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Little MushroomChapter 44


Silence often meant facing a critical decision. To save or not save.

“Can we still get in touch with the Underground City Base?” A voice broke the silence. y1I56F

“There is no reply.”

“The first meeting in the conference room is over. Based on existing resources, if we guarantee the city’s survival then we can maintain this for three to ten days.”

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“What if we don’t guarantee the city’s survival?”

“If it is only the Twin Towers and Eden then resources are guaranteed to last for 15 to 30 days without considering climate factors. ZMocd7

“In extreme cases, if the core personnel is transferred to the underground refuge in Eden then long-term survival can be considered.”

“Then there is still a bit of hope.”

It was silent again. Finally, someone wondered, “Can’t we save them?”

The lieutenant general looked around the room. An Zhe had heard the broadcasts to convene meetings and knew that at this time, the room was full of the highest-ranked officers of the command office, the staff department and the operations centre. Unlike the logistics and city defense personnel who met in the first meeting room, they had all been on the front lines.


Even An Zhe knew how dangerous the front lines would be at this time. What would make the most well-equipped human base on the verge of falling so that even the artificial magnetic pole couldn’t be kept?

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Perhaps it would already be a dead city before the reinforcements arrived. Perhaps before reaching its destination, the reinforcements would crash in a storm onto the ground or into the sea. Or perhaps the Northern Base helping the Underground City Base would deplete their own armaments supply so that the next time there was a heterogeneous attack, they wouldn’t be able to resist.

In the long silence, An Zhe heard Lu Feng speak. “I’ll go.”

The lieutenant general stared at him for a long time before saying, “You are the best candidate.” GQK5I8

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Who could best adapt to this unknown? It was people who often went to the Abyss. Monsters in the Abyss were chaotic and crazy. Almost all patterns of variation were found in them.

Then another officer said, “I’m good at commanding large joint operations. I will apply to go.” rda0Ll

“The captain of AR137.” Lu Feng suggested. “Contact him and ask if he will go voluntarily.”

“Mr Hubbard has agreed to go.”

The meeting was adjourned. As Lu Feng left here, he was stopped by the lieutenant general.

“Who will take over the work of the Trial Court?” IUqCzO

“My deputy.”

“Can he do it?”


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

After going on, Seraing came over since the Trial Court’s work was in the same building. He whispered, “Colonel.” pcQtLW

Lu Feng responded lightly. In the dim light, Seraing’s eyes were red. Lu Feng left because he had many things to prepare.

Seraing asked him to rest in the Trial Court’s office. On the way, An Zhe excused himself. He went to the 13th floor and saw that the doorway of D1344 was still lit up. There were the voices of researchers saying the time was tight. It was precisely due to this that all research must be completed quickly. An Zhe lowered his head. His body was too fragile and soft and he couldn’t rush in. He returned to the first floor lobby.

The lobby was filled with people. Seraing came to him but An Zhe didn’t speak. He just watched it all quietly. The busily moving crowds, the constant sound of the radio, the bright lights and the intermittent electricity supply. All of this happened so quickly. The fate of humanity was as fickle as the aurora in the sky.

At 11 o’clock in the evening, the equipment centre sent a message that the task had been completed. 6ne7cY

At 12 midnight, the logistics supply office sent a message that the task had been completed.

At 1 a.m, PL1109 planes finished their maintenance and the fighter plane formation was prepared.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

There was a dull roar from afar. The ground commander needed a wide field of vision. The separation curtain rose, the hot rays and strong winds spread and everyone retreated deep into the lobby to the safety area. In the distance, a row of lights lit up and An Zhe glanced over there. The lights of the wings and nose outlined the huge fighter plane. There were three PL1109 fighter planes.

An Zhe knew that PL1109 was a masterpiece of human science and technology. There was a full-radiation shielded shell and an independent cruise system without the need for the magnetic field guidance. Humans had long foreseen and prepared for the coming disaster but no one knew exactly how this prediction and preparation would work. R nES2

In addition, An Zhe finally knew why the road surface of the base was so smooth, solid and wide, as well as the reason for the military base being connected to the city centre, the huge buffer zone, the tarmac and runways everywhere… People built it 100 years ago not due to beauty or order. It was because everything in the main base was to deal with a possible war.

Another gate opened and several officers in black combat fatigues came out.

Among the group of people, An Zhe could see Lu Feng instantly. This man’s body was upright and his lines were clean and clear. It was different from the elegance and coldness in his judge’s uniform. It seemed more casual and magnified his bad nature. However, An Zhe wouldn’t call him a bad thing tonight. Lu Feng was a very good human being.

Lu Feng came toward him, original uniform coat slung over his arm and Seraing took the coat. ilSqbo

“Follow Seraing and don’t run around.” Lu Feng told An Zhe. He added to Seraing, “Look after him.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

They were clearly very simple words but An Zhe felt a threat from it, as if he would be punished if he ran away. He frowned and looked up at the man.

Lu Feng reached out and rubbed his hair. His eyes weren’t as cold or bad as usual. An Zhe even felt they were a bit soft. This man was determined to go the Underground City Base on the other side of the planet. An Zhe felt he should say something, such as telling Lu Feng to pay attention to safety or to take care of himself…

He opened his mouth and felt that the colonel was probably used to such a life. Lu Feng seemed able to handle everything without advice. In the end, An Zhe only said, “…I cooked mushroom soup tonight.” q GxjD

No matter how good the thermos, the soup wasn’t as delicious as when it was boiling hot.

Lu Feng smiled lightly. “Thank you. Once I come back, make it again for me.”

Those eyes, shimmering like the deepest part of the jungle in summer nights, stared down at An Zhe. He seemed to lean down slightly For a moment, An Zhe felt that Lu Feng wanted to get close to him but this feeling was fleeting.

“Maybe I won’t come back.” Lu Feng’s voice was slightly hoarse. “Take care of yourself.” Ob3gdq

An Zhe just made a sound. “Hmm.”

He watched Lu Feng’s back heading away into the temporary boarding bridge.

This was the first time he watched Lu Feng’s back heading away and couldn’t think clearly. He didn’t know why this person could always go forward, why he could shoot his colleagues without hesitation and how he could sacrifice his life at any time.

Outside, the sandstorm came along with the wind, covering the night and making the flying dust and gravel seemed like the endless night fog. In this dark night, the buzzing of the engine was heard and the PL1109 fighter planes set off smoothly. K8nadp

They spread their wings that resembled a huge bird and flew further and higher in An Zhe’s vision. It became smaller and smaller until it was a slightly invisible black spot. Finally, it disappeared into the brilliant Milky Way. There was a distant roar and the fighter planes accelerated again.

An Zhe couldn’t find them at all. Everyone looked up at the endless night sky. There was a solemn silence in the lobby and it took a long time before people dispersed. An Zhe was still standing there when gentle footsteps were heard behind him. It was Seraing.

“I sometimes wondered why the colonel chose me as his successor. What qualities and guidelines does he think a judge should have?” Seraing spoke. “Now I think it is contrary to what other people think. It isn’t coldness, it is kindness.”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

“Human interests above all else. It isn’t kindness to one person but to the fate of humanity as a whole. This is the source of his unshakable faith.” Seraing’s voice was soft and hoarse. “I hope that people 100 years from now won’t have to face everything we are facing, if there are still humans at that time.” FHJY3d

An Zhe didn’t speak. He just stared at up the starry night sky, a vast ocean of endless glory.

Seraing draped a coat over him. “Once the aurora is lit again, the colonel will return.”

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    (If An Zhe manages to get his spore back and escapes while Lu Feng is away, there’s going to be one angry human colonel tearing apart the Abyss)

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