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Number One Lazy Merchant of the Beast WorldCh2 - Delicious Bird Eggs


The moment Rong Mingshi was grabbed by the neck, he felt a strange sense of security and this created an extremely strange thought in his mind. After being hungry for so long, he finally got the illusion that his mother (crossed out), beast mother had come to take him home!

Rong Mingshi unconsciously arched his back and put away his tail, his head and limbs drooping down obediently. Then the snow leopard with white fur and black markings flew up towards a lush tree not far away. The sudden weightlessness made the little leopard wake up and move his paws to find a sense of security. fbXuxw

After seeing that he was going to hit the treetops, Xiao Rong struggled to land. He smashed through the dense leaves and landed in a soft place.

Black Dragon Aojia’s consciousness wasn’t too clear but he still had insight into the surrounding environment. The direction he flung the little beast in was a huge bird’s nest on a dense tree.

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Now the little leopard rolled unscathed in the nest covered with thick thatch and soft feathers. His whole body was covered with a fine fluff and one or two entered his nose. The leopard couldn’t bear it and sneezed, hitting a piece of fine fluff that flew away to reveal two cyan striped eggs.

The surprise came too fast. The little leopard directly froze for a while before diving, two leopard paws hugging the bird eggs. He knew there must be eggs in the nest on top of the tree! The little leopard, who had been hungry for a few days, suddenly obtained such a huge meal and his eyes were demanding. x9c t1

Previously, Rong Mingshi had seen the bird’s nest but the tree was too tall, smooth and hard. His leopard claw might be sharp but there was nowhere to place them. Therefore, he failed in his many attempts to climb up. Plus, he only guessed there would be eggs in the bird’s nest. He wasn’t sure they really existed and could only watch the big bird flying around the treetops.

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Rong Mingshi finally raised his head, paws rubbing over his sore chin and wiping the bird hair on his face. He impatiently stretched out his claws and struck the solid eggshell for a long time but there were still no cracks in the solid eggshell. dA3CXm

Rong Mingshi coveted the two eggs but he could only temporarily give up. He stood up and patrolled around the nest, searching to see if there was anything that could give him strength. He turned around and didn’t find it, forcing him to stretch out his head and look at the ground.

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There were many stones below and it seemed he could only go down.

It was hard for him to go up the tree but going down should be okay. It was possible to slide down in a backward direction but how could he bring the eggs down?

The leopard was concentrating on finding a way to eat these two eggs. He was still nervous about the black dragon abusing himself but didn’t pay much attention to the destruction. Thus, he didn’t know when the black dragon looked over, some clearness filling his eyes after the huge pain of tearing off a dragon scale. JV2Y y

Aojia first made sure the little beat wasn’t injured. Then he saw the white beast clumsily handling two eggs and he gave a rare smile. He flapping his wings and moved slightly closer to the big tree.

The little leopard smelt the blood and turned to see the huge black dragon silently approaching. Rong Mingshi moved his claws back, his tail stuck to the edge of the nest. This black dragon was too big and the pressure on the cub was very heavy!

Aojia had no time to talk to the little beast because he wasn’t sure how long his clarity would last. Thus, he stretched out his claws and grabbed the edge of the nest, bringing the nest down and laying it on the ground before flying into the sky.

The mania of the empire’s beastmen was terrible but fortunately, there was a time limit. In addition, Aojia wore an energy stone that calmed the mania to some extent. It was just that with the improvement of his strength, the energy stone he was wearing no longer had an obvious effect. This caused him to uncontrollably switch between his human form and beast form. This was despite the fact that the energy stone was made by the more prestigious sculptor in the empire and carefully crafted according to his beast shape. JGc86i

Rong Mingshi stood in the bird’s nest on the ground and watched the black dragon flying far away. The black dragon once again fell to the ground but this time, it was in the shape of the black dragon so the noise was very loud. The huge dragon’s head was facing Rong Mingshi’s direction.

Before the black dragon changed back to a human, he couldn’t help letting out a small dragon’s breath. The small orange flames seemed particularly warm in the darkness of the sky. Compared to the fire still spreading on the mountain in the distance, this little fire seemed very harmless.

Rong Mingshi looked down at the stable nest on the ground then the man lying beside the fire. He stretched out his paws and struggled to get them out of the nest. Then he rolled them all the way in front of the black dragon man.

Rong Mingshi examined the man and confirmed he wasn’t dead. Then he turned and dug a pit next to the fire. He pushed the two eggs into the pit and buried them. Rong Mingshi endured his hunger as he moved the dry branches from the bird’s nest over and led the fire to the soil layer where the eggs were buried. djnJ5f

The little leopard crouched beside the burning fire, orange flames reflected on the white fur like a layer of golden light. It was a very warm colour.

After the fire burned for a while, the little leopard moved it to the other side. He endured patiently for a while until the ground was no longer hot. Then Rong Mingshi carefully dug at the soil, his white leopard’s claws dyed black from the residual ash.

The black leopard’s paw finally pulled out the hot bird eggs. Rong Mingshi licked his lips and carefully took a bird’s egg from the nest. He crouched on the ground and used a stone to smash it. The cooked bird’s egg wasn’t so hard and the leopard smoothly opened it, revealing the white egg inside. Rong Mingshi contentedly buried his head to eat. As to why the little leopard didn’t eat this bird’s egg raw, he naturally wanted to eat a cooked egg. Why should he eat slimy raw eggs?

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The little leopard put aside his previous words about how a beast should naturally want to drink blood, not hesitating to cast it aside. He finished eating the hot bird’s egg and the little leopard felt comfortable. Then he hesitantly looked at the other one in the pit. b3Oqvn

…Forget it, this black dragon was very pitiful and Rong Mingshi would give it to him. The little leopard buried the bird’s egg again.

After a few days, he finally managed to be half full. The little leopard turned to the man lying beside the fire and moved closer to the man’s arm. This person’s body temperature was quite high and the sleepy little leopard yawned. Thanks to this fire, he didn’t have to hide among the cracks in the rocks in a frightened manner.

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