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My Cherry Will Explode in the ApocalypseCh74 - Mutant Mouse Infestation


Chapter 74 – Mutant Mouse Infestation

Editor: Dragon

It was more than a thousand jin of meat. Since the end of the world began, most people in this base had not tasted meat, let alone such fresh meat. No one would turn it away. EWwJP7

Finally, the four forces of Wancheng base divided the wolf meat and agreed to let the south base enter the laboratory to learn the soilless cultivation technology. Dr. Yang was so happy that he moved into the lab that day itself with two of his assistants and two wood ability users.

It was just that Wang Xurong still had an ugly expression on his face. He showed them a tight lipped smile, “Unfortunately, you are not destined to taste this meat. If you ever change your mind, the door of the Wang family will be open to you any time. And, you will always have a share of this meat.”

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“Haha.” In response to him, Zhan Yun and others only smiled calmly.

With Dr. Yang’s ability, he should be able to master the technology of soilless cultivation in a few days, but this also meant they needed to stay in Wancheng base for a few days. VdDu3c

That night, a strong smell of cooked meat permeated the base. All the forces got fresh meat, so they naturally wanted to take it out to eat. Now that the weather was so hot, this meat had to be fully consumed soon.

The Wang family took out some meat to stew some soup, and gave some to the people under their own influence, which could be  regarded as a way to attract more people. They took a part of the meat received and prepared a whole meat feast for those under the Wang family. Although the Wang family has abundant materials, they felt reluctant to eat meat during ordinary times. They only took out some when they had an occasional need for it. Even so, they ate pickled meat and bacon, unlike fresh meat, which they hadn’t tasted for a while. Today, they finally realized the taste of eating fresh meat.

The mutant meat  was as delicious as it was rumoured to be. On this day, it was a festive day at the base of Anhui city, and the four powers’ people ate till their mouth became covered with oil.

The local garrison, in particular, was the weakest of the four forces. The soldiers were not treated as well as the other forces, and they had least materials. They did all the hard work, but received the least benefits. The Wang family and the Hong family always talked about the lives of innocent people. The garrison, unable to survive, could only stand on its head no matter how dangerous it became. If the Lu family didn’t help them these days, they may not even have enough to eat.


This time, they got the least share of the meat, but it was still 200 Jin. The commander of the local garrison was a Lieutenant Commander surnamed Dai, who led a regiment of soldiers in Wancheng. As soon as Lieutenant Commander Dai checked the amount of the meat, he split it up instead of storing it, and anyway, the brothers hadn’t had a good meal for such a long time, they just took it all out and cooked it. The meat was all braised. It’s a pity that wolf meat didn’t have much fat. It was basically pure meat. After braising in brown sauce, the taste was not as good as pork. But after all, it was meat. Just smelling it could make saliva flow everywhere.

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There were some dry vegetables in the soup leftover from the stew. It became delicious when boiled. They cooked a few large pots of white rice, and hundreds of men squatted together, and while eating, their heads did not lift up.

Lieutenant Commander Dai also specially invited Guan Hong and the others to eat together. After all, they were all comrades in arms. Moreover, this time they were able to eat meat, thanks to their comrades from afar.

Guan Hong didn’t refuse either. He went with his brothers. He was going to take this opportunity to tell Lieutenant Commander Dai about the new bullets as well as the fruit and vegetable juice, at least to help them strengthen their power. xAjuzr

Zhan Yun and his group didn’t follow him. They hid in the hotel, closed the door and ate fish hotpot. The scent of meat pervaded all over the base, so no one noticed a small group of people hiding here, and eating good food.

“Hmph, who cares so much for their wolf meat? They don’t even have enough oil. They will die from hunger.” Zheng Jiahe faced his own bowl of meat slices, while he nagged about his dislike.

“Yes, those people act just like they haven’t seen meat for hundreds of years. When they saw the carcasses of wolves in the truck, their eyes almost popped out.” Song Chengshu, who rarely spoke, added a sentence. It was hard not to see Wang Xurong’s appearance as if he was above everyone. That kid was just like a frog in a well. He thought he was the greatest just because he woke up a thunder ability.

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Every person said something and it became very lively. OMWNdL

Geglcu vlccfg, atbeut Ve Eelhtf vlvc’a rqfjx wemt, tf jikjsr rwlifv. Yynlberis, tf jugffv klat Itfcu Aljtf jcv atf batfgr’ kbgvr. Lf kjr qjgalmeijgis jccbsfv klat atf rfio-glutafber Qjcu Wegbcu, ktb kjr rb gevf ktlif ajixlcu ab ygbatfg Itjc! Vb, ktlif atf Qjcur jaf kbio wfja, Ve Eelhtf jcv tlr afjwwjafr jaf olrt tbaqba abufatfg.

There was no power supply in Wancheng base, so they had to use a portable stove for cooking fish hotpot.

The bottom of the pot was filled with the fish soup stewed with fresh black fish raised in the space, which was extremely delicious. The mutton and beef balls and so on were all from ready-made, frozen packages taken from the supermarket, which were put in the small cave of the space to keep them fresh. Now, they were no different from the original ones. There were vegetables planted in the space. There were turnips, bamboo shoots, green vegetables, spinach, sprouts, mushrooms, etc. A group of people was satisfied with fish and meat, and their stomachs bulged. Even Xiao Hei drank two bowls of fish soup.

Having enough to eat and drink, Zhan Yun stealthily destroyed the waste left from the preparation of the food with his corrosive ability. His ability was a bit overqualified in this kind of situation, but it was always good to be careful. 1 R98d

After Guan Hong returned, he went to find Zhan Yun quickly. The local garrison heard the news of the new type of bullets. They were shocked and excited at the same time. However, they did not have the equipment suitable for making the new type of bullets in their hands. Instead, Lu Jia had some local gun technology, and Lu Jia helped them a lot, so they wanted to cooperate with Lu Jia. However, before telling this good news to Lu Jia, they still wanted to ask for Guan Hong’s consent. After all, the news was provided by Guan Hong.

As for Guan Hong, he wanted to hear Zhan Yun and Su Ruizhe’s opinion, after all, it was Zhan Yun and Su Ruizhe who actually discovered that plants had a restraining effect on the zombie virus.

“We have no opinion.” Zhan Yun and Su Ruizhe looked at each other, smiled and answered.

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Zombies were the common enemy of all mankind. If we kill one more, we will have more hope. Therefore, Zhan Yun and Su Ruizhe did not intend to hide this information from the beginning. YysCSV

The intention of telling this news to the local garrison was to help them become stronger. Lu Jia had been cooperating with the garrison to fight against Wang Jia and Hong Jia. If they received this news, it would make them more powerful.

Guan Hong also laughed, and he knew they were definitely not the kind of people who would make a fool of themselves.

“Captain Zhan Yun, Mr. Su, I have another unexpected request…”

“Captain, please ask.” nKzbHX

“It will take a while for them to produce and master the new bullets, so I want to share some of the new bullets we have brought with them, but the bullets we have brought are limited. Would you mind if I asked you, Mr. Su, to transform some plant bullets for us?” As he asked, Guan Hong brought out two big fresh corn, the result of soilless cultivation and the catalysis of wood power in Wancheng base.

“Of course.” For Su Ruizhe, it was just a piece of cake.

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When Guan Hong left, he took a small bag of corn bullets and two corn grenades.

Six days later, Dr. Yang confidently returned to the team with experimental records and data, eager to return to their own base and put the soilless cultivation technology he just learned into practice. GOMVhx

Guan Hong said goodbye to Lieutenant Commander Dai and left the base of Wancheng with his team at night.

The journey back was very smooth. It took only four days. On the fifth night, they arrived at the south base.

But, they could not have imagined that the southern base was in a mess.

They didn’t know how, but more than half of the grain in the warehouse of the base suddenly disappeared together. The base made a comprehensive investigation and found a mouse hole, which led to a mice infestation in the base. Commander Jiang ordered all the soldiers to exterminate the mice together, but the mice mutated. They became stronger and more aggressive. Many soldiers were bitten by them. HTfxpZ

Mice carried a lot of diseases, the bitten soldiers had skin ulceration and fever, but the current medical level was too low, only enough to give the wounded anti-inflammatory drugs and injections as treatment.

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Now, the base was facing the situation of food shortage and endless mice injuries. The base was in a panic, and Commander Jiang was also in a panic, it almost made him lose his hair.

He tried to smoke out the mouse holes, and he tried to let the water ability users fill it with water. But the mouse holes were everywhere. If one side was blocked, the mice escaped from the other. Unless all the mouse holes were blocked, he would not be able to kill them at all.

It was no use to let soldiers guard the granary 24 hours. It was useless to try to put mouse traps all over the floor. Those mice were so powerful that they could only helplessly save less food… QEqU6G

After Zhan Yun and others returned, Jiang Xuzhou immediately asked them to go to the base headquarters. He remembered that Zhan Yun and Su Ruizhe had special abilities. Maybe, they could help find a way.

After hearing this, Zhan Yun and Su Ruizhe also found it difficult, so they agreed to give it a try.

These mutated mice were too troublesome to deal with. Zhan Yun brought Xiao Hei from Yu Dongdong and planned to try elimination with the help of this cat. Cats were mice’s natural enemies. Although these mice had mutated, Xiao Hei was not an ordinary cat either. Maybe, it could play a big role.

The author has something to say: ulDvcf

Xiao Hei (looks disgusted): I don’t want to eat mice!

Today’s double sales, did you buy anything? I bought a lot of food~~

[Little Theater On The Street]

Su Xiaozhe picked up his sword and cut at the corpse: ah! Zhan Xiaoyun! Blood! Lots of blood! Wza4IK

Zhan Xiaoyun: What happened to my wifey? Hiss! My wifey! Call Dr song!

Dr. Song: I’ll make trouble! WOW! This waterfall of blood, the jet of art, which artery is it hurt?

Su Xiaozhe: Probably carotid artery?

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Dr. Song: What? Show me! GWV8Ei

Su Xiaozhe points to the corpse: Look! They’re all different!

Dr. Song: Take the hot water! Waste my feelings! Don’t call me when you show your love! Even the busybodies are very busy and dignified!

Xiao Hei: meow! (with a wave of claws, the zombie is flung)

Dr. Song: Who? Who threw the zombie? Zheng Jiahe, you don’t like my handsome self, so you want to murder me! MArxHl

Zheng Jiahe: meow?

Xiao Hei: meow ~ (づ● – ●) づ

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Hope you guys liked this chapter!

When Wang Xurong mentioned the meat to ZY and his team: 6jAVWk

Jostena: Did this idiot forget that they got that meat? They can easily just kill some more and get meat XD

Dragon: LOL

When ZY and his team ate hotpot:

Jostena: They’re trying to one-up them XD k2NrlC

Dragon: Haha, competition by eating.

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When they described the meat the big families gave to their people:

Dragon: One whole friggin para describing how much meat they eat and give to others QAQ

Jostena: That’s how much they wanted meat… cJImtq

When the author said frozen food became fresh in the space:

Dragon: Now I know this rich dude author has def not eaten frozen food uwu

Jostena: Frozen stuff can never be the same as the fresh stuff…


Translator's Note

少校 [shào xiào] -> Translates to major, lieutenant commander, or squadron leader.

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