the master handed over as seasoning wine…

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The doctor had been in a hurry and after saying this, he knew that he was too much. What was their boss’ attitude towards the little leopard? It was scary just speaking about the leopard. If it wasn’t an accident then how could he take such a risk with the little leopard? Ac3gPB

Aojia’s fingertips stroked down the little leopard’s back and he said, “How to treat it? Will he still have a headache?”

The doctor put away the examination device and said, “Don’t let him sleep. The unconscious state is the most deadly for him. He needs to find ways to consume his extra power.”

The doctor only knew that the little leopard was powerful and didn’t know the exact power. He couldn’t tell how the little leopard would consume the power.

Aojia nodded. “Yes, I know.” Y2F9vE

Rong Mingshi stared at the two of them from beginning to end with confusion, doubts filling his head.

‘What happened? Who am I? Where am I? I can’t understand what you’re talking about?’

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Aojia left the examination room with the leopard and told Calant standing at the door, “Send over some low-grade energy stones.”

“Yes, Sir!” Calant didn’t understand what the boss was going to do with energy stones but he still seriously carried out the command. vXaSL6

Aojia took the little leopard into his room, placed the leopard wrapped in a blanket on the table and gently patted his head. “Sorry Rong Rong, I’m afraid you can’t sleep tonight.”

In fact, since waking up, the hyperactive Rong Mingshi wasn’t sleepy. He crouched on the blanket and cocked his head in a puzzled manner. “Aojia, what happened?”

Multiple imperial beastman words! Rong Mingshi clapped for the first sentence he completely spoke.

“The wine that Master brought out was 100 year old energy wine. You only smelt a bit but your body can’t stand it. Your head hurt while you were sleeping.” mqR0 O

Rong Mingshi raised his paws to his head. He couldn’t feel any pain at all. Perhaps it was the habit of his past life when he was in pain?

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After a while, Calant requested permission to enter. Aojia gave permission and Calant placed a box on the table with the little leopard. “Sir, these are all the low-grade energy stones on the aircraft. If it isn’t enough then I will go below to grab more.”

Aojia nodded. “Go get the reserves.”

“Yes, Sir.” Calant replied and left. VTodkF

Aojia pushed the box to the little leopard. “See what is appropriate.”

Rong Mingshi stood up and looked inside the box filled with energy stones of various colours and sizes. Then he glanced doubtfully at Aojia. Aojia picked up one or two energy stones, touched the little leopard’s head and slowly explained, “Your strength needs to be consumed.”

The little leopard had carved many stones before but they were ordinary rocks. They didn’t consume the little leopard’s perception power at all.

The lovely xAI_ICE couldn’t wait for when Rong Rong appears in human form and drew this cute fanart. VRNFo2

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