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My Underachieving Seatmate Doesn't Need Any ComfortingChapter 60


Bit by bit, Wei Jiayu began to realize what kind of deadly poison this was–

Wei Jiayu: Finally. HPnLXA

Lou Xiao couldn’t take it anymore. He chased them out like he was shoo-ing away houseflies. “Go! Go! Get out!”

Each was more unhinged than the other. He just wanted to eat his steak in peace. To hell with whoever he provoked!

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Before taking even a single step out, He Shen turned to Wei Jiayu and told him, “Don’t let anyone else see this.”

Blue Hair’s soul has already left his body. ‘Shen Ge, even I didn’t want to see it. QAQ.’ 3BxsHD

But he dare not say it, because he had made a heinous blunder. He must accept this “make-up class” from the god of learning.

He Shen emphasized again: “In particular, Qiao Shao mustn’t see it.”

Wei Jiayu and Lou Xiao looked at him.

He Shen explained with a smile, “You know, how thin-skinned he is. He’ll be embarrassed if he sees this. If he ignores me because of it, then what can I do?” nxmNsW

The heavily burdened big brother (Lou) and heavily burdened little brother (Wei): “…”

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He Shen left, and it took Wei Jiayu a long time to come back to his senses.

Lou Xiao glanced at him. “You want to eat?” The steak had already gone f*cking cold.

Wei Jiayu looked at the stack of papers and said, “I’m not hungry.” I’m already full enough to burst. L1fPoa

Lou Xiao cut the steak for himself and said to him, “You should take it a bit easy in the future.”

Wei Jiayu’s skin tightened. “I was wrong, Xiao Ge, I was really wrong!”

In fact, the school tyrant was a very good-tempered person. He said, “It’s fine. But you should be careful of Lou He.”

Wei Jiayu’s skin tightened even more. “Why, why do you say that?” wNQLgG

Lou Xiao said intently, “As of now, only the two of us know that he and Qiao Shao are together…”

Wei Jiayu promised. “I won’t tell anyone.” He also knew the seriousness of the matter. This was no ordinary puppy love.

Lou Xiao: “The important thing here is that only we know.”

Wei Jiayu didn’t understand what he was getting at. iPXVn7

Lou Xiao enlightened him. “Because he can’t make it public, Lao He has to act like a proper person in front of other people…”

He glanced at the stack of plastic wrapped chat records.

Wei Jiayu: “But when not in front of other people…”

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Lou Xiao said with a blank face, “He’s basically Qiao Shao’s pet.” aV4F8J

And they were the only ones who weren’t “other people” so…

A white vapor escaped from Wei Jiayu’s mouth.

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He understood. He fully understood. This pile of “make-up lesson material” was just a very small beginning.

Vfflcu Dief Ljlg tjv gfmflnfv delaf j rmjgf, atf rmtbbi asgjca ofia delaf rjalrolfv. Pa kjr clmf tjnlcu rbwfbcf ab mbwwlrfgjaf klat. 98aZxJ

Coafg tjnlcu oglutafcfv tlr “mbwgjvfr-lc-jgwr”, Obe Wljb aegcfv ab jcbatfg abqlm. “Vb, tbk tjnf sbe yffc?”

Qfl Aljse ogbhf.

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Obe Wljb abbx j ylaf bo atf rafjx jcv jrxfv, “Tbe’gf cb ibcufg qfgobgwlcu cbk?”

When Wei Jiayu heard this, his face flushed. “Not for a long time now!” XWzikq

Lou Xiao said, “Just because you were deceived by those scumbags?”

This was Wei Jiayu’s sore spot. It was only because it was Lou Xiao who mentioned it that he didn’t blow his top. Had it been anyone else, he would have high-tailed it out of there or he would have killed the other party or perhaps himself.

Wei Jiayu paused and said, “It seems kind of pointless.”

Lou Xiao said, “It’s very meaningful. That song you sang tonight, you wrote it yourself, didn’t you? It sounded very nice.” e4gD1o

Wei Jiayu felt even more uncomfortable: “… I was just singing whatever.”

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“It’s also a skill to be able to sing blindly like that.” Lou Xioa’s figure as he cut the steak was very fierce; not at all graceful but was indescribably cool.

He continued, “If it’s something you like doing, you should do it. If you don’t want to perform outside, then performing in school is fine too.”

Wei Jiayu was startled. BRshSU

Lou Xiao asked, “I remember you took over a club?”

Wei Jiayu muttered: “The Drama Club.”

Lou Xiao: “Ah, the Drama Club. Isn’t it fun to play?”



Qiao Shao was now living a very cushy life.

He ate and drank well every day, and the key point was that he also slept well. When it came to his studies, he had He Shen giving him a boost; it was simply getting twice the result with half the effort.

When he went home for the weekend, Qiao Zongmin was there. It didn’t matter where he was, Qiao Zongmin would rush home to ask what had happened to Qiao Shao the past two weeks. RSZtX7

He only went back when there was a longer break, refusing the hassle of shuttling back and forth for short breaks.

Qiao Shao happily regaled him about what had happened at school.

About his amusing seatmate, his silly husky of a classmate, about his wild-haired dorm room leader and his top student roommate … one by one, names came from Qiao Shao’s mouth, hearing it made Comrade Da Qiao’s heart burst with joy.

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If it wasn’t for Dr. Zhang’s repeated urgings for him not to interfere with Qiao Shao’s new environment, Qiao Zongmin really wanted to visit these students and arrange a million yuan lottery for their parents. WOSdC1

Qiao Shao talked about their truth or dare game, and Qiao Zongmin laughed. “You kids are too reserved. When I went to school, it was all strip dares.”

Qiao Shao said, “You guys were too indecent!”

Qiao Zongmin said, “And boys kissing boys? That’s nothing! We all kissed girls!”

Qiao Shao said: “Ours is a male dormitory!” Y5M8Gl

Qiao Zongmin: “Ours was too.”

But they couldn’t stop the female students from sneaking in.

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Qiao Shao stared at him. “Our school is very dutifully proper, okay? Not brazen like those schools abroad.”

Qiao Zongmin said cheerfully. “Yes, yes, your school’s great. East High is the best school in the world.” yjH4kC

He was telling the truth. In less than two months, Qiao Shao had changed so much. In Qiao Zongmin’s opinion, East High was a sacred place.

Qiao Shao was still a little worried. “Dad, what would happen if I don’t score well on the final exam?”

Qiao Zongmin knew what he was worried about, and said, “What’s the matter? Didn’t your seatmate say so? That you’ll score within the top three within three years?”

Qiao Shao pouted. “But I have to improve! If I still end up in last place, he’ll be really disappointed.” GAEIkm

Qiao Zongmin paused, rubbing his son’s short hair and said, “No, that’s impossible. You’re working so hard and everyone can see that. No one could be disappointed.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Qiao Shao was still apprehensive, but he didn’t want to worry his dad too much.

“En, anyway, I will be sure to make a good showing!”

On Monday, Qiao Shao entered the classroom, carrying two cups of soy milk. Unexpectedly, he was met with the sight of He Shen answering some problems! 8NECkq

Qiao Shao was shocked. While inserting a straw into the drink, he said, “Am I dreaming? Song Yixu, quick, hit me.”

Song Yixu was writing at a tremendous speed and he pretended as if he hadn’t heard. These people who had finished their homework were so complacent! How could he ever understand the pain of his crazy copying of homework!

He Shen looked up at him. “Give me a drink.”

He was talking about the soy milk. CcFNEx

Qiao Shao was about to put a straw in his soy milk, when He Shen took the one he’d already drank out off.

Qiao Shao said, “Mine’s not sweet.”

He Shen said, “It’s all right. I’m thirsty.”

Qiao Shao didn’t think about it. He waited for He Shen to return it to him. He’d even bitten down on the straw. vdaPhz

He Shen stared at him for a while.

Qiao Shao: “What?”

He Shen lowered his eyes again: “Nothing.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Qiao Shao came closer to look at his paper. “This is … a math paper?” iXOh4a

He Shen paused in his writing and said, “En.”

Qiao Shao looked for a while and said, “Are these questions for humans?”

Don’t blame him for being surprised. He’d been reading the first question on the first page for a long time, and although he understood each word, when strung together he couldn’t make any sense of it!

He Shen said, “It involves some topics that aren’t part of the curriculum.” dcMh3v

Qiao Shao: “………………”

He Shen drank the sweet soy milk and was in no mood to answer the questions. He asked, “Do you want to try to solve it?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Qiao Shao shook his head vigorously. “No way I’d be able to solve that!”

Aside from writing “solution”, he wouldn’t be able to do anything else. Zdk7xv

“It’s not that complex,” He Shen picked up the pen and clicked on the question, “the point is here …”

Qiao Shao originally thought that there would be absolutely no way he’d be able to solve this problem.

The strange and marvelous thing though was that with He Shen’s deep voice narrating the process, he was unexpectedly able to do it.

He Shen said, “See? It’s not that difficult.” HwdysU

Qiao Shao’s eyes lit up. “It’s fun.”

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He Shen moved his pen. “After you test within the top three, I’ll take you to the IMO.”

Qiao Shao turned timid. “Sigh, let’s pass the upcoming final exam first.”

At noon, Qiao Shao saw countless messages in the Math Society chat. J0uzop

“I got the new question Old Wang gave to the god of learning!”

“I heard the god of learning has already finished answering it!”

“Damn it, the gap is too big. I can’t even make heads or tails of this problem they just released!”

“It’s normal that we can’t solve it. The president posted it mainly for us to admire it.” X1lTts

The content of the chat soon flashed over a hundred. Qiao Shao couldn’t read it at all, he only knew that the Mathematics Society had a new question.

He downloaded it and looked at it, and found that the question was very familiar. This was obviously the problem He Shen had taught him that morning.


He put on his headphones and tried to recall it. He found that he could still recall what He Shen had told him so he wrote the solution and answer in his notebook, took a picture and submitted it. MFu5nU

At this moment, Chen Su called out to him. Qiao Shao put away his cell phone and went to talk to him.

What he didn’t know was that when he put down his phone, the Math Society blew up.

“Someone submitted an answer.”

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“They probably just guessed. How could it be solved in such a short time?” IXqxdD

“Yeah, it took less than ten minutes!”

“Even our god of learning …”

Three minutes later, the president of Mathematics Society announced. “It’s the correct answer, this Larry tongxue submitted the correct answer!”

The chat members were all anonymous. Qiao Shao’s nickname was — “Larry”. 9kve7I

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