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My Underachieving Seatmate Doesn't Need Any ComfortingChapter 108


Chapter 108

Unexpectedly, neither of them was willing to tell him! dGoNQX

Qiao Shao turned off the screen of his mobile phone, hugging his pillow angrily. After a while, his lips curved into a smile. Da Qiao unexpectedly went to have a chat with He Shen. It seems like his dad has already accepted him.

After smiling for a while, he became angry again. “Aaaaaah, what the hell were they talking about!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Qiao Shao picked up his mobile phone and saw He Shen’s voice message. He didn’t dare to click and listen to it again. He replied, “If you don’t want to tell me then forget it.”

He Shen asked, “You really want to know?” Jv1KuR

Qiao Shao’s eyes lit up again. “No talking nonsense.”

He Shen sent a video call request and Qiao Shao answered it.

He Shen sat in a chair and looked at Qiao Shao, who was lying down on a bed identical to his. There was a sense of tranquility in his heart. “Then I’ll tell you.”

Qiao Shao urged, “Hurry up!”


He Shen said slowly, “Actually, he came by to remind me that, before I turn 18, I shouldn’t……” have a falling out with the Xie Family.

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Before he finished, Qiao Shao blushed furiously and hung up with a click.

He Shen chuckled aloud.

Qiao Shao became furious. “I’m going to sleep!” MyhD5Y

He’s done for! Da Qiao couldn’t really have gone to talk to him about that, right?

Can Da “dirty-minded” Qiao please stop having such indecent thoughts?

He Shen deliberately didn’t explain and after saying good-night, went to take a shower.

After tossing and turning in bed a few times, Qiao Shao also fell asleep. D NyoK

He didn’t wear any headphones, and there was no music in the room. In the middle of the quiet night, the corner of his lips raised in a smile and he happily fell asleep.

The nightmare that lasted for several years finally vanished.

He had taken a small step out of the deep chasm of self-blame and guilt.

Da Qiao didn’t go anywhere that weekend. He stayed at home and kept an eye on the two kids. EFYCUt

Qiao Shao had also gotten used to it. That night, he wrote in the diary: ‘I would like to ask Comrade Da Qiao to wash his brain of indecent thoughts!’

Qiao Zongmin angrily wrote back. ‘I would like to ask Qiao Shao Tongxue to conduct himself with some dignity!’

He Shen, who wrote in the diary last, oh-so-casually snuck in some flattery: ‘the salt-baked prawns during lunch were delicious.’

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Among the six dishes served for lunch, this was the only one Da Qiao made. jd0oQr

When he read this entry, Qiao Shao felt extremely ashamed of He Shen’s behavior. “Shen Shen, in the future, please write only truthful entries.”

He Shen didn’t feel the least bit guilty. “Are you saying the prawns weren’t tasty?”

Qiao Shao felt his dad’s eyes starting daggers into him—How could he dare say it wasn’t delicious?

Damn it! Why did it feel like his position in this family was in jeopardy? These two were going to team up and bully him! VYKf3Z

On Sunday afternoon, Qiao Shao hurriedly took He Shen back to school. Even if he would now be staying at home, he still had to discuss it with the teacher first and he also had to pack up his things at the dorm. But most importantly, he wanted to get his dad off his back. Who could have thought that the dignified and imposing Da Qiao was hiding a pair of nosy parker eyes? All day long, he’d be starting at them instead of attending to proper business.

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While others would turn into uninhibited wild horses once they got out of school, He Shen was just the opposite. At home, he pretended to be pure and faultless but once he returned to school, he went back to being his indecent self!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Hljb Vtjb qertfv tlw. “Ufb-qfbqif klii rff…”

Lf Vtfc abbx tlr tjcv jcv obgmfv jii tlr kbgvr ab yf raemx lc tlr atgbja. lZtG6u

Hljb Vtjb jigfjvs kjrc’a jr ragbcu jr tf kjr ab yfulc klat. Ccv cbk, tf mbeivc’a wbnf ja jii. Llr xlrr wjvf tlw ecjyif ab fnfc ygfjatf.

He Shen even laughed at him. “Take a breath.”

Qiao Shao wanted to murder him. “That’s easy for you to say!” This was easier said than done!

Qiao Shao amused He Shen so much his heart felt tickled. He pecked him on his forehead. “Let’s go.” 95ZtcN

Qiao Shao was still trying to catch his breath.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He Shen gave him a scare. “If we’re not going yet, maybe we should conti–…”

Qiao Shao took large steps forward. He thought to himself — I really should let Da Qiao have a look at your true face!

When they arrived at the dormitory, and Blue Hair and Chen Su were already there. YVO8kA

Since Chen Su started tutoring Blue Hair, Wei Jiayu started coming back to school early. Although he kicked up a fuss, he was actually well-behaved and abided by the rules. Once something was decided, he would definitely comply with it. Although, he’d be swearing the whole way……

Right now, the two were once again quarreling. Wei Jiayu’s energy was astonishing. “Laozi has spent half an hour on these questions! How dare you say it’s a total failure!”

Chen Su gave a roundabout insult. “It’s surprising how you’re not even embarrassed to admit you spent half an hour on such simple questions.”

Wei Jiayu: “Can’t you f*cking fix your attitude a bit!” vnAd3b

Chen replied: “Can you take thing a bit more seriously.”

Wei Jiayu: “Is Laozi not taking this seriously enough yet? When has Laozi …”

The opening of the door interrupted Wei Jiayu’s roar.

Qiao Shao was dumbfounded. “Why are you two quarreling again?” c61YCw

When there was no one else around, the two would mercilessly throw insults at each other. When there was someone else though, they wouldn’t say a word and wouldn’t look at the other. He would ignore the other completely.

Qiao Shao: “………” These two must have some deep resentment from their past lives!

Wei Jiayu saw He Shen was very surprised. “Shen Ge?”

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He Shen nodded. 7b1kde

Wei Jiayu greatly admired Lou Xiao and He Shen. His attitude towards them was very different from his attitude towards everyone else. He asked, “Are you planning to move into 516?”

He Shen said, “No.”

Wei Jiayu was very disappointed. “That’s …” They had no idea who would be moving in. It definitely wouldn’t be as comfortable if the one moving in was someone they knew.

He Shen explained, “I’ve already paid for the use of these two beds. I’ve already told the teacher and we’ll be coming here to rest during noon break.” GKbIQq

Wei Jiayu missed the main point. His eyes lit up. “So no one else will be moving in?”

He Shen: “En.”

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Chen Su though grasp the key point immediately. He looked over and asked, “Two beds?”

Qiao Shao explained, a little embarrassed, “That … I plan to move out.” ndd7ma

Chen Su was surprised.

Wei Jiayu: “Wut-?” He was once again surprised into revealing his accent.

Qiao Shao also felt very reluctant to part with them. He said, “Beginning this semester, I won’t be boarding in school anymore.”

Chen Su asked, “You’ll be staying at home?” KublTw

Qiao Shao paused and said, “En.”

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Chen Su didn’t question him closely. He asked, “When will you move? Do you want to pack up?”

Wei Jiayu couldn’t listen to it anymore. He even asked, “How can you house be possible be better than the dorm?”

He had been to Chen Su’s house and was really shocked by the life of a poor ghost. Is this a place where people live? He’s got a nice dorm right here, why would he ever move back? 4W1Iqc

Is his house not at the very least as good as this dorm? Qiao Shao was dazed for a while. How should he explain this …

He Shen answered, “His house is very good.”

Wei Jiayu didn’t say anything anymore… Fine. If his boyfriend approved, then how could he say anything else?

Qiao Shao cleared his throat and said, “Although I won’t sleep here at night, we will come back here during noon break.” Z3CkQu

Actually, Qiao Shao originally planned to go to He Shen’s rented apartment during noon break. When Da Qiao heard this, he slapped the table and stood up. He issued to him five words—-don’t even think about it!

He Shen displayed some quick thinking and immediately decided to use his rent money to pay for the beds at school instead.

Wei Jiayu didn’t think much about it until Chen Su asked Qiao Shao lightly, “Won’t it be a hassle going back and forth to school?”

Qiao Shao said, “It’s not any hassle at all. I’ll be with He Shen.” lYUsTn

Wei Jiayu remembered that he had seen He Shen’s family’s car. He stressed, “He Shen’s family has a car.”

Chen Su finally felt reassured. “That’s good then.”

To the side, Wei Jiayu’s ears pricked up. He had heard it clearly — The f*ck! Was this little poor ghost living at He Shen’s house? Aaaah, were the two living together now?

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Wei Jiayu panicked, and he quickly sent a message to Xiao Ge in faraway C City. “Shocking insider secret! Shen Ge and the poor ghost are now cohabiting!” GQzHf4

Lou Xiao, who had just finished a training match, saw this message—he said nothing and replied to him: “Do you know what a shocking insider secret is?”

Wei Jiayu: “???

The former school tyrant gave an example. “If Lao He had gotten pregnant then, this would be a shocking insider secret.”

Wei Blue Hair: “……………………” 5bBSqc

With this blow, Comrade Blue Cat admitted defeat wholeheartedly.

On Thursday, during the extracurricular activity class, Qiao Shao waited for the mathematics society to issue the new questions. Who knew that the group chat would suddenly explode after a couple of seconds.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Suddenly someone used an anonymous username and said, “We had an unfair advantage during the last league competition.”

The theme for the anonymous usernames was probably Dream of the Red Chambers. The person who spoke up used the name Gu Baoyu. RL1GJv

Then, Lin Daiyu also came out. “Have you heard?”

Xue Baochai also chimed in. “Is it fake? Or real?”

Tan Chun also came to join the fun: “I don’t believe it!”

Even Feng Jie appeared. “I have seen the pictures they sent, and the two sets of answers were exactly the same …” gVhsyf

Jia Baoyu asked, “I don’t think it’s possible. Even if someone wanted to copy his answers, our president wouldn’t allow it.”

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Feng Jie said, “To be fair, our East High has indeed been suppressed for a very long time.”

Even Mother Gu made an appearance. “But it’s not honorable to win like this!”

“Yeah,” Xue Baochai added, “That’s why this got posted right away.” 2wzl4j

Qing Wen snorted, “Those other schools’ students are just groping around blindly for something to throw at us. As soon as our god of learning takes the stage, what can they do?”

Xi Ren said, “What are you thinking? Having the god of learning go up would already be cheating.”

Lin Daiyu said quietly, “But, they’re really accusing us of cheating right now.”

After looking through it, Qiao Shao understood what was going on. k3hgOf

Feng Jie sent a comparison photo, and Qiao Shao was surprised when he had a look at it. The answers that he and Top Pillar sent were exactly the same. What’s more even more confounding was that Top Pillar got wrong even that question Qiao Shao had missed because He Shen had distracted him…

No wonder the students from the other school suspected that they had cheated …

Actually, this was the disadvantage of an online competition. Although everyone was given no time to look for the answers, they could still just answer the questions together.

If both people from the same school worked together to answer the questions, their scores would indeed be higher than if they had done them separately. LN6Qd1

This time East High had taken first place in the league, and all the other schools were a bit unhappy. East High had incurred a lot of hatred. The fact that they already had He Shen was infuriating enough. How could they be reconciled if they would even take the crown for this kind of amateur competition?

They took a look at the scores and these two contestants scored exactly the same. They then looked at the test questions … Unexpectedly, they were also wrong on the same thing!

Finally, there was now a person in the group who wasn’t anonymous. Top Pillar said angrily: “What nonsense is this? I don’t even know Brother Larry!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Everyone shut up instantly. TbdD29

Top Pillar said, “I can personality guarantee that we have never met, let alone answered the questions together!”

As a fast-typing motor mouth, Top Pillar continued to prattle on. “I can swear on my life that I have never seen him. May I be struck by lightning…”

Qiao Shao felt kind of guilty. Don’t try to court death, President. It seems that we really have met before. That day when he and He Shen went mountain climbing during the summer, they had ran into Liang Zhu …

The mathematics society grew quiet for a while, and then Feng Jie said again, “But the others won’t believe that.” K5jg4Q

Top Pillar said, “What do we care about them? So long as we have a clear conscience!”

Qing Wen said, “Just who is Larry? There’s only so many people who study that well in our year level…”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

The others didn’t say anything. This was just to give Top Pillar face, but their hearts were still wavering.

There hadn’t been any movement before, how come this skilled and capable Larry suddenly appeared? How did he suddenly just join the league competition and seize the crown to boot? eqL2gN

An anonymous person named Gu Huan grumbled, “President, isn’t Larry just your side account?”

Top Pillar was going crazy. “What the hell are you talking about!”

Qiao Shao couldn’t stand it anymore, he finally chimed in. “Why don’t we just have another competition?”

As soon as he spoke, the group went silent. UPyfs9

Top Pillar saw that he had come and said, “Don’t listen to their nonsense.”

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Feng Jie said, “What’s the use of that? They still won’t believe us…”

Qiao Shao said, “You can find a classroom to use this time and we’ll answer the questions on the spot.”


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