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Marshal, Please Calm DownCh017 - Not Just Anything Can Be Eaten!


Translator: Callis
Editor: Shiru

The target that Wu Zimo had selected this time was different from the one before. He not only took the quantity into account, but also the environment. The previous one had been in the forest, but the current one was in rocky terrain. s8 xnZ

The six mechas laid low in the surrounding area and looked at the three spider Zergs gnawing at the rocks. Not to mention Wu Zimo, even Salah’s expression was stretched taut.

From the data that Wu Zimo had gathered on the Dimensional Zergs, there were records that stated that there were some Dimensional Zergs whose mandibles could tear apart the super-alloy shells of mechas and battleships.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“They have strong jaws.” Wu Zimo gave a rare comment, attempting to clear the atmosphere.

This fact really was true. If their mandibles weren’t strong, then how could they be clearly hearing the sounds of crunching and watching the spider Zergs nibbling on the rock like it was a biscuit? FDv zd

“With our previous battles, I trust that everyone knows these spider Zergs’ weak point? Now, it’s two against one, there shouldn’t be problems, right?”
“Don’t mention two against one, there wouldn’t be any problems even if it was one against one!” Needless to say, the first one who reacted to Wu Zimo’s words was Haney. Even if the others didn’t speak, he could tell from their expressions that they weren’t afraid; there was only excitement and anticipation for the upcoming battle.

“Very well then, I won’t say any more. I’ll leave it to Salah to take charge.” Wu Zimo gave a slight laugh and nodded at Bit, who was beside him.
He would let the professionals handle the battle.

The first time they had faced off against the Dimensional Zergs, the six sentinels were a bit flustered. Now, after a round of fighting, their moods had all stabilized. Through the display screen, Wu Zimo took in the cautious expressions of his comrades and a flash of satisfaction flickered in his eyes.

Being six against three, there was no need to worry about this battle, and none of the six people called out their quantum beasts. After understanding the actual intentions of the Academy’s yearly assessment that Marshal Alman had proposed, they began to hone their melee abilities.


Salah and the other’s change had not only satisfied Wu Zimo, but also Da Li, who had been monitoring them from up in space.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Sure enough, he’s worthy of being the person the Marshal had taken a fancy to.”

He compared the rapid change and growth of Wu Zimo’s team to the noisy and chaotic other teams. Xiao Ba and the rest of the team didn’t know whether to be delighted or to shake their heads in disappointment.

“The students of the First Military Academy aren’t all fools”. The sole female sentinel of Da Li’s team looked at the other teams under her own monitor and argued for them. 3AjwS

After hearing Carlia’s words, others came over to look at the image in her monitor and saw the reactions of the three teams. They all had satisfied expressions.

“The three teams are the First Military Academy’s fourth year students, aren’t they?” Lao Yu quickly pulled up the information on the three teams, and saw that they had been ranked in the top three for a long time, and nodded in understanding.

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“Hm?” Lao Yu’s words piqued the interest of the others of Da Li’s team in the three teams.

“Yt! Ktfs tjv ecfzqfmafvis fnfc agjlcfv ecvfg atja Gfwbc Blcu Dbxji. Rb kbcvfg atflg olutalcu jylilas lr rb ragbcu.” AgdwEM

Ktf Mfvfgjalbc tjv atgff ijguf Jbgqr lc jii. Gj Ol’r afjw tjv rkbgc ibsjias ab atf Jbwwjcvlcu Zjgrtji Ciwjc’r Lfjnfc’r Qgjat Jbgqr. Ktfs kfgf atf ragbcufra Jbgqr jwbcu atf atgff, jcv tjv jikjsr yffc olutalcu bc atf ogbca ilcfr.

The Corp that ranked second in strength was rightly Bokal’s Bia Corps, who Da Li had just mentioned.

If the Heaven’s Wrath Corp was said to be the blade that could sink into the enemy’s heart at any time, then Bia Corps were the night hunters, silently stealing the enemy’s life.

The last one was the Garrison Corps, whose task wasn’t on the battlefield, but to protect the various planets under the Federation’s jurisdiction and keep them safe. c 0CX6

Because of the nature of the Heaven’s Wrath Corps and the Bia Corps, they cooperated with one another while dealing with the Dimensional Zergs, so the soldiers of the two Corps were relatively familiar with the other’s strengths, character, and conduct.

To be able to be called the Demon King by an elite soldier like Da Li, the fighting ability of that Bokal could be imagined.

The people in the monitoring room thought of Bokal’s abnormalities. When they looked at the trio of teams on the monitoring screen again, they all had pity in their eyes. These children were rather unlucky, to have fallen into the clutches of the abnormal Demon King.

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However, as the old saying went, the more one sweat during training, the less they would bleed in battle. BAGOsV

Looking at the teams’ performances, it didn’t seem like it was the first time they had faced off against Dimensional Zergs around. Their advancements and retreats were orderly, the team members cooperating very closely. Da Li pondered, then opened the light brain on his wrist, and sent a recording of the trio to Rocard.

Not only was it for the three teams, as long as he saw a praiseworthy team on the monitor, Da Li would record it, and then send it to Rocard.

Going back to Wu Zimo and the others, with the experience of facing off against the Dimensional Zergs for the first time and deliberately honing their combat ability, although the time it took to wipe out the three spider Zergs might have taken longer, the pay-off was large.

When all three spider Zergs finally fell, everyone in the control cabin of the mechas breathed a sigh of relief, and there were all kinds of cheers. zMrptA

Although they had defeated the five spider Zergs, they had relied on their own ability to crush the enemy this time, and the sense of pride they received was different.

“Haha, everyone did well.” Wu Zimo patted Bit on the shoulder, and a smile bloomed on the silent man’s face.

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“It’s late. I think the environment here is okay. We’ll rest here tonight.”
Wu Zimo’s suggestion faced no complaints, and very quickly, everyone’s assignments were distributed.

Zhang Ye went off with Baffil to investigate their surroundings. It was said that there were all kinds of plants growing in this rocky region. As for whether they could be eaten, Wu Zimo decided to hand it over to the experts to study. U4ytlx

Laney and Bit continued to be in charge of standing guard. Although the monitoring map didn’t show any signs of danger, they had to be prepared for the unexpected. They also needed to arrange for people to be on the night watch.

The night watchmen were arranged simply. The six sentinels were split into two groups of three people, and rotated.

It would be a problem for sentinels if they didn’t sleep for a night or two. As for Wu Zimo, Liz, and Lyle, they were ordinary people. Salah and the others wouldn’t let them be on night watch.

Salah, Lyle, Liz, and Haney were responsible for building the tent that they would rest in that night, as well as preparing a variety of supplies. 9pTo6g

The Interstellar era was full of all kinds of conveniences. This kind of remote-use military tent started out shorter than half a meter long, a bit like a brick. When it was placed on the ground and a button was pressed, it would automatically turn into a two meter tall, three meter wide square shaped tent. It could protect against the wind and rain, as well as keep its occupants warm.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Everyone seemed to have a job, while Wu Zimo seemed to have no task, he didn’t remain idle either. He walked slowly towards the three spider Zergs on the ground.

Fortunately, he wasn’t afraid of insects, or else he would have definitely screamed looking at the enlarged spiders in front of him. Not to mention the fact that the three spider Zergs before Wu Zimo’s eyes were more than double the size of the first ones they had seen.

Even lying on the ground, the three spider Zergs in front of him were almost two meters tall. Apart from the dense hair on their bodies, there were also the scars and bruises that Salah and the others left behind. uLzqf9

“Wu Zimo, what’s happening over there?” Liz asked curiously. She and the others had quickly set up the tents, and had unexpectedly seen Wu Zimo at a distance, walking towards the spider Zergs’ corpses.

“Nothing, I just wanted to see it.” Wu Zimo didn’t turn as he gestured towards Liz.

“Oh, be careful then. Though the Dimensional Zergs don’t seem to be poisonous this time, don’t touch them.” Liz merely thought that Wu Zimo was curious because he had never seen spider Zergs before. She didn’t stop him, but she also didn’t forget to remind him to be cautious.

“I understand.” wKnAR7

Wu Zimo moved towards the spider Zergs’ bodies. He looked at it first, then kicked at it with his foot. As expected, its outer shell was very hard, and his foot was a little numb.

Then he turned towards the part of its body that was wounded and looked down at it. The spider Zerg’s blood wasn’t red, but blue. Fortunately, there wasn’t a strange smell, or it would really have made Wu Zimo sick.

Wu Zimo used a stick he had picked up from somewhere and poked it into the spider Zerg’s wound, its shredded flesh looking grey and rotten.

“Wu Zimo, what are you doing?” Wu Zimo, who had been studying the spider Zerg’s flesh, was startled by the sudden voice in his ear. 8HTNVn

He rolled his eyes and dropped the stick in his hands. “How could you have come over here without making a sound?”

It was Haney who was speaking right into Wu Zimo’s ear. Hearing Wu Zimo’s question, Haney answered, baffled, “Isn’t it normal to walk without making a sound?”

Very well then, he didn’t understand the sentinel’s world. As for Haney, he still hadn’t forgotten his previous curiosity. “Wu Zimo, why did you poke the spider Zerg like that? It’s disgusting.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The lump of rotten flesh was still a grey lump of rotten flesh. Like Wu Zimo, he was glad that this kind of meat didn’t have an odd scent, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to eat tonight! a5UIFp

“No, I just wanted to see if these kinds of Dimensional Zergs are edible.” Wu Zimo shrugged, not the least bit embarrassed.


Wu Zimo’s words not only petrified Haney, who was standing in front of him, but also Salah and the several other sentinels in the distance. Their expressions were like they had seen a kind of 【Beep……】nauseating scene.

Besides the present sentinels that Wu Zimo had horrified, even Da Li’s team, who were up in space curiously monitoring Wu Zimo with surveillance insects to see what he was doing, had the same expressions as Salah and the others. 9UHmFi

“….t – truly worthy of being the person who had the courage to take liberties with the Marshal. Very good, very formidable!”

Da Li once again silently opened his light brain and sent Wu Zimo’s performance off to Rocard.

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“Wu Zimo! Although the spider Zerg isn’t venomous, it still contains substances harmful to the human body so — You! Can’t! Eat! It!”
Haney yelled at Wu Zimo as he quickly dragged him away from the spider Zergs. He was afraid that the moment he stopped looking, this child would eat that disgusting spider Zerg.

The reaction of the others were the same, especially Zhang Ye and Baffil, who were in charge of the food. Their hands moved a lot quicker, and they finished making dinner in a few movements. They sent the first portion to Wu Zimo. gVfw5j

“You must be hungry, eat this!”

Wu Zimo, who had been misunderstood by his friends, shrugged and didn’t explain. Would it be necessary for him to explain that he had read some novels before that said that Zergs could be eaten? Could he say something like that? In the end, with a misunderstanding this large, he couldn’t be blamed.

Wu Zimo took the offered box of food and ate the delicious dinner while muttering, “If Zergs could be eaten, wouldn’t it be even more exciting to clean them up?”

For foodies, the change from an overabundant invasive species to one that they could breed for livestock wasn’t difficult. fQZ35g


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Wu Zimo! Can you stop saying such disgusting things! Can you let us have a good meal?!”

Wu Zimo: (っ˘ڡ˘)っ─∈
Everyone else: ( ⚆ _ ⚆ )


Translator's Note

Shiru: Is that his official title now

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