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Meeting A Demonic Cultivator, Even God CriesCh26.1 - Squeak! (part 1)


soya: recently, author-laoshi has been writing longer and longer chapters, i’m distressed ;;;

Gu Xizhou recovered, but had no time to concern himself with the mess at the police station. Two policemen were asking if they were injured, and Fang Zhi subconsciously hid the small round mirror in his hands in his pocket.  SRTIMQ


Gu Xizhou listened and waved his hand at the same time: “We’re fine, take her away.”

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“Leader Gu, are we not going to sue her?” The policeman at the side whispered quietly. Gu Xizhou’s gaze fell directly on Fang Zhi’s frame. Fang Zhi’s face was white, and he finally shook his head.  PAQK2h


Gu Xizhou replied: “No, just send her to the prosecutor’s office.”


“Okay, Leader Gu.”



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The police at the entrance forced Yan Li to leave, and Gu Xizhou’s gaze landed on Fang Zhi’s body again.


“This thing can still be brought out?” After everyone had left, Fang Zhi held the mirror in his hand and asked. “If it accidentally broke…” I5NUGf


Si Yu asked: “Lin Meng gave this to you?”


Fang Zhi nodded and told Si Yu what happened before Lei Ge and he arrived in the room.  lbOImt


“Relax, you won’t die,” Si Yu chuckled. “I didn’t expect you to get a bargain right at the end.”


“There is a very small chance of this happening in the mission world. When you receive a gift from a character in the mission world, these things can be brought to the real world. It doesn’t have a special role in the real world, but it will have one in the supernatural world. To give a gift is essentially to give a prop.” Si Yu sighed. “I’ve only heard of this sort of situation and have never seen it.” Lz1Pfg


“The one I heard of isn’t the same as your mirror. That person got a camera, and it can be used twice in the mission world. The photo would be able to reveal everyone’s true selves, a similar ability to Lin Meng’s painting.”


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“As for your mirror, although I don’t know what it can be used for, I guess it has something to do with the world in the mirror. You should remember to carry it with you in the future. Remember, this thing will give you an advantage over others, but it is definitely not a panacea.” gzcdqm


“This…” Fang Zhi was somewhat stunned and nodded hurriedly, thanking Si Yu. 


Gu Xizhou’s gaze moved to Si Yu, thinking that this pretty face turned out to be a bleeding heart. At that time, it was Si Yu who first figured out everything. Gu Xizhou only understood what happened when Si Yu told Fang Zhi to find Lin Meng. He had to admit that this pretty face had a pretty high IQ.  bgrqid


“Some people always say that they are lucky, but they’re not as good as our Xiao Fang Zhi,” Gu Xizhou quipped. 

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Si Yu: “This also depends on the person…” drUO4Z


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Gu Xizhou: “?”


“Rba fnfgsbcf ktb tjcvr Olc Zfcu j wlggbg klii yf ulnfc j uloa,” Vl Te olcjiis rjlv raeyybgcis. “Olc Zfcu tjr j ubbv lwqgfrrlbc bo tlw, rb rtf klii ulnf tlw rbwfatlcu.” b1AnEX


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Mjcu Itl: “???” Gbc’a rmjgf wf ilxf atlr! P vlvc’a wfjc atja?!


Vl Te tfiqifrris rjlv: “Efwfwyfg atf olgra vjs? Olc Zfcu’r rxlga oifk eq, jcv Mjcu Itl abiv tfg ab kfjg j ibcu rxlga ab cba oijrt jcsbcf lc atf oeaegf. Ccv bc atf olgra vjs ktfc tf kfca ab atf gfrfgnblg ab qjlca, Mjcu Itl tfiqfv Olc Zfcu ab wbnf atf wjafgljir.” mP9h8o


“If you or I gave her the mirror, she wouldn’t give us something in return.”


Gu Xizhou: “… Then, I will learn from Xiao Fang Zhi when I go in next time, brushing the NPC’s face!” HNKhZ


“I think you’re looking for death.” Si Yu pointed at Fang Zhi. “This kid got a lucky hit.”


His gaze landed on Gu Xizhou’s frame, and said faintly: “Be careful in brushing affection, else you might die faster.” 8Jh4X6


Gu Xizhou smiled and said to Si Yu: “Then I just won’t brush. Anyways, if regardless of brushing, the outcome is largely the same. Xiao Si, let’s exchange contact information.”


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Si Yu heard this title, felt his scalp tingle and had a bad hunch: “What do you want to do?” sS19I2


Gu Xizhou looked at him and blinked. “Fang Zhi and I are both newbies, and we have many things to ask you. A phone number would help in easy communication.”


“Why?” Si Yu asked. DqguUt


Gu Xizhou had a face full of wrongness: “If it weren’t for your company’s glass needing to be replaced, how would I enter the mission world? You are responsible for that matter!”

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Fang Zhi heard this and nodded like a chick pecking at grain on the ground. “En, yes, yes! That, that day, Gu Ge almost disappeared!” MXouwf


Si Yu: “Didn’t I pull you back?”


“No, you told me last time that as long as I successfully leave the mission world, even if you didn’t pull me, I would still have survived!” Gu Xizhou grinned.  RPy5dl


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Si Yu: “…” I shouldn’t have told you!


Gu Xizhou: “You have to take full responsibility for this matter of entering the mission world!” vFsNYt


Si Yu: “…” You are seriously so shameless!


In the end, Si Yu nodded and gave in under the two people’s loud persuasions, exchanging contact information with Gu Xizhou and Fang Zhi.  U573s


Looking back at Si Yu’s leaving back, Fang Zhi asked Gu Xizhou: “Gu Ge, do we really want to act with Si Ge in the future?


“Of course.” Gu Xizhou said.  Twach3


“But…” Fang Zhi was a little hesitant. 


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Gu Xizhou patted his shoulder and said: “People cannot depend on someone for a lifetime. I said to ask him to carry us because our experience in the mission worlds is seriously too little. His personality isn’t exceptional, but that brain of his is really outstanding.” f60SMe


Fang Zhi nodded. When Si Yu explained to him the rules in the last mission world, he was a little stunned. He had grasped the corners of many things, but without those few sentences to help him string it all together, he would have simply been a confused follower of the law. 


“By following him, we can adapt to the rules of the mission world as soon as possible. When we have more experience, even if it’s without him, we’ll have no problem.” Gu Xizhou said indifferently. The reason why he wanted to rely on Si Yu was entirely because of the “break a mirror and die” rule in the past world. He was afraid that if he hadn’t understood it, triggering this strange death condition, his body would be cold by now.  AxSfsO


The monsters in the mission world itself weren’t dangerous to him, but the rules of the mission world were invisible, and was a stronger force than the monsters in the world. He was blocked by some strange power, rendering him unable to directly kill the monster. 

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As the two walked up the stairs, Gu Xizhou turned to look at Fang Zhi, suddenly thought of something and asked: “When you left through the door, did you hear anything strange?” 5g6uHK


Fang Zhi was puzzled: “No, Gu Ge, did you hear anything?”


“Forget it, it’s time to go to work.” Gu Xizhou found that no one could hear that strange sound. In the past mission world, he had also asked everyone, but everyone said they didn’t hear anything.  iHLfVl


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At this moment, Fang Zhi’s cellphone rang. He took his antique phone out from his bag, pressed it for a while, responding to the other party’s message, before turning his head to look at Gu Xizhou: “Gu Ge, do you still remember what you promised me last week?”


Gu Xizhou: “…” No, I don’t remember, I don’t even know what it is! ANlUO3


What the original owner promised you, I seriously don’t know!


Gu Xizhou was preparing to say an excuse, thinking about how to pretend he had accidentally forgotten, asking Fang Zhi to say it one more time, when Fang Zhi smiled.  xjt3ul


“Recently, it’s been really busy at the police station, and it’s normal for Gu Ge to forget.” Fang Zhi continued. “You’ve also been tired lately, I’ll send my sister to school myself ba!”


Gu Xizhou heard Fang Zhi mention his sister, and asked him to explain further. It turned out that Fang Zhi’s sister had finished her long vacation. She was bringing a lot of things back to school, and it was inconvenient to take a long-distance bus, so Fang Zhi had asked the original owner last Wednesday to send his sister to school tomorrow.  zLZosO


Gu Xizhou heard this and rubbed his forehead, saying to Fang Zhi: “I’ve been busy these few days, so I forgot about it. No worries, what time do I leave tomorrow?”


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Fang Zhi looked at his phone. “Nine in the morning, so you’ll reach her school at about eleven or twelve, and I’ll treat you to lunch in the afternoon.” W3TpC1


“Okay,” Gu Xizhou said as he patted Fang Zhi on the shoulder. 


“Thank you, Gu Ge.” Fang Zhi scratched his head in embarrassment. He was a newcomer who had been doing miscellaneous work for the captain. If he could drive, borrowing a car from Gu Ge wasn’t that bad, but he just didn’t know how to drive… Asking Gu Ge for help, he said he would always lend Fang Zhi his car, and even promised to send him and his little sister to her school.  ArdYCP


On this day, the police station was quiet and no strange homicide reports were received, so Gu Xizhou came home early from work. 

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When he reached home, he subconsciously glanced at the post-it on the back of the door for any strange things. As expected– feIqxT


The post-it said: Send Xiao Fang’s little sister to school tomorrow, don’t forget it.


Gu Xizhou: “…” You actually remembered it quite clearly. FdtBhf


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Then, Gu Xizhou saw another sentence below: “Xiao Fang doesn’t have it easy, don’t eat expensive things when he treats you.”


Gu Xizhou pressed his lips together: “…” You still remember your little sidekick, not forgetting him even in death. WCg4Gj


“You remember that others don’t have it easy, why don’t you remember that I don’t have it easy?” Gu Xizhou took his wallet out and said: “Look, the wallet is empty.”


Gu Xizhou: “I still don’t know your bank card number, your WeChat, Alipay password! I work hard all day but the income goes to your card, can you at least pity me a bit?!” W7wh52




“Also, tell me, where did you get that method to call me over?” MtHVpd


“Hey, don’t pretend to die!”


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“…” T5ZAVl


Gu Xizhou spoke until his mouth was dry, but remained ignored. He helplessly said: “Brother, at least squeak or something!”


“…” MEJWdc


Gu Xizhou was speaking in the empty room for a long time, but was pitifully ignored, and he eventually got bored. 

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