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Number One Lazy Merchant of the Beast WorldCh11 - Little Leopard’s Focus


The little leopard didn’t believe in evil. After several attempts to carve the transparent stone, he was rejected by the energy stone every time.

Carving the energy stone was different from cutting it. If the energy inside wasn’t activated, the energy stone could be cut like a normal stone. However, this would have no use for a beastman’s mania. uCQiA

For energy stones, especially high-grade energy stones, something like Rong Mingshi’s case would appear when perception was insufficient or improperly used and it was blocked by the power of the energy stone. The carving process was very difficult. This was why the black dragon in Aojia’s armband, previously carved by the master, had an appearance that was rejected by the little leopard.

If the little leopard couldn’t activate the transparent energy stone then Aojia had no hope for other masters. Aojia’s plan was to send this little leopard to study.

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The little leopard was depressed. He squatted on the table and stared at Aojia. Then his paws pointed to Aojia’s other pocket, which contained his three coloured low-grade energy stone. Aojia reached out and held the leopard’s paw. “Do you want to try another one?”

Rong Mingshi nodded with his previous ideas still in his mind. bp 204

Due to his poor health in his previous life, Rong Mingshi’s moments of inspiration were often interrupted with a severe headache. Sometimes, his small pieces would take months to complete due to repeated interruptions and he lost many ideas. Thus, whenever he got inspiration, he would think about it over and over again in his head so he wouldn’t forget it.

After seeing the leopard’s firm eyes, Aojia took out the three coloured low-grade energy stone and put it on the table. Rong Mingshi naturally pulled his paws out of the mechanical arm, patted Aojia’s arm and then turned back to the black, red and gold stone on the table.

Aojia looked thoughtfully at the little leopard near the stone. The little leopard stared seriously at the stone. He turned it over with the leopard paw tools while his ears stood upright and his thick tail flicked slightly. He was very focused when observing the stone. He used the paws to fiddle with the stone while concentrating the thoughts in his head on the palm-sized stone. Slowly, he had a more suitable idea for the stone carving.

It felt like when he was on the desolated star. A strange perception made him blend with the stone so he knew what the stone was best for and had a certain understanding of the configuration of each position.


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Then the little leopard held the stone firmly and started the leopard paw tools attached to his paws. The tool, which Aojia custom-made for his paws, felt like an incomparable fit. It made him very good at carving, like his hands were flowing clouds and water.

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This leopard didn’t seem to care about anything. He hadn’t been afraid when he saw Aojia raging in his black dragon form and just casually moved around Aojia. Now that he was absorbed in sculpting, his eyes were filled with clear springs, bright and active with a beautiful lustre. O7kz6c

Aojia subconsciously smiled at this silly, simple and gifted leopard. The adult black dragon completely forgot that when he was raging, he still saved the little leopard. This meant Rong Mingshi completely trusted him.

After the little leopard carved this three coloured energy stone dominated by black, the stone had a rough structure. Rong Mingshi put away the tools and crouched there again, thinking carefully.

Two days ago on the desolate star, the black dragon took him down from the tall tree and then suddenly turned and rushed to the sky. This scene passed through his head over and over.

The majestic and evil dragon head, the sharp and powerful dragon claws, the strong dragon wings, the obsidian-like dragon scales, the traces of blood left behind after the scales were torn off and the most important thing was the hint of a smile in the golden eyes. iz207n

The little leopard stretched out his tongue and rubbed his lips, his thick tail unconsciously moving in a circle. The leopard ears stood up slightly before the leopard bowed his head and entered the caving stage again.

There was no such condition in his previous life. After the rough configuration was completed, Rong Mingshi would need to rest for several days and divide the work into sections. Now it was different. He had tools that were as flexible as a hand and a full spirit. More importantly, his head didn’t hurt at all! The leopard focused on the work in a careful and exuberant manner.

On the other side, Aojia took a breath and quietly used his quantum computer to give instructions to the doctor. He had a hunch that this little leopard would be very hungry and tired.

Time passed and the little leopard on the table finally stopped working and stared at the work in front of him. The last thing left was the golden, vertical pupils. Rong Mingshi cleverly used the golden part of the three coloured stone. After removing the useless parts, he left a small point in the position of the eyes. 13YfSR

The eyes were the most expressive part of this work. The leopard scratched his ears and then crouched on the table, his claws carefully moved over the dragon-shaped work. Then the carving knife attached to the leopard paw tool started moving. Perhaps this knife was too fine or the energy at this position experienced an unstable change. At the most critical moment, the knife suddenly broke.

The startled little leopard jumped up from the table and almost hit the ceiling of the room. Aojia reached out and caught the little leopard. “What’s the matter?”

Rong Mingshi turned around and jumped from Aojia’s hand, checking his work in a panic. He was afraid the knife breaking would cause irreparable damage to his work. Fortunately, there were no problems and Rong Mingshi was relieved. As a result, Rong Mingshi was more careful when he grabbed another knife to carve the eyes.

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Aojia examined the broken knife on the table. He picked it up and realized it was obviously caused by an energy shock. osDwGg

…It seemed he would have to change the material of the knife.

Finally, Rong Mingshi’s first proper work after being reborn was completed. The little leopard looked at the black dragon carving with a smile and majestic eyes, touching it without the tools.

Aojia… Black Dragon Aojia.

Rong Mingshi turned around, took off the mechanical leopard paws and looked up at Aojia. RM1LIA

This was for Aojia, thanking him for not hurting Rong Mingshi when he was in so much pain. He saved Rong Mingshi and spent a night giving one-sided warmth, although the black dragon was unconscious at the time and didn’t know.

Aojia slightly raised his eyebrows as he watched the energy stone the little leopard spent half a day carving. The little leopard had either intentionally or unintentionally blocked the view of the stone with his claws. He didn’t seem to want Aojia to see it before it was finished so Aojia didn’t look from beginning to end. In addition, he was more interested in watching the little leopard.

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Once Aojia saw this black dragon carving, he was slightly stunned. He had seen countless carved energy stones but he had never seen a three coloured stone be carved so skillfully and ingeniously.

The entire black dragon was carved in a very ingenious manner. The red part of the mixed colours became the blood from the broken dragon scales, the gold part became the eyes and even the black part in the middle of the gold became the pupils. 2cVyHe

Perhaps the beastmen’s mania had an impact on the demand for energy stones. All carvers and beastmen pursued precision and similarity, pursuing the rating of the energy stone. Few people would use a multi-coloured common energy stone as a type of material to be carved with diligence.

Aojia’s lips slightly curved. “Very good.”

The little leopard raised his head and couldn’t hold back a proud cry. “Jiao!”

…Well, the sound he made wasn’t the point. He just wanted to scream to express his inner joy. Aojia rubbed his head and picked up the carved energy stone. The little leopard yawned and fell against his arms. qB7Flv

So sleepy…

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The moment Aojia touched the energy stone, he suddenly paused and incredulity flashed in his eyes. The stone showed a powerful strength that was no worse than the high-grade energy stone the previous master had carved for him. It could almost be compared to the rudimentary black dragon made when the little leopard had no tools. This was just an ordinary mixed coloured energy stone…

The little leopard’s perception was unstable but once revealed, the activation of the energy stone was amazing. Aojia stared down at the little leopard. The tired leopard had closed his eyes and his thick paws fell on his face. A few faint snoring sounds could be heard. Aojia picked up the little leopard, fingers circling the furry ears.


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