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Marshal, Please Calm DownCh036 - Marshal Daren: You Have to Accept a Self-Made Disaster Even If You Need to Kneel


Translator: Callis
Editor: Walker

Thousands of years had gone by since humans started exploring the universe. Since then, the development humanity had undergone couldn’t be mentioned in the same breath as progress on Earth, especially the passing on of cultural knowledge, some of which were handed down, and some of which became submerged in the long river of time.  h689Gv

However, no matter how humanity has developed, every citizen of the Federation must keep the history of humanity on Earth in mind, especially the records related to the environment. 

If it weren’t for the development of humanity that ignored the protection of Earth’s environment, the Earth wouldn’t have entered the stage of destruction so quickly. Green vegetation completely disappeared, the clear rivers began overflowing with stinking sewage. The fertile earth became dry and desolate. 

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Even the blue oceans weren’t spared by humanity. 

Because of this painful lesson, the balance between the environment and development became the top priority for humans in the Interstellar era. As the Federation’s capital star, the natural environment on the celestial body was well preserved.  j5BKEk

If it was said that the cities encircled the forest on Earth, now, the forests encircled the cities on the capital star. 

The Presidential Palace, where the highest power worked and lived, was situated in an area surrounded on all sides by the natural environment. 

Because it was surrounded by trees, the river around it acted as a barrier. So, the only way to enter the Presidential Palace was to take a special floating vehicle. 

Every day, during business hours, floating vehicles flying over the sky came and left; it was especially lively. That day, the appearance of a floating vehicle with the mark of the Heaven’s Wrath Corp’s lightning bolt attracted the attention of many entering and exiting staff. 


“The Marshal daren‘s private vehicle?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Although there were three acting Marshals in the Interstellar Federation, the one who everyone knew as daren was the actual power-wielding Marshal Scott Alman of the Heaven’s Wrath Corps. Precisely, the lightning symbol was only on the vehicle that belonged to Marshal Alman. 

“Unexpectedly, the Marshal daren is going to the Presidential Palace in person. No way that there isn’t a big event occurring in the Interstellar!” 

That’s right. Though the staff working at the Presidential Palace adored Marshal Alman, they also hoped to be able to see him in person. However, as everyone knew, Marshal Alman was a busy man and wouldn’t personally go to the Presidential Palace unless something significant occurred.  m2xtYw

From the beginning, Marshal Alman’s behavior caused the people who weren’t in the loop to believe that Marshal Alman and President Xuanyuan had a bad relationship. However, after working there for a long time, they realized that it was their own President who didn’t want to see Marshal Alman, this fussy and critical person. Everytime he came, he annoyed the President even more. 

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Ktf delfais weaafglcu Wejcsejc Jtfcualjc vlvc’a gfjilhf atja tf tjv atf qbafcalji ab wjxf jc lcmbcrqlmeber gfwjgx. Lf bcis xcfk atja rfflcu Vmbaa, atlr arecvfgf, kbeivc’a wfjc jcsatlcu ubbv. 

Xuanyuan Chengtian allowed the secretary beside him to leave first. Although he didn’t know why, Scott who was in charge of the First Military Academy of the Interstellar’s Federation, would suddenly come looking for him, he understood that something serious must have happened. Otherwise, Scott wouldn’t have come to the Presidential Palace.  L9YN0v

Since he was well-acquainted with Scott’s temperament, he would definitely send over Rocard to report on the First Military Academy’s assessment. 

As soon as the secretary opened the door, he saw Marshal Alman approaching. He raised his head to see the Marshal in his military uniform. With his tall, straight, and charming appearance, paired with his deep silver eyes, even the seasoned secretary couldn’t help but flush, bowing her head to send her regards to the Marshal, then leaving quickly. 

As for how excited she was after she left, only the little secretary knew. 

Scott stood in front of the office door, raising his hand to knock in regular intervals, waiting for the person inside to give permission before opening the door and entering.  nBAMc2

“Hello, Your Excellency, Mr.President.” 

Seeing Scott’s iceberg face, Xuanyuan Chentian rolled his eyes in his heart, but on the surface, still maintained a neutral expression. 

“Hello, Marshal Alman. Is there an important issue for which you came in today?” Except for emergencies, this fellow would never come to his Presidential Palace. The President was just this self-aware! 

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“Yes, during the First Military Academy’s assessment, we found something important relating to the Dimensional Zergs, and is likely to affect the safety of the Federation.”  NCD0h

Scott’s tone was mild, but what he said made Xuanyuan Chengtian, who was sitting in his office chair, immediately sit up straight and his expression sank instantly. 

Something that could get even Scott to speak so cautiously about the safety of the Federation was a big deal! He motioned for Scott to sit down so that he could report it carefully. 

Scott didn’t draw it out; after sitting down, he turned on the video of what Wu Zimo noticed and the video of the large screen from Planet XT781’s command center. 

In such a large office, there was only Scott’s cold and clear voice reporting. As time went on, the Federation President’s expression became grimmer and grimmer.  cOUDd8

When Scott finished reporting, Xuanyuan Chengtian remained silent for a long time before finally saying: “Is this confirmed?”

“Of course.”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Although there hadn’t been a thorough investigation, the reactions of the low-leveled Spider Zergs on Planet XT781 proved that they also shared the higher-leveled Dimensional Zerg’s ability to communicate with one another. 

Xuanyuan Chengtian took a deep breath, and his brain started to work. As the President, it was natural for him to understand what Scott and the military were thinking in an instant, and could even think more deeply than them.  dHfvGK

He didn’t meddle in affairs that weren’t a part of his position; as the President, Xuanyuan Chengtian already bore great responsibility. 

The low-leveled Dimensional Zergs that could communicate had already spread to the outermost planets of the Federation, and thus, could no longer be ignored.

Now, they were like spies swimming in front of their eyes. So many years had passed, and they had no idea how much information about the Federation had been sent to the Mother Dimensional Zerg. 

Thinking about it again, there had once been several very important battles that the Federation had lost for dubious reasons in their war against the Dimensional Zergs.  PmOVoh

At that time, the higher-ups even thought that there were traitors in the Federation, but even if there were, the traitors wouldn’t ally themselves with the Dimensional Zergs, a race whose purpose was to devour everything. Rather, it was more likely for them to ally themselves with the neighboring Mola Empire.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Now that they knew the lower-leveled Dimensional Zergs could also communicate with each other, it wasn’t a surprise that they had lost the battles, because those battles had taken place in the regions of the galaxy occupied by the lower-leveled Dimensional Zergs. 

Xuanyuan Chengtian went through all of the things that could have happened in his mind before he spoke to the solemn-faced Scott sitting in front of him: “I will use the Presidential privilege to sign an urgent command. We can’t let any of the lower-leveled Dimensional Zergs on the Federation’s planets get away.” 

“Yes.” LtQZ4U

Once they finished discussing this serious matter, Scott was ready to leave and rose up before Xuanyuan Chengtian called out for him.

“Say, Scott, you don’t have to come and go in a hurry every time, alright?” Seeing Scott, who was ready to leave without even saying any superfluous words, Xuanyuan Chengtian lost his serious expression and was stunned.

Among their group of childhood friends, only Rocard, that unreliable fellow, was seduced by Scott’s ‘charm’, and ran over to be his deputy. As a result, it was only natural that he was awfully busy. Now, as soon as they got in touch, Rocard would definitely lament to them about Scott’s unkindness as a boss, since he didn’t have time to do shameful things with his family’s sweetheart. 

As for others, they were all busy, especially him, as he became the Federation’s President. HI9sdE

As for Scott, if there wasn’t an emergency, then he absolutely wouldn’t seek him out. As a result, the ignorant outsiders believed that the Heaven’s Wrath Corp’s Marshal Alman and President Xuanyuan didn’t have a good relationship. There were also rumors that there was a feud between them. 

Every time he heard such hearsay, he was stunned and all of his friends’ laughter overturned the heavens.

Truthfully speaking, a person who could make enemies with Scott, the national male god, wouldn’t be an ordinary person. However, when compared to the tsundere iceberg Marshal, the President was a trembling M. He was aware that everytime he teased the Marshal, he would be stifled until he spit up blood, but he still enjoyed doing it. 

So, everytime the Marshal came, the sounds of the President’s growls could be heard from his office. Thus, the rumors of their feud weren’t baseless, even if the people who spread the gossip had skewed their relationship up to the skies. 1udxt9

Although Scott had stopped and turned around, his expression towards the President was like he was looking at a stupid mortal. If you have something to say, say it quickly.


Every time he saw Scott’s gaze, Xuanyuan Chengtian wanted to beat his handsome face into a pig’s head. However, from childhood to now, because of his military duty, it was him who was beaten into a pig’s head every time. 

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

In retrospect, the dark history of his childhood was full of bitterness and tears.  5TKUxW

Cough cough, this is Lady Maria’s invitation. If you have time, go.” Xuanyuan Chengtian pulled out a pink invitation from a drawer, but his gaze shifted away as he spoke, not daring to look at Scott at all. 

The Marshal daren didn’t look at the invitation in the President’s hand either. The corners of his lips twitched upwards and spoke in an even tone: “You have to accept a self-made disaster, even if you need to kneel.” Then, without waiting for Xuanyuan Chengtian’s reaction, he turned around and left. 


The pitiful President who had been abandoned by the Marshal daren could only hold the pink invitation in his hands and stupidly stare at the already closed door.  a4KjXC

“Damn! Doesn’t this fellow not follow the news at all?! How could he have known that this invitation came from me courting disaster?!”

The President looked at the pink invitation in his hands with a sour expression on his face. The delicate pink seemed like it was ridiculing the President, who only had himself to blame for provoking trouble. 

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Ying ying ying, we clearly agreed to be each other's single dogs, how could I abandon my darling Scott to go on a blind date!” 

However, before the President could figure out who he ought to send the invitation in his hands to, his light brain rang with a notification. Thinking it was from work, when the President looked down at the name of the person the message was from on his light brain, his handsome face warped. SjEDNY

Lady Maria, the head of the Federation’s Guide Organization, had devoted her whole life to being a matchmaker, aiming to find perfect partners for all the sentinels and guides in the Federation. Of course, if ordinary people asked her, she would also very happily do so for them. 

Had to give in my laptop for repair so I’ve been living off borrowing my friend’s laptop for regular stuff and borrowing campus laptops for illustrator/ indesign ˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ )‧º·˚

Translator's Note

What I think he’s saying is that they’re both single dogs, but now the President wants to go on a blind date/ mixer, but that would mean he’s abandoning his ‘single dog scott’, so he wants scott to go with him?

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