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My Cherry Will Explode in the ApocalypseCh44 - Rescue Messages


Chapter 44 – Rescue Messages  

Translator: Jostena pMVnw6

Editors: Callis & Dragon


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Seeing the present situation, Zhan Yun became really angry.  Was his house inlaid with gold and diamonds? Why did people try to break in again and again?

There were pits and bloodstains left behind by the fallen wall. Those who started to go in first seemed to have been bombed by Su Ruizhe’s potato mines, but they didn’t know how many were injured. ifJebv

The windows and doors of Zhan Yun’s villa were reinforced with anti-theft doors and windows. The fence outside the first-floor window was broken, as well as the window itself. Obviously, the anti-theft doors couldn’t be easily destroyed, so those people should have entered the villa through the windows.  

The second floor of the villa was still ablaze with fire. The thieves might still be in the house!    

Zhan Yun and Su Ruizhe’s bedroom were on the second floor. The fact that the thieves might have occupied it made Zhan Yun very uncomfortable.

It was intolerable that the dove occupied the magpie’s nest so openly and boldly!


Zhan Yun opened the door with a key and rushed in along with Su Ruizhe and the other soldiers. The soldiers even surrounded the villa directly, so that the people inside would not be able to escape.

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The room was in a mess. The house was smashed as if it had been vented on. All the appliances and furniture in the room were smashed to pieces. Even the sofa was jammed with several holes, and the pots and pans were smashed to pieces.

How much hatred was this?

They immediately went upstairs, but nobody was there. The fire in the second-floor room was caused by someone lighting it deliberately! Someone piled all the clothes from their wardrobe right in the middle of the room and set it on fire. Fortunately, there was no fuel so the fire did not spread indiscriminately. G5wbco

“Fuck!” Once the fire was extinguished, Zhan Yun couldn’t help but curse.

Su Ruizhe frowned deeply, and he had a vague idea in his mind about the people who did this.

Knowing that they lived here, were still hostile towards them, and would break furniture to vent their anger while they were away from home; obviously, only those who were taught a lesson by Zhan Yun recently could be the ones who did this.

Instead of opening the door that day, they were taught a severe lesson by Zhang Shuoliang and Zhan Yun. They must have held back their anger for several days and took this opportunity to vent their anger. MGvH6q

After Su Ruizhe told Zhan Yun his guess, Zhan Yun agreed as well.

“Look at these fires, those people should not have gone too far!” Zhan Yun gritted his teeth in anger.

“But now we don’t know where to find them. It’s getting brighter outside. You’d better find another place to live first…” Zhao Bing sighed when he saw what had happened in the house. Now that the house was smashed like this, it was uninhabitable.

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Su Ruizhe took out several boxes of mineral water and several empty water buckets. After Song Chengshu filled the empty buckets with water, Zheng Jiahe sent them to the soldiers. Although the quantity was low, it could always relieve everyone’s thirst. At the same time, they sent medicine and gauze to the wounded soldiers so that they could deal with their wounds.

Because of the similarity between the two villas, Zhan Yun and Su Ruizhe settled upstairs, while others continued to remain downstairs. But with one additional room, Song Chengshu and Zheng Jiahe did not need to sleep together. Su Ruizhe’s mobile warehouse was used, and they quickly decorated the room. After Song Chengshu distributed water to everyone, they took turns to clean their bodies, put on clean clothes, and went back to their rooms to rest.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

It was soon dawn and the heat of the day was unbearable. Everyone drew their curtains and laid down to sleep until they could come out again in the evening. bJrAHG

Just as the sun set, they heard the sound of military cars. It was assumed that some soldiers drove out of the villa area. The soldiers now had a place to live in, but they didn’t have food or water. They still had to collect supplies.

Zhan Yun turned on the lights, and right when they could finally see, a knock came at the door from outside.

As soon as the door opened, they found that it was a tall, unknown soldier who had knocked at the door. Zhan Yun was a little surprised.

“Hello, Mr. Zhan, Lieutenant Zhao asked me to let you know that a group of suspicious people stayed in a house in front of the villa last night. This might have something to do with the destruction of your house.” The tall soldier stood and saluted Zhan Yun. 4PTpVh

Last night, the soldiers lived in different villas. Some soldiers found a house towards the north, which appeared to be inhabited. They didn’t think much at first. After all, it was empty. Anyone could come to live in it, maybe other survivors from outside.

But then, they found that those people snuck in through the windows after hearing the noise outside.

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When the soldiers moved in, the people living in that building came to them and asked them if they were the troops who had come to rescue them, when the troops would be able to get them out of there and so on. However, they were disappointed to learn that these were soldiers stationed in S City itself and that they had lost contact with the government. Then they wanted food and medicine from the soldiers. But the soldiers did not have any, and of course, could not provide them with it.

The faces of those people twisted on the spot and they cursed before leaving. IY2rUt

Out of vigilance from their previous experience with survivors and their instincts as soldiers, they monitored the people in that building.

Later, some people came to deliver water, gauze, and other medicine. They heard from their comrades that Zhan Yun’s villa had been broken into.  Although they did not have much contact with Zhan Yun’s group, they all knew that Zhan Yun and the others had saved their lives. Naturally, they hated the people who destroyed the house. They said that there was blood on the ground, so someone should have been hurt by Su Ruizhe’s bombs.

Remembering the medicine requested by those in the opposite building, the soldiers connected the two events. As soon as it got dark, they rushed to report to Lieutenant Zhao. Lieutenant Zhao arranged for another person to inform them. Yesterday, he heard from Zhan Yun that he already knew who had done it. Whether it was the people in the villa or not, let him recognize them.

“Take me to see them!” Zhan Yun immediately followed the soldier, but Su Ruizhe remained in place. There were so many soldiers in the area, coupled with Zhan Yun’s strength, they could not lose. nrioH4

It took Zhan Yun about half an hour to return. It was indeed those people who had destroyed the house. Last time, half of them were taught a lesson by Zhan Yun. Because they were angry, they came to destroy the house while Zhan Yun and his team were away. Zhan Yun only explained that he had handled it, and nothing more was said. So, they did not ask much, but they could vaguely guess how Zhan Yun actually handled it.

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By this time, Su Ruizhe had prepared dinner. The cooker used for cooking was a portable oven they had purchased from the supermarket. The gas tank was used to burn gas. He bought several boxes. Later, he went through some warehouses in the supermarket. The supplies should last for a long time.   

He cooked two simple dishes of shredded green pepper and scrambled eggs with tomatoes, and cooked two pots of rice. Seven people and one cat ate a hot meal comfortably, canned fish was prepared for the kitten.  It had only canned fish to eat now, they were temporarily wronging the kitten until they could find suitable cat food.

After dinner, Wu Jing and Zhang Shuoliang went to wash the dishes. Tonight, they did not plan to go out. They went back to their respective rooms to rest. 4y1TGL

When the soldiers came back in the middle of the night, the harvest seemed to be quite abundant. Zhao Bing brought them instant noodles, biscuits, drinking water, clothes, and other things, as well as two boxes of cat food. He said that when he passed the pet shop, he remembered that they had a cat and brought the food back.

Looking at Zhao Bing’s exhausted face, they appreciated the sacrifice behind his simple words. Zhan Yun did not refuse, and patted him lightly on the shoulder to express his gratitude.

“By the way, we got news that the Southern Military Region sent troops to rescue survivors. Now it reached N city, and should be able to reach S city in a few days.” Zhao Bing’s eyes brightened and he asked, “Will you come with us?”

“How did you get the news?” Zhan Yun asked doubtfully. zIKm7g

“It’s on the radio. When we came back, someone accidentally pushed the switch on the radio and heard a broadcast saying that the government had established survivor bases in major military regions, accepting all survivors unconditionally. At the same time, it has also sent troops to rescue survivors from large cities. Every evening, at 8 p.m., 12 p.m., and at 4 a.m. it tells you the latest news. The latest broadcast said that the troops from the Southern Military Region had arrived in N City and should be in S City soon.” Zhao Bing answered.

“That’s great!” The rescue they were waiting for was finally coming. “We’ll go with you then.”   

This was their original plan: following the army on the road, passing through A city, picking up Cheng Qi and Cheng Jiao with them, and then going to the survivor base established by the government.   

After Zhao Bing left, Su Ruizhe immediately took out a radio and turned it on. After turning the switch for a while, they finally heard melodious music from the news station. The day’s broadcast was over, but the radio continued playing music, telling them that the government was still there, that hope is still there. KTe PW


The author has something to say:

Ouch, today’s update is so late… I’m sorry!!! I will adjust my work and rest QAQ as soon as possible after last night’s update, I saw that “Protect Our Orange Right Beijing” said that there was a derivative variety called the restaurant werewolf killing ~ ~I ran off to see it excitedly, and then when I came back to my mind, it was daybreak… Then I slept until 3 or 4 p.m., and I was very sad. I felt like I was going to stay up late and I wanted the dog to take it with me. OTZ

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I swear, I will quit killing the werewolf!!! Everyday… Er… Play two hours a day./(ㄒoㄒ)/~~ eSW81J

[Small Theatre on the Street]

Fire Ability User: Dare to break into our base? Court death!

Zhan Xiao Yun: Look at the sneaky one, uncomfortable, crushing you!

Wu Jing: Looking at that ability user without a top dirtied my eyes! Get pushed down! bZm5pY

Fire Ability User: Am I dead, just like this? I don’t even have a name!

Speed Ability User: I don’t even have a face, I don’t even say a word, only the sound of a heavy object landing.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Zhan Xiao Yun: That’s right!

Zheng Jiahe: Boss, no good! When we were working in other people’s bases, someone came to our house to do something! k9dShw

Zhao Bing: This?

Zhan Xiao Yun: Hmm! Rest assured that they will soon disappear!

Song Chengshu: On the difference between cannon fodder and the protagonist.

[A Small Wooden Theater] 75IJfT

Speed Ability User Cannon Fodder: Haha ha ha ha ha ha Lao Zi is invincible!

Please visit chrysanthemumgarden.com

Zhan Yun: Dare to move against the soldiers? Lie down for me.

Then, the Speed Ability User cannon fodder player was crushed to death.

Fire Ability User Cannon Fodder: Haha ha ha ha ha Lao Zi is unique in the world! Yle2HE

Wu Jing: Dare to kill soldiers? Go down for me!

As a result, the Fire Ability User cannon fodder player was pushed down the building.

Su Ruizhe: Dare to offend the protagonist’s group, completely drop dead.

Zhan Yun: Cough. F9UYL3

Su Ruizhe:… Cough, go to hell.

Here’s the second chapter for this week and wish me luck everyone because I have my exams this Monday and Tuesday T^T

Our reaction to them going through the door after they found it bombed by potato mines:

Dragon: The house is fucking bombed by fucking potato mines!!! Why is there a necessity to still use a key?
Author has common sense missing.

Jostena: Yes that is very true and quite funny if you think about it but she probably forgot about the bombing from chapter to chapter or something.

Callis: Well it’s probably better to go through a door than the windows…

Our reaction to Song and Jiahe sleeping in different rooms:

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Callis: (/ω\) but they might want to Gf1TwZ

Jostena: I am hoping they do and will sleep together soon… I think most readers do as well XD

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

It said old woman or midwife but it didn’t fit and sounded wrong in English so I replaced it with just ‘me’.

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