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My Cherry Will Explode in the ApocalypseCh53 - LED Sunflower Lamp


Chapter 53 – LED Sunflower Lamp

Translator: Jostena

Editors: Callis, playerprophet & Dragon ugdQ9t

When Zhan Yun and Su Ruizhe returned to the rest area, Zheng Jiahe was playing a game of Plants Vs Zombies on his phone. Cheng Qi sat beside him and watched him play. Sometimes he spoke a few words in an opportunistic manner.


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“Xiao Zhe! You’re back? I have something to tell you!” When Zheng Jiahe saw that Su Ruizhe had returned, he immediately got up excitedly, and led him outside.


Su Ruizhe was dragged along helplessly and asked, amused,, “What’s wrong? What are you so excited about?”


Zheng Jiahe dragged Su Ruizhe into an empty hallway. He pulled out his phone and held it in front of him like it was a treasured offering, opened the game interface and then the plant chart. “Look! I was just playing this game, and saw that there are many kinds of aggressive plants in it. Have you played this game?”


When Su Ruizhe saw the familiar interface, he nodded, “Yes, that’s the one I’ve played before.”

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Su Ruizhe had a good memory of this unique game. It could be that the peculiar nature of his powers might have something to do with that game.


“I had an idea that I wanted to run by you.”


“What’s the idea?” Su Ruizhe was interested. He sincerely admired Zheng Jiahe, an otaku whose brain hole could break through the sky at any time.


“Let’s try and see if you can make use of all the plants in it.”


“Alright.” Su Ruizhe happily agreed, and besides, he also wanted to master his powers.


“Let’s try the bananas first.” Zheng Jiahe pointed to the banana missile launcher from the plant chart.


Su Ruizhe took a banana from his space and grasped it with his left hand, trying to activate his ability, but it did not respond at all. He tried and tried, but it still did not respond.

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Zheng Jiahe did not show his disappointment; but pointed to the electric shock blueberry on the plant chart and said, “Try this blueberry next.”


After putting the banana back into his space, Su Ruizhe took out several blueberries and held them in his left hand, but they remained motionless, even after he used his ability on them.


“Try the pineapples?” The plant chart showed that the spinning pineapples could stop zombies from moving forward, and the high speed spinning could reflect bullets. He wondered what would happen if the pineapples were weaponized.


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But the results were disappointing… Su Ruizhe’s transformation ability failed again…


If Su Ruizhe hadn’t just used his power to turn chili peppers into hand grenades; and peas into bullets for Company Commander Zhang, they’d fear that his ability might really be out of order.


“That’s alright. Let’s try corn next!” Zheng Jiahe did not show any signs of frustration. Instead, he pointed, with increasing excitement at the corn on the plant chart.


After three successive failures, Su Ruizhe had no confidence in the fourth. However, to his surprise, this transformation was a great success. The corn cob in his hand, under his ability, was transformed into a large yellow bullet and a large yellow grenade.

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“Wow! That’s my awesome XiaoZhe!” Zheng Jiahe clapped Su Ruizhe on the shoulder excitedly. But because he was too excited, he couldn’t control his strength, and accidentally shoved him to the ground.


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Su Ruizhe: …


Ktjcxoeiis, Ve Eelhtf kjr tbivlcu atf ugfcjvf alutais lc tlr tjcv. Yatfgklrf, la kbeiv tjnf yffc yjv lo la ofii ab atf ugbecv jcv fzqibvfv.


“Vbggs, rbggs… P’w pera rb fzmlafv…” Itfcu Aljtf tjeifv tlw eq ogbw atf ugbecv, “P ecvfgrajcv kts rbwf qijcar mjc yf aegcfv lcab kfjqbcr, yea batfgr mjc’a!”




“Look at this plant chart, these plants are divided into different levels according to their rarity. Potatoes, peas, steel eating vines and so on are all level one plants. Corn, cherries and chillies are level two plants. A pineapple is a level three plant, a blueberry is a level four plant, and a banana is a level five plant. I think it’s because your ability’s level is too low that you can’t transform these higher-level plants.”


Su Ruizhe listened and nodded along. He thought that what Zheng Jiahe said made sense.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


What Zheng Jiahe did not know was that Su Ruizhe was reborn, so his ability was not at level one, but level three. When his ability was at level one, he could only make plants grow faster. It was only after he went to Lincheng base and with the help of the research institute that his ability reached the third level. That was also when he discovered, he could weaponize plants.


This coincided with Zheng Jiahe’s theory. When his powers were at level one, he couldn’t weaponize any plants. When his ability reached level two, he could transform level one plants. When his ability reached level three, he could transform level two plants. Therefore, he should be able to weaponize higher-level plants in the near future.


His heart beat with excitement when he thought of all the functions and skills he would use with the advanced plants on the chart.


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Right then, they heard footsteps approaching, so Su Ruizhe tucked the corn bullets and grenade into the space, and then chatted with Zheng Jiahe as if nothing had happened.


Several survivors passed by on their way to the restroom. They didn’t notice the two men standing in the corridor.


After they left, Zheng Jiahe asked Su Ruizhe, “Are there sunflowers in your space?”

  bOle M

Su Ruizhe was surprised. There were many plants in his space, but he didn’t have any recollection of a sunflower. He was not sure if there were any.

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“I’ll go into the space and have a look. You’ll have to cover for me.”




When they arrived at the men’s restroom, Su Ruizhe entered a stall and closed the door. Zheng Jiahe stood guard at the door. Sometimes, he acted like he was chatting with the person inside the stall, urging him with phrases like ‘hurry up’ and such.


Su Ruizhe did not spend too much time in his space, exiting from the stall, but his expression was a strange.


“What’s wrong?” Zheng Jiahe asked, surprised when he saw that Su Ruizhe’s hands were empty.


Su Ruizhe shook his head and said, “Let’s go outside and talk.”


They returned to the empty corridor and a yellow hand-held LED lamp appeared in Su Ruizhe’s hands.

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“Ah? What is this?”


“This is the result of the sunflower’s transformation…” Su Ruizhe was also speechless. He’d found several sunflowers deep in the valley and tried to transform them. And so the sunflower that could provide sunshine in the game turned into a lamp.


Zheng Jiahe’s mouth twitched twice. What about a good weapon?


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The two men were silent for a while, then Zheng Jiahe said, with a happy but pained face, “It’s pretty good, actually! We can at least can save electricity…”

  PTA H5

Su Ruizhe pouted and switched on the lamp. It emitted a  soft and warm light. It wasn’t particularly bright, but it gave off some sort of a comfortable heat.


The two narrowed their eyes slightly, enjoying this feeling of comfort.


“Huh?!” Zheng Jiahe blurted out suddenly.

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“What’s wrong?” Su Ruizhe looked at him curiously.


“Look at my legs.” Zheng Jiahe bent down and rolled up his pant.


“What’s wrong with your legs?” Su Ruizhe stared for half a day, but couldn’t see anything wrong with them.

  7J0M A

“You forgot? My leg was bitten by a zombie earlier. Maybe I awakened some kind of ability that makes me resilient? The wound was mostly healed, but still hurt when I exert myself.. Now it’s gone!” Zheng Jiahe exclaimed. “Look! All the wounds have scabbed over! “


“You mean…?” Su Ruizhe was stunned.


“This is great! My awesome Xiao Zhe, your lamp is not an ordinary lamp!!!” He looked around and in a low voice, said, “You sunflower lamp has a healing effect!”


“Hahaha! Let’s go! We have to tell Zhan Ge the good news!” While speaking, Zheng Jiahe dragged Su Ruizhe back.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


Seeing Su Ruizhe and Zheng Jiahe running back with an expression of barely concealed excitement, Zhan Yun raised his eyebrows. “What’s wrong?”


The two men lowered their voices and told Zhan Yun what they had just done. Su Ruizhe covertly took out the corn bullet, the grenade, and the LED sunflower lamp from the space.


“Really?” After listening to their news, even Zhan Yun got a little excited.


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Cheng Qi was beside him with a shocked look on his face. He and Zhan Yun had been talking about his experiences in A city where he had stayed for more than ten days. He did not have time to understand Su Ruizhe’s strange abilities. It was amazing for Cheng Qi to see Su Ruizhe pull things out of thin air, and they were all such strangely shaped things, too.


Zhan Yun was naturally very comfortable with his childhood friend, and hadn’t concealed anything from him. Before, they’d all met in a hurry, and he didn’t have time for formal introductions. Zhan Yun briefly introduced his teammates. When he introduced Su Ruizhe, he emphasized that they were lovers, and let it sink in. 


Clap, old cow eats tender grass.” Cheng Qi shook his head exaggeratedly.


Zhan Yun was too lazy to pay any attention to him. He took the LED sunflower lamp and held it over Cheng Jiao. Under the effect of warm light, Cheng Jiao’s expression improved. Her grimace finally relaxed, and her wound stopped bleeding.

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The lamp was really useful!


Although Zhang Shuoliang’s ribs and Wu Jing’s arms had been treated by Song Chengshu, they still ached. Under the LED sunflower lamp, however, they both felt the pain fade. While they were being treated, the warm light dimmed down, and then shut off entirely. The lamp had its limits, too.


The energy of the plant itself had been expended, but the effect it had was surprising. If someone else was injured in the future, they could be treated with it.

The author has something to say: 1P cmb

= v = Sorry, today’s update is late. I thought about how to use the sunflower for a long time. Then Cheng Jiao woke up immediately. QAQ 

[Small theatre on the street]

Company Commander: Potatoes, what’s their use?

Su Xiaozhe: I can change it into a mine! Fast changes! Hd7MZ0

Company Commander: Well… It seems that the actual combat effect of landmines is not great.

Zheng Jiahe: I know! We can plant potatoes a few miles around the base! We can eat them, and they can kill zombies!

Company Commander: That sounds like a good idea?

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Zhan Xiaoyun: Stupid! Where do we get so many potatoes? kP19uq

Company Commander:…

Zheng Jiahe: We can grow potatoes, and let the potatoes grow potatoes!

Company Commander: Yes!

Su Xiaozhe: The soil is seriously polluted and it is difficult to grow anything. CfkgZd

Company Commander:…

Zheng Jiahe: We can study purification technology, otherwise what are scientists for?

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Company Commander: That’s right!

Song Chengshu: Well said! Where are the scientists, then? hKBTcH

Company Commander:…

Zheng Jiahe: I’d better take potatoes next time.

Company commander: I will not comment this time!

[A small wooden theatre] HBd0oq

Zhan Yun: Xiao Zhe, the company commander seems to have found some amazing plants to test your powers.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Su Ruizhe: What⊙?⊙?

Zhang Yun pulled out a mildewed flower: That’s it. (Cover your face)

Su Ruizhe:⊙?⊙? 5Lgtky

Zhan Yun: The company commander said that… Will mutate into… Mildew… Let the Zombie eat their stomach…

Su Ruizhe:…

Zhan Yun: Stop Xiaozhe! Don’t throw it out! Ah, threw it away!

(Mildew has never played…) YkIqvr

Sorry for the long wait everyone! I’ll try to briefly explain what happens and what will happen with chapters from non on

Long Explanation Below~

So basically my laptop started lagging at the beginning of last month and it wasn’t too bad at the beginning but it slowly started to get worse and I couldn’t even read or try to write something on it without it lagging. So I took it to get fixed and those people got me angry because at the beginning they said it wasn’t going to take too much time but it took two weeks! That wasn’t the worst thing because when I got there they said that its mostly because its old and hat they can only fix it a little. I don’t know what they needed two weeks for though but whatever.

End of Explanation~ omZ8Gn

Now my laptop still lags but it is a bit better and I’m trying to save up to get a PC which will probably only be possible at the end of next month. I will still translate but it will only be a chapter each week and only a bit more if my laptop doesn’t lag too much. 

Hope this explains things and stops the worry of anyone who thought that I was dropping this book. I will not drop this book and will make sure to finish it!

A bit of insight from one of our great editors:

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playerprophet: Mildew is what you smell if your clothes are damp and don’t dry properly. Like if you don’t hang them up after washing. Mc6pkq

Us reacting to this expression -> ⊙?⊙?

Callis: I don’t understand what this face is lol

Jostena: It’s the face of confusion or surprise I think XD

A video about the sunflower that Callis found: qwQ83H

Callis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yy86WS7pzoM

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Translator's Note

随时能够突破天际的脑洞 -> Brain hole refers to someone who has an imagination that is very rich and in this case it means an imagination that is very incredible that it solves all problems.

Translator's Note

playerprophet said: It helps with vitamin D deficiencies in the winter.

Translator's Note

The suffix for the clapping sound was literally in the dialogue.

Translator's Note

老牛吃嫩草啊 -> ‘Old cow eats tender grass’ refers to an old person being with a young person which is supposed to be an insult towards Zhan Yun’s age XD

Translator's Note

Mildew is a thin whitish coating consisting of minute fungal hyphae, growing on plants or damp organic material such as paper or leather.

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