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Marshal, Please Calm DownCh058 - A’ Mo: Whoever Bumped into the Male God Would Know that his Abs Are Really Solid


Translator: Callis

Wu Zimo’s days at the Heaven’s Wrath Corps were very free and unfettered.  Z16deL

If someone wanted to cause trouble for Wu Zimo, then they would need to remember who the youth’s backer was. Nevermind the headquarter’s elites; most of them were secretly standing around and watching the Marshal and the youth’s entertaining play. It was completely impossible for anyone to court disaster and be face-slapped by Wu Zimo. 

There hadn’t been any conflicts. Truth be told, Wu Zimo, who thought of himself as a protagonist, was a little unhappy. However, under Luo Ye’s feeding, thoughts of conflicts and face-slapping turned into floating clouds. To a foodie, there was nothing that could stand in front of food. If there was, then double the amount of food! 

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Of course, Luo Ye’s feeding was  incited by the Marshal. Since the first day, he had known that if Wu Zimo was immersed in the coding world, then he would even forget to eat. He would only react if he was truly hungry. 

In this regard, Rocard teased Wu Zimo for calling himself a foodie when he could forget about something as important as eating.  DGx93o

As a result, he had naturally received Wu Zimo’s disdain alongside Luo Ye’s gourmet food temptation training. It truly was training, because Rocard was placed on the opposite side of the table, and had to watch Wu Zimo’s blissful expression as the other ate the food in front of him. 

The pitiful Rocard had tasted ingredients that needed to be censored for an entire day because of the path of Luo Ye’s research. As for the taste, it must not be mentioned. Whoever ate it would know……

With his hard-earned freedom, it was truly inhuman to face such cruel abuse. 

“It serves you right for doing something so stupid, Deputy Rocard.” 


Wu Zimo smiled happily as he rubbed his round stomach. He expressed no sympathy for the man, who was like a pickled vegetable and liked to court disaster, sitting on the other side of the table.

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Additionally, Wu Zimoi hadn’t known that Luo Ye had made Rocard his test-taster so he could study all kinds of strange Interstellar ingredients. He only knew that Rocard had been interacting with Luo Ye recently. So, he had always thought that Rocard had been surrounded by delicious food every day. He hadn’t even envied him yet, how could he have sympathy for this cheap fellow who was also pretending to be obedient?

“Haven’t you been hanging around Luo Ye these past few days? Could it be that you haven’t eaten your fill of Luo Ye’s delicious food? After eating so much of his delicious food, you unexpectedly haven’t gotten fat. Your self-control is very good.” Or rather, should it be said that sentinels’ digestive power was very strong, so they wouldn’t get fat so easily?

Wu Zimo had originally wanted to tease Rocard, but it turned out that he had poked the other’s sore spot. Rocard hadn’t enjoyed being Luo Ye’s test eater; rather, it was torture!  27fd5a

Because Wu Zimo had mentioned it, Rocard finally remembered that Luo Ye would run off to him to study those censored foods precisely because he was inspired by the foodie Wu Zimo. 

Thinking about the experiences he had undergone the past few days that he hadn’t wanted to remember again, Rocard wasn’t pickling vegetables anymore. He was excited, having broken the rope that trapped him. Before Wu Zimo could react, he rushed to him, grabbed his shoulder, and shook it vigorously.

“Wu Zimo, did you know how painful my days have been?! Don’t mention a normal meal, it was all food that had to be censored before it could be shown to people?! I’m not ridiculing those odd, weird flavors. The most important thing is that the ones that Luo Ye didn’t know how to properly make would  give you diarrhea!” 

That’s right! Don’t mention enjoying the food, if Luo Ye could give him a normal meal, Rocard would be thanking the heavens. Because he didn’t know on the first day, had no choice but to completely finish all of Luo Ye’s experiments under the other’s meaningful gazes and coercion. That night, Rocard wasn’t able to leave the toilet.  J5pABw

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Ebmjgv, ktb 【yffq】 ecali tf kjr vftsvgjafv, vlvc’a fnfc tjnf atf mtjcmf ab byrfgnf j wbwfca bo rlifcmf obg tlr ilaaif mtgsrjcatfwew yfobgf tf’v tjnf ab ojmf atf rwlilcu Oeb Tf, ktb tjv mbwf ab jrx tlw ab afra tlr obbv jujlc…… 

After a few days of hellish experiments, Rocard could only be lively because of his pharmacist partner. 

When Sima Hua received Rocard’s tearful messages of complaint, he thought that they were intentional exaggerations. It wasn’t that Sima Hua hadn’t believed Rocard, but because this fellow was a serial offender. However, after seeing that his sentinel was really being tormented through the video, Sima Hua must have been distressed.  wdtCqf

He didn’t care about his work anymore and immediately rushed back to the Heaven’s Wrath Corps’s general headquarters with a large number of both useful and useless medicine. 

Sima Hua was a member of the Federation’s Scientific Research Institution. They had access to the headquarters of all three Corps. It was just that they were a little more restricted when entering these places. However, his other identity as Deputy Rocard’s guide companion allowed him to have the least restrictions in the Heaven’s Wrath Corps. 

With the blessing of Sima Hua’s love and Luo Ye seeing that he had really tortured Rocard into such a pitiful state, he had taken a day off. A day later, Rocard had been revived to his original state after having only half his life left; he was even more incredible than Xin Chun-ge!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

With the care that he received, he was able to relax and was in the mood to tease Wu Zimo. This was the result.  uHsh5D

It was true that Rocard was madly rudding down the road of self-made disaster, the kind that even several dozen oxen couldn’t drag him back from. 

After hearing Rocard’s crazed complaints, Wu Zimo smiled very unkindly but felt that it was a little uncomfortable to be grabbed like this. Because Rocard, a sentinel, was too close, Wu Zimo was afraid that the other would notice something odd about him. 

However, before Wu Zimo could open his mouth and ask Rocard to let go of him, the pair of hands at his shoulders was pulled away by another pair of strong, bronzed hands. 

“Scott, why are you here?” jm0WeO

Rocard looked up and saw Scott standing behind Wu Zimo; he felt that the other wanted to pull Wu Zimo’s entire body into his arms. After a certain Marshal pulled away a pair of irksome hands and shot him a cold glance, Rocard, who had wanted to continue, choked on his words. 

Damn! Using his gaze to threaten him! 

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Scott.” In fact, there was no need for Rocard to point things out. When the other person’s presence behind him, Wu Zimo knew that it was Scott who had come. 

Initially, Wu Zimo was a little confused about his intuition. How could he have felt the Marshal approach so clearly? No matter how much he thought about it, Wu Zimo’s slow mind couldn’t puzzle it out. In the end, he could only interpret this odd awareness as a special ability he gained after he awakened as a guide.  nQDuj2

Hearing the arrival of his male god, Wu Zimo subconsciously turned his head, but didn’t know that Scott was standing incredibly close behind him. Wu Zimo turned his head and directly smacked his face into the Marshal’s abdomen. 


Before he could instinctively cry out from the tearful pain of hitting his nose, Wu Zimo must express that he should first sigh with sorrow that the male god’s abdominal muscles really was hard; it was definitely more than a 6-pack! 

Because it was only because it was so hard that his nose now hurt so much!  tiS7vp

“Wu Zimo?” Wu Zimo suddenly froze. Rocard, who was beginning to court disaster to tease them again, was also confused. The Marshal looked down at the youth still in his arms. 

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Feeling that the youth was a bit confused, Scott furrowed his brows and gently pushed away the boy in his arms. 

When he saw Wu Zimo’s eyes moisten, Scott’s eyebrows furrowed even further.

“What happened?”  kZY mo

He saw that the nose of the youth that was in his embrace had turned red. His eyes were reddened and tears welling up. According to Scott’s understanding of Wu Zimo, this seemingly thin and weak youth was definitely very strong with a firm will. So, Scott would have never thought that he would see the youth’s tearful expression after he pushed him away. 

For the first time, Scott, a Marshal who didn’t move in the face of countless Dimensional Zergs, felt a sense of flustered failure. 

Wu Zimo didn’t know about the fluctuations in Scott’s heart. After touching the space around his nose, he felt even more pain, he reached out with a hand to cover his nose. Upon hearing the male god’s concerned question, he felt that his rash behavior was disgraceful. However, he answered, muffled: “I hit my nose.” 

“……” Although Wu Zimo’s voice was muffled, Scott and Rocard could still hear it clearly. This response caused Rocard to settle, not to mention Scott.  fACXIe

In the end, Rocard was the one to break the awkward atmosphere. Although to Wu Zimo, it was better to have Rocard’s mouth shut rather than open. 

Pft, hahahahaha!”

Doesn’t that make people laugh to  death?! He unexpectedly hit his nose! Wu Zimo, could you be a bit happier?! 

“Hey, A’Mo, do you think that Scott’s abs are particularly hard and especially strong?” Rocard teased Wu Zimo with a smiling expression that really was a lecherous grin. He kept shooting meaningful glances towards Wu Zimo. Don’t mention Wu Zimo, even the Marshal standing beside him couldn’t stand idly.  jd5DLp

No matter how they looked at it, Rocard was charging wildly along the road of self-destruction. He had dared to take liberties with Wu Zimo in front of the Marshal; this really was seeking death. 

And thus, he had been firmly suppressed by the Marshal again.

“I just saw Luo Ye looking for you.”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

“……” 5NkVvn

Scott, so it turns out that you’re this kind of Scott! You’re just using your position for personal grudges! 

However, no matter how much Rocard complained about Scott’s inhumaneness with a hidden bitter gaze, he couldn’t stop him from opening his light brain and contacting Luo Ye. 

“Pffft, have a good journey Rocard. I’ll be sure to think of you.” Wu Zimo was also an expert in throwing knives. He raised his claws against Rocard and flashed him two rows of white teeth. 

“……” CrS9gf

You pair of ruthless dogs! Yingyingying……I also have my family’s A’ Hua! Next time, he must let A’Hua stay at the general headquarters for a while. Scatter dog food and suppress you guys to death! Hmph! 

Rocard was dragged away by Luo Ye, and Wu Zimo and Scott were the only two people left in the room. Scott looked down and looked at Wu Zimo with his silver eyes. 

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“Does it still hurt?” 

“Ah? Oh, my nose. It doesn’t hurt anymore.”  OidMN9

People who had hit their noses before would know that the most painful moment was the impact with flowing tears. However, in only a short while, there wouldn’t be any pain. 

It really was quick to come and quick to leave. 

Scott heard Wu Zimo say that it wasn’t painful and he suddenly raised his hand. He softly rubbed the pad of his callused index finger against the tip of Wu Zimo’s still slightly reddened nose. 

“?!” gPRtaT

Scott’s sudden action rendered Wu Zimo completely unable to respond. He didn’t know what had happened; he just felt the warmth on his face and he subconsciously turned his head to avoid the touch of Scott’s fingertip. 

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Cough, cough, Scott, are you looking for me for something?” To make the scene feel less awkward, Wu Zimo could only take initiative to ask the question. 

“……” Wu Zimo’s casual question caused the strange feeling in the Marshal’s heart to completely turn into a type of indescribable feeling. 

Every time he encountered Wu Zimo, the other asked him if something had happened. Could it be that he couldn’t even come seek him out for no particular reason?!  pnHm0Z

However, ginger is spicier when it is older. Don’t mention the Marshal’s facial paralysis, which had been practiced to perfection. Even if Wu Zimo had given him a heavy heart, there were absolutely no signs of it on the surface. 

Because the strange feelings that had come about hadn’t been cleared up, Scott could only nod in agreement with Wu Zimo’s words. Even if the Marshal didn’t understand it clearly right now, that little fellow Wu Zimo was already in his territory. He couldn’t run even if he wanted to! 

Every ML has to have rock hard abs (*≧▽≦)ノシ))


Translator's Note

A singer characterized by masculinity, domination, and is a man among men

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