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Number One Lazy Merchant of the Beast WorldCh19 - The Housekeeper’s Anger


“Aoji…” Aojia…

The leopard sitting on Aojia’s thigh turned around and looked up at Aojia, eyes flashing with his confused emotions. Aojia raised his eyebrows, pressed a hand against the leopard’s head and smoothed the head and ears of the little leopard. He pulled the leopard’s face into a strange shape, gently shaking it as his low voice corrected, “Aojia.” Q9sh1q


Rong Mingshi controlled his emotions, touched Aojia’s arm with his paws, stared into Aojia’s eyes and seriously repeated after him. Although, the effect wasn’t ideal…

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Aojia laughed, fiddled with the soft leopard ears and no longer forced the little leopard to speak the most accurate sound. He shifted his gaze and continued to pick the right dragon scales.

Rong Mingshi turned back on this person’s lap, stood up and stretched out his claws and fiddled with them. Some dragon scales had deep nicks from the dragon claws and looked like twisted pieces of iron. Some were pulled straight out and were intact, looking like beautiful obsidian. qDzgVH

Rong Mingshi pressed again a dragon scale and the edge was sharp and hard. He saw on the desolate star that it could be directly used as a knife. However, he had climbed all over Aojia’s black dragon body before and carefully touched the dragon scales in most places. These scales were very resilient when they grew on Aojia. Perhaps the dragon scales lost the supply of blood from Aojia and became like this?

The little leopard was busy thinking and Aojia finished choosing a suitable dragon scale. He stood up with the little leopard in one hand and the dragon scales in the other hand. He left the room and headed to the armour assembly room of the manor.

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They entered the open elevator and gradually descended. The little leopard understood that the reason Aojia’s manor was built on top of the mountain was because the inside was hollowed out. It contained a super large interior display space.

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Rong Mingshi stared at the mottled mechs and had a vague feeling. The previous image of Marshal Black Dragon receiving honours and the armour from various wars integrated together into an invisible thing.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He thought he knew the next thing that he would carve for Aojia.

Rong Mingshi’s head contained a relatively clear composition that as deeply imprinted. This design was different from the previous idea he had when sleeping under the dragon wing. The little leopard’s idea had a very concrete composition and was just waiting for the day he found an energy stone that fit his composition.

At this time, the open elevator stopped at the bottom and Aojia brought the little leopard to a mechanical tool similar to the one on the aircraft. qdTCeU

This time, Aojia didn’t need to design the drawing. He directly placed the dragon scales into the machine, adjusted various tools, set the program and started to polish several dragon scales. In the process, Aojia replaced several machine polishing accessories which ground down these dragon scales according to different specifications. He made them into a carving knife that could be fitted onto the leopard paw tools.

Then Aojia took the leopard paw tools he had previously ordered the robot housekeeper to take from the suspension car, removed the original knives, reassembled it and adjusted the tools to the leopard’s thick paws. Rong Mingshi moved his paws and gazed at the black knives made of dragon scales. His heart was full and he couldn’t wait to use them immediately.

Aojia rubbed his head and headed back. “It is late. Go back to sleep.”

“…” hlMSa

The excited little leopard’s ears drooped slightly at the words and he silently held his leopard paw tools. Unexpectedly, he was carried to Aojia’s room and the dragon reached out to take the tools he was holding. “Take a shower first?”


Rong Mingshi’s eyes flashed slightly before he silently nodded. The one person and a little leopard entered the bathroom. It was very pure. One person washed in the shower while the little leopard… soaked in the basin.

Aojia finished washing first and put on a bathrobe. He opened the waterproof curtain of the shower, reached out and wrapped the leopard in a bath towel. This special bath towel had the function of getting rid of water vapour. In a few minutes, the little leopard was steamed hot and his fur stretched out. The soft little leopard was drowsy. iGXdD3

Aojia walked to the big bed with the fluffy little leopard in his arms. Then the person and little leopard lay down in a natural manner on the bed. The relieved Rong Mingshi closed his eyes, crying out in a vague voice, “Aoji, jiao.”

Aojia, goodnight.

Aojia gazed at the little leopard who had plunged into his quilt, paws placed on his chest. He listened to the snoring of the little leopard and slowly bowed his head to kiss the little leopard’s ears.

Goodnight, my little leopard.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

The black dragon made such a move. The robot housekeeper, who had been enduring since Aojia shared the bathroom with the little leopard, couldn’t hold back anymore. His central process almost burst into flames as smoke emerged. pmG4d2

At the same time, the light in Aojia’s room faintly flashed for a moment. The marshal might be very good to his child but marshal, these actions were just X harassment! Kissing without the permission of the partnered beast. This was really… an animal!

The robot housekeeper was angry but now the marshal and his child were sleeping together in a close manner. Any revenge would disturb his child’s quiet sleep so he couldn’t act rashly. His child couldn’t receive a big fright and had to sleep well.

However, the black dragon was so close to his child that the housekeeper’s data was disordered…

At the same time, a light flashed in the black dragon’s slightly drooping eyes. Then he raised his head and held the little leopard more firmly to him. VpBzr7

…This beast wasn’t good! The housekeeper stared in a deadly manner. If Marshal Black Dragon made one more X move then he had to stop it!

Fortunately, Aojia just held the little leopard and closed his eyes. The robot housekeeper didn’t dare relax and stared all night.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

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