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My Underachieving Seatmate Doesn't Need Any ComfortingChapter 110


Chapter 110

Qiao Shao couldn’t explain clearly, and he couldn’t bring up his psychological problems either. CdvswO

But For Liang Zhu, how could someone who performs that well on a math contest be afraid of the final exam? It was simply unreasonable.

Qiao Shao didn’t feel like talking about it anymore. Just let it be then … he was already used to the days like this when he told the truth but no one believed him.

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The math enthusiasts from the other school were all test experts. After hearing about the offline competition that weekend, they all expressed their willingness to participate. Their only request was for East High to secure the classroom.

Top Pillar assured them that it could be done and so the time for the rematch was set. 8g62Zz

He Shen went to ask Teacher Lin, the leader of East High’s Mathematics Group, about borrowing a classroom. The teacher agreed to it before even asking, “What do you need it for?” His tone was friendly and gentle, completely unlike Tyrant Lin, who the students had dubbed as one of the three terrors.

He Shen didn’t have anything to hide and told him about the students’ spontaneous math competition.

Old Lin’s eyes lit up and said, “This is wonderful!”

He Shen said, “I think so too.”


Old Lin asked, “Will you be participating?”

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He Shen politely said, “I won’t be participating.”

“Yes, yes!” Old Lin said, “If you joined it would be quite the blow to the children’s enthusiasm…” He said while looking all over for his mobile phone. “I’m going to give a call to the director. He’s a classmate of mine. We should encourage the children’s ardent love for math. We should make full use of this kind of activities and us as teacher should support it… ”

As a result, this small-scale informal math league competition drew a lot of attention. Shf5aN

All the math teachers from the different school knew each other. Either they were former classmates, former students, or friends they met in professional organizations, in short, they were all very familiar with each other.

As soon as they got talking, they immediately worked out a plan.

These math enthusiasts from the various schools were all dumbstruck—-WTF, why were they taking this so seriously? Now, we’re a little nervous!

The competition was scheduled for Sunday morning during the long break. KjcIgV

Qiao Shao’s classroom, Second Year Class One was selected as the venue.

When Old Tang asked his students to clear out their desk drawers, Song Yixu turned pale with fright. “What’s happening? Are we about to start the monthly exam? I’m not mentally prepared yet!”

Old Tang smiled and said, “Nothing to be nervous about. There’ll just be a math contest, non-participants need not come.”

Silly Husky Song was relieved, and muttered to himself. “Who could be so unlucky that they’d still have to take an exam on the weekend?” i8VS50

‘Unlucky’ Qiao, sitting in front of him, didn’t dare make a sound.

If he couldn’t explain it clearly to Liang Zhu, he definitely wouldn’t be able to explain it to his classmates. He’d probably scare them too. He’ll wait until the formal exams and gradually improve his grades…

In order to prepare for the exam, Qiao Shao very earnestly did his problem exercises.

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He Shen was the best private tutor, he couldn’t have done any better. d59sEm

When Da Qiao heard that Qiao Shao was about to take part in a math competition that weekend, he was very nervous. He served tea and water, his cautious appearance looked like that of the poor parents waiting upon the students taking the college entrance examinations.

Qiao Shao loved to study. He used to be an all-rounder in all seven subjects in elementary school. Later, he missed a lot of lesson and when he returned to junior high school, he tried hard to mend the holes in his studies. Moreover, when he went to East High, he got He Shen to help him and now he was getting twice the results with half the effort.

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On Sunday, Da Qiao was even more nervous than Qiao Shao. When pouring milk for him, he missed the glass.

Hljb Vtjb kjr nfgs jwerfv. “Gj Hljb, ktja jgf sbe qjclmxlcu obg?” MACQqb

Hljb Ibcuwlc qgfafcvfv ab yf mjiw. “P’w cba qjclmxlcu!”

Hljb Vtjb rjlv, “Gbc’a yf cfgnber, P mjc riffq kfii ja cluta cbk.”

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Pa kbeiv tjnf wjvf cb rfcrf lo tf’v rjlv atlr ab rbwfbcf firf. Ktfs mbwqifafis kbeivc’a ecvfgrajcv. Dea ybat bo atf batfg wfc bc atlr ajyif ecvfgrabbv jcv ktfc atfs tfjgv la, atflg tfjgar kfgf oliifv klat j rfcrf bo agjcdelilas.

Qiao Shao can now fall asleep at night without wearing headphones or listening to any music. This was something that they didn’t even dare think about before. FJuxCg

The reason why Qiao Zongmin was nervous was only because he was worried about his mental state. If Qiao Shao can perform normally, does that mean …does that mean …that he has completely recovered?

Wouldn’t it also mean that the demon that has bound Qiao Zongmin for five long years would also finally disappear?

What Zhang Guanting had said was right. In this disaster, the father was no less traumatized than his son. It was just that the father was a mentally-strong adult and he forcibly endured everything.

It was a pity that the tighter the rubber band was stretched, the more painful when it breaks. If the father could no longer bear it, the consequences would only be even more tragic. Fortunately, at the other end of the rubber band was his son. As long as the son relaxes, the father relaxes. 5DmtLV

In other words, if Qiao Shao recovers then Qiao Zongmin will also recover.

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By saving Qiao Shao, He Shen actually saved Qiao Zongmin as well. He saved this entire family.

Qiao Zongmin understood this.

Qiao Zongmin personally sent them to school, Qiao Shao joked, “With such an expensive driver, what would I do if I failed the competition?” OQJ1CU

Qiao Zongmin immediately said, “Don’t feel pressured!”

After getting off the car, Qiao Shao gave his dad a hug. “Okay, you shouldn’t feel pressured either.”

Qiao Zongmin felt a twinge in his heart. He patted his son’s back. “Do your best!”

Qiao Shao couldn’t help laughing at him. “Tell me you’re not gonna be like this when I take the college entrance exams.” 70dS2s

Qiao Zongmin brought up a truth. “Would you two still need to take the college entrance exams?”

Qiao Shao smiled. “Yes.”

He used to worry about He Shen going to Tsinghua or Peking University and him going to Harvard or Yale, and they would have to suffer through a long distance relationship … Now, he was no longer worried. No matter where he goes, he will never let go of He Shen’s hand. They will be together wherever he goes.

When it was just the two of them left, He Shen held Qiao Shao’s hand. “Think you can do it?” 8WlHRI

Qiao Shao said helplessly, “Can you two please relax a bit!”

These two non-competitors were even more nervous than he, the competitor himself was!

He Shen didn’t dare show it when he was at home, but now, he was unintentionally revealing his worry. “Actually you don’t need to worry so much.”

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Qiao Shao intertwined their fingers. His tone was very relaxed, “Aren’t you going to oversee the competition for me?” bNYKV3

He Shen was a bit dazed.

Qiao Shao looked up at him. “With you there, I’m not afraid of anything.”

He Shen’s heart leapt. He leaned over and kissed him in the middle of the deserted campus.

Because the teachers had been alerted of the competition, the test questions this time were prepared by the math teachers from each school. The difficulty was not necessarily high, but the balance was definitely much better than the questions that the “organizing committee” just dug up from everywhere. OV7YnZ

When he saw the test paper, Qiao Shao was relieved. Good. The questions were very familiar.

The campus on Sunday was exceptionally quiet, even quieter than during the official exam.

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There was absolutely no sound around. There was only one classroom in the whole teaching building with anyone around. Even then, there weren’t a lot of participants in the competition and they were all good students who are accustomed to quietly answering exercise sheets. So, the examination room was very quiet.

Sensing He Shen looking at him, Qiao Shao gave him a smile—how mystifying, this thing that once struck fear into his very bones was now, not the least bit scary. gEGdb6

Qiao Shao held the pen calmly and trained his eyes on the test paper. His mind cleared and he was focused on solving these questions.

No problem!

Qiao Shao began to answer the questions.

There were a lot of questions and the examination time was also very long. Qiao Shao managed to pass his paper within the allotted three hours. zCarVb

He Shen and the other supervising teacher collected the papers. He didn’t look at him.

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Qiao Shao was still a little nervous. He knew He Shen had been watching beside him for a long time.

Liang Zhu ran over and asked, “How was it?” It seemed that everyone except Qiao Shao was very nervous.

Qiao Shao said, “No problem!” I0647P

They exchanged a high-five. “I knew you could do it!”

While talking, he took Qiao Shao to meet the other people in the exam room. Although they were all from different schools, because of their shared “hobby”, everyone had more or less chatted online with one another. This event could also be considered as one big IRL meet and greet.

It was just that most of them were very introverted and some might even have a bit of social anxiety. There wasn’t anyone who was lively like Liang Zhu. They may be able to chat on the Internet, but they could only manage a few polite questions when face to face. Very quickly, all they wanted was to leave.

On the way home, He Shen said to Qiao Shao. “Perfect score.” BUvrxT

Qiao Shao’s eyes suddenly widened. “You’re not teasing me?”

He Shen said, “Do I or do I not get perfect scores?” He does. In other words, he couldn’t have gotten it wrong.

Qiao Shao felt a little light-headed. “Am I that amazing?!”

He Shen egged him on. “Want to go join a competition with me next year?” 1cvZVy

Qiao Shao instantly sobered up. “No thanks! I don’t want to go bald prematurely!”

Were those questions for humans? Studying high-level calculus in High School was just courting death!

On Tuesday, the results of the offline competition were announced.

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Qiao Shao’s eyes turned into crescent when he saw his score. di0FPe

Top Pillar sang his praises in the group chat. Each paragraph was at least one hundred words long, and there were no repeat sentences. This ability to spam a group chat was truly beyond that of a normal person’s.

Qiao Shao couldn’t look at it anymore. He told He Shen about it and He Shen took his mobile phone. “I’ll take a look.”

Qiao Shao said, “Don’t look at it. It’s terrifying.”

He Shen looked at it with great interest. “This Liang Zhu’s not bad.” dB2YGr

Qiao Shao: “???

He Shen appraised, “He’s a good guy.”

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Although for Qiao Shao, Liang Zhu was indeed a good person, he had a feeling that He Shen’s evaluation standards were a lot different from his own!

Shen Ge, the only reason you thing he’s a good guy is because of his ability to blow rainbow farts! X9cv4W

But the problem is, you’re not even the one he’s even blowing up about! What is it that has you looking so happy!

Qiao Shao didn’t know who he needed to ridicule anymore.

What caught Qiao Shao completely unaware was that before they were let out of evening self-study, Old Tang, his face absolutely glowing with happiness, entered the room and said, “I have an announcement to make!”

The students were nervous, thinking they would be asked to stay behind. p3guX7

With a swish, Old Tang unfurled the certificate in his hand and showed it to everyone. “Congratulations to our class’ Qiao Shao Tongxue for winning the first five-school joint math competition!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Qiao Shao: “!!!”

The class was quiet for a second and then exploded. Silly Husky Song was especially shocked. “What? Qiao Shao? Teach, did you make a mistake? Shen Ge and Shao Ge aren’t the least bit alike.”

Tang Yu walked off the podium and happily handed over the certificate to Qiao Shao. “Wonderful! Continue to do your best!” zenl6O

Qiao Shao accepted the certificate in a daze and said dully, “Thank you.”

He Shen gave a low chuckle.

Qiao Shao returned to his senses and quickly pulled He Shen, saying, “Go, let’s go!”

He ran out quickly. He didn’t want to be surrounded by his classmates. L1hf7X

Thanks to his quick response, his classmates were given no chance to respond and no one managed to catch them.

Qiao Shao was panting when he got into the car. He Shen carefully took his certificate and said, “Why’d you run? We’ll still have to go to class tomorrow.”

Qiao Shao said, “That’s different. Things would have cooled down by tomorrow.”

He Shen didn’t say anything. He stared at the certificate, looking at it over and over. q5hDGC

Qiao Shao was so embarrassed. He wanted to get the certificate, but unfortunately he failed to get it back.

When they got home, He Shen smiled and showed the certificate to Da Qiao.

Qiao Shao was actually really embarrassed. He went to the kitchen to pour himself some juice, and when he came out with the glass, he heard the conversation between them and almost sprayed out his drink!

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He heard Da Qiao say, “This is a good idea. We’ll hang it.” WK7X2l

He Shen approved. “I have a good piece purple heart wood that can be used for the frame.”

Qiao Shao couldn’t listen to it any longer. “Wha-what!”

He was dying from embarrassment. Who would frame such a worthless certificate? And frame it with the worth-its-weight-in-gold purple heart wood? Was this worthless certificate comparable to a Van Gogh or Picasso?!


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