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Number One Lazy Merchant of the Beast WorldCh15 - Marshal, Please Sit Down.


A sleeping black dragon wasn’t awakened by the gentle sound of the little leopard. His eyes were still closed and he seemed to sleep soundly.

The little leopard put down his paws and moved lightly. He drilled underneath Dragon Aojia’s wings and leaned against the black dragon. This wasn’t soft but it was very warm. He lay down, placed his head on his paws and closed his eyes. NK0LdG

Maybe next time, he could carve a sleeping black dragon…

Snoring, a bulging belly, small wings, dragon claws holding his tail while sleeping, a cute version of the black dragon…

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There was a smug smile on the little leopard’s face at the dazed thoughts while his thick tail naturally turned and fit against the black dragon’s neck. It wasn’t until the little leopard’s soft snoring was heard that the black dragon opened his eyes, turned his head slightly and glanced at the leopard sleeping soundly under his wings.

Just then, Chief Guard Calant asked to enter. Aojia glanced in the direction of the voice and allowed Calant to enter. Calant, who was full of a desire for gossip, pushed open the door and was shocked by what he saw. 3qOcbL

The approximately two metres long black dragon lay on the ground in the centre of the room, slightly unfurled dragon wings lying gently over the little leopard. He had never seen his boss so at peace and in this shrunken state.

‘Sir, you… aren’t you being too eccentric?’

Then his commanding officer glanced over with sharp and cold eyes. The black dragon’s low-pitched voice was heard. “What’s the matter?”

Calant’s mouth twitched several times before he found his voice. “Sir, it… it is a video call from His Majesty.” XMNkPv

The royal banquet was approaching and the marshal of the empire claimed to be seriously injured and couldn’t go. His Majesty was naturally scared but it was impossible not to ask questions. However, their boss’ personal quantum computer refused external access and His Majesty’s video call was naturally passed to the aircraft.

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Aojia turned his dragon head and lay it on his claws. “You pick it up for me.”

Calant nodded and quickly closed the door. Then he stood at the door, staring at it in a stunned manner for a while. It seemed he would have to have a good talk with Eagle Tan. This little leopard was truly in their boss’ heart and the eagle must look after him carefully, not letting him be abducted from the academy.

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Aojia’s previous journey to the Imperial Capital was changed due to Aojia’s mania. Thus, the speed jumps weren’t used. This time, the voyage was stable and under Aojia’s command, the aircraft used the speed jumps. oCWa9L

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Aojia held the little leopard’s thick paw and told him, “I’ll first take you to the college to register before going home.”

Rong Mingshi wrapped a thick tail around Aojia’s arm and guiltily looked at Aojia. He was still concerned that he couldn’t speak yet. Aojia’s other hand rubbed his head. “It’s fine. There is still some time before school starts.” Q mzCA

The little leopard nodded. He was comforted by the black dragon and unexpectedly didn’t feel there was anything to worry about.

The black dragon, who claimed to be seriously injured, changed into black casual wear, slightly disguised himself and drove a suspension car with the little leopard directly to the Imperial Capital’s Carver Academy.

As the number one institute for carvers in the empire, this institute was almost comparable to the number one institute in the empire. The location was very rich in artistic inspiration and it was on the larger suspended land in the capital.

Aojia and the little leopard went to the principal’s office. It was the person who went to a lot of effort to carve a high-level energy stone for Aojia that was rejected by the leopard. In other words, the best master sculptor of the empire, Principal Stewart. kX0HKW

Stewart received news from Aojia and thought there was a problem with the energy stone. He freed up time today to meet the best marshal who had great achievements fighting for the empire. To this end, he specifically brought out the design drawings from his previous carving.

When the principal’s secretary brought the guests in, Principal Stewart was carefully studying the drawings provided to him by the marshal. Therefore, the little leopard entered and saw the enlarged HD three-dimensional image of the black dragon.

An unknown string was touched in the little leopard and he suddenly felt very uncomfortable. The thought of someone studying the black dragon closely caused barbs to uncontrollably emerge from his paws and scraping against Aojia’s hand. The little leopard’s barbs didn’t have enough strength to hurt Aojia. He just reached out and slowly moved a hand down the leopard’s back before patting the neck.

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Rong Mingshi honestly retracted his barbs and gazed at the black dragon with clear eyes. The indescribable thoughts caused him to be in a bad mood! WhqT98

Then the majestic and undeniable voice of the black dragon was heard. “Stewart, I want to withdraw the original order.”

Stewart frowned slightly but didn’t ask much. He just sent all the encrypted data back to Aojia. Principal Stewart pointed to the seat. “Marshal, please sit down.”

Aojia slightly smiled. “Principal Steward, you can call me Aojia.”

“Lord Marshal must be joking.”Stewart smiled slightly as he poured a glass of water for Aojia. Then he gazed at the little beast in Aojia’s arms. This should be a child. Did the marshal secretly marry and have a child? 9fAWJg

Aojia placed the little leopard on the seat next to him. The little leopard was cooperative as he crouched on the seat and stared seriously at the old man.

Then Aojia stated, “This is Rong Mingshi. I want to enrol him as a trainee carver.”

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Steward’s smile remained unchanged. “A young beast can go directly to the affiliated school of the academy.”

“He is an adult beast.” ljZ0sN

Stewart’s smile paused and he watched the little leopard. “An adult beast?”

Rong Mingshi solemnly nodded. He was now 19 years old and in his previous life, he was 23 years old. He counted as an adult. Stewart carefully examined the well-behaved little leopard sitting in the seat. His eyes were clear and behaviour polite. This wasn’t a beastman stuck in his juvenile body because of mania. However, a normal adult beast wouldn’t be maintaining this young form. Principle Stewart had a faint speculation. “He can’t turn into his human form?”

Aojia nodded.

Steward’s beard twitched slightly as he looked incredulously at the marshal. Wanting to send the little leopard to school… wasn’t it impossible to let the leopard carve with his claws? Wouldn’t this be the laughingstock of the college? iIFOtb

“Lord Marshal, I’m afraid this isn’t appropriate. As you know, any beastman who enters the school must go through a rigorous assessment. The assessment must be passed before enrolling so it is absolutely impossible to enrol this leopard in the trainee carver class.”

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Aojia said, “Principal Steward, the college has a number of admission exam exemption spots.”

Stewart was slightly stunned. The college did have a test-free quota and this was given to the Interstellar Resources Company. The company supplied energy stones to the college all year round and it wasn’t just limited to low-grade energy stones.

Aojia sent the Interstellar Resources Company’s quota form to Principal Stewart. Steward gazed at his signature on the form and spoke after a short silence. “This is indeed the college’s exemption order.” Mdckmu

A test-free quota was given to the company every year but this was the first time in many years that someone used it. Principal Stewart once again gazed at the little leopard on the side seat. Beast shape… or a young adult stuck in the beast shape, this would be big news in their college.

Stewart inwardly sighed and said, “Rong Mingshi, can I ask you a few simple questions? What is your level of perception? Have you conducted a perception test?”

The little leopard shook his head. He didn’t know what these things were. The little leopard shook his head in a well-behaved manner but not talking wasn’t very polite. The principal was a bit worried. Surely this little leopard wasn’t arrogant and wouldn’t rely on the marshal’s name in the future to run rampant through the college?

Principal Steward spoke again, “If he has no perception then he can’t be admitted to our college, even if you have that form.” u5abs7

The little leopard turned to look at Aojia. Aojia opened his mouth. “Principal Stewart, he hasn’t yet learnt how to speak in his beast form. It is better to ask me if you have any questions.”


Principal Stewart now understood why the marshal specifically asked for a meeting. He had a bit of a headache as he thought about the little leopard who couldn’t speak entering the trainee carver classes of their college. They had always been a rigorous first-class academy. Was it good for this little leopard to enter?

Stewart suggested, “Lord Marshal, I will let Student Rong Mingshi do the test. If he meets the conditions of a trainee carver then I will consider it.” oE 2uX

Aojia nodded. Principal Stewart called the secretary to send over the perception tester. Something that looked like an electrostatic ball was sent over and placed on the table in front of Rong Mingshi.

“Handle… just put your paws up.” Principal Stewart explained.

The little leopard gazed at the ball, raised his right paw and touched it. The transparent electrostatic ball let out a burst of intense light, almost blinding the principal. This was a scene that he had never seen before in his life. He might be a master level carver but his perception power was only one-tenth of the brightness that this little leopard exuded!

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