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Number One Lazy Merchant of the Beast WorldCh25 - Drunk Little Leopard


Aojia stood in front of the housekeeper. He was about to say something when a slight sound entered his ears. The little leopard sleeping soundly in the bedroom climbed down from the bed and slammed a leopard paw against the door, gently calling out, “Aojia, jiji door.”

Rong Mingshi was very confused. Previously, these doors would automatically open whenever he wanted to go in and out. How could it not open this time? y7nzMG


Aojia looked around at the manor that was ruined except for his bedroom. He quickly used his quantum computer to contact Ruhr, the military’s intelligence that was in the housekeeper’s master data.

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Ruhr reluctantly loosened his grip on the master data and ran to the marshal’s mech, quickly adding a 3D image to the surrounding environment. It showed the original manor building and was absolutely impossible to distinguish unless armed with the military’s special device.

Then Aojia received the mech armour, cleared his expression and walked back to the bedroom. He opened the bedroom door and the little leopard released his paws, falling down and looking up at Aojia. Gv8PRC

Aojia bent down and picked up the little leopard. “You aren’t sleeping?”

Rong Mingshi stretched out, his furry tail moving in a circle and landing on Aojia’s arm as he said, “Ji.”

Aojia raised an eyebrow. “What is it?”

Rong Mingshi licked his lips and controlled his vocal cords as he repeated, “Hungry.” uEIoGT

“Then let’s go out to eat.” Aojia held the little leopard and moved to Calant, who had stopped the suspension car in the original position of the living room. The heavily armed Calant quickly opened the door and allowed the boss holding the leopard to sit in the car. He turned to look at the high-definition simulation of the boss’ manor and his mouth twitched. This program was used by the military to research battlefield strategies… It turned out that the boss and little leopard had reached this level. He had to be more attentive in the future.

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Without waiting for Calant’s gossip heart to burn more vigorously, he received news from the boss to deal with the empire’s police chief who had rushed over.

The housekeeper’s data was locked and by the time he untied the small intelligence Ruhr’s lock, he saw the image of the marshal driving away in the suspension car with the little leopard.

The marshal was good to the child in every respect and the housekeeper had no reason to stop him. It was just… he always felt that his cute little leopard was being scraped away by the ferocious dragon claws and it was hard to control his data. VJZMl8

Before returning to the military, Ruhr came in front of the housekeeper’s data and shook his own database to get the virus previously sent to him by the housekeeper, handing it over to the housekeeper’s information. The meaning expressed was, ‘Same kind, this gift you sent me, I like it very much!’


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At this time, Aojia was sitting in the suspension car and felt very good as he held the little leopard’s thick claws.

The place where Aojia took the little leopard was very remote. He completely avoided the prosperous areas of the capital and even passed by the most famous hotel in the city, which was built on a food city lake. They took seven or eight turns around suspended land and finally arrived at a small suspended mountain.

Aojia parked the suspension car on the edge of the suspended mountain and carried the little leopard outside.

Rong Mingshi moved his nose as he descended from the car. His eyes were bright as he looked at a building not far away. It was a bungalow surrounded by a fir fence and the smell of a variety of barbecued foods came from it. bwHEB8

In the end, he was a carnivore and this scent made the leopard’s mouth overflow with saliva. His starry eyes were full of eagerness and he wanted to jump down from Aojia’s hand and run straight over. God knew he was going crazy after eating so many nutrients.

Aojia smiled, rubbed his head and stepped towards the small courtyard. The courtyard door of the fir fence wasn’t closed. As he went through it with the small leopard, a male lion suddenly emerged from the small courtyard and rushed at them.

Rong Mingshi was startled but fortunately, Aojia’s speed was fast enough. He easily stopped the lion’s pounce and continued going forward. “Master, I brought someone over for dinner.”

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Master? Aojia’s master? The little leopard stood on Aojia’s shoulder to look behind Aojia. He found that this tall lion’s mane had mottled white hair and there was a majestic air to him. Rong Mingshi waved his thick paws towards this person. “Jiji, hello.” P5N14A

Aojia’s steps didn’t pause and his expression didn’t change as he seriously corrected, “Master, hello.”

Rong Mingshi repeated, “Jiji, hello.”

…Something seemed to be wrong?

“…” M7YFUq

This situation caused the lion called Wuka to transform back to a human shape. He looked excitedly at the little beast and asked, “Young Ao, whose child is this?”

Rong Mingshi, “…”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Aojia patted the little leopard’s fur to comfort him and turned to look at his master trying to hug the little leopard. “He is an adult beast, Rong Mingshi.”

The lion Wuka touched his white beard, looking between the little leopard and Aojia. Then he suddenly smiled and reached out. “Give me a hug.” qfk6p

Rong Mingshi was frightened by the smiling face of Aojia’s master and shrunk back in Aojia’s arms. Aojia walked forward. “Rong Rong is afraid.”

“…” Afraid? Who?

Rong Mingshi turned and saw the master lion laughing, his eyes full of interest. This caused Rong Mingshi to shake slightly. Aojia… his words were right!

Aojia walked into the small courtyard and looked at the various meat roasting on the table. The meat quality was good and the knife work was also excellent. The salted meat was considered to have reached the standard but the baking craftsmanship was still poor. 8QMvIK

Rong Mingshi moved his nose, turned from Aojia’s shoulder and headed to the table. It was meat and he thought it tasted good, making him demand some from Aojia.

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…His saliva dripped.

However, Aojia obviously didn’t want to give it to the little leopard to eat. Aojia placed the little leopard on a stool at the table, picked up a round iron plate and placed it on the stove.

Rong Mingshi stretched out his head with a curious expression. Aojia was cooking it himself? jtPNXG

He saw Aojia blowing flames to the stove, instantly improving the flames of the stove and the orange flames licked at the iron plate. The iron plate quickly became hot. Aojia grabbed the brush next to him and quickly brushed a layer of oil onto the iron plate. His other hand sprinkled a layer of seasoning and the thin slices of meat the master had marinated in the morning were laid on the iron palate. He used iron chopsticks to quickly turn over the thin pieces of meat.

These actions were skilful and stable. It clearly wasn’t his first time doing this.

Rong Mingshi crouched there, staring at the sizzling sounds and enticing taste of barbecue. He became hungrier because the meats cooked by Aojia smelt better than the original barbecue on the table.

The lion Wuka sat down obediently and watched his apprentice’s movements with a pout. No matter how many times he roasted meat, he couldn’t reach his apprentice’s level. Once the thin meat was cooked and the edges slightly curled, Aojia skillfully grabbed the meat and placed it on a small plate next to him, handing it to the two people in front. 4P9Xny

The lion Wuka ate lavishly.

The little leopard licked his lips and stared at Aojia with starry eyes. Could he really eat? Aojia continued to cook the meat with one hand while patting the leopard’s head with the other hand. “I asked the doctor and you can eat a bit.”

The little leopard cried out and bowed his head to eat, the tender and slightly smoky taste reaching his tongue. The little leopard, who hadn’t touched meat for a long time, almost swallowed his tongue.

The corners of Aojia’s lips twitched as he watched the leopard burying his head to eat with his head shaking and then Aojia reached out to pat the fur. pKmBA2

The lion Wuka ate quickly and once the plate was empty, he rushed to his house to grab a bottle of wine, giving it to Aojia. Aojia pried open the lid with one hand and sprinkled it quickly and evenly on the meat cooking on the iron plate. The mellow wine moisturized the meat with the heat and it filled the air with a clear taste.

Rong Mingshi finished eating and sniffed. This smell was very good and it seemed… his head was a bit dizzy.

After Aojia sprinkled some of the wine, he slightly frowned. The smell of this wine…

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Wuka touched his white beard. “This is an old wine that I’ve kept in my cellar for a century. Young Ao, for you to drink it…” OdRFxB

He hadn’t finished speaking when he saw his apprentice drop the iron chopsticks and reach for the little leopard who had fallen off the stool.

“Rong Rong!”

Some of the beastmen’s foods were mixed, which was why the doctor strictly prevented the little leopard from eating the food in the aircraft. The master had been keeping this old wine for so many years and it was unknown how much extra strength was added. In other words, this wine was too strong…

Rong Mingshi was dizzy just from inhaling some of it. He saw Aojia’s face coming over and suddenly his whole face was steaming as he hugged Aojia’s arm. “Aoji Aoji Aoji Aoji….” x6IYlC

He screamed hard as his thick tail waved and finally wrapped around Aojia’s neck.

This caused the handsome adult to worry as hot air surged. Aojia quickly activated the quantum computer’s physical examination program. It determined that the little leopard was only drunk. Aojia was slightly relieved and held a cup to feed this leopard water.

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However, the little leopard didn’t cooperate. He kept holding Aojia’s arm and calling out. After a while, he looked up at Aojia with crystal clear eyes that shimmered with sunlight. Aojia was stunned for a moment, letting the little leopard spring out from his arms and going to the stones scattered next to the hut.

The little leopard screamed, pressed the space button and pulled out his tools to start work on the stones. The little leopard suddenly became dusty. These dragon scales were used to carve energy stones and carving these ordinary stones as simply too easy. The scattered stones under the little leopard’s paws quickly turned to… a little black dragon in various forms! uPFOAH

It wasn’t until there were no more stones in the courtyard that the little leopard finally fell asleep in Aojia’s arms with a dusty face. Aojia held the dirty little leopard, an unknown meaning in his deep eyes.

The lion Wuka stared at the cute little black dragons in the courtyard and was gobsmacked. This cub that his apprentice obtained was amazing!

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