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My Underachieving Seatmate Doesn't Need Any ComfortingChapter 8


Nowadays, high school students knew a lot. Qiao Shao because of problems with his environment has had little contact, but He Shen was “forced into marriage” all year round.

He and Lou Xiao frequently hung out together and girls would stand around in a circle and watch them from time to time. At first they thought that these girls were coming to confess to them, but it turned out… hB1exc

After seeing bewildering group names like ‘He Gong/Lou Shou’, ‘Lou Gong/He Shou’, ‘He/Lou Both Gong’, He Shen had a lightbulb moment.

This wasn’t a gathering of admirers; this was a gathering of matchmakers.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

The “experienced and knowledgeable” He Shen was unconcerned and even explained to Qiao Shao, “‘Gaoji’ means that two boys are dating. But rest assured, we’re purely just classmates and we’re not engaged in that.”

Qiao Shao had been better off not listening to this explanation! kSJVtD

“Why would they think that?” Qiao Shao asked him rather embarrassedly.

He Shen looked up and glanced at him, “Probably because you look good.”

Qiao Shao: “???”

He Shen pointed himself again. He added, “You know, I look good too.”


Qiao Shao’s face turned black. “Sorry, I don’t see it.”

He Shen smiled and said, “Right, I’m not good-looking. It should be that I’m handsome.”

Qiao Shao had never seen such a brazen man, “You’re not at all handsome!”

He Shen, “Then how about ‘gorgeous’?” 3XklLu

Qiao Shao: “Not ‘gorgeous’!”


“Not cool!”

He Shen decided to change tack, “Then, could it be that, actually, in your heart, you think I’m ‘beautiful’? SXgb9p

Qiao Shao: “……………………”

“That …” A timid female voice rang. The two girls who had ran away, came back again. Both of them had reddened cheeks and their eyes lit up like little suns. “Although we don’t want to disturb you, do you have a written permit for leave?”

The two had run away in excitement. Later, they remembered that they had a job to do and had no choice but to come back again. They never expected to hear such a thrilling conversation!

Although Qiao Shao didn’t understand much, just seeing the expressions on their two faces, made him recall that ‘Mary-Had-A-Little-Lamb’ level of childish conversation he and He Shen just had. Right then … he just wanted to find a hole to crawl in. WdLFtP

He Shen smiled slightly at the girls. “You see how swollen his ankle is? How could we not have a leave permit?”

Saying so, he reached out and held Qiao Shao’s lower leg.

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The two girls: “!!!”

Qiao Shao felt deeply that there was something wrong with this scene. The two girls had completely forgotten their job. Inside their minds, they could only hear a groundhog-like shriek going, ‘AAAAAAHHHHHH!’. F03YEr

In the end, of course, they never did inspect their leave permits. With the very best intentions, the two girls kindly reminded them, “There are cameras in the classroom, so be careful.”

Qiao Shao didn’t respond.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

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Hljb Vtjb olcjiis ecvfgrabbv lc tlcvrluta. Lf rcjgifv lckjgvis, ‘Aera ktja vlv atfs atlcx tf jcv Lf Vtfc kfgf eq ab atja kjr rb lcjqqgbqgljaf atja atfs tjv ab kjgc atfw jybea atf mjwfgjr!’ nlZH9R

Lf ibbxfv ja Lf Vtfc. “Tbe’v vb jcsatlcu ab cba tjnf sbeg qblcar vfvemafv.”

Qiao Shao had a leave permit. Of course, He Shen did not. If they did check it, he would be penalized.

He Shen said, “If I don’t get points deducted then, of course, that’s good.”

Qiao Shao, “Proving your innocence isn’t as important as your school points?” A2ErNu

He Shen reasoned, “It is a righteous man who makes himself righteous and a rotten man who makes himself rotten. In other words, it’s their ‘rotten’ eyes who saw indecency and not us who were indecent.”

He even has the energy to quibble!

Qiao Shao understood then that the trick to dealing with this guy was to shut up. Reasoning with him will just lead to you being turned around the Milky Way Galaxy by his false reasoning.

Turns out, shutting up doesn’t work either. He Shen broke him with a single sentence. “Speaking of, you aren’t gay, right?” sI4znq

Qiao Shao wanted to die. “I’m not!”

“En.” He Shen said, “Continuing the previous topic, were you really thinking I’m beautiful?”

Qiao Shao really wanted to use his handicapped foot to send him flying, “Get lost!”

He Shen’s eyes were full of smiles. He thought the child was really amusing. Chatting with him, completely swept clean the exhaustion he felt from staying up late many night in a row. LHJh2F

Now that they’ve moved on from the topic of ‘gaoji’, He Shen reapplied the medicine and said, “Your ankle really is a bit worse than this morning.”

Qiao Shao said, “I won’t go back in the morning. I’ll ask permission to rest in the dorm once P.E. starts in the afternoon.”

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He Shen glanced at him, “You should go to the hospital by then.”

Qiao Shao kept silent. R71aqo

He Shen paused. He suddenly got up and moved their desks further back.

Their table was on the last row and behind them was just empty space. Moving their desks backwards won’t hinder anyone.

Qiao Shao didn’t know what he was up to, “What are you doing?”

He Shen said, “Taking care of good students who love to learn.” mu8GPj

Qiao Shao looked dumbfounded, and what did that have to do with this?

He Shen turned around and went out. He returned shortly carrying a wooden stool.

Under normal circumstances, student would sit on chairs matching their desks, but this one that He Shen found was a narrow stool.

He put the stool in front of the desk and said to Qiao Shao, “Extend your foot.” 9kKhzY

Qiao Shao understood now. He stretched his feet over and rested it on the low stool, He Shen looked up at him, “How’s the height?”

Although he strongly disapproved of this foul-mouthed delinquent slacker, at this moment, Qiao Shao felt quite touched, “Just right.

He Shen said, “Like this, you should be a lot more comfortable.”

It was indeed much more comfortable. Now that it was supported, the pressure on his ankle was a lot less. 7Igd9Q

Qiao Shao was a man who knew to whom to bear grudges and to whom to owe gratitude and he though He Shen wasn’t so bad.

At this moment, He Shen took out a stack of books from his desk and said, “Get up.”

Qiao Shao didn’t think too much and stood up against the desk. “The height is okay. You don’t need to pad it anymore.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he found that He Shen had placed the books on the chair he was sitting on. Jt6vsG

Qiao Shao had a bad hunch …

He Shen pressed him back onto the seat padded with the books, smiled and said, “This way your view of the board won’t be blocked even if you sit at the back row.”

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As he sat next to him, he held his chin in his hand and said, “You’re really short. I had to place six books before you could sit level with me.”

Qiao Shao: “………” P3t4oz

I’m taking it back. This guy’s name, He Shen will never ever equate with ‘not so bad’ in this life!

Later, of course, Qiao Shao didn’t sit on that book-padded chair while in class. He almost flung those six books at He Shen’s forehead!


During the third class, Qiao Shao completely ignored He Shen. eKypog

He Shen buried his head in his book. He didn’t know whether he was sleeping or dozing off.

Either way, Qiao Shao didn’t believe he was listening to the lecture.

As soon as the bell signaling the end of class rang, Qiao Shao got caught up with an awkward problem.

He had been sitting down all morning, and although he tried his best to avoid drinking any water, he couldn’t stop his metabolism … he needed to go to the toilet! HbDnXy

The next class was physics. Qiao Shao already couldn’t keep up with the topics even when he was listening normally. Trying to listen while trying to control his bladder would just wreak havoc in his mind.

He had to settle this important problem.

Qiao Shao saw He Shen was completely motionless and thought he was asleep.

He didn’t want to disturb this guy; he just wanted to go to the toilet by himself. a KhIj

Who knew that when he struggled to stand up, propping himself against his desk, Song Yixu from the desk in front, said loudly, “Where are you going, Qiao Shao? Watch your foot!”

Qiao Shao: “…”

At the sound of that loud voice, the man who had his head buried in his book raised his head, eyes still heavy with sleep.

“Is it lunch?” He Shen asked. lmockW

The corner of Qiao Shao’s mouth twitched. “There’s still one more class.”

He Shen yawned, “Where are you going?”

Chrysanthemum Garden.

Qiao Shao had to confess, “To the toilet.”

“Oh,” He Shen said, “I’ll take you there.” kdxpRd

Qiao Shao really didn’t want to trouble him, but He Shen was already wide awake, and it was hard to refuse him.

Qiao Shao could only accept and pray that this guy doesn’t come up with any wicked ideas in his head.

The Class 1 was a little far from the toilet. They had to pass five entire classrooms to get there. As they limped along together, they attracted a lot of attention.

He Shen saw Qiao Shao struggling and asked, “Should I carry you on my back?” wMsH4i

In front of all these people? Qiao Shao still wanted to save his face. “No need!”

He Shen didn’t say anything else. He just thought that this little arm was too thin, not at all like a sixteen or seventeen-year-old high school student’s.

What kind of daily life did this kid live before? And what kind of unfair treatment did he suffer through to develop so slowly?

After finally reaching the toilet, Qiao Shao was very tired. NGuh7X

He Shen came over quite casually and said, “Brace yourself against the wall, I’ll take your pants off for you.”

Qiao Shao said immediately, “No, I’ll do it myself!”

He Shen said, “How are you gonna do it?”

Qiao Shao said, “I can do it with one hand!” fW6 Yl

He Shen looked at him, “Why are you nervous? We’re both men. It’s not like I’d take advantage of you.”

Qiao Shao was someone who had never even been to a public toilet. He couldn’t adapt to using a urinal like this. He then carelessly found an excuse, “So what if we’re both men? Couldn’t two guys still get it on?”

He Shen said quietly, “I won’t with you.”

Qiao Shao was speechless. Bdeu8d

“Okay, behave yourself or else this might hurt …”

“Do not……”

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Crash! Someone couldn’t stand to listen to them anymore.

The toilet door opened; with his hands in his trouser pockets, and a cigarette between his lips, Lou Xiao stared dead-eyed at the two of them. teKbDN

Lao He,” Lou Xiao spit out a smoke ring, “Is this why you refused the school flower’s confession?”


The author has something to say: cough …

Mother must clarify for her two sons: “They are innocent!” (Super Loud) oqHEd5

Translator's Note

Both in the innocent sense of the word and not so innocent sense of the word :blobnosebleed::blobrofl:

Translator's Note

Literally, it means ‘Old He’ but ‘Lao’ or ‘Old’ is just one of the ways close male friends address each other.

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