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Little MushroomCh85 - Extra 1


An Zhe frowned up at Lu Feng. He wasn’t happy and his eyes were red. In the end, he didn’t talk to Lu Feng. He reached out and grabbed Lu Feng’s wrist, trying to take it away.

However, this man’s strength was much greater than his. He couldn’t move at all and after several attempts, he simply turned his fingers into mycelium that wrapped around Lu Feng’s arm and dragged it away. Even so, the soft mycelium was less powerful than his human form and even broke with a bit of force. 2zawmO

“Don’t drag it.” Lu Feng spoke in his ear, voice low.

An Zhe ignored him.

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Lu Feng smiled softly, His fingers touched the mycelium, separated them and once again put his fingers on the skin of An Zhe’s belly.

He asked, “Is there anything else?” CTd5El

“No more.” An Zhe’s tone was bad.

He had his spore taken once by this man, how could he let it be dug out a second time—not to mention that he really had no new spores.

Strangely enough, the original spore was lost and no new spore existed in his body, but the feeling of loss also left him. There was no cavity in his body that could never be filled and his spirit no longer cared for the spore whose location was unknown—just like when An Zhe was born a long time ago. The moment he woke up, he couldn’t be more complete.

An Zhe looked down at his mycelium, his white, soft, flexible mycelium. He hesitated slightly and reached out his other hand to touch his belly. This hand was also held by Lu Feng. He subconsciously remembered the days when he was in the institute and he closed himself in an unoccupied room, carefully turning part of his limbs back to mycelium. A tangled mass was revealed after his human bones and skin had disappeared. It was a grey-black object. The original mycelium had shrunk and liquefied. After a short time, all of his body would become a pool of black liquid and dry out on the floor or in the corner. This was how a mushroom died. At that time, he had turned back into a human and stared at the endless night sky outside the window, looking at the night of his life and feeling the huge fear that every create felt when they faced death that would cover them with no discrimination. He could feel the cold deep into his bone marrows. He had trembled, closed his eyes and waited for everything to dissipate before going out and living with the people of the institute like a normal human.

l mzGR

Lu Feng didn’t know about these things.

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This cognition made An Zhe’s eyes feel sore. He thought of the fear and despair at that time and looked up at Lu Feng, his heart more aggrieved than before. Lu Feng clearly understood his look.

“Are you really crying?” The colonel touched the corner of An Zhe’s eyes. “What’s wrong?”

An Zhe shook his head. “In any case, I won’t give it to you.” 2EXxtv

After saying that, he struggled to leave Lu Feng’s restraint but was restrained in another way. The two people fell onto the grass and he was underneath Lu Feng!

It was mid-February and the soft grass meant he wasn’t hurt. Spring had come extraordinarily early to the Abyss this year. An Zhe glanced sideways and saw a white and plump mushroom had just unfolded its umbrella cover. It wasn’t fully unfolded but presumably, it wouldn’t take long before thousands of spores came out from under the umbrella cover, diffusing outward like a mist.

Other mushrooms had many spores while he only had one and it wasn’t here. He bit his lip. Just then, he heard Lu Feng comfort him, “Don’t be afraid.”

He didn’t speak and Lu Feng continued, “I don’t want a spore.” eZCdAK

“What about my spore?”

“Do you want to know?”

“I want to know.”

Lu Feng picked up a strand of his mycelium. He asked, “Other mushrooms have many spores. Why do you only have one?” kE9TW2

“I don’t know.”

“When did you know you were a mushroom?”

An Zhe thought carefully. “A long time.”

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“Was there an opportunity?” L02xtv

“Pa kjr gjlclcu.”

“Qtja firf?”

“P ygbxf yea P vlvc’a kjca ab vlf sfa.”

“Glv la tega?” kvLwjO

Cc Itf rtbbx tlr tfjv.

Oe Mfcu jrxfv, “Pr atfgf jcsatlcu firf?”

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Cc Itf mbeiv bcis atlcx bo bcf atlcu. “Pa kjr gjlclcu.”

Oe Mfcu rffwfv ab atlcx jybea la yfobgf kbcvfglcu, “Jjc sbe yifcv klat wjcs mgfjaegfr jcv mjc sbe afii tbk wemt sbe tjnf lcafugjafv? Pr la jmalnf bg qjrrlnf?” R2dPYi

An Zhe shook his head. He did come into contact with living things, either actively or passively, but he didn’t know if he had acquired the genes. The only time was when he completely absorbed all of An Ze’s blood and tissue, gaining the ability to become human.

He heard Lu Feng inquire, “Have you seen a snake?”

An Zhe nodded. He had certainly seen a snake.

“A snake will shed its skin and the original skin will become scrap while it crawls out of the original skin. Many creatures do this.” pmb9O3

For a while, An Zhe didn’t know what Lu Feng wanted to express and just listened.

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“However, My Polly says this is still different from your life form. There is a trait in some single-celled eukaryotes.” Lu Feng explained lightly, “When the environment is bad, it will stop growing. The man part of the body will form a cyst that falls into a deep sleep and is revived in the right environment.”

An Zhe frowned. He seemed to understand what Lu Feng was saying but he still couldn’t express it accurately.

“You are a fungus. It might not be the same species but you are all simple-structured organisms.” gVlK2b

An Zhe felt that Lu Feng’s words weren’t good and pushed the man out.

Lu Feng didn’t move and just watched An Zhe with a smile in his eyes. “Haven’t you remembered?”

An Zhe stared at his mycelium. “You mean, I… my spore grew into me?”

Curiously, he didn’t feel surprised when he said this sentence. It was like he was saying something ordinary. He was in a daze as he thought about the whole thing. XdrV4z

“Polly said that when you got rid of the basic form of the mushroom, you also acquired new properties or merged with the properties of other simple structured creatures, obtaining a new life form. The spore was a cyst-like existence. It was the life that was spared after the decay of your shell. That’s why you think it is more important than your own life, because it is indeed your life. You might’ve obtained eternal life in this way.”

An Zhe’s eyes widened slightly.

Lu Feng continued, “In addition, the first time I saw Polly, he was in pain. At that time, the spore came to Polly. I think you knew him.”

An Zhe nodded. He did have a vague impression of the sad Polly as well as many memories of being close to Lu Feng. It was just that he didn’t know what he was doing at the time. He felt his whole body shake. cW5 m1

“I’m sorry,” he told Lu Feng sullenly. If this was indeed the case then he was wrong. He had thought about the man in the worst direction. Lu Feng hadn’t violated his desire at the time and did raise the spore.

“It’s okay.” Lu Feng leaned close to him and there seemed to be some unspeakable waves in the green eyes that had always been indifferent. His voice was low as he declared, “…You are alive.”

Yes, he was alive. He was alive. The golden rays of light reflected on the green grass and the glittering dust in the breeze gently floated like a dream.

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An Zhe gently held onto Lu Feng’s sleeve. MADVRh

Then he remembered another thing—something he had long hated. A long time ago, he had opened the door of the laboratory and saw the spore. He thought the spore belonged to him and would float in his direction, but it went to where Lu Feng was.

He told Lu Feng about this.

Lu Feng quietly replied, “It was you who was thinking of me.”

An Zhe’s eyelids slightly lowered. jtKvCA

“I didn’t know,” he answered. “At that time…”

He and Lu Feng couldn’t be considered to have a good relationship. Thinking of this, he had a thought. Could his and Lu Feng’s current relationship be considered good?

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His fingers gripping Lu Feng’s sleeve gradually tightened but the smoke-like thoughts dissipated the moment he looked up and met Lu Feng’s eyes. It was February 14th, four years ago when he and Lu Feng met in the wilderness of the Abyss.

Later, they got along briefly. Then he slept for three years and Lu Feng spent three years with the spore. They didn’t know each other for too long and didn’t have much experience getting along. It was really nothing compared to the relationship between other people. Yet for both of them, a heterogeneous and a judge, there was no one else like the other. YqBdeN

In the midst of the wind, he stayed silent along with Lu Feng. A long time passed before he heard Lu Feng whisper, “Thank you.”

“What are you thanking me for?”

“Many things.” Lu Feng’s voice was soft but his eyes never left An Zhe’s face. He reached out and gently lay a hand on An Zhe’s face, his voice hoarse. “Thank you for waiting all night for me on Judgment Day.”

An Zhe smiled, obviously very happy but also a bit sour. His voice was slightly hoarse as he said, “Then I also thank you for letting me go.” 2QmeoF

The colonel’s pale lips curved as he bowed his head and kissed the corner of An Zhe’s eye. His cold green pupils reflected An Zhe’s appearance, who suddenly felt this colour was gentle.

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As Lu Feng watched him, An Zhe was pressed to the grass. At first, he felt that this person’s eyes were very gentle but then a dangerous instinct rose, like a predator was watching him from the forest who would rush over the next moment.

This intuition reached its peak when Lu Feng leaned down and completely pressed the weight of his entire body on An Zhe, head buried in An Zhe’s neck.

—They were so close, without any gaps. Lu Feng’s breathing and heartbeat filled his ears. dvFdaI

An Zhe reached out to hold Lu Feng’s shoulder and analyzed the current situation with his limited knowledge. Then he whispered, “Do you want to sleep with me?”

He heard Lu Feng gently laugh in a slightly low and hoarse tone.

Then Lu Feng wondered, “Who taught you this?”

“Boss Shaw.” zafyRT

“Scott Shaw.” Lu Feng accurately stated the name of Boss Shaw. “What else did he say?”

“It is almost the same.”

In short, Boss Shaw’s language revolved around these words.

Lu Feng replied, “If I do, what do you think?” ISwalN

An Zhe thought hard about it.

“That…” He muttered, “Boss Shaw is really amazing.”

He had thought that Boss Shaw’s words were unreasonable but now even the Judge was saying it.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He told Lu Feng exactly what he thought. 04upPj

Lu Feng buried his head in An Zhe’s neck and laughed, sounding very happy. After laughing, the man turned over and lay next to him on the grass. An Zhe turned to look and saw that this man was indeed relaxed. He never thought that the judge who always lived in the darkness would have this look.

Lu Feng asked, “Who else wants to sleep with you?”

“Horsen, when I came to the base in their car.” An Zhe recalled. “There was also Josie and some mercenaries on the third floor.”

“What about you?” 3sQiNt

“I don’t like them very much.” An Zhe recalled the eyes of those who had the thoughts.

Seeing Lu Feng watch him, the cold arc of the brow stretched out and expression clear, like the mountain wind blowing through the wilderness at this moment. An Zhe was a bit fascinated. If time came again, if Lu Feng wasn’t a judge, if he had been an ambitious and powerful young officer, perhaps he would always look like this.

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Lu Feng stated, “I’m not like them.”

An Zhe watched him with puzzled eyes. He saw the colonel smile in a very good-looking manner, like a frozen stream that just melted in this season. 8pifJK

“Go.” He got up from the grass and reached for An Zhe in the light of the sun. “I’ll take you to An Ze.”

An Zhe also reached out and was pulled up.

“What is different?” he asked.

“Everywhere is different.” GHt81T

An Zhe stared at him suspiciously.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


The colonel didn’t answer this time.

This novel is technically still incomplete. The author hasn’t marked it as complete and she has promised more extras on Weibo. She just hasn’t posted them yet. The moment there is something, I’ll update. VGxDlY

However, this is the last available chapter for now.

In addition, those who want to see fanart should check out the little mushroom channel on CG’s discord. There are many fanarts that I found on Weibo that I don’t want to link here and you might see very familiar scenes from the novel.

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