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Marshal, Please Calm DownCh034 - The Dimensional Zergs’ Plot


Translator: Callis
Editor: Dragon

The large screen on the observation deck allowed the First Military Academy students to clearly see that the ten mechas were the same ones they had used while participating in the assessment. Seeing the emergence of the mechas, the students calmed down but remained puzzled. They found it odd that the Marshal would release such a video.  OeVw5K

When the students on the observation deck follow the mecha’s direction, they were soon met with a familiar scene on the video. 

“The mecha’s destination is Planet XT781?”

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That’s right. Having spent a week on Planet XT781, the students who persisted through the assessment were very sure that the place shown on the video was the one that had oppressed them many times: Planet XT781.

“Spider Zergs!” ItxAO2

While everyone was confused, a student with good eyes noticed that a group of at least one hundred Spider Zergs slowly approaching in the video. 

The new development caused the students of the First Military Academy, whether they were the eliminated ones or ones who had persevered until the end of the assessment, to all become silent. 

There was the fire of war soaring into the sky, the blinding smoke and dust, and the grim reaper who hunted and cut down the Spider Zergs’ life. 

For ten mechas, no matter if they were against hundreds of large Spider Zergs or a few small groups of Spider Zergs, they had not the slightest bit of mercy.  4bdWqh

They only had firm and nimble slaughtering actions. Every time they moved their blades, they would take a Spider Zerg’s life. 

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In the students’ eyes, the Spider Zergs were powerful enemies. However, against ten mechas, they were only slightly firmer than tofu. 

The atmosphere in the observation deck turned quiet. At this time, none of the First Military Academy’s students dared to speak. Even Mocca and his team all had wide eyes, unblinkingly staring at the ten mechas on the screen. 

The large observation deck only had the sound of rumbling gunfire from the screen. The sound was clearly very monotonous, but it was like they were watching an epic blockbuster.  h42tZu

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The students of the First Military Academy followed the camera’s shot, quietly watching the ten mechas that were acting like garbage collectors, quickly wiping out all the Spider Zergs on Planet XT781. 

Ktfs tjv bcis erfv atgff tbegr, jcv j wjpbglas bo atbrf atgff tbegr kjr rqfca kjrafv teggslcu jcv mjamtlcu eq. 

Cii atf Vqlvfg Ifgur bc Uijcfa Wa781 tjv yffc mifjcfv eq, jcv atf afjw bo afc mbwqifafis ecvjwjufv wfmtjr aegcfv jgbecv ab ifjnf. Ktf yjmxugbecv kjr oliifv klat rwbxf, ugfs yibbv, jcv atf ilwyr bo Vqlvfg Ifgur.  

“They only took three and a half hours.” Unlike the silent students of the First Military Academy, Wu Zimo looked at the team of mechas’ battle on the screen and was incomparably regretful.  ROfyZE

These were the soldiers who had experienced the baptism of blood and fire. They were people who, in the words of an inferior person, were much better than them. 

Unlike Wu Zimo who sensed the speed and combat effectiveness of the team, the Marshal, who was sitting in the command room of the Heaven’s Wrath Corps, saw the team’s operation. His brows furrowed and spoke lightly: “Their speed is slower than expected. When they return, have them reinforce their training.” 

“…….I say, my dear Marshal, they aren’t considered slow, alright?!” Rocard, who was sitting beside Scott, heard him say that the team he had sent was slow, he was immediately outraged on the team’s behalf. 

“Three and a half hours.”  Scott didn’t argue with Rocard, but pointed out that the time they had used was actually two hours slower than he expected. AloYwL


Rocard was speechless when he saw Scott’s serious expression. Had this fellow forgotten how large Planet XT781 was?! They had been traveling for the majority of the time, okay?! They couldn’t leap through space while on the planet, and there were all sorts of problems, like gravity, and so on. 

If he considered only the time they had used to kill Spider Zergs, it was only one hour!

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However, no matter how much Scott had driven Rocard mad, he knew that as long as Scott said the team needed more training, the team responsible for the mission would face even harsher training when they returned.  xZbrNk

However, based on Rocard’s understanding of his team members, if he let them know that it was their male god, the Marshal, who increased their training, those stinky little fellows would absolutely, eagerly increase their training without needing a whipping. 

Rocard expressed that he had long since given up hope in the star-chasing world! Especially since it was Scott, who he wished he could just beat up!

Scott glanced at Rocard, whose face was shifting through all kinds of expressions, and there was a hint of helplessness in his eyes. 

Rocard was good at everything, but his temperament was too worrisome. Uncle Ellis thought that if he had Rocard train in the army for a little bit, it would be enough to restrain his unruly character. However, from what he could see now, it hadn’t worked.  Pgj7Nc

Scott tapped his index finger against the table, letting Rocard, who was silently off in his own world, return to his senses.

When he saw that Rocard had turned around to look at him doubtfully, Scott said, “You are responsible for investigating the fact that lower-level Dimensional Zergs can send out signals for summoning their comrades. Then, send the information to the two other Corps and the President.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Rocard saw that Scott was talking about proper business, and he restrained his expression, showing his seriousness. 

After recording this in a memo, Rocard’s expression changed again. “We unexpectedly didn’t notice that the Spider Zergs knew how to exploit special signals to communicate with their comrades. If we didn’t come across that little fellow Wu Zimo this time, who managed to carefully notice this, I’m afraid something would have gone wrong.” Wln0Vu

Don’t mention that Scott and the others hadn’t noticed. Rocard suspected that even the nearby Mola Empire, which had a better understanding of Dimensional Zergs, didn’t know about it. 

It was also a situation that they couldn’t do anything about. In the Dimensional Zerg army, the Spider Zergs’ position was really too low, so low that no one really cared about them. Just from the massacre they had just seen, it had only taken a team of ten mechas a few hours to completely eliminate all of the Spider Zergs on the planet. 

From this, it was clear exactly how weak those Spider Zergs were. It was only the Marshal who wanted the students who hadn’t been touched by battle and had pointless fantasies to know that war wasn’t a beautiful thing. 

They used the weak Spider Zergs, who true soldiers saw as beneath them, to let the rookies feel the reality of war, breaking their unrealistic fantasies.  bzPxnp

However, thanks to Scott’s last-minute plan, they discovered that even such low-level Dimensional Zergs communicated with their comrades using special signals. 

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Although the Spider Zergs were so low-leveled that no one took them seriously, information on the battlefield was ever-changing, perhaps because a tiny bit of carelessness could influence the outcome of a battle.

“Scott, it seems like we can’t leave those Spider Zergs to their own devices. There are also the other insect Zergs that are similar to the Spider Zergs. Letting them move about on the planets under the Federation’s jurisdiction, who knows if any problems would arise……” Rocard, who had been rashly speaking suddenly jumped up, shouting in surprise.

“Wait wait, fuck! Could it be that the advanced Zergs knew that we didn’t care about the lower level Zergs like the Spider Zergs, so they deliberately let the lower level Zergs invade our Federation’s planets?!” H EuLl

Not only was Rocard terrified by his own inference, in the seat next to him, Scott’s silver pupils abruptly contracted. 

Rocard’s inference was just as he had thought. Without Wu Zimo’s unexpected discovery, they would have never known that the low-level Dimensional Zergs who had invaded the Federation’s uninhabited planets would know how to send out information. 

They just didn’t know how far information would be exchanged. Now, no matter how far that distance was, Scott couldn’t let the low-level Dimensional Zergs slip away! 

“Rocard, send a letter of notification to the other two Corps to inform them of the severity of the low-level Dimensional Zergs. Let them help handle the Dimensional Zergs on all of the Federation’s planets. As for the President, I will personally report it.” xfUWgS

“Understood!” Rocard nodded, immediately getting up and leaving the command room. 

If the existence of the low-level Dimensional Zerg was as they suspected, they would have to be cleaned up as soon as possible. Who knew if there would be any mishaps later?

Scott, who was still sitting in the command room, looked down at a certain person’s information on his light brain. His gaze was deep, his index finger subconsciously extending out to follow the outline of that person’s image on the light brain. 

Caesar left the spiritual world, his tail lightly lifting up Scott’s arm and his front legs stepping onto the table, quietly rumbling at the Wu Zimo on the light brain. 2mbCnI

“Just how many surprising things are you hiding?” 

On the other side, Wu Zimo, who didn’t know that he had shaken up the upper levels of the Federation again, had left an hour ago. Now, he was pulling his little comrades along to go see their performance record for the yearly assessment, which was related to the problem of his internship and scholarship.

It was unbearable to be a child with no money. Fortunately, the Interstellar had all kinds of excellent welfare. He was an orphan who had just stopped receiving government aid. He didn’t have to worry about tuition, and he didn’t have to worry about his meals while he was at school. However, if he needed to spend on stuff outside, he would truly have to strive to make money.

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Because of the Marshal’s agile strike, the mood of the students who had smoothly reached the end of the assessment wasn’t very relaxed. They reflected on their worship of the powerful soldiers and on their own strength. Although Marshal Alman had done the proper thing, it gave the students of the First Military Academy a heavy feeling. KlBacq

Even if the results of the yearly assessment had already come out, it didn’t lighten up the atmosphere. 

However, this had nothing to do with Wu Zimo. When Lyle and the others saw Wu Zimo enthusiastically walking towards the screen, they didn’t know if they should admire Wu Zimo’s desire or his heart’s resoluteness, which seemed to be impervious to foreign influence. 

Perhaps it was because of Wu Zimo’s attitude, Lyle, Mocca, and the others’ heavy mood calmed down a great deal. At the very least, the expressions on their faces were no longer solemn and stretched taut. 

Although Wu Zimo seemed relaxed, he was always conscious of his comrades’ expressions. Seeing them finally recover, he gave a faint smile in the bottom of his heart.  ub2rfF

What the male god had done was precisely beat down those whose arrogance reached the sky into low spirits. However, if they truly couldn’t recover, it would be useless to waste more attention and time on them. 

Standing in front of the huge screen, Wu Zimo carefully looked for their team’s name. There were thousands of teams participating in the assessment, so they really needed to search slowly. 

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

In an odd segmentum that no human had ever entered, a huge and heavily protected Zerg suddenly hissed angrily in some direction of the universe. The Dimensional Zergs that were protecting it all shivered under the terrible pressure. 

Waiting for the Marshal and WZM to meet again ヽ(*´∀`)ノ tTwPfm

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