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My Cherry Will Explode in the ApocalypseCh75 - Cat And Mouse


Chapter 75 – Cat And Mouse

Translator: Jostena

Editor: Dragon DtVTMy

(I made a mistake before and called them rats but they’re actually mice. I’ll correct it in the previous chapter but it’s fixed in this one!)

Zhan Yun and Su Ruizhe took Xiao Hei to the granary of the base accompanied by a young soldier. It was a very large warehouse. There was a small pile of sacks on the ground with some paper boxes. These sacks and boxes had been bitten by the mutant mice, leaving only some food residue.

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“Since we aren’t able to deal with these mice, the chief asked us to move the rest of the food to the back of the warehouse, but we still couldn’t prevent it.” The young soldier pointed to some very obvious mouse holes in the corner of the wall and said bitterly.

The food in this area was the ration for the entire base lasting two to three months, and were all ruined by those mice. dVIjZC

They followed the soldier to the new warehouse. The whole warehouse was reinforced with iron sheets and steel plates. Not only the floors and walls, but also the ceiling. However, the mutant mice were still able to dig a hole in the ground. The teeth and claws on these mutant mice were so sharp that they could even get through the iron sheets and steel plates. If this continued, the base would be destroyed by these mice!

They could only send people to stare 24/7 at every corner of the warehouse. Once they found a mouse hole, they immediately flooded it with sulfuric acid, and then filled it with various fillers.

“Meow!” As they were talking, Xiao Hei’s ears shook and he suddenly turned his head to look at the corner on the right.

Then, there was a creaking sound. At the right side corner of the warehouse where the iron sheets had been repeatedly reinforced, a big hole was being gradually dug. The claws and teeth on these mutant mice had obviously strengthened.


“Xiao Hei, can you help catch the mouse?” Su Ruizhe pinched a small black soft claw and asked in a consultative tone.

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Xiao Hei yawned lazily and slapped his tail over Su Ruizhe’s arms. Obviously, Xiao Hei was not interested in the proposal of his poop picker to catch mice.

“Two cans of tuna?”

Xiaohei raised his head, a pair of big yellow eyes blinked, stretched out his tongue and licked the tip of his nose, but he didn’t answer, as if he had some interest, but was not yet satisfied. IR9Z3c

Su Ruizhe found out there was a reaction, so he quickly continued to make efforts, and lowered his voice to tempt him, “What if I cook fish soup for you in the evening?”

“Meow!” Xiaohei made a long cry and rubbed his head against Su Ruizhe’s palm, as if to say – then it’s a deal.

Su Ruizhe couldn’t help smiling widely until his eyes bent. He reached out and pointed at the tip of his nose. “You little guy, you won't be refined after the founding of the people's Republic of China!

Xiaohei couldn’t understand Su Ruizhe’s words. It shook its ears and jumped to the ground from Su Ruizhe’s arms. It came to the mouse hole about to be completely dug with silent cat steps. It crouched on the ground on its whole upper body, its buttocks slightly raised, its tail swaying left to right, as it held an attack position. Ttk1ep

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

The young soldier watched, wanting to say something. Although it’s true that cats were mice’s natural enemies, this was a mutant mouse that could bite off a piece of meat from even people. This kitten looked to be only two to three months old. How could it catch these mice? He tried to persuade them to bring the kitten back, but he hesitated and closed his mouth when he saw the confidence in the two men.

The next moment, a gray mouse quickly came out of the hole. The size of this mouse was almost the size of an adult rabbit. It was very fat. It seemed it had eaten very well recently.

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They saw Xiaohei suddenly sweep forward with his little claws to hit the mouse’s back heavily. The little black cat was only as big as two hands, but he slammed the mouse several times bigger than himself to the ground.

The mouse was stunned and fell on the ground. It kept kicking its legs to get up, but Xiaohei didn’t want to give the mouse this chance. He raised his little paw, flashed his sharp nails, grabbed the mouse’s neck, and easily cut the life of the mutant mouse.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Squeak!” The mouse shrieked before it died. Mu8qrD

The young soldier was stunned. Unexpectedly, the kitten caught the mouse!

“Meow!” Xiao Hei successfully completed the task, squatted on the side of the mouse’s body, and proudly raised his small head.

He wanted to lick his paw, but the paw was stained with the mouse’s blood, and he placed it back on the ground.

“Good job!” Zhan Yun said with a smile, he just wanted to walk together with Su Ruizhe to carry the kitten back, but then felt the ground burst in violent vibration. 1A6ULe

“What’s the matter?”

“Is it an earthquake?”

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“But there are very few earthquakes in the south?”

“Not good! It’s a group of mutant mice! ” The young soldier’s face changed. When the commander led the whole base to kill the mice, there was a riot of mutant mice, but it was not as violent as this one. todj0W

Many of his comrades were injured in the mutant mouse riots at that time and were still being treated at the base’s treatment center.

“Run!” The young soldier pushed Zhan Yun and Su Ruizhe towards the exit, and immediately raised his gun to the direction of the mouse hole.

Sure enough, a dense group of mice came out of the hole one by one, each of them fat and strong.

The young soldier shot at the mice with his gun, but found the effect to be very little. He immediately pressed his hand on one side of his waist. He thought of something and at the same time, shouted to Zhan Yun and Su Ruizhe, “Go! Lock the door! Hurry!” 2IjEni

If they were allowed to run out, it would do great harm to the base. In a hurry, he had to use his hands. One blow and these damn mice will die together.

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Although it may not be able to kill all the mice, if it can kill some, then it’ll kill some. After Zhan Yun and Su Ruizhe ran out, they could warn the leaders to prepare early and minimize the loss of the base.

With a click, the door of the warehouse closed. When the young soldier was about to detonate the grenade, he heard someone suddenly say, “Wait a minute.”

The young soldier looked back and found that Zhan Yun and Su Ruizhe hadn’t left! sy8qvT

“Why didn’t you go?!” The young soldier’s sweat ran down his nose. In this case, there was no need for three people to stay to die.

Su Ruizhe and Zhan Yun didn’t say anything more. Zhan Yun directly activated his gravity ability to temporarily suppress the mutant mice that rushed towards them like a tide.

Su Ruizhe took out a handful of nuts out of his pocket, held them with his left hand, condensed them into a magnified nut, and then launched his ability to transform them into an explosion-proof shield with a height of one person.

Anti-riot shields were generally used to deal with low-level conflicts such as group riots, which could effectively block attacks from hits of bricks, stones, sticks, glass bottles, and other objects. The riot shields used by special police generally also had the functions of bulletproof, shockwave proof and strong light proof. It could resist hits from close range light weapons, and it could withstand to a certain effect, shock waves from explosions of the hand grenades at close range. 369KwS

Now, the explosion-proof shield in Su Ruizhe’s hands was comparable to the advanced explosion-proof shield used by the special police force.

Holding a shield, Su Ruizhe covered Zhan Yun and the young soldier behind him, then took out two cherries from his pocket and turned them into two bombs.

“Retreat!” Knowing Su Ruizhe was ready, Zhan Yun removed his power, and the three of them stepped back together, all the way to the corner. When these mice approached them, Su Ruizhe detonated the two bombs at the same time.

The violent explosion made a big hole in the wall, but the three people hiding behind the explosion-proof shields remained undamaged. N9hMpS

They deliberately avoided the materials in the center of the warehouse, and led the mutant mice to the corner to cause the explosion. The bombs effectively controlled the scope of the explosion and ensured that the materials were not affected.

Su Ruizhe’s cherry bombs. The power of the bomb was not small. He blew up these mutant mice and the mice that were not killed by the bombing also wanted to flee in a panic. 

However, Su Ruizhe didn’t plan to let the mice go back to the hole at all. No one knew when a circle of thorns with sharp spikes had grown on the ground. Driven by Su Ruizhe’s power, he surrounded the remaining mutant mice. There were mutated mice constantly bumping into those thorns, and being pierced with several bloody holes, as the blood flowed all over the place.

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The mice shrieked and turned around trying to escape back into the mouse hole. CvU4wn

But Su Ruizhe took out two more seeds from his pocket, used his powers to generate two purple flowers with strange shapes, and threw them near the mouse hole.

No one knew how the two flowers did it, but they forced their roots into the gap of the steel plate, and then grew rapidly until they became two huge carnivorous plants. 

Those two purple carnivorous flowers had sharp tusks in their delicate buds, which would make people shudder when seeing them.

Any mutant mouse that wanted to escape to the mouse hole would be swallowed by the two carnivorous flowers, and then become their nutrients, so they could continue to grow. GaHdZF

The young soldier was stunned. He had heard that Su Ruizhe was a very powerful Wood ability user, but didn’t think the so-called “powerful” meant that Su Ruizhe could weaponize plants. Moreover, he didn’t expect that when he used his own power to fight, it was so horrifying!

The explosion-proof shield, the violent explosion, the thorns and spikes in one place, the two horrible carnivorous flowers, and the mutant mice that the whole base could not deal with, were killed by him alone. It was frightening…

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Su Ruizhe turned his head and smiled at the young soldier. “I’ve received a lot of seeds from Wancheng base. I’m just putting them to good use.”

The young soldier agreed dryly. sx8d5L

The author has something to say:

Young Soldier: I believe in your irregular acts…

[Little Theater On The Street]

Zhan Xiaoyun: Xiaohei, can you catch mice? re9tuM

Xiaohei: Meow! (I don’t want to!)

Read more BL at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Zheng Jiahe: Xiaohei, aren’t you the natural enemy of mice? Meow, maybe it works? Hurry up!

Xiaohei: Meow! (No, no! They’re ugly!)

Zheng Jiahe: Why not? There is meat after catching mice! Hdl3X7

Xiaohei: Meow! (Just don’t!)

Zheng Jiahe: Hey! You’re arrogant! See how I treat you! I’ll get you! Meow?

Zheng Jiahe (small black bun): Meow! (Catch the mouse quickly!)

Dr. Song: This baby is too stupid to look at straight. QtIv6q

Here’s the link I added in the TN in this chapter in case you can’t go to it from there: https://zhidao.baidu.com/question/395243870059322125.html

Hope you guys liked this chapter! And we are officially 2/3rd of the way through this book and we have 38 chapters left! I hope I can finish them before the summer because it’ll make me feel happy XD

I also decided to put the comments from me and Dragon in the TNs. With everything that’s going on, I hope everyone stays safe and healthy!


Translator's Note

I don’t know how to translate this ‘建国后不许成精’ well so that it shows the meaning across but it just has a lot to do with the old tales of cultivation in China and how they stopped those ideas as they progressed into science. This is just a sentence circulated on the internet to refer to smart animals as if they cultivated. More about this on here:https://zhidao.baidu.com/question/395243870059322125.html

Translator's Note

Jostena: That’s fucking terrifying! ಠ_ಠ

Dragon: Gaah. Mutant rabies…

Translator's Note

Jostena: Yes! Kill it! Good Kitty~

Dragon: Black cats are the best

Translator's Note

 Jostena: So silly and cute! XD

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