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My Cherry Will Explode in the ApocalypseCh43 - Successful Escape


Chapter 43 – Successful Escape

Translator: Jostena tz1 LT

Editors: Callis & Dragon


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However, it would be impossible to bring away so many people at the same time without any means of transportation. Although there were dozens of off-road vehicles in Su Ruizhe’s space, they couldn’t hold 800 people. It was still necessary to use the military trucks. They asked the previous guard where the vehicles were parked, but if they tried to grab them, it would make a lot of noise.

In fact, they were not too disadvantaged in numbers. After all, they were all well-trained soldiers. However, since they had been shut in the warehouse during the day, their condition wasn’t good. Moreover, many soldiers had been injured in the survivors’ coup from before, which was actually very disadvantageous to them. TN38Ae

The most urgent thing now was to steal back the weapons. Just like those survivors who took the opportunity to attack the arsenal before, Zhan Yun also made the same plan. Although the survivors possessed the arsenal, it would be impossible for the leaders to distribute weapons to every survivor. At most, these weapons would only remain in the hands of a few. Therefore, there still remained many weapons in the arsenal.

Zhan Yun originally wanted to take Su Ruizhe directly to the arsenal to take all of the weapons into the space, but this would undoubtedly expose Su Ruizhe’s space. More than 800 people, in the end, are humans and have loose mouths. Even accidentally leaking the news would bring great danger to Su Ruizhe.

It would be absolutely impossible for Zhan Yun to do this and put Su Ruizhe at risk!

So, Zhan Yun finally decided to rush to the arsenal and rob it directly.


Not knowing whether they were lucky or not, under cover of night and coupled with the extremely relaxed defense of these survivors, they successfully bypassed several guards on their way to the arsenal. It was located at the center of the barracks, surrounded by dormitory buildings, and there were eight armed men in charge of guarding the entrance. They would be very difficult to deal with.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Zhan Yun’s strategy of using a honey trap to deal with the four guards a while ago seemed useless in this case.

“Let me handle this one.” Zhan Yun smiled slightly and his power poured out.

Those responsible for guarding the arsenal saw that the torches were suddenly extinguished, and they were plunged into darkness. Before they could respond, they were overwhelmed by a heavy force. They opened their mouths to cry out, but they were being suppressed by a strong pressure, and could not make a sound. 4dJvk

Around them, there was a mysterious cloud of smoke, which could not be seen clearly. They could feel their bones tremble, and their breathing became more laborious. They even suspected that this pressure that came out from nowhere could crush them to death.

They soon lost consciousness completely, and the group rushed over to search for the key to the arsenal.

But they did not find it. It would seem that the key was in the hands of the two ability users. However, that was not important. They had Zheng Jiahe. With his strength, he could break the lock with his bare hands.   

Only then did the soldiers discover that most of the people in this small group were ability users! Uo2djO

Once Zheng Jiahe successfully broke open the door of the arsenal, everyone immediately entered the arsenal and armed themselves with as many weapons as could be equipped.

By this time, the fire on the other side of the dormitory building was also extinguished. It was on the other side of the arsenal, and they could vaguely hear that someone was already clamoring to this side.

The group rushed out, and the two sides immediately fell into a fierce battle.

After everyone rushed out, Zhan Yun let Su Ruizhe quietly store the remaining weapons from the arsenal in his space, and did not intend to leave any for the survivors. xNduMw

Soldiers were soldiers, not a mob of civilians. Soon, they heard howls all over the place, screams, gunshots and crying all through the night.

The wounded were protected at the rear, while others were in charge of protection and opening an escape route. As they drove forward, they quickly came to the garage where more than a dozen military trucks were parked.

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The fire ability user stood very grandly on the roof of a small building, throwing fireballs at the ground and shouting at the soldiers, “What kind of soldier shoots at civilians?”  

“What kind of civilians are you!” Zhao Bing wasn’t vague, and immediately threw a fireball. It was wrong of these people to seize the barracks and shoot at the soldiers. It was also a very serious transgression right at the beginning of the apocalypse. It was not at all wrong for the soldiers to shoot the offenders.    9 eHVo

“They also have someone with a fire ability!” The ranks of survivors immediately became chaotic.  

“Hm! Do it! ” As the voice of the fire ability user fell, a shadow flashed by, and a soldier fell down covering his throat, because his throat was sliced!    

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Other two soldiers immediately came forward to firmly press the wound on his neck, but at the next moment, they also fell down.   

“Ah…” The army was confused at once, this invisible enemy was terrible.    OhVKRy

“Be careful, everyone. There’s another speed-type ability user!” Zhao Bing shouted.   

Just as his voice fell, he felt pain in his back, someone just stabbed him in the back. Zhao Bing suffered from pain, subconsciously he wanted to turn his head, and then saw only a cold light coming towards his neck.   

Zhao Bing immediately realized what the cold light was, but the other party was too fast for him to escape from. He opened his eyes with slight reluctance, and it was clear that the other man would succeed…   

However, the unexpected pain did not occur. Instead, it was the sound of a heavy object landing.    cdprD1

Zhao Bing opened his eyes in surprise and found a young man lying in front of him. The man seemed to be pressed on the ground by an invisible big hand, his hands and feet were twitching constantly, and the bloody dagger had fallen on the ground.   

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The man’s face had completely turned red. His eyes became bloodshot, the corners were slowly oozing blood. The could hear the sound of his bones fracturing, and finally, a strong smell of blood covered the air. This person’s body was completely crushed to death, the sight was quite pitiful.   

The three soldiers who had their throats sliced had lost their voices by then, and even Zhao Bing was seriously injured. In his fury, Zhan Yun made a bold move and crushed him to death with ten times the gravity. This blow consumed most of his ability, but thanks to his crystal nucleus, he soon regained his power.   

Because of the distance and the dense darkness of the night, the fire ability user could not clearly see what had happened. He only knew that the soldiers had become chaotic, and thinking that they had succeeded in their plans, became even more unbridled.    o2Q5MR

But without the speed ability user and relying solely on his fire power, his lethality was very limited. Without the crystal nucleus as a supplement, the fire power would soon become unsustainable. The bullets in the survivors’ hands slowly diminished, and they gradually fell into retreat.  

At this time, Wu Jing quietly turned into fog and floated up the small building, then suddenly appeared behind the fire ability user and pushed hard.

The man with the fire ability was astonished and fell down from the top floor, screaming. He died on the spot.   

For the convenience of using his ability, this fire user wasn’t wearing anything on his upper body, his clothes were taken off and placed beside him. Wu Jing found a small bag from his pocket, which contained the keys. Wu Jing did not care about the rest. She jumped directly down the roof with the bag. Right when she was about to land, her body suddenly turned into fog and gathered densely, then steadily landed on the ground. EN9jae

Picking up the bag that had fallen to the ground, Wu Jing smiled and returned to her friends. She now had better control over her ability and was more flexible in using it.   

There were symbols on the keys, which made it convenient for them to find the corresponding vehicle quickly.   

The soldiers quickly found the keys to the military trucks, and climbed together into the trucks. Even the corpses of their dead compatriots were pulled onto the car.  

More than a dozen military cars directly smashed open the gates and rushed out. Since these people want the barracks, then let them have it!    XoZ7SR

Zhan Yun took them to the villa. They met many zombies along the way, but they crushed them directly under the vehicles.   

While passing by a gas station, the group found many zombies in the station. It was likely that the station had not been looted yet. So they stopped, went in, and cleaned up the zombies. Then, they checked the refueller, and sure enough, there was a lot of gas in it. So they filled all the trucks to maximum capacity and left the gas station.

When they came to the villa, it was already past five in the morning. Soon, dawn would arrive. They had to settle down as soon as possible.   

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“This area had not been sold to the public before the apocalypse. So, nobody lives in these houses. There are many empty houses, all with simple decorations and furniture. You can live here. Settle down first, have a good rest, and then we’ll talk. Our house is the one in the East corner. Your wounded people can live closer to us. We have a doctor here and some medicines that we collected, at home.” Zhan Yun sat in his military car and told Zhao Bing, who was lying beside him, resting.    dGkzd2

“Thank you, thank you so much!” Zhao Bing sincerely thanked Zhan Yun. If it hadn’t been for Zhan Yun’s help, they would never have succeeded in rescuing all their comrades-in-arms.   

“You’re welcome. Just raise your hand!” Zhan Yun waved his hand and directed the military truck to drive towards his villa. The other military trucks scattered and headed for other empty houses.

However, when the military truck reached Zhan Yun’s villa, they found a large amount of dust and blood on the door. The wall had fallen down, not to mention even the windows were broken!!!   

Looking at the pits on the ground, they could see some marks left behind. The soldier who was driving stopped the truck immediately and reported the situation to Zhao Bing. EXv9pG

Apparently, someone had broken into Zhan Yun’s home and detonated the potato mines left by Su Ruizhe.


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The author has something to say:

Today, I watched a variety show called ‘The Temptation of a Meal’. Killing the Werewolf is so much fun… In the mood to try, I went and played a bit, then I became addicted to the world of “Killing the Werewolf.” When I came back to my senses, it was already 8:30 PM. I didn’t even eat anything! How frightening!!!!! I won’t play it in the future anymore, I’ll reflect QAQ 5vyX8Z

[A Small Wooden Theater]

Zhao Bing became angry when he saw that his injured brothers had not been treated.

Zhao Bing: I’m going to kill them!

Zhan Yun: First, cure your brothers and then say these things. 7LN8ec

Su Ruizhe: Right! First cure them and then kill the white-eyed wolves!

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Wu Jing:…

Zhan Yun: Xiao Zhe, please put down that cherry. I look at it with strange fear.

[Small Theatre on the Street] hQ7aB8

Zhao Bing: Say! Where are the ability users?

Small Cannon Fodder: I told you! I told you! Resting in the dormitory.

Zhan Xiao Yun: Rest?

Small Cannon Fodder: That kind of rest! Not just rest! fYdUbq

Zhan Xiao Yun: Cough!

Dongdong and Xiao Hei: Meow?

Su Xiaozhe: What kind of rest is not a simple rest?

Zhao Bing: Are there many kinds of rest? It’s a very complicated rest? Make it clear! ePhEDi

Small Cannon Fodder: Stupid! It’s the brewing of two people’s sauce. It’s the fight between goblins. It’s the indescribable thing below the neck. Popular points of rolling, a bed and sheets.

Su Xiao Zhe: Hey! Dirty!

Dongdong: Uncle, I’ll give you laundry detergent, it’s from LiBai!

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

This chapter made me angry, excited and annoyed while translating it with all the things that kept happening. I keep putting our reactions at the end of each chapter just to show you guys how we reacted to some things in each chapter. I8em0w

Our reaction to how Zhan Yun’s team was sneaking around the civilians:

Dragon: LOL, I was imagining these civilians wandering around like scooby-doo type ghosts

Jostena: OMG that’s a funny image XD

Our reaction when Zhan Yun let everyone in the military take weapons from the arsenal: by3cdM

Callis: What could possibly go wrong? ಠ_ಠ

Jostena: Many things but let’s just go with the author and believe that humans would be good just because they’re in the military XD

Please visit chrysanthemumgarden.com

Our Reaction when they found a random person to interrogate while fighting:

Dragon: Good God how?!!! Were they not just in a gun battle and escaping? How did they find time (and hide from prying eyes) to stop, pull over, kidnap some poor schmeck and interrogate him? Did the rest of the armed civilians just melt into poo? Dhpv5x

Jostena: They were probably killed and remember we’re talking about this author that was probably only writing this for the heck of it XD

Callis: It was probably one of the people the soldiers beat up ¯\( ´∀`)

And that is all for this chapter so I hope you guys enjoyed it!


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Translator's Note

人多嘴杂 -> an idiom that means full of people and loose mouths. Meaning there are many people talking about it, and there are many different opinions. Also refers to the presence of a large number of people, seven mouths and eight tongues/talking at the same time.

Translator's Note

举手之劳罢了 -> an idiom that translates to just raise your hand, Lift a finger, or with a hand’s turn which means It’s as easy as flipping the palm of your hand. It’s simple and easy to accomplish.

Translator's Note

She meant that she’ll reflect on her own actions; self-reflection

Translator's Note

好脏 -> an internet slang that is usually said when someone says something inappropriate and it’s basically just ‘How dirty!’ or ‘You are dirty!’

Translator's Note

立白 -> a “LiBai” is the largest brand of the LiBai Group, and it is the leading brand of detergents in China.

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