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My Cherry Will Explode in the ApocalypseCh72 - Mutated Wolves


Chapter 72 – Mutated Wolves

Translator: Jostena

Editor: Dragon Sbjusv

Back at the hotel, the idle Zhan Yun took off his coat and began to do push ups on the ground. His strong muscles flexed, and Su Ruizhe couldn’t turn his eyes away. When Zhan Yun stood up, sweaty after doing hundreds of pushups in one breath, he could not help but laugh at his little lover’s silly look.

“What are you looking at, little fool?” Zhan Yun comically scraped Su Ruizhe’s nose.

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Zhan Yun’s figure appeared even more perfect from a short distance. Eight abdominal muscles and a strong waist, plus a pair of long legs, he was bursting with hormones, not to mention the appearance of sweat over his skin right after his exercise, which was really sexy.

“No, nothing to see Ge, you must want to take a bath, right? I, I will go to tell elder brother Song to give you water.” Su Ruizhe’s face was red all of a sudden. He quickly turned away and left these words in a hurry. Od4wtJ

Zhan Yun looked at Su Ruizhe’s back as he left in a panic, smiled and shook his head. After all, his little lover was still young, so he was too shy.

Soon, Song Chengshu came to provide water to Zhan Yun, and was also considerate enough to adjust to hot water, so Zhan Yun could take a comfortable hot bath.

During the day, everyone went to sleep. At night, they went outside the base to find some materials according to the original plan.

Guan Hong and Dr. Yang still stayed in the base and continued to contact the local garrison. As for the information about new bullets and vegetable juice, they would wait for Zhan Yun to return. e6jPmO

Guan Hong made two preparations for such a decision. If Zhan Yun found materials successfully, they would exchange materials for the soilless cultivation techniques according to the plan agreed on before, and then give the information they had to the local garrison. On the other hand, he also needed to be prepared for the chance that Zhan Yun couldn’t get anything for them to exchange so they would be forced to use the information for the technology.

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Zhan Yun’s team may not be able to find enough materials in the vicinity as it was all Wancheng base’s sites. Maybe, they must have been already picked through several times. There was little chance for Zhan Yun to find enough materials. It was estimated that they would need to go further to get something. The corpses in the places farther away would not have been cleaned up, which would be very troublesome to deal with.

But Zhan Yun’s strength was superior, and Guan Hong had great trust in their abilities.

So, Guan Hong decided to wait for Zhan Yun and the others to come back first and then act. sXh2PG

Guan Hong gave the keys of the two army trucks to Zhan Yun and his team in case they found the materials, so they’ll be able to bring them back.

Zhan Yun also had no intention to refuse Guan Hong. He took the keys and left. However, he was confident that when they came back, they would definitely bring enough materials. Even if they couldn’t find enough materials nearby, didn’t they have Su Ruizhe’s space?

There was still a lot of tobacco, wine and other materials collected previously in the space. It seemed to be quite valuable in Wancheng base. Anyway, it was not very useful for them. If they couldn’t find anything, they could take these out first.

At the gate of the base, there were a lot of teams like them who were going out of the city to search for materials. They were all affiliated to different powers. The group was huge and seemed to have a lot of people. In such a harsh environment as Wancheng base, anyone who had a bit of combat power would choose to rely on the team of ability users to feed themselves by going out to collect materials every day. mDbN2n

Those people began to pay attention to Zhan Yun when they saw their pitiful team. This team appeared to have few people, but each of them was an ability user. Even the kid in the team had a red badge on his chest.

Zhan Yun, without looking around, went straight to the side of the military car and opened the door with the key. He and Cheng Qi got on the driver’s seat of each military car respectively, and left the base one after another, driving the military cars.

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They picked a random road and drove out. Anyway, they were not familiar with Wancheng, so they could openly drive at will.

“Ct Itjc, atfgf jgf wjcs mjgr obiibklcu er.” Jtfcu Hl abbx j ibbx ja atf gfjgnlfk wlggbg jcv lcobgwfv Itjc Tec klat tlr kjixlf ajixlf. OseCcN

“Qfii, lo atfs kjca ab obiibk, ifa atfw obiibk.” Itjc Tec rcffgfv jcv mbcalcefv ab wbnf obgkjgv.

Lf xcfk atja atf jgfjr jgbecv atf yjrf wera tjnf yffc rfjgmtfv j ibcu alwf jub. Po tf kjcafv ab ujlc rbwfatlcu, tf tjv ab ub ab j ojg-boo qijmf, qgfofgjyis j qijmf klat wbgf hbwylfr, rb atja atf qijmf wluta cba tjnf yffc rkfqa.

But he didn’t expect that there were still many cars following him after driving more than 30 kilometers. It seems that they wanted to take advantage of this opportunity.

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Wancheng was an agricultural city, so there were many villages around for farming, but those villages were mostly dead now. In the past, those green fields withered under the sun, and became a large area of wasteland. When the headlights shone upon them, only pieces of dead grass can be seen. ORcECM

“Brother, there’s something over there… ” Yu Dongdong suddenly sat up straight and pointed to the dark field in front of him.

When Su Ruizhe heard this, he immediately looked over, but it was too dark to see. He could only vaguely see the green light hidden in the withered grass.

“What is that?” Zheng Jiahe also came to the window to look.

“I don’t know…” Before Su Ruizhe finished speaking, Yu Dongdong suddenly grabbed him and looked back. d6Im2R

“Brother, brother! It’s them!”

As soon as Yu Dongdong’s voice fell, he saw a black shadow quickly jump out of the grass, jump up, and jump onto the car behind with Cheng Qi inside.

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Cheng Qi’s car seemed as if it had been hit by an elephant. He lost his balance and rushed out. Fortunately, it was surrounded by fields. Otherwise, there would have been a traffic accident.

Zhan Yun saw the situation and pressed the emergency brake, turned the car around and chased after the shadow. dm7Lqa

Under the strong lights, they all saw what had fallen on the car.

It turned out to be a wolf. Its skeleton was broad and solid, its fur was messy, and its body was thin. But it could be seen from the skeleton that it was originally very strong. Those green eyes, shining with bloodthirsty light, stared at the people in the car.

“Awoo!” The wolf raised his head and howled.

Then, one wolf after another came out of the surrounding fields. lCEuq7

There were both big and small wolves. It looked like the group had more than 20 wolves.

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And behind Cheng Qi’s car, there were many other vehicles who were also hit in the fields.

“Mutated wolves!” It must be the mutated wolves who had such great power and intelligence.

“Hahaha! We’re rich! ” The people who followed them and wanted to profit, laughed, opened the door and got off with guns. j5ZYCX

The meat of mutant animals was edible, and very delicious. Now, in such an apocalypse, there were people who didn’t know how long hadn’t tasted meat. Now, in front of them, there was so much mutated wolf meat. If all of them were killed and taken back, I don’t know how many materials could be exchanged for them; wasn’t it equal to getting rich?

Just that, these mutant wolves, were they really so easy to deal with?

Even with the ordinary wolves before the end of the world, the hunters would be scared when they met them, let alone the wolves that had so obviously changed.

At the moment when the man took up his gun and was ready to shoot, a wolf rushed at the man and bit him in the throat. CGaA2N

“Ah, Aah, Aaah –” the smell of blood stimulated the wolves. All the wolves became agitated, their eyes flashing a fierce green light, their bodies crouched down in an attacking stance.

Countless people got out of their cars, used machine guns to shoot, or used weapons to attack, but these wolves kept hanging on, one by one, with amazing speed, and people were being constantly killed by the wolves.

The screams of human beings, the roar of wild animals, mixed with the sound of guns, kept on ringing…

The wolf on Cheng Qi’s car growled at the people in the car. His claws scratched metal on the car causing a deep scratch. The claws were like steel knives. pXKgU

“Tsk!” We can’t let this wolf attack the car anymore. It’s a military thing. If it’s damaged, we can’t explain it to Guan Hong.

Seeing this, Cheng Qi quickly lowered the window and used his ability. A blue lightning as thick as fingers shot out of Cheng Qi’s fingertips and hit the wolf outside.

“Awoo!” The wolf let out a whine and rolled down the front of the car.

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Cheng Qi quickly backed up and tried to drive back to the road, but found that the ground here became very muddy, and their wheels were stuck in it. 1APSfg

What’s going on? It’s a hot day in the morning. The general field should have been dried up and cracked. How could there be such a muddy ground?

Unless… These wolves had abilities?

Just thinking about this, the wolf who was just overpowered by Cheng Qi got up again, growled at Cheng Qi with a grin, and rushed towards the car. The windshield made of toughened glass cracked under the wolf’s great power.

Cheng Jiao immediately got out of the car and aimed at the wolf. The sharp blade cut the skin of the wolf, but it didn’t kill the other side. Instead, it stimulated the other side’s ferocity. mI ajy


Cheng Qi’s thunder and lightning hit the wolf again and again. With the help of Cheng Jiao’s wind blade, the wolf couldn’t get close to them and finally fell down.

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However, Cheng Qi and Cheng Jiao became very tired. Their powers had been used so thoroughly for the first time since they awoke.

Looking back, Wu Jing and Zhang Shuoliang were also fighting with the two wolves. Wu Jing’s body was hidden, which made every attack of those wolves useless. Zhang Shuoliang unleashed his powers, and one sharp spike after another plunged into the wolves’ bodies. agijTn

The scene is full of the smell of blood…

It’s said that wolves are very afraid of fire. Unfortunately, there was no fire power among them. Otherwise, setting a fire would have maybe made these wolves run away by now.

“Awoo, Awoo -“

Apparently, the wolves found that some of their kind had died in their hands, so they left the humans with low attack power and gradually surrounded them. PLFHQa

The author has something to say:

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

[Little Theater On The Street]

Woman: Handsome boy, do you want to come in and sit down?

Su Xiaozhe: I’m sorry. Look at me. Do you think I’m an adult? O94 d0

Woman: What about this handsome guy? Do you want to come in and sit down?

Zhan Xiaoyun: Sorry, I have a family.

Woman: Oh, everything is gone. Who cares about it.

Su Xiaozhe: Although I look underage, I have a family. fQwqSU

Zhan Xiaoyun: Although I have a family, my wifey seems to be underage.

Su Xiaozhe: Speaking of it, my family is sticky and ferocious. If I go in, I will be miserable!

Zhan Xiaoyun: My family’s soft and cute person is easily invited home by others and he is not careful. I don’t know what to do with him.

Su Xiaozhe & Zhan Xiaoyun: So, do you understand? EseO5x

Woman: I just want to come out and have a meal, but I didn’t expect a mouthful of dog food.

Here’s the second chapter for this week because I didn’t upload it on 2/16. I hope you guys liked the chapters! And I still can’t believe that I’ve been translating for a year and that I’ve gotten this far on this novel! Hope we can finish it together soon.

When Zhan Yun had his shirt off:

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Dragon: Me neither huehuehuehue Cduzvr

Jostena: Let us feast our eyes!


Translator's Note

I thought it would be weird to add brother here so I went with the pinyin XD

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