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Nurturing the Hero to Avoid DeathChapter 26.4


translator: mii

editors: sleepchaser, ASplashofMusic KpVhRW

The power of alcohol’s so scary.

Alcohol removes all inhibitions and distorts normal judgement, unleashing various things inside us.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

It’s simply a demon’s drink.

I have to be more careful in the future. zONdvF

Every time I remember my drunk self from yesterday, I get the instant urge to knock my head against the wall, make my previous self reflect on my wrongs, and then preach to my previous self until he regains his senses.

I’ll just pretend that last night didn’t happen. Shove it to the back of my mind, along with all the other things that I should forget.

Nothing happened. Truly nothing. None of those thoughts of wanting to touch him, to have him touch me, to mutually pleasure ourselv—ahhh, stop!!!

Get a hold of yourself! Don’t go crazy! Return to your senses!


Thankfully, we’re still only at the stage of touching each other. I-it’s still safe. Barely safe… Maybe.

I have to make Alfred forget about everything that happened last night.

I have to insist that it’s just a dream

Now’s not the time yet. For me and Alfred. 4NhIk2

We’ve both just been a little pent up these days. Then with our drunkenness last night, things got frisky, and the rest is history.

When I woke up, I noticed that the bed had already been cleaned, and… so was I. Meanwhile, Alfred’s already up and about, having readied everything.

The only qualm I have is that I’ve been stripped naked again.

This brat! Well, I’m thankful that he took off my dirty clothes and cleaned me up. That means nothing remains of the events that transpired last night. I also do feel a little apologetic that he had to shoulder all the cleaning. However, that’s a different matter altogether. hc1ai5

I wish he at least covered me with some cloth or something. That way, I wouldn’t have been so shaken upon waking up!

Because damn it! There’s no part of me that he hasn’t seen!

I feel ready to cry.

Once Alfred realizes that I have woken up, he rushes over to me, extreme delight written all over his face. And he kisses me. nxe1hP

He really hasn’t been showing restraint anymore these days!

He starts deepening the kiss, so I smack his head in a bid to stop him. Then his hand creeps to my side, which I pinch as hard as I can. Can never be too careful about that hand.

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But I properly excused myself to the host before returning to my room! Plus, I’m rather relieved that I didn’t have to dance with this pervert.

Another thing is that right before we departed from Grandfather’s mansion, Luzè told me, “Why does everyone favor you so much? Couldn’t you leave at least one person that will dote on me?! As I thought, I hate you! What’s so good about such an effeminate man with overly long eyelashes anyway?!!”

Since she’s just verbalizing her inner thoughts, I can’t really retort. RgPCXW

It’s great that Lian’s grandfather gave me a lot of pocket money, but his other gifts induce an unspeakable feeling inside my heart. Pretty hair ornaments and earrings in the shape of florets and blue birds, a box of confections so big that two adults are needed to lift it, as well as a large bouquet that I can barely carry.

I have a lot of things I want to say about that. But since Grandfather’s birthday party is already over, let’s just forget it.

I endured both physical and mental suffering just for this large amount of money. What’s important now is to carefully budget the newly obtained funding.

 * * * tJkxpL

Now that I’ve returned home, I visit the church, like usual. As I’m in the middle of a tea break with Marie in the dining room, I let out a sigh.

Placed on the table is a plate of the cookies that Lian’s grandfather gifted to me. One of the main ingredients of the cookie dough is beans. As such, the cookies are crunchy and taste very delicious.

I decided to give most of the cookies to the church. After all, I can’t finish them all on my own. And it’ll be wasteful of me if I just let them rot. Wasting food will result in bad karma. My grandpa from my original world even used to threaten to punch me if I ever waste food.

I also give Cheddar-san around a tenth of the confections in the box. Although it sounds like a tiny portion, the actual amount is already quite an armful. The trio of kids staying with Cheddar-san will definitely love them. Besides, I’ve always been indebted to Cheddar-san and his wife, and this is just a small expression of my gratitude to them. And they’re very delighted upon receiving the cookies. fJiBjy

Marie cocks her head. “Why are you sighing, Lian-sama? Did something happen?”

“No… I’m just thinking about how I’m most relaxed when drinking tea with you like this. I really like our tea breaks…”

“Hehe, I’m happy to hear that since I feel the same way! It’s very fun to chat with Lian-sama with a nice cup of tea in hand.”

“I-is that so? I enjoy it too. I find it spiritually healing.” SA3aN6

“Oh my! Then we’re the same!” says Marie, before bursting into laughter, cheeks rosy. I subsequently join her.

The kids are currently running around in the garden, all full of energy.

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Speaking of which, I heard from Alfred that the villagers brought three new orphans to the church the other day.

…And that Marie gladly accepted them. AemMIh

It’s just as Alfred told me before.

Marie doesn’t say anything, but I know how hard it must be for her to manage everything on her lonesome. That’s why Alfred and I always lend her a helping hand whenever we’re free.

All of a sudden, the door leading to the garden opens. A tall blond silently enters the room, a large tool box in hand. “Marie, I finished repairing the chicken pen.”

She places her hands on her cheeks. “Oh thank you, Al! You saved me. I’m glad that the chickens are in such great health, but…” says Marie, her lower lips jutting out. Then she shrugs. “It’s troubling when they break the screen…” FSgqIM

I let out another laugh. Marie looks kind of cute.

“Thank you for the hard work, Alfred. We have some cookies here. Do you want one?”

“Yeah,” replies Alfred, approaching us.

I take one large bean cookie from the table and extend it toward him. My intent is to pass it to him, but he just leans down and devours the whole cookie directly from my hand. TQ6ixr

This useless idiot…

Afterward, he grabs my tea cup and downs it.

“Huhhh?! H-hey, you brat!! Don’t just go drinking other people’s tea!”

“I was thirsty.” sgx5oM

“Even if you’re thirsty, don’t drink my tea without asking for my permission! I’ll make you a cup, so sit down and wait!”

Then at this time, a burst of laughter leaves Marie’s lips.

Once I turn to Marie, I see her grinning at us, her rosy cheeks turning a more intense scarlet.

“M-Marie-sama?” Jf5VsG

“Ah, I’m sorry. I laughed before I realized it. For some reason, I feel so happy…”


Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Yes. What a relief it is…”

“Relief?” MYHbrX

“Yeah… I must give my thanks to the Goddess for her consideration. Thank you so, so much…” says Marie, closing her eyes and putting her hands together in front of her chest.

After a few seconds, Marie slowly reopens her eyes. Takes a look at me, then at Alfred, before breaking into a smile, squinting in the process. “Let me be the one to make another serving of the tea instead. I’ll put all my heart into it! It’ll definitely be an extraordinary pot of tea! Please wait a minute, Lian-sama. Al, please sit there and wait for me, okay?”

Following that, Marie stands up and rushes to the kitchen, humming a joyful tune along the way.

I don’t understand what Marie’s trying to say, but as long as she’s happy and having fun, then it’s all good. Probably. Ydyipk

Even Alfred, who’s known Marie for a long time, looks puzzled, seeming unable to come up with a response.

I stare at Alfred. “…Come now, Alfred-kun. Follow exactly what she told you to do. Sit here and wait for the tea obediently. You can also eat some cookies during the wait,” I say, patting the back of the empty chair next to me.

Alfred raises an eyebrow.

Seems like he’s noticed my modest attempt at revenge—I mean, at being a wise, responsible adult. cgRmN6

After all, I’m older than him. 

…At the inside, okay!

As an adult, I shouldn’t get angry over such a small matter. Yes, that’s right. Taking my tea cup as his own doesn’t warrant an angry reaction from me.

“Don’t treat me like a child.” x6tzUA

“A person who drinks other people’s tea without permission is considered a child.”

Unable to retort, Alfred simply gazes at me, a pout on his lips. I reciprocate the stare, looking up with a condescending—I mean, adult-like gaze. On the inside, however, I’m laughing at his expression. Hehe.

Ahh, I feel a little content.

All of a sudden, Alfred’s pout inexplicably turns into a smile. AQ0BmS

Just as I’m wondering about the reason for his smile, he leans down and…

…kisses me.

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After a swipe of his tongue over my lips, he slowly backs away. “Will this make you treat me like an adult?” DMqarg



I really can’t be too careful around him. Seriously!

“Your face is bright red.” fJS2yw

“S-shut it, you idiot!”

The smile of this big child before me turns mischievous.

That’s right.

Compared to me, he’s still a child. Still a brat. And from my point of view, he’s on the same level as these kids in the church! ytuqS4

Children often seem too pure, too frank.

To the point that it brings extreme annoyance to the adult.

I breathe out a sigh, maintaining my condescending glare to exhibit my dignity as an adult. Seeing how unrepentant he looks, how he even starts to lean toward me another time, I can’t help but knock my knuckles against his forehead.

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  1. Dense, dense, dense and with incredibly low self-esteem. Lianlian let me shower you with love and affections to help alleviate at least one of the above.

  2. I miss mii’s RAMBLING at the end of each chapter. And I WANT TO SEE NSFW CONTENT OF ALFRED AND LIAN.

    • aww, thanks! (*๓´╰╯`๓) I’m happy that you like my ramblings~ and nsfw content is coming up soon! but when is ‘soon’? we’ll never know… ( ᵘ ᵕ ᵘ ⁎)

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    To be honest, I feel bad for Luzè. She’s still young and probably jealous of all the attention Lian (sometimes inexplicable) receives. Other than that, she legit doesn’t seem like a bad person, I hope she can find her own “Alfred”.

    • Same here, she honestly seems pretty okay and I like her! Both her and Lian have issues with themselves they need to resolve, which is pretty funny when they even look similar.

    • Same here! I honestly kinda like Luze👉 and I hope she and Lian can resolve their personal issues with themselves. SIGHHH these similar looking cousins make me sad!!!!!!

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