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Marshal, Please Calm DownCh008 - Stuffed with Two Packs of Dog Food


Translator: Callis
Editor: Shiru

Wu Zimo’s and Lyle’s heads were getting closer and closer together, close enough that they would soon bump against each other. Salah, who had been sitting next to Lyle in the background, put down his cutlery and frowned slightly. He grabbed Lyle by the back of his collar and pulled him back. qHXoSR

“Ah!” Suddenly grabbed by the back of his collar, Lyle, who had been whispering with Wu Zimo, was nearly choked by his tie. When the other let go, he immediately turned to the culprit who had inexplicably pulled against his neck, and suppressed a yell, “What are you doing Salah, pulling on me?”

Salah didn’t answer Lyle’s question, continuing to be an iceberg-like handsome young man. Seeing that Lyle and Wu Zimo were no longer close together, he picked up the cutlery once again, eating gracefully.

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“Well?” Lyle, who hadn’t received a response at all, could only look at Salah, baffled.

The pitiful Wi Zimo, who was watching in silence, bowed his head and slowly shuffled down his seat. With a single jarring interruption in their conversation, the two really stuffed this single dog with dog food. efz2Al

The naturally dense Lyle couldn’t detect the manner of the two friends sitting beside him at all, foolishly blinking. He didn’t understand, so he didn’t continue to intervene. He continued to talk about what he heard about the school year assessment.

“Before, there was news in the academy that the top three students of this assessment could intern with the Heaven’s Wrath Corps of Marshal Alman for one month.” Lyle paused and saw that two people’s gazes were aimed his way. He carefully looked around them, before continuing in a low voice, “This piece of news should be true.”

“Eh?” At this piece of news, the handsome glacier Salah’s eyes showed interest.

It wasn’t surprising that Lyle believed this news to be true. When they met Marshal Alman and the school director in the faculty building, they could be sure that the gossip they heard before wasn’t a groundless rumor. This was confirmed by the news that Lyle had heard from some people.


“What does that have to do with our assessment?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Wu Zimo was calmer about the news. He was the Marshal’s unwavering fan, but he preferred to maintain his affection in the two-dimensional world. He would never intentionally run to the male god and wildly brush against him.

Of course, if he had the chance to brush a bit and raise his favorability, he would be very willing to do so.

“Haaa, I heard that the subject of this assessment was chosen by the Marshal.” Upon raising up this piece of news, Lyle’s expression was at a bit of a loss. 9AwGUa

In previous years, the First Military Academy of the Interstellar Federation’s yearly assessment was to allow students to form their own teams and then drag them to a primitive forest in the capital star to collect various items.

Although this forest was dangerous to the First Military Academy’s students, generally speaking, as long as they were careful, there would be no problems because the only threat in the forest were some wild animals.

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So even if they were the logistic department’s combat dregs, with the help of weapons, they would be able to complete the school year assessment as long as there weren’t any accidents. Their scores couldn’t be compared with the formidable herculean mecha operation department students, but at least they passed.

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Dfmjerf atf ofgbmlber Zjgrtji kbeiv wjxf atfw ub vlgfmais ab Uijcfa WK871 ab oluta klat vlwfcrlbcji Ifgur! Qjrc’a atlr jrxlcu obg atf mbwyja vgfur’ rwjii ilnfr?!

Ktf Zjgrtji kjr mgefi, yea tf kjrc’a rb mgefi atja tf kjr lctewjcf.

It was also stipulated that in each team, there must be two or more members of the logistics department. A team could have up to ten people. As for how they would form, it was for the teams to decide for themselves.

As soon as this rule came out, the students of the logistics were mixed in joy and sorrow. They were happy because they didn’t have to fear being left behind and become a big meal for a dimensional Zerg. On the other hand, they were also afraid of becoming a handicap. Those were dimensional Zergs. These students had only seen three-dimensional images of them, never the real thing! 8Kmhrw

The three dimensional images were enough to give the timid students nightmares at night.

Of course, the dimensional Zergs the students of the First Military Academy were to face were only the lowest spider-like species in the middle Zerg army. They were caterpillars about one meter tall and two meters long.

After hearing the news from Lyle, Wu Zimo place his left index finger against his chin and said, “On average, each team should hunt five caterpillars?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Five was the minimum requirement. If he wanted to be in the top three, the more he could hunt in the team and on his own, the better. 1J7k O

“It’s not good for our logistics department.” Battle or whatnot, for the logistics department, these combat dregs, this assessment was really troublesome.

Wu Zimo looked down at his small arms and legs and wanted to cover his face. He was a good scholar, but his fighting ability was a bit better than negative five. How could they let people play with this assessment?!

Wu Zimo’s words also made Lyle kneel down. Wu Zimo was at least better than a negative five, Lyle was the real combat dreg.

“Don’t be afraid, you have me.” Sensing Lyle’s worries, Salah looked up and rubbed Lyle’s head. C37phJ

“……” I said you two couldn’t care less about single dogs! They were here eating, why was he being stuffed with dog food?!

Wu Zimo kneaded the space between his eyebrows and interrupted, “What are the rules of this assessment?”

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This school year assessment was very disadvantageous for Wu Zimo, but he said that there was nothing that could defeat the Great God MO! That’s how confident he was.

“None.” Lyle shook his head. puml3g

“Really none?”

No way, the male god shouldn’t place such a big BUG for the students to exploit. “For this assessment, would they let students operate Interstellar battleships and participate?” The mecha was already OUT, he wanted to operate an Interstellar battleship!

With a bomb flying by, whether they were a dimensional Zerg or whatever, they would turn completely into ash and smoke.

“……” Wu Zimo’s fantasy was so fantastic that, not to mention Lyle, even Salah, who didn’t like him, had to roll his eyes. It might have been the first time that Lyle saw his friend’s formidable brain hole. It was really good and powerful. “Haaa, based off the rules, it should be allowed, but no student should bring an Interstellar battleship to the examination hall?” JUqSO9

Even if they could bring it, they wouldn’t find enough people to control a battleship! Each team had a maximum of ten people, and an Interstellar battleship needed to be operated by at least hundreds of people.

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“Oh.” Wu Zimo didn’t know what his brain hole had frightened the two friends across from him and shrugged. He had only mentioned it casually.

After the jest was finished, Wu Zimo proceeded onto proper business and earnestly asked: “What about our teammates?”

Now they had three people, the question of how to recruit more teammates remained. Wu Zimo was an arm-flinging shopkeeper. Because Lyle did better than him, Wu Zimo had long since noticed Lyle’s talent. If he hadn’t been so timid, looking forwards and backwards whenever he did anything, Lyle would be outstanding in his ability to plan and organize. 39Ad i

But now logistics management in the logistics department wasn’t bad either.

After Wu Zimo finished speaking, he looked not at Lyle, but at Salah. The two logistical department member requirement for the team was met. As for the other member, if he wanted a good ranking, he would be better off finding another team in the combat department.

Salah understood the meaning in Wu Zimo’s eyes. He glanced at him, then turned to Lyle and said: “I will arrange for the others.”

“Really? Then we will be inconveniencing Salah.” fvIc29

With Salah’s assurance, Lyle breathed a sigh of relief. He was familiar with a large number of students in the combat department, but they might not be willing to join their team. Now with Salah’s guarantee, Lyle was convinced that the students Salah would find wouldn’t be bad.

Since others had taken care of the situation, Wu Zimo continued to concentrate on his studies, and at the same time, he planned out how not to drag the team back.

Two months really passed in the blink of an eye for Wu Zimo. With Salah, the members of their team soon assembled.

Only then did Wu Zimo discover that Salah’s full name was Salah Majos. The Majos Family, as long as one was an Interstellar warrior, there was no way they didn’t know them, since the Majos family was the largest manufacturer of mechas in the Interstellar. R7cmYQ

Yet another trench, Wu Zimo expressed that this poor man was already unperturbed.

The strength of the teammates that were recognized by Salah would never be weak. Apart from a girl about Wu Zimo’s size, the other five were sentinels.

Of course, the teammates gathered to introduce themselves. Only then did Wu Zimo know that the girl was unexpectedly from the manufacturing department. As an individual weapons manufacturing major, she also had a certain understanding of the maintenance of mechas, which would be very helpful for their assessment.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

As for the five sentinels, they were in the mecha department. It wasn’t surprising, as most sentinels were students of the mecha department. 3wBNrW

After introducing themselves, the girl, Liz, immediately approached Wu Zimo and sighed in satisfaction, as if she was watching a carefully treasured animal: “I can unexpectedly see Wu Zimo alive, I’m so lucky.”

“……” Young lady, could it be that you wanted to see the Wu Zimo that died?

Wu Zimo rolled his eyes at the dramatically sighing young lady. After ridiculing, he cleaned up his expression, properly asking, “Welcome, everyone knows the contents of this year’s school year assessment. I won’t speak nonsense. With regards to this assessment, I would like to ask you what your goals are.”

“Ha ha, it would be to grab first place of course!” Eyxi 2

From among the sentinels, the one called Haney shouted excitedly without waiting for the others to answer. “This time, the top three teams can intern with Marshal Alman’s regiment. I must fight for such a good opportunity.”

“Hear, hear!” The eyes of several other people were the same, full of fighting spirit. Even Liz wasn’t an exception.

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It turned out that everyone was the male god’s fan, so this was good to say. Never underestimate the potential of fans to erupt for their idols, it was absolutely shocking.

“Hey, hey, very good. So we have a unified objective. Next, the logistics department doesn’t have much nonsense in combat situations, but before the special training, I want to install a little program in your mechas. S4Jg0d

It was a small program that Wu Zimo had developed after researching the mecha control program. Students shouldn’t be able to log onto the StarNetwork during the examination, but with Great God MO’s words, they could ——

Even if it was a local area network, Laozi still wanted to play a new trick!

Still waiting for the black panther to come up to and cuddle with Wu Zimo while he struggles and pretends not to notice (੭ु˙꒳˙)੭ु⁾⁾*✭

Shiru: Hype!! Ready to see Great God MO kick some ass eNFYd

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Translator's Note

拖油瓶 this term refers to a woman’s children from a previous marriage

Translator's Note

甩手掌柜 someone who asks people to do work but does no work themselves

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