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Marshal, Please Calm DownCh030 - That Soaring Mushroom Cloud


Translator: Callis
Editors: Dragon & Shiru

Millo started the master-sub system but didn’t use it as she wished. She would wait until Mocca was in danger, then use the master-sub system to the fullest extent.  m4QbDo

The function of the master-sub system that was currently being used was view-sharing. So, as Mocca walked in front of them, everyone responsible for the ambush would also see what Mocca saw.

The originally tense atmosphere relaxed a lot after Mocca’s silly actions. The little fellow could still curse the Spider Zergs in front of him through the public channel.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Waiting for Mocca to step into the Spider Zerg’s alert area, the joking voices in the public channel disappeared immediately. 

“Mocca, be careful.” TUNyxK

“Ha, who’s Mocca? I’m the representative of the First Military Academy of the Interstellar Federation’s fourth-year mecha department. This mission is a small matter to me.” 

Mocca spoke to Salah in a soft tone. In actuality, everyone knew that it was impossible for Mocca to not be nervous in the face of such a challenge, but he used his own way to decompress.

“Let’s move.” After Mocca finished speaking to Salah, he saw a Spider Zerg had already discovered his mecha. 

“Good.” Li Pengpeng still had a gentle smile on her face. Her line of sight was captured by Mocca, who finally become serious.  ymozfd

Mocca usually seemed very unreliable and silly, but when he got serious, he was very charming. Li Pengpeng liked Mocca’s solemn expression. 

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Initially, only one Spider Zerg noticed Mocca’s mecha when he entered its territory. The Spider Zerg’s antennae twitched. It was a mystery what message was being transmitted, and it simultaneously crawled towards Mocca’s mecha at lightning speed. 

“It’s coming.”

“Only one came.” 7RgoX6

Li Pengpeng also put away her infatuated expression and solemnly looked in front of her. Salah and the others, who were waiting around the trap, all had tense expressions.

Mocca saw that only one Spider Zerg had reacted to him and his brows furrowed, “One isn’t enough.” While he was speaking, he was also quickly moving and directly started the speed system. With the speed system switched on, the mecha was like an arrow released from the string. It rocketed directly towards the heart of the Spider Zerg’s active territory. 

Mocca’s sudden action almost shocked Salah and the others, but they all understood what his action meant. If they couldn’t draw out all of the Spider Zergs in this area, their ambush-and-behead operation would be a failure. 

As twenty-five mechas against hundreds of Spider Zergs, it was simply a course of action that was seeking death.  oVwObz


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“P rff atfw!”

Vegf fcbeut, Zbmmj’r yilcv qgbnbmjalbc tjv jcufgfv jii bo atf Vqlvfg Ifgur lc atf jgfj. 

Ktf gerailcu cblrfr kfgf lcmfrrjca. Ca atf rjwf alwf, atf wbclabglcu rsrafw mifjgis vfqlmafv j ijguf cewyfg bo gfv vbar mbcnfgulcu abkjgvr Zbmmj jcv atf batfgr’ mierafg bo yief vbar.  9tzT8Q

“Zbmmj, gfagfja!”

The person who reminded Mocca was Wu Zimo, who had been attentively watching the monitoring system. 

As soon as he saw that the red dots began moving, he could tell that they were moving towards precisely the direction where Mocca was. Now, it was up to Mocca to safely lead all of the Spider Zergs to the trap. 

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With the plan completed, Mocca continued to control the movements of the mecha’s speed system. The system would do a lot of damage to the mecha, but currently, it wasn’t the time to be concerned about such a problem. He only needed to lead the group of Spider Zergs into the trap. Even if the mecha had to be scrapped, he didn’t mind.  T5uf2X

“Millo, pay attention to Mocca’s situation!”

Wu Zimo looked at the blue dot on the map, which was flying at inhuman speeds to dodge the Spider Zergs and head towards the location of the trap. Through the shared view, Wu Zimo’s gaze was focused and sweat beaded down his forehead. 


Millo didn’t need Wu ZImo’s reminder. Her five senses had already been activated and her quantum animal, a lynx, simultaneously appeared. The feline’s pair of vertical pupils were narrowed into a thin line.  Dg68HX


“We will succeed.” Millo’s guarantee wasn’t only spoken to her quantum beast, but also to all her comrades. 

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Mocca’s mecha was quickly dodging, and the blue dot on the monitoring screen slowly escaped from the encirclement red dots. A large wave of red dots was following behind the blue dot. 

“Not good!” HISVm9

Just as everyone thought Mocca would be able to escape safely from the encirclement of Spider Zergs, a Spider Zerg jumped out of nowhere and raised its powerful front pincers, preparing to stab into the back of Mocca’s mecha. 

Because Mocca had activated the speed system, he didn’t have the attention to spare any thought towards attacking the Spider Zerg that had popped out of the ground in ambush. 

The reason why the speed system installed on the mecha was hardly ever used was precisely because of this situation. Aside from damaging the mecha, it was very difficult to spare the spiritual strength necessary to attend to other tasks when the system was in use. 

Mocca’s silver wolf and Li Pengpeng’s white rabbit were a bit dispirited because of their master’s overuse of spiritual strength.  uv2pL3

Just as everyone’s hearts firmly seized, Millo’s reaction was the quickest. The two machine cannons on the sides of Mocca’s mechas suddenly shifted direction and there was the sound of rapid firing, followed by smoke. 

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The Spider Zerg that had attacked Mocca could only howl in anguish and had no choice but to hide from the machine cannon’s gunfire. 

Mocca’s line of vision was still focused in front of him, but he knew who had shot in such a dangerous moment, “Millo, thanks.”

“Focus on controlling your mecha then.” After ensuring Mocca’s safety, there was a smile in her eyes and her lips curved up.  9HFWSr

At the same time, there was the continuous sound of breathing over the public channel. Then a few comrades who were a little lively, teased Mocca as Millo had. 

Mocca listened to his comrades’ teasing words and pursed his lips. If he wasn’t so preoccupied, he would absolutely let the group know that this leader couldn’t be casually teased! Even if he were to be teased, the only one who was allowed to do so was his family’s darling, Li Pengpeng. 

“They’ve come.”

The person who interrupted everyone was Wu Zimo. The group of Spider Zergs behind him and Mocca were like flying kites in a video game. Mocca had run around in circles with the Spider Zergs. When they entered their area of alert, Wu Zimo immediately reminded everyone.  5JEYMd

Spider Zergs, or rather, all Dimensional Zergs had a very special ability to distinguish between what they could and couldn’t eat, despite their diet allowing them to feast on a wide variety of things. 

Wu Zimo didn’t have a deep understanding of Dimensional Zergs. He didn’t know how they had gained their ability to differentiate, but he knew that from a fixed distance, the Spider Zergs could tell which direction lead to the food they could eat. 

In order to avoid other unexpected accidents when the Spider Zergs were being lured into the trap, Wu Zimo and his team remained a certain distance away from the opening of the trap. Though Liz had calculated the range of the explosion, they couldn’t be sure about the explosive power of the thirty-eight photon artillery shells. So, for their safety, the spot they chose to lay ambush was neither too far nor too close. 

With Wu Zimo’s reminder, the public channel quieted again, leaving only the faint sounds of everyone’s breath.  Mg5Xcr

Everyone quietly watched Mocca’s blue dot enter the range of their trap, followed by the group of Spider Zergs, which were all running without the least bit of suspicion. 

However, Wu Zimo suddenly noticed something, and his brows furrowed. He turned and said to Salah, who was closest to Mocca’s current location: “Salah, go help Mocca immediately.” 

Salah didn’t know why Wu Zimo had suddenly given such a command, but he didn’t waste any words. He controlled the mecha, directly opened the limit system, and rushed towards Mocca. 

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Just as Salah was approaching Mocca, Mocca’s mecha, which originally had been in limit mode, suddenly froze, almost stopping his comrades’ hearts. Fortunately, at this moment, Salah reached Mocca’s side and scooped up his mecha.  Qd6xuf

“Go!” Even though Salah was in a mecha, he was incredibly fast. They soon distanced themselves from the Spider Zergs chasing behind them. 

“Press the explosion unit!”

Mocca and Salah hadn’t exited the range of the explosion, but Mocca told Liz to press the explosion unit. 

This was because he had noticed that the speed of the Spider Zergs had exceeded what they had accounted for. If they waited until having to leave the range of the explosion to press the explosion button, a good number of Spider Zergs chasing them would escape. xVBbU3

“Press!” Wu Zimo also calmly told Liz. 

Liz clenched her teeth. In the end, she obeyed Mocca and Wu Zimo’s command and forcefully pushed down on the photon artillery shell’s explosion unit. 

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com


The ground shook with a sudden loud noise. Even before the sound rang out, a mushroom cloud that could clearly be seen even at a distance, soared towards the sky.  0iVgu5

The group’s move not only frightened the nearby students but even caused Da Li and the rest to furrow their brows up in the monitoring room in space. 

“Children of this age ah.”

Did they really have to have such damn ferocity?! Back in their day, who would dare to make such a big play? Truly, it was as Wu Zimo had said. In the last half a day, he could play a big round. 

“Xiao Ba, the 007 team is okay?” EvryKN

Da Li hadn’t forgotten that there was a team responsible for protection and monitoring near the explosion site. 

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Cough, cough. Colonel, we’re fine.” 

Da Li’s rank was that of Colonel. Aside from Xiao Ba and the other members of his team who liked to call him Boss, and the captain, soldiers of all corps would address him using his army rank. 

Team 007 first saluted enthusiastically towards the display screen; they were incomparably glad. They had noticed Wu Zimo and his teams burying the photon artillery shell earlier, so they found a spot in the distance to watch. Otherwise, how could they have seen the large mushroom cloud in front of them? 3orkSd

For the group of Spider Zergs to have encountered such an exceeding gutsy and fierce person like Wu Zimo, it could only be said that these Spider Zergs’ luck was truly bad. 

After the explosion, unlike Da Li’s team and Team 007’s regretful sighs, Wu Zimo continued to issue a new set of orders. 


It was currently only the true beginning of everyone’s beheading operation!  Bt2fjL

Mocca had no choice but to withdraw from the battlefield because of issues with both his mecha and his spiritual strength. This was a situation they had predicted early on, but they hadn’t expected a problem to crop up with his mecha so soon. Luckily, Wu Zimo had noticed in time and sent Salah over to help. 

The explosion annihilated a large number of Spider Zergs in an instant. A number of them had managed to escape, but they were all injured. Against such enemies, if Salah and the others couldn’t handle them, then they should really be sent back for reeducation. 

The battle against the Spider Zergs was brimming with red-hot emotion, but also filled with sorrow and bloodshed. 

The end…is finally in sight….(੭ु ‾᷄ᗣ‾᷅ )੭ु⁾⁾ E9xd26

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