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My Cherry Will Explode in the ApocalypseCh71 - Chaos In Anhui City


Chapter 71 – Chaos In Anhui City

Translator: Jostena

Editor: Dragon U1Rf2G

Although the little girl was young, she was very familiar with Wancheng base. They told her that they wanted to find a place to live, so she immediately took them to a hotel. This hotel had been a residential building before the end of the world. It was rebuilt on being privately owned. Even though the conditions were not very good, it was passable. You could live there as long as you paid for it with materials.

There were around 100 of them, and thus, asked for more than 20 rooms. The innkeeper took the initiative to give them a discount on seeing Zhan Yun’s ability user insignia, but they still needed to pay more than 80 Jin of food for a week. Just like before, vegetables and fruits were used to pay for the accommodation, and the group finally settled down in Wancheng.

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As per their agreement, he should have given the little girl half a packet of biscuits, but Su Ruizhe kindly gave her an entire packet. The little girl carefully hid the biscuit in her arms. After a sweetly spoken thanks, she ran away like a little mouse who had just stolen rice.

The next step was to find the person in charge of Wancheng base to discuss the study of soilless cultivation technology. However, it was difficult for them to find people since they were not familiar with the place. Guan Hong took several people out to find the garrison in Wancheng. KJRDU2

Cheng Qi had nothing to do, so he took a pack of red shuang xi from Su Ruizhe and went downstairs to talk to the boss. If the hotel owner could privately own such a building in Wancheng base, he must have some contacts. From him, he should be able to understand the situation of Wancheng base faster.

Sure enough, the innkeeper’s eyes lit up when he saw the packet of cigarettes Cheng Qi carried in his hand. Just like pouring beans from a bamboo tube, he talked to Cheng Qi about the situation of Wancheng base.

Wancheng base was jointly controlled by several major forces, the most influential one being the Wang family. Wang family was a famous and rich business family in Wancheng. They ran many department stores and had power over the materials in two warehouses. In the apocalypse, they were very rich. In addition, the only son of the Wang family awakened thunder power, so they set up a thunder ability team, which was basically walking horizontal in the base.

In second place was the Hong family. Before the end of the world, the Hong family was a gangster family and had a lot of underground forces. Now that the end of the world was here, contrarily, they could openly come to the surface. There were also many ability users in the Hong family. 3SHAbd

In third place was the Lu family. The Lu family’s older generation was from the military. Later, they delved into business. They were very upright. There were also many veterans on the other side of the Lu family.

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However, the local garrison as the fourth power lost a lot in the early period of the apocalypse, so it became the smallest group. In case of any dangerous situation, the Wang family and the Hong family always let the garrison rush ahead. Fortunately, the Lu family always helped them. Otherwise, it’s hard to say whether a garrison would even exist in the Wancheng base now.

The four forces jointly managed the Wancheng base, so the system of the base was more chaotic. However, although the Wang family and the Hong family were not particular about it, they were not stupid. They knew the truth of sitting on the mountain and having nothing to do with it. Therefore, they were very supportive of scientific research. Wancheng was also an agricultural city. There was an agricultural laboratory specializing in soilless cultivation technology before the apocalypse, and it has been successful. It’s just that after the outbreak of the apocalypse, it caused the death of the experimenters and they turned  into zombies. However, the experimental data remained. The four forces worked together to rebuild the laboratory, recruited talents in biology and scientific research, and restored soilless cultivation technology. In fact, it’s not a newly developed technology at all. It could only be said that Wancheng base was lucky and took a big advantage.

The innkeeper saw that the soldiers accompanying the civilian group were all dressed in military uniforms. He knew that they must have come to Wancheng base to study the soilless cultivation technology. Recently, many people came from other bases. In order to learn this technology, many people came from Shuzhou and the north. ufAsGw

“However, if you want to learn for nothing, you can’t do it. The Wang family and the Hong family will have to peel off a layer of your skin.” The innkeeper said, shaking his head and smoking.

After listening to the innkeeper’s words, Cheng Qi finally understood that the Wancheng base now had four major forces, but in fact, it was the situation of a tripartite confrontation. If it were not for the help of the Lu family, the local garrison might have been swallowed by the ambitious Wang family and Hong family. After restoring the soilless cultivation technology, they immediately sent out invitations to the survivors’ bases all over the country. In fact, they wanted to take the opportunity to make a profit!

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Cheng Qi continued to chat with the innkeeper for some time, and saw Guan Hong come back with a gloomy face. Without asking, Cheng Qi knew things were not going well.

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The so-called cost was nothing more than food, weapons, drugs, gasoline and other items that were very scarce in the apocalypse.

The invitation from Wancheng base didn’t mention materials at all. However, the upper level of the southern base considered how they couldn’t learn from others for nothing, already planned to share the news of the new bullets and fruit and vegetable juice they developed with each other, so they didn’t bring much materials this time.

But they didn’t expect that it was such an idea…

Although they didn’t plan to learn the technology in vain, the emotion for active exchange was totally different from that of extortion. Guan Hong felt hesitant about spreading the news about new bullets and the fruit and vegetable juices. He assumed that they would only become more and more unscrupulous with  the existence of new bullets that caused special damage to zombies and fruit and vegetable juices that could improve the probability of awakening abilities. 4ea2oE

“Then replace information with supplies!” Zhan Yun suddenly spoke, “Don’t tell them about the new bullets and fruit and vegetable juices. Just inform the garrison here.”

With the help of new bullets, fruit and vegetable juices, the local garrison could gradually consolidate its own power.

“But we don’t have enough supplies…”

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“Then we will go outside to collect more supplies. We’ll take care of it.” I4qWGO

“Ok, Thank you.” Guan Hong agreed.

It was only one hour away from dawn. It was too late to go out to collect materials. So everyone went back to their rooms to take rest.

However, Cheng Qi and Cheng Jiao planned to go shopping. The Wancheng base was in chaos, but it was still more lively than the Southern base.

Zhan Yun thought about it, and also led Su Ruizhe to go down together. Anyway, he was also idle. It’s better to go around and have a look at the specific situation of Wancheng base. RK9iox

When the innkeeper saw Cheng Qi coming downstairs, he greeted them with a smile. When he heard that they were going to go out for a walk, he took out a red plastic dollar.

“Young man, these are our money. You can go to the management office to exchange the materials. The purchasing power of this yuan is probably a steamed bun. It will be more convenient in the base. Like the cigarettes you gave me before, if you have any more, you can change ten yuan per package. ” This kind of Yuan coin was actually a mahjong chip used by people before the end of the world. Now, it was used as a temporary currency by the Hong family, with the Hong family’s logo engraved on it. The Hong’s family was from the underworld, and they had many mahjong halls under them. After the establishment of the base, in order to facilitate convenience, they introduced this kind of Yuan coin.

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The Wang family and the Lu family wanted to do the same. Unfortunately, they couldn’t find a suitable substitute. Later, they simply changed to the yuan from the Hong family.

“Thank you, boss.” After asking directions to the location of the management office, they thanked the owner and went out. cMd62w

Compared to the southern base, Wancheng base was much dirtier. Everyone swept the snow in front of their own doors. No one cared about other public areas.

They soon reached the Management Office of Wancheng base, where people were very casual, sitting and standing without any purpose. However, on seeing the ability user insignia on Zhan Yun’s chest, their attitude became much better and they soon exchanged yuan coins for them. As the innkeeper said, a pack of cigarettes could be exchanged for ten yuan, and they exchange two packs of cigarettes for twenty yuan.

They wandered around Wancheng base, and found that the lively places of Wancheng base were very active, the cold places were very cold, and the gap between the two areas was very big.

The bustling area was full of lights and wine. The people who came and went looked bright and happy. The smiles were mild and tender, appearing just like before the end of the world. The cold area was pitch black, with dilapidated brick houses, no furniture, and ragged people huddled on the floor. 5NkZT

Looking at the miserable appearances of those people, Su Ruizhe thought of himself in his previous life. Once upon a time, he was curled up on the cold and hard floor like this, and passed day by day like a year.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

There were many people who set up stalls along the street, but there was nothing they needed.

“Ah! Are you an ability user? Come in and sit down.” All of a sudden, a few heavily dressed unknown women from who knows where pulled them and walked towards a building on the side.

“No!” Zhan Yun waved away the woman’s hand, twisted his eyebrows and shouted. 7c 93o

The women immediately retreated to one side and dared not make any more mistakes.

At this time, they found that there were many such people in this area. They wore thin and exposing clothes and waved to the people walking on the road. They were obviously engaged in some unspeakable occupation…

Inside this base, the life of ordinary people was too difficult…

As a result, they turned around and saw nothing they wanted to buy. This group, with 20 yuan in their hands, went back to the hotel. ktD0s9

The author has something to say:

[Little Theater On The Street]

Thunder Ability Team: From another base? How can you send such defenseless people?

Dr. Yang nodded silently: Defenseless? Uh huh! I dUjh

Thunder Ability Team: They look like a vase even more than a vase.

Dr. Yang nodded silently: They’re all pretty, Uh huh!

Thunder Ability Team: You’re not here to learn technology. You send technicians.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Dr. Yang: Although I don’t believe it in my heart, they are the main fighting forces. CsqAm3

Thunder Ability Team: I said, don’t cry and come to hug our thighs when you meet a zombie. We are a famous thunder power team. I…

Zheng Jiahe suddenly walked away, tore his clothes and turned into Hulk: Pa Pa Pa Pa! Blind you! You look down on us! Make you kneel! What am I? I’m your father! Please call me dad!

Thunder: I’m wrong! Help! Oh! No! Mom, the earth is terrible. I want to go back to Mars! (T_T)

Dr. Yang shuddered: ∑ (゜ロ゜;) my chin 5zUds4

The chapter is finally edited!

When they mentioned the gangsters doing underground business:

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Dragon: When I was young, I used to genuinely think that these underground gangsters literally lived underground… My naivety… Come back…

Jostena: I wanna be naive like that too… dt1iEa

The mention of lights and wine:

Dragon: Doesn’t sound like the apocalypse

Jostena: It sounds like a normal red light district in regular times XD

The mention of SRZ being on the street in his past life: nNxeF8

Dragon: QAQ

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Jostena: T^T

Translator's Note

It’s this brand of cigarettes ->

Translator's Note

Means to take advantage of them and profit.

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