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Marshal, Please Calm DownCh037 - Going Window Shopping


Translator: Callis
Editor: Shiru

Wu Zimo woke up early today. He opened the dormitory’s window and glimpsed the sun rising outside; he looked out into the distance. The sky was clear, which was very good weather for going out on Ya Road.  Qxp nL

“A’ Mo, have you gotten out of bed?”

Wu Zimo thought that he had gotten up early, but before he could leave the room, he heard a knock on the door and Lyle calling out for him to get up. 

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“I’m up, I’ll be out soon.”

Wu Zimo immediately shouted back out to Lyle, who was outside the room. His movements didn’t slow down, and he quickly put on his clothes. Today, Wu Zimo still wore the First Military Academy’s uniform. The uniform appeared very proper and bright, and was of very good quality.  FaBSKI

Wu Zimo looked at the school uniform and compared it with the sportswear of his previous life. It was like comparing heaven and Earth. In one, he looked like a balloon, and in the other, he looked like a handsome man. It really was incomparable.

After taking care of his personal hygiene, he opened the door to smell the fresh scent of seafood wafting down the dormitory hall. 

“Seafood congee?” Don’t look down on Wu Zimo’s nose; in regards to food, there was nothing he couldn’t sniff out. 

When Lyle saw that Wu Zimo came out, he nodded and pushed the breakfast he had gotten from the cafeteria this morning to Wu Zimo, with the seafood congee that Wu Zimo had been thinking about among them.  PZbEmH

Wu Zimo quickly sat down and grabbed the spoon beside him, taking a spoonful of the congee. The soft, tender, and delicious taste bloomed in his mouth. Wu Zimo immediately narrowed his eyes in bliss. 

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

“This is definitely Uncle Li’s seafood congee! Lyle, you’re incredible, I’m surprised you were able to buy it!” 

When Lyle saw Wu Zimo’s happy expression, he smiled and shook his head. It wasn’t him that was incredible but Wu Zimo. 

The First Military Academy’s assessment had officially ended yesterday, and all the students knew the results. After that, not only did the students know, but the entire Federation, even the nearby Mola Empire, also knew.  9b73fp

Their team’s, or rather, Wu Zimo’s, reputation had once again risen to another level. When he went to buy breakfast in the morning, Uncle Li from the cafeteria saw him and immediately waved in greeting. He laughed heartily as he gave the seafood congee he had specially prepared to Lyle and asked him to bring it to Wu Zimo as a congratulatory gift. 

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Cough cough, it wasn’t surprising that Uncle Li had done this; Wu Zimo didn’t know when he had become popular among the cooks in the cafeteria. 

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Lyle explained to Wu Zimo that it wasn’t him who was incredible, but that it was Uncle Li’s congratulations to him. After hearing this, Wu Zimo’s eyes glittered, “Hehe, it really is Uncle Li who knows me well.”

Wu Zimo polished his breakfast off quickly, with Lyle not far behind him. When they finished their breakfast and left, it was still earlier than the time they had agreed to meet yesterday. 

If yesterday’s First Military Academy students were still immersed in the atmosphere of the end of the yearly assessment, then now, after a night of calm, the students were more concerned  with the top three teams of each of the four grades, especially Wu Zimo and the others, the dark horse team that was in the lead by a large amount. 

Along the path, Wu Zimo felt like he was a monkey in a zoo, his classmates standing at a distance and pointing him out. Xl duW

With a head full of black lines, Wu Zimo looked at the students, who immediately gave an embarrassed laugh and quickly walked away. He turned to Lyle and said: “Was our performance record this time really that astonishing?” Otherwise, how could it be that when everyone looked at him, they looked like they had seen a demon and immediately ran away?

Lyle shrugged, “It’s especially astonishing.”


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Lyle’s reply rendered Wu Zimo even more speechless, “Could it be that they forgot that our performance was good because of our cooperation with Mocca’s team?” CqdaRk

Isn’t this a very clear and easy-to-understand situation?? Mocca and the other’s results were just as good, if not slightly higher. They could know at first glance that their team must be affiliated with Mocca’s three teams. 

“Who could have imagined? They wouldn’t have thought that Mocca’s team would cooperate with us.” Rather, it should be said that some people thought that their team gained such a big advantage by latching onto Mocca and the others. 

Tsk! What did those people think of their team?! Wu Zimo rolled his eyes. Although there were three ordinary people on their team, Salah and the others were very strong. 

Wu Zimo was too lazy to think about the people he couldn’t understand. Sometimes, he noticed that he had a serious problem with keeping up with the way that the people of the future thought.  jHYQGa

The place where Wu Zimo agreed to meet Salah, Mocca, and the others was at the gate of the First Military Academy of the Interstellar Federation. When Wu Zimo and Lyle arrived, they thought that they would be the first there, but they discovered that Salah and the others, even Liz, were already there waiting.

When Wu Zimo and Lyle saw that everyone had arrived, they immediately quickened their pace and wondered: “Why is everyone so early? I thought we would be the first to arrive.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Liz saw that both Wu Zimo and Lyle were approaching and answered with a smile: “I got up early this morning because I was so excited.”

As for Salah, he didn’t speak but just nodded towards Wu Zimo, his eyes trained on Lyle the entire time. jtIYwd

Seeing Salah’s actions, Wu Zio didn’t know what to say. Really, this guy Salah, couldn’t he stop gazing at Lyle for even a moment?!

“Wu Zimo, you’ve arrived. Everyone is here.” Mocca and the others also smiled at Wu Zimo and greeted them.

The thirty-four people from the four teams standing by the First Military Academy’s gates were very conspicuous, especially since everyone knew that Mocca’s teams were in the top three of their year. Their total score was so amazing, that even Wu Zimo and the others, whom they had worked together with, were also famous. 

Wu Zimo felt the veiled gazes of students from all around them aimed towards them. He didn’t want to be a monkey surrounded by people, and said to everyone: “Since we’re all together, let’s head out.” mxNq1k

Lyle and the other ordinary people were still alright with the surrounding gazes, but Mocca and the others, with their heightened senses, didn’t like those gazes even more than Wu Zimo. Hearing Wu Zimo’s words, they didn’t object and immediately set out.

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As for the students who watched Wu Zimo leave and saw that harmonious atmosphere between Wu Zimo and Mocca’s teams, their previous suspicions were finally confirmed. However, some people still thought that Wu Zimo’s inferior team was just lucky and didn’t understand how they managed to get close to that shameless guy Mocca. 

Otherwise, their performance record wouldn’t have been so good! Thinking of this, the people became even more scornful. 

So, to the people with 【beep】in their hearts, whoever they would see would also be 【beep】. 2fm17N

There were no commercial or residential areas in the First Military Academy on the Interstellar Federation’s exclusive island. The entire island belonged to the First Military Academy, so they had to leave the island if they wanted to go buy things. 

Fortunately, there were many private vehicles coming and going from the island. There were thirty-four people in Wu Zimo’s party, almost the maximum number of people that could ride on the private vehicle. Their timing was just right; when they got to the stop, they saw a new, empty floating vehicle coming into the station. The group of people immediately got on the vehicle and waited around five minutes for the floating car to make its way to the city. 

Wu Zimo, this shut-in, wasn’t familiar with the capital star’s shopping mall, and the same was to be said about the original. The original was a bookworm who thought about studying all day long, and seldom went out to take a walk. First of all, he didn’t have money nor he didn’t have time.

So, the task of choosing a place to shop was left to Liz and Li Pengpeng, the girls. Wu Zimo and the other males just needed to tell them what they wanted to buy, and they would immediately provide them the most comprehensive shopping mall with the product.  OmEr6d

Wu Zimo didn’t know if it was especially busy that day, but when he got out of the vehicle, he saw many people coming and going through the mall’s gates; it was very busy. 

“Why are there so many people?”

“I don’t know, but there really are a lot of people here today.”

Lyle didn’t know the true meaning behind Wu Zimo’s words. He only heard him speak, looked around at the people bustling about in the shopping mall, and casually answered. wU6Hut

However, the meaning behind Wu Zimo’s words was that in the Interstellar era, wouldn’t it be popular to visit the Star Network or whatever holographic virtual network?! Why were there so many people crowding in reality?

Although there were many shut-ins in the Interstellar era, people also liked to go shopping in real shopping malls in person, because even if there was a holographic visual network, it wasn’t 100% real.

The handsome men and beautiful women of Wu Zimo’s group, especially while wearing the First Military Academy’s uniform, were very conspicuous among the masses. 

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The Federation’s people knew that the First Military Academy’s assessment had ended, and that there were four teams from the second and fourth years whose performance record was especially amazing. Fortunately the ordinary people of the Federation didn’t have the authorization to check Wu Zimo and the others’ appearances. Otherwise, in such a location, the sensation they would cause would be no less than one caused by superstars. IW0rH6

However, even if they didn’t know who Wu Zimo and the others were, with the First Military Academy uniform they were wearing, they also attracted the attention of the other customers at the mall. 

The customers’ gazes were slightly better than those from the First Military Academy, because most of them were to satisfy their curiosity. 

It was because this group of young people in the First Military Academy’s uniform was the future of the Federation.

Under this kind of public attention, Wu Zimo and the others couldn’t remain standing at the gate and being watched. Li Pengpeng and the other girls led the way, opening up a path ahead of them. Wu Zimo, who was following behind them, sighed ruefully again. Nin Aq

Even in the Interstellar age, the girls’ shopping prowess remained strong. As a shut-in, even if he arrived at the Interstellar, he still remained at home, so that he completely lacked presence. 

“Huh?” It wasn’t known what Li Pengpeng, who was leading the way in front of him, saw. Mocca, who was like a puppy trailing after Li Pengpeng, immediately shifted his gaze to the front and had quickened his pace, asking, “What happened?”

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“No wonder there are so many people at the mall today. It turns out that there’s a Dimensional Zerg exhibition being held.”

In the past, there would be many people at the shopping mall during a vacation, but there wouldn’t be as many as there were today. It turns out that there was a Dimensional Zerg exhibition being held.  rTtKRb

The people of the Interstellar knew that the Dimensional Zergs were their common enemy, but that was for the soldiers fighting on the front lines. For the people behind, they could only see Dimensional Zergs in videos on the news. In order to allow the people to gain a better understanding of the fear-inducing power of the Dimensional Zergs, there were many events that exhibited specimens of Dimensional Zergs. 

It just so happened to be the shopping mall’s turn today, so it was no wonder there were so many guests at the mall. 

Is this the MPCD equivalent of a beach episode? (*≧▽≦)ノシ))


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