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My Cherry Will Explode in the ApocalypseCh42 - Beginning of Action


Chapter 42 – Beginning of Action

Translator: Jostena R1PkeK

Editors: Callis & Dragon


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Zhan Yun and the others returned to the small village and joined Zhao Bing and the rest of the group. They told Zhao Bing about the defense structure outside the barracks.

In the room, they found several pencils and some paper scattered on the ground. They drew the layout and lines of the general camp, and planned to find a breakthrough point by combining this with the external defense structure that Zhan Yun had investigated. yi3NwH

Zhao Bing wanted to persuade Zhan Yun to leave quickly. He didn’t want them involved in the danger. However, they had already made a decision to help them, so naturally, they insisted on staying. Zhao Bing could only agree.

The two sides discussed their plan for nearly an hour, and finally came up with a set of feasible methods.

“Time is running out. Let’s start right away.”   

The operation was different from the usual one. The seriously wounded soldiers and Yu Dongdong stayed behind. Zhan Yun, Su Ruizhe, Song Chengshu, Zheng Jiahe, Wu Jing and Zhang Shuoliang all participated in the operation.


They didn’t drive to the barracks. They took advantage of the stillness of the night and lightly packed so that they would be less detectable.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

As planned, they arrived at the barracks on foot and carefully walked around to the back. Although there were towers in the barracks, they could only be illuminated by torches, now that there wasn’t electricity, which greatly reduced the scope of visibility. So, even when they were nearby, they couldn’t be detected at all.

Zhao Bing and his platoon were very familiar with the barracks. They were very clear on the weak spots in the barracks that wouldn’t be monitored, so Su Ruizhe set off the Bird Vine in the place designated by Zhao Bing. It took only 10 minutes to silently open a sufficiently large hole in the wall.

They all entered the barracks smoothly. Unexpectedly, no one was patrolling the barracks. They walked a long distance before they saw several people playing cards under torchlight at the door of a warehouse with several guns at their feet. dfn8NJ

The warehouse was specially marked by Zhao Bing. They all agreed that the survivors would not allow the captured soldiers to move freely, so they wouldn’t arrange for them to live in dormitories or other places. On the contrary, they would probably find a place to gather and imprison them. Those who were playing poker were probably responsible for guarding the soldiers.

In the past, this would have never happened, but now the barracks were dominated by a group of untrained civilians. It was impossible to expect these people to be as disciplined as the soldiers and perform their duties obediently.

There were four people on the other side. It would be really troublesome to kill these four people simultaneously, without anyone noticing.

“It’s better to lure one of them quietly to us, so that we can ask about the situation inside.”    fPiBS4

“How will we do that?”

Zhan Yun smiled and pointed at Wu Jing.

Wu Jing had washed her face clean. It would be easy to seduce a guard with this beautiful face. It was also possible because there were thousands of survivors in the barracks, so they would simply think that they hadn’t seen Wu Jing before. They would never imagine that someone could enter the barracks without them knowing.

However, the poker players were very focused, and Wu Jing had already taken ten steps towards them, but they still hadn’t noticed her. Wu Jing had no choice but to cough to get their attention. xvopdW

“Who?!” They were shocked, and as soon as they looked up, they saw a beautiful woman with a graceful figure standing in front of them. They all felt that the world brightened at that moment.

“Excuse me, where is the toilet? It was so dark that I got lost as I walked.” Wu Jing approached slowly and stopped only when they could see her appearance clearly. She gently twirled a strand of her long hair and revealed her beautiful and delicate features.

Several people were a little stunned, and immediately stood up and scrambled, “I know the way! I’ll take you there!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“I also know!” dW643

“I’ll go! I’ll go!”

These people were fascinated by the beauty in front of them. They didn’t realize how unusual it was for a clean and beautiful woman to appear in such a way during an apocalypse. Such neglect of precautions would only occur in the early stages of the apocalypse. After a long time, they would realize that it is absolutely not easy for beautiful women to survive in the apocalypse. Either they had a strong backing, or they had extraordinary strength.

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As a result, Wu Jing brought back three of the most courteous men, leaving only one unwilling man, who needed to continue guarding.

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“Bffq delfa, bg P’ii rajy sbe ab vfjat.”   

Ktf wjc kjr rb oglutafcfv atja tlr ifur jiwbra kfca rboa jcv tf delmxis mibrfv tlr wbeat olgwis.

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“Tell me, where are the two ability users?” Zhao Bing asked in a low voice.

Powerful people were certainly more troublesome to deal with than ordinary people. It would be better to know their whereabouts first. fmCYZP

“The two eldest brothers are in the dormitory building in the back. They…They are resting at the moment…”

“Resting?” Because of the temperature difference between day and night, the work and rest times of Zhan Yun’s group had flipped. They felt that it was strange that these two ability users chose to rest at night.

“No, no, no… It’s that kind of rest.”   

“What kind of rest? Explain clearly!” Zhao Bing did not respond for a moment, and then asked angrily. N5dyt6

“It’s the… Roll, rolling in the sheets…”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Everyone was silent for a moment. At such a time, those people were still thinking of doing such a thing!

“E…everybody is like this… There’s nothing else to do now…”

“Where are the soldiers locked up?” Zhao Bing did not want to continue this topic and began to ask about his comrades’ whereabouts. o31kJM

“They, they’re in the warehouse we’re guarding…”

“How many of you patrol? How many guards are there altogether? Where are they all distributed?”

With a knife at his neck, the man honestly explained what he knew, just like pouring beans from bamboo tubes.

These people were really a mob. After stealing guns and ammunition, they thought they could rest easy, had no patrols, didn’t go out to collect supplies, and had no guard rotations. So, they randomly arranged for a few people to guard the door at night while they hid in the dormitory building and drank uninhibitedly, forgetting about the struggles of life and death. During the day, nobody could come in the high temperatures, so they all rested in a deep sleep. There was no sense of worry at all, they just sat back and ate! fo9r1q

It was such a group of ungrateful bastards who calculated against a group of regular soldiers and dared to shoot at them, the people who saved their life! They had no doubt that once there was a problem, they would not care about the lives of those soldiers!

From what the man had said, the two ability users were now their leaders. Everyone listened to their words, and all the good things in the barracks were for them first. They even got to choose their women first. Those two ability users also said that those who would come to the barracks in the future must pay a lot of food before they could be let in. They didn’t want any burdens! Except if she was a beautiful woman, then she would be allowed in.

Fortunately, Wu Jing pretended to be dirty and ugly before, so she was not looked at by the gatekeepers. Otherwise, she might have had to toss about.

“Oh, do you really think of yourself as a bandit who occupies the mountains as the king?” There was a surge of anger. UOdAct

“Take action!” With such a person to start with, it seemed that there would be no need to consider whether to take action or not.

After they asked for some more information, they knocked the man unconscious, and then they headed for the warehouse. There was only one person at the door of the warehouse. If they walked by like this, they would surely be found by the other party. They did not want to cause too much noise before they rescued the men inside.

“Let me do it.” When they were discussing how to do it, Wu Jing spoke up.

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“But you’ve been there just now.” If that person saw Wu Jing alone, he would be cautious. It would be troublesome to beat the grass and frighten away the snake now. gBdnN2

“Don’t worry, it’ll be alright.” When Wu Jing finished, her figure began to disappear slowly, turning into a light mist.

Zhan Yun’s team knew that Wu Jing had a special fog ability, but Zhao Bing and the others were shocked. They did not expect that Wu Jing was also an ability user.

Wu Jing turned into a light mist. When the guard was distracted, she snuck quietly behind him, raised her palm, and hit him hard on the back of his head.

Unguarded, the man was knocked unconscious on the spot and fell down on the ground. Only then did Wu Jing slowly reveal her solid figure. zXQ1ON

Wu Jing had been familiar with how to use her ability since she awakened it. She found that her ability was best for a sneak attack, just as Zheng Jiahe said, but she never found the right opportunity to show it.

The group immediately went over and found the key to the warehouse door on the man lying on the ground. Then, they opened the door.

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The warehouse was dark, so they took the torch off the wall and went in. They could see the interior with the help of the light from the fire.

The warehouse was abnormally stuffy, and all of the soldiers’ arms and legs were tied up with their mouths blocked by something unknown. They were all pale and barely conscious. There were also conscious people among them and dried bloodstains on many who had been injured and left untreated. Even the bullets were not dug out, and the wound was obviously swollen. v0j5R1

“Detestable!” Zhao Bing was so angry that he could hardly wait to go out and fight like crazy with those people.

Zhan Yun quickly pulled his arm, “It’s more important to save these people!”

Zhao Bing quickly calmed down and untied the soldiers with help from the others. Song Chengshu used his powers to release a lot of ice, which lowered the temperature in the warehouse.

Some of the fitter soldiers quickly recovered their consciousness, knowing that someone had rescued them. They didn’t make a sound. When their bindings were released, they all got up to help rescue their other comrades.    DYy93n

There were more than 800 people detained in this warehouse. It would take them at least half an hour to untie the bindings on all of the people.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


The author has something to say:

o(╯□╰)o Posted earlier than yesterday… Let’s see if we can make further progress tomorrow. I’m so miserable QAQ FCpowr

It suddenly occurred to me today that I had never bought a mobile hard drive or sports undergarments… Jiyou said that he bought a 500G mobile hard disk at a discount of only 220 yesterday. Just now, as expected, the price has increased to 450. I feel that I have lost the whole world!!!!

[Small Theatre on the Street]

Zhao Bing: I have powers. I can fight back!

Zhan Xiao Yun: Let’s go! Our team shall start scouting! 1xHEDd

Su Xiao Zhe: Big Brother, can you take me in, this skinny high school student? I am poor!

Wu Jing: Brother, can you take me in as a weak woman? I am more pitiful!

Dongdong: Uncle, can you take me and Xiao Hei in? We are cute!

Gatekeeper: No food, no fighting power, no use. K03GrP

Zhan Xiao Yun: Hmm! No, no, No. I’ve already committed this base to memory. Just you wait, I’m going to do something!

[A Small Wooden Theatre]

Zhan Yun: (acting) Please let us in.

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Wu Jing: (acting) Please let us in.   fiLlw5

Su Ruizhe: (acting) Please let us in.

Dongdong: (following everyone) Please let us in.

Gatekeeper: We don’t accept people going in.

Trio (a sinister face): It seems that you do not know how terrible the anger of the protagonist’s group is. Q8Bpq0

Dongdong: Bahahahaha!

Gatekeeper: Why do I feel a gust of cold wind blowing near? Is it cold today?

Read more BL at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Su Ruizhe: Don’t laugh like that Dongdong, just pretend to be obedient.

Dongdong: Okay*?(???`?)?* YS6Ftq

We are done with this chapter! My editors and I are gonna be busy for this week but you’ll find chapter posed randomly during the week because I’m trying to post some of the bonus chapters I didn’t post before! 

Hope you enjoyed this chapter and here’s a bit of a moment of my editors and I talking about…

Our reaction when Zhan Yun’s group was thinking of killing the group guarding the warehouse:

Callis: That went real violent, real fast
Jostena: Yep
Dragon: This is like war, and you have two enemies – zombies and humans
Our reaction when the guy talked about the ability users ‘resting’:
Callis:(ノ`m´)ノ ~┻━┻
Jostena: I understood it right away!
Dragon: Maan, that takes some skills – to remain coff coff so virile when surrounded by flesh-brain eating ugly rotten zombies

Translator's Note

For those who don’t know and I don’t know who wouldn’t know this but it means SEX!

Translator's Note

就跟竹筒倒豆子一样老 -> an idiom that is similar to the English version of ‘spilling the beans’ meaning to tell/say everything you know.

Translator's Note

折腾一番 -> It means to go back and forth or they would have had to like talk more than need because they did not wish to truly go in at the time.

Translator's Note

打草惊蛇 -> idiom meaning beat the grass and frighten away the snake — act rashly and alert the enemy.

Translator's Note

I didn’t know how to word it because in Chinese it makes sense that he’s referring to going to the scene with the gatekeeper of the barracks but in English, it isn’t that obvious.

Translator's Note

This is supposed to be an evil laugh but it’s just too funny to imagine XD

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