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Nurturing the Hero to Avoid DeathChapter 22.53


Editors: sleepchaser, ASplashofMusic

There’s no way for us to talk in this crowded place, so I decide to leave early. qz2ykd

I will meet with Lian at the library after this anyway.

After graduation, I’m supposed to work at Lian’s place on Saturdays and Sundays, as well as during any spare time I have outside of my other part-time jobs.

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My job includes being Lian’s escort, which is why he plans on buying me a sword and armor. And we agreed to do so this afternoon.

Since today’s the day I allotted to visit the library, I don’t have any part-time jobs waiting for me. Perfect timing. rpfUZ4

Lian says that I should personally go in order to choose a sword and armor that fits my preferences. He also requests that I come faster if possible.

I wave at him, signalling my intention to leave first. Lian nods in acknowledgement. But his eyebrows remain furrowed.

On my way to the exit, some female classmates and juniors ask me whether we can meet up after graduation. I firmly reject them.

It’ll be troubling if many people were to come and intrude on the ranch where I live and work. And annoying. z1cP25

One girl, who seems to be their representative, is crying out things like “Even if you’re together with Lian, our feelings won’t change,” “We won’t disturb you,” and other sorts of gibberish.

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You’re currently disturbing me, I want to say. But I somehow manage to restrain myself. I just warn them not to visit me because I will be in the Cheddars’ care from now on, and I don’t want to inconvenience them.

Once I reach the library, I grab a book, flipping through the pages as I wait for Lian. He arrives not long after I start reading.

He still looks a bit unhappy. xoy lI

“Sorry for the wait, Alfred. Let’s go now. Shurio is waiting in carriage outside for us.”

Even while apologizing, he still has those frown lines. I arch a brow. “Ok… Hey.”

“What is it?”

“What are you angry about?” I ask. LJUsRF

“Huh? I-I’m not angry!” Lian retorts, red-faced.

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No matter how I look at you, you’re definitely angry.

“Glv P vb rbwfatlcu?”

Po P vlv, P vbc’a gfwfwyfg la. Dea rlcmf atfgf’r j qbrrlylilas atja P wjvf tlw jcugs klatbea wf gfjilhlcu la, P vfmlvfv ab jrx. Y3ZxbJ

“T-sbe vlvc’a vb jcsatlcu. Pa’r pera atja sbe kfgf reggbecvfv ys rb wjcs ulgir fjgilfg. Ccv jmalcu rb joofmalbcjaf klat atfw abb! P pera olcv la vfqibgjyif!”

Was I being affectionate?

I don’t think I was.

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If anything, I felt irritated at them. hrftRX

Though if you’re complaining about that… “But you were laughing along with everyone else earlier.”

He was showing that soft smile that he makes only when he isn’t tense. That gentle, genuine, and relaxed smile.

Even I’ve only seen it a few times. Yet he was freely flashing it at everyone!

Lian stares at me in puzzlement. “What’s so wrong about laughing? Isn’t that normal?” NunrWs

“You’re right, but… Well…” He’s right, but also wrong.

However, I can’t seem to find the right words to express what’s wrong about it. As I’m pondering over what to say, Lian also looks like words were clogging his throat.

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Now that I think of it, there’s no reason why I am this irritated and angry.

“Uhh… Um… Let’s just go,” I finally say. r4E 0I

“Ok…” Lian sighs and drags me out of the library by the arm.

First, he first takes me to the weapon shop in town.

The shopkeeper comes out to welcome us. His hair is as pointed as a drill with a beard to match, a bandana covering his head. He advises us to try out a few weapons. To test which one can “make my heart pound.” I feel like I understand what that means but also don’t.

After attempting to wield some weapons and testing their blades on the provided testing pole, I pick up the strongest-looking sword. CdgFoi

It’s about two-thirds my height. Reasonably heavy.

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I could use this as a makeshift lever if I ever need to do something like lift a carriage with a missing wheel. Or as an ax, since the blade is quite thick.

If I’m up against an enemy wearing armor or a monster with tough horns or fangs, I should be able to shatter them with this sword.

Its long length means that I can’t hang it on my waist, but it won’t be an issue if I carry it on my back. F2DfqX

“B-brother, that’s the heaviest two-handed sword here. Are you sure you want to take that?”

“I-Isn’t that heavy, Alfred?”

I test it out and find that I can easily swing it with just one hand. It isn’t as heavy as they’re making it out to be. Its long handle also pairs well with my large hand. This one seems like it’s easy to wield.

“It’s okay. It’s light anyway.” 4sZf2

“Light?! What an amazing brother… This is the first time I’ve ever seen a guy swing that sword with only one hand…”

“Haha… Yeah, this guy’s strength is out of the norm…” Lian says.

Lian tells me to choose a sub-weapon and a dagger as well, so I pick a longsword of moderate length and a thick, sturdy dagger.

Then, after choosing my shoulder pads, metal gauntlets, and footwear, we leave the store. j0avoH

It seems that the equipment we bought still has to undergo post-processing. Such as imbuing the weapons with protection magic and engraving the Owens’ family crest on them. Lian adds that he will contact me once the weapons arrive at the mansion. He sounds strangely tired but also amazed.

Our next stop is the sole shop in the town that sells magic tools, where we buy a ‘magic medium’ to cast magic more easily.

The store clerk is wrapped in a black robe, the hood deep enough to hide their face. They have a slender body, but I’m unable to tell whether they’re male or female. Their appearance reminds me of that woman with the jet-black hair. It gives me a slightly weird and unpleasant feeling.

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The ‘magic medium’ can come in the shape of a ring or bracelet, and is imbued with the technique to stabilize one’s magic and ensure a 100% success rate in casting spells. OMG7LT

After a person wears this ‘magic medium,’ they would more easily manipulate and control their magic power. They can even shorten their casting time.

With the more expensive version, one can even activate high-leveled magic while running. However, it’ll most likely cost an arm and a leg.

There are six attributes: fire, wind, water, thunder, earth, and wood. People usually choose a one-attribute ‘magic medium’ in order to train their magic. It costs around 3 months of my salary.

There is also an all-in-one version, which has all 6 attributes, but its price is enough for one to enjoy a leisurely life without ever having to work. I have no idea whether the price is actually reasonable or not. Cpq7kd

In any case, for ordinary people, this is an unnecessary item.

If one doesn’t have magic power, they won’t be able to use it even if they have it.

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Only people who travel around or have a job involving magic or fighting, like me, will purchase this ‘magic medium.’

Lian buys a bracelet with two attributes, fire and wind. C rl6H

When I ask him whether it’s okay to spend so much money for such things, Lian replies, “You shouldn’t be stingy with essential things like this. Buy it even if it’s expensive, because you’ll be able to use it for a long time! Remember that you get what you pay for.”

…Sometimes, Lian says the same things as Marie and the pub owner’s wife.

After that, we pay a trip to a tailor.

It will be beneficial to have clothes that are specially made for this job on the occasion that my clothes get dirty during work or I have to dress up. NjnPkx

A man with red glasses comes out to welcome us. He wears a red-checkered suit with a blue shirt with a swirl pattern underneath, along with a pair of shiny white shoes. Oh, and his hair is dyed yellow.

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My eyes hurt just by looking at him.

He takes several measurements all across my body. He even measured the length of my toes.

Isn’t that too much? What’s that for anyway? ncJGAE

Weirded out, I look at Lian, but he tells me that this person is the best tailor in town and that I have to endure it.

I learn that I am three centimeters taller than when I last checked my height, which was during a medical checkup half a year ago.

Hearing that, Lian starts acting unreasonably again. “You don’t need those additional centimeters anymore! Give them to me!”

After calming down, he adds that he also grew five millimeters taller compared to when he last measured his height. To which I respond with “That’s good, then.” But for some reason, he punches me after that. zksJL0

It isn’t my intention to make fun of him.

Moreover, height is something that is out of our control.

It’s neither of our faults that you aren’t getting any taller.

Al: What did I do wrong! QAQ ysIH2j

Also, them being jealous with each other is so uwu… (´;ω;`)

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