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My Cherry Will Explode in the ApocalypseCh83 - Eight King Kong


Chapter 83 – Eight King Kong

Translator: Jostena

Unedited kGdm2

Eight King Kong

After Zhan Yun and the others got off, they went to the registration office. Xu Fengying wanted to have a good relationship with them, so she followed them the entire time.

In fact, the registration office is made within a two-story building. The first floor is the place where materials are paid and counted, and the second floor is the place where registration management is carried out.

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A few people were chatting in the small building. Seeing them coming in, they glanced at them casually and said, “come here and hand in the materials.”

However, Zhan Yun and others did not lift their heads, and went straight to the stairway to prepare to go upstairs. devPxK

“Ah, ah! What are you doing?! Can’t you hear?! I want you to come and hand in the materials! ” When those people saw Zhan Yun actually ignored them, they became angry.

Seeing this, Xu Fengying hurriedly stopped in front of Zhan Yun and whispered, “Those are the relatives of the chief of the base. You’d better not offend them. The base has its rules and the materials should be handed in .”

However, Zhan Yun and the others still stood, not intending to give way. Xu Fengying had to continue, “If it’s not convenient for you, let me hand it in for you. Your saving grace is definitely worth more than ten jin of food. I’ll get the food right away. Please don’t be angry with them.”

Xu Fengying said that as she went to leave. On the one hand, she valued their strength and wanted to make friends with them. On the other hand, she really appreciated their help. Otherwise, she would have died in the mouth of the zombie.


“Wait a minute.” Zhan Yun suddenly said to Xu Fengying.

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Xu Fengying turns to look at him in surprise.

“Didn’t the rule say that ability users don’t need to hand in supplies?”

“Yes, but ordinary people still have to pay.” Xu Fengying looks at Su Ruizhe and Wu Jing who look weak. Dwti9M

“That’s fine. We’re all ability users.” Zhan Yun said, and continued to walk upstairs.

Lincheng base is the beginning of Su Ruizhe’s nightmare. If he could, he would like to keep Su Ruizhe away from Lincheng for his whole life. However, it backfired. The damned weather forced them to come to Lincheng base.

Although Su Ruizhe says it doesn’t matter, in fact, since he entered the base, he kept his head down and held Zhan Yun’s hands. Zhan Yun knew that he still cared. Now, Zhan Yun just wants to register and find a place to sleep. When they wake up, the rain will be almost stopping. Then, they will go on the road immediately without any delay.

“Wtf! You’re all ability users? Bah! Don’t make a draft of a lie? I think you need to be taught a lesson! ” Among the people in charge of grain collection, a small man with a sharp tongue and a monkey’s cheek swore loudly, raised the whistle hanging on his neck, and blew it. ZvuEnq

The shrill whistles were heard far away. In only half a minute, a group of people rushed over from the opposite house.

“Lai San, what’s up?” The team attracted by the whistle is armed with guns. The man who spoke is tall and huge, and it seems that he is not easy to offend.

“Fifth Ye, It’s them! These people want to go upstairs if they don’t hand in the materials! ” Lai San, the sharp mouthed man, pointed to Zhan Yun and the others standing on the stairs.

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Itjc Tec jirb ibbxfv ja tlw mbivis. Lf lr lc j yjv wbbv cbk. Lbk mjc atfrf qfbqif vb rb wemt yeiirtla?

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“Qtja jgf sbe vblcu?! Qjca ab mbwf lc klatbea obbv? Po sbe vbc’a kjca ab vlf, vbc’a mbwf tfgf! Po sbe kjca ab yf j gjrmji, jrx wf lo P jugff klat sbe! ” Mloat Tf lr ibbxfv ja ys Itjc Tec rb lwqbilafis jcv lc tlr tfjga, tf lr nfgs vlrqifjrfv ktlmt wjvf tlw rqfjx lc remt j mbiv nblmf. bqgPBa

“Misunderstanding! A misunderstanding! ” Xu Fengying hurriedly blocked in front, for fear that the two sides could not agree. Although these people are powerful, they are just human beings. How can they fight with real bullets? Although Zhan Yun said that they are all ability users, how can it be? Even Xu Fengying doesn’t believe it.

“Oh, isn’t this the arrogant Fire Phoenix? Did you pick these people up from outside? It’s very discerning. Picked up so many beautiful women and handsome men. Do you want to honor my brothers? ” The man at Fifth Ye’s side said.

“Hahaha, aren’t we lucky?” There was a friendly laugh at once.

Xu Fengying took a deep breath, suppressed her anger, and said, “They are new here and don’t understand the rules. I will deliver their food. I’ll take it now. Please wait, Fifth Ye and Seventh Ye.” oQO9jJ

The Fifth and Seventh mater were two of the dozen brothers who escaped from prison with the base commander. Eight of them woke up to their ability, so they were called the eight King Kong. These two are the fifth and seventh of the eight King Kong.

The eight King Kong are not only ability users, but also have weapons in their hands. They are the absolute masters in the base and should not be offended.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xu Fengying said, and was ready to go out.

“Stop!” The eyes of the evil seventh Ye, who spoke in a strange way, were full of desire. He said, “I’ve changed my mind. Now I don’t need you to hand in any materials. Let the men have a good time. Even if… Ouch! “ A2wTBr

The seventh Ye was talking when he suddenly screamed. He put out his hand and covered his cheek. His fingertips slowly oozed blood.

He looked around in disbelief and shouted, “Who is it! Who dares to fight this grandpa? “

“It’s your aunt.” With a sneer, Cheng Jiao raised her hand again with a wind blade, adding a cut directly to the other cheek of the seventh Ye, “Oh, you don’t need to thank me so much for making it symmetrical.”

“Wind, wind ability user…” Lai San’s eyes widened and stammered. tqTEwd

Xu Fengying is also stunned. Unexpectedly, the female is a power player. Aren’t there three ability users in the team?

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“Damn it! You Dare! Then don’t blame me for being rude! ” Seventh Ye felt that he had no face. When he raised his hand, there was a flame in his palm. He threw the flame straight towards Cheng Jiao’s face.

“Oh.” With a sneer, Cheng Jiao raised a slender jade finger and drew a circle in the air at will. Even then a small cyclone appeared, it directly scattered the flame.

The people around looked and took a breath of air. Unexpectedly, this beautiful girl was so powerful! WHxvs6

The seventh Ye was shocked. The strength of the woman seemed to be above his own. If she really fought, I’m afraid he wouldn’t be able to win. He hurried to look at the direction of the Fifth Ye.

Fifth Ye also slightly frowned, originally thought it was just a group of weak chicken, unexpectedly met some powerhouses. For the base, all the ability users are rare combat power. This beautiful woman is a wind ability user with good attack power. It’s better not to be too rigid with her.

He frowned and looked in the direction of Lai San. “What’s going on? Didn’t you tell them the rules?”

“I, I, I, I said it! But they say they’re all ability users! ” Said Lai San with a sad face. wUcgIe

Fifth Ye frowned after hearing that, he also thinks these people are lying.

He looked at Cheng Jiao and said, “There are rules in the base that can’t be broken at will. This lady, you can register upstairs, but others must hand in the materials that should be handed in.”

“These two are also ability users!” Xu Fengying points to Zhang Shuoliang and Zhan Yun.

Seventh Ye and Fifth Ye have no doubt about Xu Fengying. Zhang Shuoliang and Zhan Yun look like they are not easy to offend. There should be no doubt that there are three ability users in such a small team. Their strength is not weak. No wonder they dare to cause trouble. They are used to it outside. But this is Lincheng. It’s not a place for them to go wild! nHd3ox

At this time, Zhang Shuoliang’s arms are wrapped around Wu Jing, who is unwell. Zhan Yun is holding Su Ruizhe, who is slightly low in his head.

“Then these two can register directly, and the rest have to hand in materials.”

Fifth Ye and Seventh Ye looks at the person who is close to the two ability users. The girl is a very delicate beauty at first sight. The boy is very cute and beautiful. Obviously, he is the lover they keep. He can’t be an ability user. The remaining three are thin and weak men, plus a small child holding a kitten who doesn’t look like an ability user.

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They are more and more convinced that what they said before is deceitful. c0WKb4

“Why? We are also ability users! ” Zheng Jiahe couldn’t help saying.

What Zheng Jiahe said is a big truth, but when it is heard in the ears of the Fifth Ye and Seventh Ye, it changes the taste. They only think that they rely on the support of those who have power and have to pay for it.

“Hum! There are rules in the base. Don’t be shameless! ” Seven Ye said then raised the gun in his hand.

Five Ye also raised the gun gloomily, he felt that he gave enough face for them, but the rule is the rule, there is no reason to break it simply because they have three ability users, they can give the rest of the food to avoid trouble! The people who followed him also raised their guns. If they don’t follow their orders and pay, they will shoot at once. pLua c

“Are you mentally ill?! Can’t understand human language? ” Cheng Jiao thinks these people are really wrong. She says they are all ability users. How can they fight and kill them?!

When Cheng Jiao spoke, she habitually raised her hand and pointed in their direction.

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As a result, Cheng Jiao just raised her hand and it was the wind blade that may have left some shadow in the Seventh Ye’s mind. So at the moment when she raised her hand, the Seventh Ye unconsciously twitched his fingers and accidentally pulled the trigger.

“Bang” of a shot, and Dongdong who stood obediently at the edge was unlucky and caught in the shot. Xnmgj5

All of a sudden, no one thought that the Seventh Ye would shoot suddenly, even the Seventh Ye himself was shocked.

“Dongdong!!!!!” All the members of Zhan Yun’s team’s faces suddenly darkened. Song Chengshu hurriedly pressed the wound on Dongdong’s shoulder. All of them looked in the direction of the Seventh Ye with red eyes.

It’s over! How can I hit that kid so unluckily?!

“I, I……” Seven Ye’s legs trembled, just as he wanted to open his mouth to explain, he just felt a wave of gravity from the top push on him, The big pressure pushed him to the ground. 8N2uxo

The Seventh Ye felt that his body was under increasing pressure and his breathing was not smooth. He could even hear his bones creak.

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The author has something to say:

After a little repair, Zhan Yun was able to show their identity and express themselves more clearly at the beginning ~ ~ originally, they wanted to use suggestive methods, but they didn’t seem to get it~

Is today the birthday of a stranger? Wish you a happy birthday! Happy everyday! May all your wishes come true! Promotion and salary increase!~ xUwAXT

[a little theater on the street one year old]

Xu Fengying: Although you don’t admit it, I think you are! So can you give me a ride?

Brother Liang: The car is full.

Xu Fengying: it doesn’t matter. I can stand! (hum! Today you are indifferent to me, tomorrow I will make you mine) a0P9nE

Zhan Xiaoyun: I didn’t expect her to be so aggrieved that I would let her get in the car. OK.

Xu Fengying: Thank you…

Zhan Xiaoyun: where are you standing? on the roof or rear?

Xu Fengying: …I choose to lie on the bottom of the car. 9JGtbw

Xu Fengying on the roof of the observation: Wow! This car has some powerful people I need to have a good relationship with! I’m finally getting the treatment I deserve!

Gatekeeper: three jin of food into the city! Ability users are free!

Zhan Xiaoyun: We have my gravity ability, a plant ability user, a strength ability user, a water ability user, a Soil ability user…

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Gatekeeper: Aren’t these two women? Iblacd

Cheng Jiao: Hey, what a coincidence! I am the wind, she is the fog!

Gatekeeper: that’s not the case. The baby has to pay five Jin of food!

Dongdong: I can see things far away!

Gatekeeper: What about pets? A pet needs ten jin of food! Ef5zWh

Xiao Hei: meow! (the world is clean with a wave of my claws!)

Xu Fengying: as expected, all the excellent people are engaged in internal relations. We ordinary people can’t be seen

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I know I left you guys on a cliff hanger but I’ll have another chapter out this week soon! My internet was acting up all of last week so I was completely miserable but thank god we were able to have the company fix it because it’s hard staying at home without internet… but this means I need to catch up on the chapters I wanted to post for you guys. 

(Hint: There’s gonna be some bonus chapters for you guys soon XD) rMvHnG

But wow some new cannon fodder have been introduced this chapter so we’ll see what happens with this base because I already know they’re in trouble…

Translator's Note

This is a reference to the eight cadres during the rule of the mainland who were most trusted by Chiang Kai-shek.

Translator's Note

爷 [ye] -> means master but it sounds awkward in English as fifth master so I kept it in pinyin.

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