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Nurturing the Hero to Avoid DeathChapter 23.5


Translator: mii

Editors: sleepchaser, ASplashofMusic WHKeup

Because the backyard is still within the lord’s residence, it covers quite a large area.

As we go deeper into the backyard, gravel makes an appearance, taking the place of the grassy lawn. There are tall trees all around, obscuring the backyard from sight from the outside. For this reason, the Owen family uses this pace to train its escorts.

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After Instructor Granza tells Alfred to pick a weapon he’s most familiar with from the weapon rack, he grabs a two-handed sword and tests it out.

As Alfred swings it around with one hand, Instructor Granza arched a brow. “…Wow. You can wield that single-handedly? You sure have a lot of strength. Really can’t tell from your appearance.” 1hPuw9

Alfred doesn’t answer. Instead, he continues to stare at Instructor Granza. …Seems like he’s still wary of him.

But Instructor Granza doesn’t seem to mind his intense gaze. He even flashes a mischievous grin as he lightly swings his weapon, as if warming up.

He then gives a signal. An indication that the match has started.

A bit of joy blooms in my chest as I watch them from a distance.


Before the match, I thought that Alfred would be brought to a disadvantage right from their first clash. But to my surprise, it’s a fairly even fight.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Don’t look down on Instructor Granza for having only one arm. Even in his current state, he is still much stronger than those knight commanders.

I’ve heard that some people from the Royal Capital Guards, the ones he previously saved, recently asked for his help dealing with those rascals with illegal dealings outside of the capital. And he ended up defeating a hundred of them with one hundred slashes of his sword. That’s one slash per person. With only one arm.

…Was it really necessary for him to retire? BLC0ki

Well, he seems to enjoy his current life, fighting, travelling, and fishing whenever he feels like it. So I guess it’s fine.

Despite his undeniable skill, creases form between Instructor Granza’s brows. How unusual.

What? That instructor is actually struggling?

With one fluid motion, Alfred swings powerfully with his sword, about to knock Instructor Granza down— MtQlF0

But Instructor Granza clicks his tongue and jumps back. Just in time to evade Alfred’s sword.

Or not.

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Qbjt, Ciogfv. Cgfc’a sbe vblcu qgfaas kfii?

Dea atja’r atf bcis alwf Ciogfv ujlcr atf eqqfg tjcv. pqRNeJ

Cii bo j revvfc, Pcragemabg Xgjchj’r wbnfwfcar ugbk cfjgis lwqfgmfqalyif ab atf fsf lc rqffv, wfrrlcu eq Ciogfv’r gtsatw jcv yjijcmf. Coafg ktlmt atf bivfg wjc rilqr lcab fzagfwfis mibrf qgbzlwlas, gluta ja tlr mtfra.

The technique I often use against Alfred.

Alfred has a large frame; inevitably, so were his movements. Slipping past his defense like this is an advantageous move.

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Alfred pulls back and raises his arm, aiming to strike Instructor Granza down. oOvHXM

But at that moment, Instructor Granza bends his body, lowering his stance even further.

Alfred widens his eyes in surprise.

Instructor Granza kicks Alfred in the legs, causing him to stumble.

As Alfred is in mid-stumble, the older man elbows his belly, then strikes him with his sword handle. And as a final blow, kicks Alfred with ballistic magic imbued in his leg. hzdIPD

That’s not a sword technique, but a martial arts technique incorporating magic.

Previously, after I asked him to teach me how to fight in actual battles, Instructor Granza showed me how to combine magic with physical attacks. The nice name for it is “hybrid attacks,” while the bad name is “Granza-style sword.”

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Since this is a combat technique to be used in life-and-death battles, the teachings are tough, and the training akin to hell. I’ve felt like dying so many times during practice.

Moreover, I have to remember both the movement of my body and the summoning of the magic. All at the same time. fEVxyc

That’s why only a few people have managed to learn this. To be exact, eight disciples including me.

After flying through the air from the kick, Alfred collapsed on the ground.


Although he is the future hero with extraordinary fighting abilities, he is only seventeen years old. lcBXu

When faced with an experienced war veteran with hundreds of battle victories under his belt and who holds no mercy for anyone, even children… he’d obviously not be as good as this damn geez—I mean, this adult.

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Instructor Granza sheaths his sword.

Looks like the match is over.

I let out the breath I have been unconsciously holding. HGBC9o

“As expected of Instructor Granza, that was—”

“Hey, Lilie. What is the meaning of this?” Instructor Granza turns to me, looking quite imposing as he crosses his arms.

He still has those creases between his eyebrows. Gaze still a little stern.

Uh? What? Why does it seem like he’s angry with me?? DFgldJ

“Huh? What is it, Instructor?”

“Don’t give me that innocent face! You… You coached this brat what I taught you without my permission, right?”


No way! He can tell just from one match!? y2rp j

As expected of him!!

I have to get out of this somehow. I can’t displease him.

For the time being, I straighten my back, fold my arms, and mobilize my face muscles, flashing my usual fake smile.

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My smile can get me out of this. He shouldn’t be able to tell that I’m lying. I’m confident that I’ve already perfected this contrived “What are you talking about?” smile. odZfxH

After all, I’ve been using this fake smile for five whole years!

Even I, an incredibly poor actor according to a friend from my previous life, would master it by now.

Improvised lies flow from my mouth naturally. “No way. I never did that, Instructor. Uhh… Ah, yes. I was his sparring partner all throughout school. He must have gotten used to my techniques.”

I’m so amazing! 6JrFZR

Just as I expected, I can do anything as long as I put my mind to it! My tearful efforts and stomach aches aren’t in vain.

Look at me now, Koichirou! Cutting quite the gallant figure, am I? Maybe my acting is already better than yours, you brat.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Instructor Granza squints at me. Then he snorts.

“You sure are good with your mouth… Fine. Since you’ve inadvertently demonstrated the proper basics to him already, there’s no need for me to teach him those anymore.” s8wG4a


Apparently, I’ve taught him well. What a relief.

When it comes down to it, basics are the most important. If he develops some bad habits due to a faulty foundation, they’ll be difficult to correct later on.

“What ‘really?!’ Your face practically has ‘Great! I’ve managed to avoid the trouble.’ written all over it! You—what were you thinking?” 38DTMP

“Ahhh… Isn’t it good to have a strong rival? If my opponent’s skills are on par with mine, I can give my all when sparring. I am learning such wonderful swordsmanship from Instructor Granza. If my skills grow dull from a lack of practice, wouldn’t that be sad?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

I think my answer is quite good.

Okay, you can do this. Do your best. We can completely fool him.

The corners of Instructor Granza’s mouth lift, and his eyes widen a hint. “So… you raised your rival all on your own? What an interesting thing you’re doing. Especially when you lost to him at the end. I’m at a loss for words.” Bx zVC

It does sound ironic, but I can only flash him a smile.

That’s okay. In any case, I’m very satisfied now.

After all, I have achieved my final goal. To nurture him into the strongest out of all the students before graduation. Including me.

Instructor Granza stares at me intently as if trying to guess my thoughts. But he eventually lets out a sigh. “Seriously. I can’t read you sometimes… Hey, your name is Fram, right?” wIs6tf

Sitting on the ground, Alfred looks up at Instructor Granza, his face twisting into a frown.

This guy also hates losing, so he must be feeling frustrated.

“Lilie has properly built your foundation, though there is still a lot of room for improvement. Also, I like your guts. You’re not scared of rushing toward an opponent who is wielding a real sword. So  I’ll agree to teach you. But don’t grow lazy. I only teach motivated guys, got it?”

“…Yeah.” y1l2ZM

“What’s with that reply? You should add ‘sir’ at the end, okay?”

His frown deepens. “Yes, sir,” responds Alfred, low voice filled with displeasure. Instructor Granza nods with a smug face, satisfied. 

It’s Al’s loss, but now Lian and Al can practice together again like the old days, so it’s still a win for Al! (?) Also, I’m sure that Instructor Granza already know that Lian is lying, but he’s just letting his cute disciple away!!! ☆ミヾ(∇≦((ヾ(≧∇≦)〃))≧∇)ノ彡☆

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