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Nurturing the Hero to Avoid DeathChapter 22.54


Editors: sleepchaser, ASplashofMusic

It seems like they’ll send the tailored clothes to Lian’s mansion once they are finished. FQkMif

By the time we leave the tailor shop, the sun is already setting.

On our way back to the carriage parked beside the store, my nostrils pick up a delicious scent emanating from a stall.

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Lian notices it as well and makes known his hunger. So we decide to stop by that stall.

A stall that sells ordinary toasted sandwiches. J9BUpk

It comes with pita bread and we can order as many fillings as we liked.

Mine is stuffed with roasted meat, sliced ham, and vegetables, while Lian’s is packed full of honey, berries, and beans that taste sweet after cooked.

I’m about to laugh out loud at the sight, but somehow manage to fight the urge.

Lian surprisingly has a sweet tooth. Y1zVXd

I already had a feeling that he’ll choose that kind of filling. But I just kept it to myself, since he’s bound to get angry if I say it out loud.

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He already purchased so many things for me. Even if they are all for work purposes. That’s why I decide to treat him this time.

Since Lian says that he wants to buy one for Shurio as well, I ask the stall owner to pack up a sandwich just like mine for take out.

Lian… is always generous with his money when it comes to other people. Js9PU2

That includes me, Marie, the kids, his other friends, the people of his estate, and so on.

Lian also buys two small bottles of carbonated fruit juice. Afterward, we sit side by side on a simple bench beside the stall. And we feast.

“It’s been a while since I last bought food from a street stall,” Lian mutters, sounding slightly peppy. His expression holds a trace of nostalgia.

“Really?” EsTzI0

“Uh huh. After all, it’s a little weird for me to eat alone, right?”

I don’t really care whether I eat by myself or with people. But it seems like it’s embarrassing for Lian.

“Also, I don’t have anyone who I can bring along to eat at this kind of place…”

“Really? How about that trio that’s always sticking to you??” KNCnDv

“Umm, they don’t really eat things from… places like this…”

Ah… I see.

Since they are born from a rich family, they may not like these “plebeian and cheap” items sold at roadside stalls.

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“If you want to eat this again, I can accompany you. Just let me know.” 6UWglO


“Tfjt.” Qtfc P cbv, Oljc reymbcrmlberis ybkr ab wf lc fzmlafwfca, tlr ojmf ygluta klat pbs.

“Y-bt… Ktjcx sbe…” Lf oijrtfr wf j yjrtoei rwlif, jr mbibg mgffqr bnfg tlr mtffxr.

Obbxr ilxf Oljc lr fwyjggjrrfv ja tlr jmalbcr. xXhi1p

Ktlr lr j ojmf atja bcis P xcbk. C rwlif atja batfg qfbqif rtbeivc’a tjnf rffc yfobgf.

Only for my eyes.

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I want to touch him so much that I can’t stand it anymore. I press my lips against his.

His face burns red. “What will you do if someone saw us!” he scolds. ZakR2b

I don’t care if other people see us, but I’m sure he’ll get even angrier if I say that. So I don’t voice out my honest thoughts.

After all, there are a lot of people aiming for Lian at school.

Both girls and guys, those bastards.

In my opinion, that’ll just be perfect. Seeing us might make them give up. tJ9ZQ6

Because of how that trio deflected all of Lian’s suitors like an impregnable iron wall, Lian is still clueless about his own appeal. And probably graduated without realizing it.

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After finishing our sandwiches, we decide to head back to the carriage to return to the village. We’ve already finished shopping anyway.

Inside the carriage, I tell Lian that I have finished recharging the twenty-five pieces of medium-sized ‘Magic Origin Stones’ he gave me. He then replies that their first stop will be the church so that he can take them, as well as send me home.

Once we arrive at the church, it is just in time for dinner. Marie and the kids are just heading to the dining room. Mp1CqN

A smile paints Marie’s lips as she says to Lian, “I made bean stew today. Won’t you eat first before going home?” Lian immediately agrees, his face glowing with happiness.

He sure likes beans.

Afterward, Marie says that she’ll prepare another portion for his coachman. Lian tells her that he will call Shurio, and dashes to the gate.

I instinctively exchange glances with Marie. Z9zuYm

People of the upper class usually won’t eat together with their coachman or servant.

Bearing that in mind, the coachmen will try to eat in a place where their master won’t see them.

Marie probably meant to call Shurio later and bring him his portion to take home.

After she meets my eyes, Marie’s surprised face gave way to a gentle smile, the tension draining away. aVcpGM

Shurio, who has been called by Lian, looks unbelievably fidgety and timid.

Moreover, Lian instructs Shurio to sit next to him. Because he can’t refuse, he can only comply with a teary face and eat with us.

Sweat flows down his flushed face like a waterfall. He seems thankful, but he’s shrunken into himself, all stiff and tense.

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I understand his feelings. I really do. After all, he is currently in a bizarre situation. WpJdMP

A lord’s son eating with a coachman, who has a lower social status than even an office boy, at the same table is unimaginable.

Let alone sitting next to each other.

Should I tell Lian about this?

But then again, this is the church, where all living beings are equal under the Goddess. sxhIR0

Lian laughs. Joy paints his whole being.

And Marie is watching them with that constant smile of hers.

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So I don’t say anything. I simply left things as is.

Maybe Shurio also has the same thought as us. He shifts his eyes to Lian who is stuffing his cheeks with a grin, then towards me and Marie. In the end, even while looking troubled, he manages a smile, stiff it may be. After Marie and I nod at him, he starts to eat without a word. sQTmjd

My mind contains pleasant thoughts as I watch Lian scoop some salad onto a smaller plate, before handing to Shurio. This scene convinces me that I made the right choice.

Even though Lian is a lord’s son, the person with technically the highest social status in this room, he surprisingly doesn’t discriminate against anyone. He is even willing to get close to them.

This counts for Marie, the kids, me… and Shurio.

There are times when he tries to conduct himself like a noble. But it is only an image. A front. His actions don’t really correspond to those of one. SNH0p5

He just doesn’t care about his social status.

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He’s a kind person. Too kind, actually.

That‘s one of the reasons why I have this belief: his actions seem to relay that he’s forgotten important information about noble etiquette. That he should’ve learned growing up.

He probably doesn’t know that if his father ever discovers he sat next to Shurio, Shurio will certainly receive severe punishment. KH1U4Z

I’m sure he doesn’t. But if there’s anyone that should be familiar with this kind of noble etiquette, it should be a son of a lord like Lian, right? Then again, he wouldn’t have gone and called Shurio here if he did, right?

I don’t think this situation isn’t anything bad.

When I think about a gentle Lian not caring about social status, I get a warm fuzzy feeling.

And it’ll be okay since none of us are going to expose this matter anyway. If he gets into trouble because of this, I can just inform Lian about this at a later date. oA9fzH

However, if we’re talking about the problem here, it’s that Lian’s actions are the proof he’s the ‘shooting star’ from another universe. As spoken by the black-haired woman.

The star from a different world. That doesn’t revolve.

The gentle, little star that the Goddess summoned to this world and ended up growing up here.

Some of Lian’s actions and words also support her words. oKUrIC

Every time I see or hear him getting flustered and uncomfortable, anxiety washes over me. I just want to keep a tight hold on him.

I’m not letting him leave my side.

Once Shurio finishes his meal, he returns to the carriage. Lian follows me to my room.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Gaze lowered, Lian counts the stones before putting them into the bag. He heaves a sigh. biZkC0

“What’s wrong? Is the amount incorrect?”

“N-no! There are twenty-five pieces just like we’ve agreed. Thank you.”

He raises his head, his gaze falling upon me

He opens his mouth as if wanting to say something, but eventually closes it. And he once more casts his eyes down. 1Es L2

As I stare at him in wait, he lifts his head again, looking like he’s prepared himself. “You… When will you move out?”

Ah, so it’s about that?

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“After I pack my things. I don’t have anything too large and heavy to carry. I plan to move to Cheddar-san’s place this weekend.”

“I-I see…” Gdu3xw

Lian’s usual confidence isn’t present. He seems somewhat frail. Uneasy. The way he stands cluelessly is akin to that of a left behind child.

Maybe… he’s lonely?

Because I won’t be in the church anymore?

I mock myself for hoping. But if he really does feel this way… I can’t help the wave of joy that rushes through me. PS cEr

My thoughts shouldn’t be that far off.

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“Hey, Lian. Remember what I told you before? That the only thing that’s going to change is where I’m sleeping and nothing else?”

“Y-yes. I-I know that… but…”

As I watch Lian stumble over his words in a fluster, I internally sigh. Ua0xtY

I finally understand what Lian actually wants to say.

Happy Chinese New Year! I have so many stories I want to share with everyone, but let’s start with fanarts from Soup-san! It’s tsundere Lian in paper and tsundere Lian in digital art~ Both of them are so cute!!! :blobblush::blobblush:

Now the good news! I passed JLPT N2!!! I actually felt very anxious and restless when I was going to take the exam (because I felt like I didn’t prepare enough), but reading everyone’s well wishes and encouragement before the exam made my anxiousness disappear, so I really want to thank everyone for helping me pass this exam! :blobsnuggle: Especially the comment about how I can pass this, since I’m a translator hohoho! (questionable truth?) ᕙ(◕ヮ◕)ᕗ

Also, this is actually something very unimportant (about my life), but my Dad gave me a very very cute ultra pink (??) red pocket to me after I asked (forced?) him to choose the cute one for me~ We also went to my relatives house (to harvest red pockets //nomii) and visited my Mom’s altar! I couldn’t bake any successful New Year cookies for her yet, but next year when I succeeded, I really wanted to tell her how awesome her daughter has grown~ :blobrofl: CNY is always fun, except for those aunties’ questions about my future and relationships… XD Auntie, this mii has a husband, but with a fictional idol… 4pU513

Someone asked me about how long this chapter will be, and I forgot to say that this is going to be a 7 parts chapter… QAQ Al’s POVs are always super long! I appreciate long chapters as a reader, but not as a translator!! TvT)/ Author-sama, please give me mercy…

Ah, sorry if my T/N turned into a diary ((っ•ω•⊂))ウズウズ

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