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Marshal, Please Calm DownCh028 - Playing a Big Round


Translator: Callis
Editors: Dragon & Shiru

Right now, they had already accumulated 11 points. However, they couldn’t guarantee that there wouldn’t be a dark horse among the few thousand participating teams.  Ys6r2O

Wu Zimo and the others were a bit better off, since they had only one team. Mocca was coordinating with three teams, so their points had to be evenly divided. This could result in only two situations, either they were all in, or they would all retreat. 

As a result, Wu Zimo’s proposal was perfectly in line with Mocca and the other’s way of thinking. Having only 11 points from the Spider Zergs was actually a very uncertain situation. 

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Mocca glanced over his comrades; their eyes all filled with excitement. Mocca grinned, raised his head, and asked Wu Zimo soundlessly: Tell us, how do you want to play a big round?

Wu Zimo knew from the start that Mocca and his teams wouldn’t refuse his proposal. He gave Mocca a smile filled with mutual understanding. He opened his light brain and pulled out a map. There was an area in the middle where he had drawn a big red circle.  xV9DKM

Mocca wasn’t the only one who had come over. Mocca’s teammates were also curious and came closer. When they saw the marking for the Spider Zergs on the map, they were momentarily scared by Wu Zimo’s heavy-handed style. 

“Here? Are you sure this is okay?”

My God, Xiao Mo Mo really was preparing to go big. 

Although Mocca was excited, he was even more worried. He hoped that his comrades could secure a place in the top three, but he absolutely wouldn’t let them fall into danger.  2oxAtm

The target that Wu Zimo had chosen was truly greater than what their abilities could handle — —

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Two hundred! 

They had bustled about for five days in order to eliminate a little more than three hundred Spider Zergs. Unexpectedly, Wu Zimo now suddenly wanted them to directly face-off a huge group of 200 Spider Zergs. Just thinking of their group being surrounded by a group of 200 Spider Zergs gave them goosebumps. 

The other’s expressions were the same as Mocca’s. Even Salah wrinkled his eyebrows and Lyle directly asked: “A’Mo, wouldn’t selecting this be too dangerous? There are 200 Spider Zergs here.” osACv7

If they could kill this large group of Spider Zergs, then everyone would get their divided share of 6 points. Adding to their original number of points, they would have 17 points, three times the requirement. 

If this performance wasn’t enough to get them a spot in the grade’s top three, then it would be only due to fate that they couldn’t get an internship with the Heaven’s Wrath Corps. 

“If you guys fight the way that you did in the previous battles, then of course it wouldn’t be.” Wu Zimo paid no attention to the worry in his comrades’ eyes. He grinned, his eyes containing his confidence. 

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With Wu Zimo’s reminder, Mocca’s teammates immediately had looks of understanding.  n10TL2

“Qe Ilwb, mbeiv sbe gfjiis yf atlcxlcu jybea – ?!”


Qe Ilwb cbvvfv ja Ljcfs. Llr qijc kjr qgfmlrfis ktja atfs jii kfgf atlcxlcu jybea. 

“Ljtjtj, P’nf yffc atlcxlcu jybea afralcu sbeg wjrafg-rey rsrafw lc yjaaif. Qf’nf erfv la yfobgf lc atf rmtbbi’r agjlclcu ugbecvr, yea tbk mbeiv la yf jr fcpbsjyif jr erlcu la veglcu j gfji yjaaif?!”  Wq9vdp

That’s right, Wu Zimo’s plan was to use the master-sub system to link everyone together.

When the master-sub system was installed into Salah and everyone else’s mechas, they had only used it on the school’s training grounds. On Planet XT781, they hadn’t needed it in the beginning, and had even less use for it once they teamed up to form an alliance with Mocca. 

Because the master-sub system focused more on the operator’s piloting abilities and this academic assessment focused on the students’ combat growth, they hadn’t used the master-sub system. 

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Right now, Wu Zimo wanted to go for a big round. With just their strength, there would certainly be difficulties, but if they launched the master-sub system, their fighting strength would increase many times over.  Vs2Ogp

Receiving Wu Zimo’s confirmation, even Salah’s icy expression showed a smile, with eyes full of battle fervor. There wasn’t a single sentinel that didn’t yearn for the battlefield, except for those weak and powerless cowards. 

“Hey hey hey, just what are you guys talking about? What’s a master-sub system?!”

The pitiful Mocca could only foolishly listen to what Wu Zimo was saying to his comrades. He couldn’t understand anything at all! Mocca, who was Salah and the others’ senior, was distressed at being excluded by the younger generation. 

Mocca’s shout made Wu Zimo directly ignore him. He looked up at the sky at a 45-degree angle with a distressed, beautiful gaze. If it weren’t for his combat ability, Wu Zimo would have liked to give him a kick.  0fmxXc

A silly person should know their place and act like a silly person. What are you doing, trying to learn how to be a bourgeois when you are nothing of the sort? 

Ignoring Mocca who was acting up, Wu Zimo turned and spoke to the members of their alliance who didn’t know what he was talking about: “I have a system here that can combine the fighting strength of all of your mechas with a pilot that controls it. After installing this system, the other mechas will become a part of the pilot’s body. As a result, the selected pilot must have very good operating skills, so……”

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Being ignored by Wu Zimo, Mocca became even more depressed. For the sake of his face, he continued to look up at the sky at a 45-degree angle, but he kept taking peeks at Wu Zimo. When he heard him speak of this mythical system, his eyes began to shine even brighter as he stared at Wu Zimo.

Among his teammates, his mecha operating skills were the strongest! So, the operator must be him, a bold captain!  dAFJ76

As he thought this, it was fortunate that Mocca didn’t have a tail. Otherwise, it would be pointed straight up. 

However, Mocca, who had been expecting Wu Zimo to give him the system, was smacked in the face by reality. While Mocca was looking expectantly at him, Wu Zimo paused and went towards the other side. 

Millo, I’ll be troubling you to pilot the master-sub system.” As Wu Zimo spoke, he gave the USB to the female sentinel. 

That’s right, disregard the younger sister in front of your eyes. As a man, Wu Zimo refused to evaluate that fighting ability!   oVzsj1

Millo was a member of one of the three teams in the alliance. Aside from studying the map in the past few days, Wu Zimo also carefully observed the combat skills of the members of Mocca’s teams. 

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

As the captain of the alliance, his combat and commanding skills really were ferocious. However, when Wu Zimo paid close attention, he had to admit that his team’s Bit was better than Mocca. 

Mocca, this unreliable fellow, was more suitable to be a sharp dagger to be stabbed into the enemy’s heart at any time. 

Millo’s piloting skills were slightly inferior to Mocca’s but her control and reflexes were the best in their alliance.  JrYHLX

She was the younger sister who frequently stepped in to rescue others. She had also rescued Bit in the last two battles. 

The circumstances in Mocca’s alliance was different from Wu Zimo’s. Mocca’s teams’ fighting prowess was stronger than his team’s. So, when he passed on the master-sub system to Mocca and the others, Wu Zimo modified it and strengthened the controls based on Millo’s strengths. 

After listening to Wu Zimo’s explanation, Mocca understood. Although he still felt gloomy at the bottom of his heart, what Wu Zimo explained was reasonable. 

Therefore, people who couldn’t enjoy the life of a protagonist could still obediently play the part of a supporting role.  IJu8Xl

Mocca’s team quickly installed Wu Zimo’s improved master-sub system into their mechas. They didn’t waste any more time and valiantly set off towards their target. 

Looking at the imposing twenty-five mechas, the members of Da Li’s team up in the monitoring room in space didn’t know if they should be worried or gratified. 

“This Wu Zimo is definitely not someone to look down on.” Da Li exclaimed in admiration over Wu Zimo’s master-sub system. 

Salah, Mocca, and others could see the formidable power of the master-sub system, so how could veterans like Da Li not see it? Their perception was even stronger than Salah’s.  yxiPBW

There were currently only about twenty mechas using the master-sub system. If the number was increased, it could potentially link a few hundred, a few thousand, or even a few tens of thousands. The more they thought about the combat effectiveness of all those linked mechas, the more frightening they felt it was. 

If there existed a sentinel whose spiritual strength was sufficiently strong, and was very good at piloting, that one sentinel would only need the control support from the master-sub system to have the fighting strength of an entire corp. 

“Boss, Boss, we absolutely can’t let Wu Zimo slip out of our grasp!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xiao Ba excitedly hopped around. With such a talented youth, Xiao Ba felt even if Wu Zimo couldn’t enter the top three of his grade, his captain could use his special privileges to pull him into the Heaven’s Wrath Corps! Of course, it would be better if he directly won a position in the Heaven’s Wrath Corps. How could the neighboring Bia Corps and Garrison Corps be better than their own Heaven’s Wrath Corps?! otkOEA

They had good benefits, a good environment, and they had the entire Interstellar’s male god: the Marshal!

Da Li’s expression seemingly didn’t shift, but the mirth is his eyes couldn’t be concealed. He glanced at the excited Xiao Ba and opened his light brain, continuing to send Wu Zimo’s information to Rocard. 

During this year’s academic assessment, what he reported the most was information pertaining to Wu Zimo. 

“Captain, do you think the master-sub system is really as ferocious as Wu Zimo claims?” hYdmJu

The monitoring insects diligently recorded all of Wu Zimo’s words, so Lao Yu could hear him clearly. It wasn’t that Lao Yu doubted the honesty in Wu Zimo’s words, but it was because such a system seemed too good to be true. 

The Federation had already been established in the Interstellar for several thousand years. During that time, there had been many extremely talented geniuses, but even they became slightly eclipsed when compared to Wu Zimo. This was because Wu Zimo was too young. 

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At eighteen years old, he had just become an adult. Although eighteen was the age of maturity in the Interstellar, even ordinary people in this era could live up to two hundred years. Thus, the eighteen-year-old really was just a child. It was because of this that Da Li and the others viewed Wu Zimo in the same way they would view a child. 

“We’ll know if we continue to watch.”  hM6ZnS

Da Li gave a slight smile. Without seeing it personally, he couldn’t give any guarantees. However, they didn’t need to be anxious. They would soon be able to see if the mythical system was really as powerful as Wu Zimo said it would be. 

“However, this child is too daring, using twenty-five mechas to take on a large group of two hundred Spider Zergs.” Though Da Li said such things, his eyes were filled with amusement. 

“Boss, relax. I already told team 007 to pay attention to Wu Zimo and their situation.” Xiao Ba laughed and immediately responded. 

With two hundred Spider Zergs, this group could be considered one of the largest on Planet XT781. So, the Heaven’s Wrath Corps had a special team to monitor them. Xiao Ba had sent advance notice to the monitoring team 007 so they could take note of Wu Zimo’s team.  4P0Or1

Truthfully, the three members of team 007 were surprised to hear that there were students who dared to challenge this group of Spider Zergs. However, they understood that such courage was different from the kind that the brainless teams from the beginning had displayed. Additionally, in order to have gained Xiao Ba’s special warning, these assessment students must have captured the attention of those above. 

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The three members of team 007 had already awakened 100% of their spirit, so no accident should happen in their hands. 

Lao Yu, who was sitting beside Da Li in the monitoring room, hadn’t expected to get a definite answer from his captain. In fact, he was thinking the same thing. He could only know if he saw it with his own eyes. 

Suddenly, Lao Yu thought of something and murmured quietly: “Don’t tell me? Hehe, how could it be…” Lao Yu shook his head and pressed down the idea that had just popped up.  pvHF9d

When will Ares return from war (っ- ‸ – ς)

Translator's Note

Dragon: U know Milo is a drink actually?
Shiru: So is Mocca (Mocha), did this author go to a cafe?
Dragon: Argh, I think u r right lol

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    I almost forgot what ares look like.. a ball? Or an egg?

    • In chapters 1 and 2, Wu Zimo described Ares as a half-a-metre-tall object that reminded him of a dinosaur egg from the Jurassic era. So yeah, he’s a big egg.

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    With Wu Zimo’s reminder, Mocca’s teammates immediately had looks of understanding. <– Based on the following conversation, Mocca’s team doesn’t know about the master-sub-system, so shouldn’t it be changed into “Salah’s teammates” or to be more accurate “his (Xiao Mo Mo’s) teammates” ?