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Number One Lazy Merchant of the Beast WorldCh13 - Not Easy At All


After going to the resource star and the asteroid belt, Aojia’s aircraft finally returned to its original destination and headed to the Imperial Capital.

On the way, the biggest problem facing Rong Mingshi was the language barrier. The moment Aojia proposed the study plan, the little leopard was eating a red-bellied four-winged bird egg and a nutrient pack with the same flavour. QjIs9L

“I have obtained a quota for you at the Imperial Capital’s Carver Academy. You are excused from the entrance exam and can directly enter the trainee carver class.”

The Imperial Capital’s Carver Academy was divided into many levels including the apprenticeship class, the trainee carver class, the junior carver class, the intermediate carver class and the advanced carver class. After these five classes were successfully completed, the carver’s qualification could be obtained.

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In Aojia’s view, the leopard in front of him was enough to enter the advanced carver class. However, the little leopard missed the entrance exam and Aojia could only use the authority of the Interstellar Resources Group to obtain an exam exemption and jump the leopard into the trainee class.

The little leopard cried out while eating the egg, stretching out his leopard paws to pat Aojia’s arm, expressing gratitude with his eyes. Then he heard the black dragon say, “The thing I have to do now is to teach you to speak first.” 9Lku7C

The proud leopard eating the nutrients raised his head. “?”

Aojia reached out and patted him on the head. “Don’t worry. We will solve the problem of your name first.”

Aojia touched the quantum computer on his wrist and gave the little leopard a set of three-dimensional imperial dictionaries, placing the texts in front of the small leopard.

The leopard surrounded by the words seemed to realize something. He was only called the little leopard and didn’t even have a name. Thus, the little leopard started to seriously choose words. Over the years, the robot housekeeper had taught him every day. The little leopard’s IQ might be suppressed by the beast nucleus but he still learnt to read and could understand what was in front of him. 8jABGd

Aojia looked on quietly as the leopard stretched out his claws and touched a word in the text. The word chosen by the leopard was pushed to Aojia by the little leopard. His eyes glowed brightly as he spoke Aojia’s name very solemnly.

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Rong Mingshi…

The leopard chose the imperial script that was pronounced almost exactly the same as his name. Aojia looked at the imperial words in front of him and nodded. “Rong Rong.”

“…!” BFPMN0

The little leopard pushed the text in front of Aojia again, emphasizing his name! Aojia held the leopard’s thick paws and held him up. “Since we’ve finished eating, let’s start the class Rong Rong.”

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…Vlcmf tf mbeivc’a rqfjx, tf vlvc’a tjnf atf gluta ab vlralcuelrt tlr cjwf?

Ebcu Zlcurtl kjr tfiv ys Cbplj jcv ofia rilutais lcvlucjca jybea yflcu mjiifv Ebcu Ebcu. Pa kjr abb rtjwfoei. Pa ofia ilxf tf tjv yffc aegcfv lcab j atgff sfjg biv mtliv. Ktf ilaaif ifbqjgv kjcafv ab ylaf j mfgajlc rbwfbcf yea atf atlcur Cbplj tjv vbcf obg tlw kfgf atberjcvr bo alwfr yfaafg atjc tlr ecxcbkc vexf ojatfg jcv la kjr fnfc yfsbcv tlr gfijalnfr lc tlr qgfnlber ilof. Ktf cjwf kjr cbatlcu yea jc bearlvf atlcu. Qtja kjr j cjwf bo ibnf?

It was just that the little leopard was a bit indignant and his coarse tail was caught in his mouth. Aojia held the small leopard and as he moved through the door, he met his guard commander, Calant. As a result, the concerned (about gossip) guard commander stood in place. XdRA0O

‘Sir, how are you taking care of this little leopard that he looks so badly bullied?’ Still, the little beast with his tail in his mouth was really cute. How did he never figure out that such a beast was so cute?

Aojia glanced lightly at Guard Calant. ‘Where are your eyes looking?’

Guard Calan’s senses returned and he immediately saluted. “Sir!”

Meanwhile, his heart was shocked. Was his boss jealous? 0HVoP6

“Is there something?”

Guard Calant nodded but didn’t speak. He glanced at the little leopard in a way that might be intentional or unintentional. Aojia’s eyes narrowed and he immediately understood. Calant’s matters were related to the little leopard. Aojia rubbed the little leopard’s hand. “Wait for me in the room to start the class.”

The little leopard released his tail and nodded. He knew Aojia’s identity and it was natural for some things to be secret. Thus, Rong Mingshi cooperatively jumped from Aojia’s arms and ran into Aojia’s study.

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Once the little leopard left, Calant returned to the previous lounge with Aojia. Then he reported, “Sir, we screened the genes of all beastmen in the empire using the fur of the little leopard you provided and found a genetic match.” ujJogA

Calant took a slight breath before continuing, “Sir, it is Duke Oran. The little leopard is blood related to Duke Oran.”

Aojia’s hand squeezed imperceptibly. He knew better than anyone that Duke Oran’s house had no signs of a male leopard. He only had a daughter that was almost the same age as the little leopard.

Calant continued, “Duke Oran has cleanly wiped out the existence of this child. At present, we haven’t found any more news, However, Duke Oran’s house was attacked. According to the investigation, it was found to be the work of a robot housekeeper who hasn’t been destroyed for many years. That robot housekeeper has now been formatted and has entered the incinerator.”

Aojia looked up at him. U3Ko8X

Calant kept speaking, “Of course, this is the information of the investigation bureau. Our news is that the abandoned robot housekeeper was given a secret command.”

Calant finished and transferred the order he had acquired from his quantum computer to Aojia. Aojia saw the contents of the order and there was a slight change in his eyes. The golden pupils flashed with a cold light but it was only for a moment. After a while, Aojia slowly ordered, “Bring me the robot housekeeper.”

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Calant looked ashamed. “Sir, it ran away.”

Aojia raised his eyebrows. This type of thing couldn’t be done. Did these people want to go back for reconstruction? aIMExn

Calant immediately explained, “Sir, it is like this. The essence of a robot housekeeper is data and the mechanical body is just the appearance. Thus, the thing that was formatted was a backup. The robot housekeeper actually already slipped away.”

This was interesting. Aojia’s lips slightly curved.

A robot housekeeper who attacked the Oran family and the command that the housekeeper obtained before attacking the house was related to the little leopard. The housekeeper who received the order didn’t execute the instructions but instead attacked the master.

“Sir, if it is like this, do you want to temporarily stop the little leopard from entering the academy?” vTVOow

Aojia slightly blinked. “The plan is unchanged.”

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“Then shall I send someone to protect him?”

Aojia was silent for a moment. “Let Eagle Tan first meet us in the capital.”

“Yes, Sir.” Hhnl7t

The matters were settled and Aojia went to the study. Unexpectedly, he saw the little leopard sitting on the chair and the leopard’s gaze fell behind him. Aojia turned his head and glanced behind him. “What are you looking at?”

Rong Mingshi gazed at this person in a strange manner. He was naturally waiting to see the teacher Aojia arranged to teach him to speak. The leopard’s clear eyes easily revealed his doubts to Aojia. The black dragon explained, “There is no one else. I will teach you to speak.”

Then with no tools, the small leopard and one person sat opposite each other. Aojia saw the little leopard who was blocked by the table and only his clever head was revealed and felt this wasn’t very comfortable. He reached out to hold the leopard’s paws and had him sit on the table. Once their line of sight was basically flat, the black dragon finally felt comfortable.

Thus, the lecture began. qcysP7

Aojia spoke smoothly, “Energy stone.”

The little leopard seriously followed. “Jiao ji.”

Aojia didn’t laugh and spoke again. “Carver.”

The little leopard seriously followed. “Jiao ji.” DY6i7K

Aojia smiled and spoke extremely smoothly. “Little leopard.”

The little leopard, “…”


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Rong Mingshi paused for a moment and slowly said, “Aoji.” qbeu5p

The black dragon teacher slightly smiled and nodded while praising, “Very good, continue.”

“Energy stone.”

“Jiao ji.”

“Carver.” zV4aEC

“Jiao ji.”

…It was an infinite repetition. The little leopard moved to a crouching position and his bright blue eyes were filled with worry. Could people really speak in the beast form?

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