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Number One Lazy Merchant of the Beast WorldCh12 - Black Dragon’s Plan


The disturbed little leopard buried himself in Aojia’s arms, thick claws covering his head and protecting his itchy ears. He watched the little leopard sleeping soundly and Aojia also felt sleepy like he had been infected. He grabbed the leopard’s carved stone and picked up the leopard, directly going to his bedroom.

Aojia put the little leopard on a pillow, leisurely took off his coat, rolled over and lay on the bed with the furry white leopard in his arms. This softness and warmth felt as if they had known each other before. The adult black dragon stretched out his hand, grabbed the leopard’s thick tail and then the furry round ears. 8wopcU

The leopard couldn’t bear the disturbance and held his head. Only then did the black dragon release his hand and held the little leopard in front of him. They quietly hugged for a while. Then Aojia raised his arm, activated the quantum computer’s control system and adjusted the indoor light to the most appropriate level of sleep. He removed the leopard’s thick paws and closed his eyes. The dazed little leopard flicked his ears and felt very safe and comfortable when hearing the steady and deep heartbeat next to him. He subconsciously arched forward and slept more steadily.

Rong Mingshi didn’t know how much time had passed. He opened his eyes and saw the black dragon’s wide chest. His body was firmly held in the black dragon’s arms and a big hand was holding one of his thick paws. Rong Mingshi wondered why this man had such great interest in his paws…

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Then he was distracted by something else. At this distance, Rong Mingshi could smell a faint bloody and medicinal smell from the black dragon. Rong Mingshi slightly withdrew the thick paws pressed against this person’s chest. Aojia had long woken up before the little leopard and lay there with eyes closed. Once the little leopard moved, he reached out and rubbed his head. “You woke up?”

Rong Mingshi raised his head and opened his mouth, revealing his sharp teeth to Aojia. Aojia touched the leopard’s smiling face, kissed the top of his head, released the paw he was holding and got up from bed, wearing his jacket.



What just happened? Rong Mingshi looked stupid.

After seeing Aojia walk into the lounge and come back with plate of nutrients, Rong Mingshi’s mind returned and his blue eyes filled with resistance. He might be really hungry but he really didn’t want to eat the muddy nutrients. The little leopard plunged into the thin quilt, leaving only his thick tail outside.

Aojia suddenly laughed and sat down on the bed with the tray, patting the bulging quilt. “Eat something first. We have already arrived and you’ll have a check up later.” wsUIKd

While they were sleeping, Aojia’s aircraft had arrived at the asteroid belt and the doctor was prepared. They just needed to wait for the leopard to wake up and eat enough to do a full examination. Rong Mingshi turned around in the quilt. The tail wrapped around the quilt and his head protruded from it as he stared bitterly at the nutrients in Aojia’s hand.

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Aojia placed the plate on the bed so that the little leopard could clearly see the contents of the plate. He saw the sunny yellow and white fried eggs on the plate next to the nutrients pack. Rong Mingshi’s eyes lit up and he jumped out of the quilt onto the bedside table. He crouched there and patted the table with his paws. This meant for Aojia to place the plate here. Why did it look like eating in bed…

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The moment Rong Mingshi took the first bit, he froze for a moment and the little leopard stared at the nutrients pack with surprise. It was actually the taste of fried eggs! Aojia saw the leopard stopping after taking a mouthful of nutrients and explained, “Nutrition agents can adjust the taste. In the future, you can tell me what you like.” Un2e9K


Who knew what year and month it would be when he could talk? Rong Mingshi didn’t take Aojia’s words seriously and bent his head to eat the nutrients that tasted of fried eggs. Well, it would be nice if it had a spicy chicken flavour.

Once the little leopard finished a beautiful meal, Aojia took him off the aircraft. The hospital in the asteroid belt wasn’t big but it had a better reputation than the imperial hospital. There was almost no one in the beastmen empire who didn’t know it.

The hospital was originally only a small hospital in the asteroid belt and was used to care for wounded soldiers. The conditions weren’t good and were even a bit bad. Then a few years ago, the small hospital received a patient. This mysterious patient disappeared after recovering in the hospital. After a few days, the hospital suddenly received a huge investment and directly bought a large number of the most advanced medical equipment. There were even several famous doctors dug to this place. v2dXN1

After several years of operation, the hospital’s reputation was far above the imperial hospital. However, this hospital had a principle and soldiers had first priority. In particular, the first-line fighters enjoyed the best treatment.

Aojia held the little leopard and walked through the hospital’s corridor with the doctor. The doctor glanced around at the very large hospital and sighed. “Sir, I was just complaining. I didn’t think you could really accomplish this.”

He had only complained in front of the wounded man. He didn’t know that the man to be a marshal of the empire, Black Dragon Aojia. When he complained about the lack of equipment causing soldiers to be permanently disabled, he didn’t expect this. The man waved his hand and built the hospital to the current size.

Rong Mingshi didn’t know this and looked up at Aojia. Aojia pinched his paws and looked at the doubts in the leopard’s eyes without saying much. 3dxbrS


It seemed that he had to learn to speak or relying only on eye contact would be too tiring. Of course, he didn’t have to know everything…

They entered the doctor’s territory and Aojia could only leave the leopard to the doctor’s disposal. He saw the doctor turn the leopard over to do countless inspections, checking every part of the leopard clearly.

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The little leopard that was inspected felt good. He was a patient and should listen to the doctor’s arrangement. This was what he was used to in the past. It was just that something was inexplicably burning in Aojia’s eyes. He watched the doctor and his eyes filled with a bit of fierceness and even a murderous feeling. 3ndTx5

The doctor carefully finished the leopard’s examination and had just taken out the analysis when he saw the marshal’s fierce eyes. The doctor was shocked and threw down the results of the examination. He picked up the leopard he had just checked and ran to the other side of the examination room. “Sir, are you sick?”

Rong Mingshi looked up at Aojia, wondering if this person’s body would change again. Aojia silently watched the doctor hiding on the other side and the little leopard who had been taken away. Aojia’s mouth twitched slightly as he watched the leopard and slowly declared, “Come here.”

Rong Mingshi jumped out of the other person’s arms and ran towards Aojia without hesitation.

“…” MvhtOE

The doctor watched the little leopard running back to the marshal and suddenly had a thought. This little leopard was actually quite suitable for their marshal.

Aojia bent over and hugged the leopard with one hand while looking at the examination results thrown on the table. The micro-display showed that the little leopard’s body was very good. The only difference from other beastmen was the beast nucleus located in his head. The beast nucleus was the source of the beastmen’s power but no matter how different the power of the beastmen, the size of the beast nucleus was almost constant. However, it was clear that the little leopard’s beast nucleus was beyond the normal range.

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Aojia read the results calmly while the doctor touched his nose and walked back. “Sir, you saw it. The little leopard’s beast nucleus is beyond the normal size. This affects the brain of the leopard and causes trauma similar to mania, causing him to be in his animal shape long-term.”

Rong Mingshi felt a bit of regret. This was the same as the original inspection done by the duke. jCkxbT

“Sir, in fact, the treatment isn’t difficult.”

“!” Rong Mingshi’s ears immediately pricked up and he stared at the doctor with starry eyes.

The doctor found this gaze uncomfortable and gave a small cough. “The beast nucleus is the source of strength. As long as the leopard uses his strength well, combined with the help of the energy stone, there is a chance of healing.”

“Chance?” xzC2kn

“Sir, I’ve never seen such symptoms before. It is only speculation so I’m not sure what will happen eventually. Still, one thing is certain. The little leopard is powerful and he has a chance if he only controls a part of his power.”

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Aojia reached out and pressed a hand against the leopard’s head, an idea in his heart. Rong Mingshi was puzzled as he thought about this so-called power he didn’t feel at all.

“However, Sir, there is a small problem. The power of the little leopard has been tested and it is determined to be the carver’s perception.”

Aojia nodded. “I’ll arrange for him to go to the imperial carver’s college.” jplQ Y

Perception was a power that carvers could use and even Aojia didn’t know much about it. The best place to study and train was naturally the biggest carver school in the capital. The level of the leopard was far beyond the professors but his stability and self-control were lacking.

“…Sir, what did you say?”

The doctor didn’t quite understand. Arranging for the little leopard to go to school? Going to school in such a soft and cute state? A leopard who couldn’t speak, would the professors whose eyes were at the top be willing to teach him?


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